The afterword is supposed to be a supplement to the main story─like a game guide, or a general literature commentary, but it’s really difficult to write one this time, so difficult for me to write that I wanted to write that a supplementary reading. It’s all the fault of the troublesome woman named Isana Higashira,

Back in the second volume, there was an idea plan was to include monologues from Isana’s point of view in between the stories, but that idea was rejected because we wanted her to remain a mystery─a mixture between the ideal and the unknown. When we turn the unknown into the known, the process can’t be reversed. It’s like how a simple accident or a fine trick can become a fascinating locked-room murder, there’s a brilliance to an unknown, moreso for others who assumed they knew her─I guess this was why Mizuto was so stunned by it, and why I tried not to write from Isana’s point of view because I wanted the readers to be in the same state of mind as him.

To be honest, even I didn’t understand her.

As I’ve said several times before, I don’t exactly have a concrete plan in might on how this story’s going to develop─I won’t know what the characters are thinking, or what logic drives them to act until I actually write them. That’s the case for Isana in this volume. When I looked at the manuscript I wrote, I just went all “No, that’s not quite right” and denied what I was thinking.

To those who have read the main story, you might have Isana’s ‘nightmare’ was actually the climax of the first draft. I worked so hard to submit the script before the deadline for the special edition, and then the editor-in-charge told me “This is only the ●●th page’ and how many pages needed. And then Isana said to me, “Something’s not right.”

I definitely messed up somewhere.

So the editor told me, I don’t understand, even if you just say it’s different, what’s different? Be specific about what you want to rewrite. What day is it now? There’s only three days left until the deadline!

I thought about the plot at home until I felt like I was going to throw up, and somehow the editor agreed to let it pass. It seems Mizuto’s heroic move to solve the issue was somehow misinterpreted.

I’d like to thank the illustrator TakayaKi-sensei, the manga artist Kusakabe Rei-sensei, the people in charge at Kadokawa Sneaker Bunko, the cast of the drama CD, and everyone who worked on this book. And as for the ongoing pandemic, damn you.

This is ’My Stepsister is my Ex-Girlfriend volume 5 – You’re the only one in this world’. Anyway, why did Yume somehow end up as the losing heroine on her own?

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