◆Akatsuki Minami◆


Thirty minutes had already passed since I took a seat with Yume-chan at the family restaurant.



“…Y-you won’t get annoyed with me, right? ”

“It’s fine~! Don’t be shy, just talk!”


“Yes yes!”

“…Uuuu, it’s still embarrassing after all …”

“Do your best, Yume-chan!”

“D-do you really want to hear …?”

“Of course of course!”

I, Akatsuki Minami, love Yume-chan.

I wanted to be with her at all times if I could. I’d like to keep her slender figure, the envy of all girls, in my sight at all times, and I’d like to download the data of her voice into my brain for looping.

Having said that—I’ll ‘fess up.


What a drag.


This morning, Yume-chan contacted me to ask for advice. I was so excited to see her after so long, I left the house an hour ago. I met up with Yume-chan at the restaurant half an hour later, ” So, what do you want to discuss?” I smiled and went straight to the point..

“What shall we discuss~…”

And then she spaced out for the next 30 minutes, dragging on like the filler of an anime that had caught up with the original.

If it wasn’t for Yume-chan’s cuteness, I’d have punched her three times instead of smiling away for 30 minutes straight. What do you mean, ‘what shall we discuss~’? You’re the one who called me here. Don’t you realize that you’re taking up other people’s time~?

Well, I could understand why Yume-chan was hesitant.

In fact, I could almost guess what Yume-chan wanted to talk about—but I didn’t want to hear it outright. That’s why I accepted the procrastination to a certain extent. In a sense, it’s natural that Yume-chan couldn’t express herself so naturally.

You’re asking for love advice anyway, aren’t you, Yume-chan?

I understand. You suddenly started calling Irido-kun by his first name after all.

I noticed it a few days ago when Yume-chan sent me a message once she returned from the countryside—that was when I started to prepare myself for it.

I knew this would happen sooner or later. I failed to woo Irido-kun, and couldn’t be Yume-chan’s girlfriend, and Higashira-san’s very happy to be friends. In fact, it took longer than I expected..

B-but. Yeah, so that’s my situation. I see….

I wasn’t sure if I could talk to her calmly. At this point, if only Yume-chan could just not talk until the very end—

“—You know.”

Yume-chan’s determined expression cut through my thoughts.


The time has come.

To be honest, I was so jealous that I wanted to vomit, but I wouldn’t show that. I was sad and shocked that Yume-chan was taken from me, but it didn’t mean we’re not friends. More importantly, I didn’t want to see Yume-chan crying.

Let’s just do my best to help her.

That’s what I decided, and I wanted to hear Yume-chan out—


“Higashira-san is now Mizuto’s girlfriend.”





My mind went blank, I kept blinking my eyes, and Yume-chan looked at me incredulously.

“Eh? … Ah, I’m sorry. I didn’t explain clearly.”

She waved her hand adorably, and told me again.

“My relatives and Higashira-san’s mom think she’s now Mizuto’s girlfriend.”

Ah, what, a misunderstanding? Her relatives and Higashira-san’s mother? Hmm.

…… No. Why?


“That’s so cliché.”

I was told about Isana Higashira’s daishouri, and couldn’t help but let out a dry laugh at how simple it was.

“What is her anyway? Why’s she moving faster than when we assisted her? Desire sensor at work?”

“Can’t say I’m not at fault for clearing mom’s misunderstanding… I used to think It’s harmless to let her assume Higashira-san’s the ex, and it’s so troublesome to explain…but I didn’t think that he actually went to Higashira-san’s house …!”

“What’s that about? So Irido-kun’s not completely against it at all? He would have denied it outright if people assumed he’s dating someone he doesn’t like!”

“…I guess…so…”

“Ahh! N-normally though! I mean normally! I don’t know what Irido-kun thinks anyway!”

Yume-chan’s clearly depressed, so I hastily followed up. If she’s going to make it this obvious, she might as well just spill the beans!

“It’s annoying when the memes become reality, but isn’t this up to what he thinks anyway? In the end, isn’t it a matter of their feelings? If he doesn’t care, a misunderstanding wouldn’t be harmful in any way.”

“That’s true, but…”

“What do you want to do, Yume-chan?”


Yume-chan’s looked so gloomy as she fiddled her fingers on the glass of orange juice.

“It’s just that…I feel like I’m rushing to do something….but I don’t know what I’m aiming for at all…”


It’s hard.

I said it’s nothing to me, but, but it’s probably a big issue for Yume-chan. Even if Yume-chan’s wish was fulfilled, as long as the misunderstanding about Higashira-san remained, Irido-kun would be thought of as ‘the two-timer scumbag who acted on his own family’..

But in the end, the parties involved had to be willing to resolve the misunderstanding…

“… Goodness, I hate you, Irido-kun…”


“Yume-chan, you can only take it one step at a time. It’s not something that can be resolved immediately. First, you need to get the two of them—or at least Irido-kun, on the same page.”

“What do you mean, ‘on the same page’?”

“To make them think that they don’t want to be misunderstood. In other words—”

And then… I pointed at Yume-chan’s face.

“They need to have the same thoughts as you, Yume-chan.”


Yume-chan blinked repeatedly. She paused for a full ten seconds.

“Like… me?”


“E-er-erm, what do you…mean by that …?”

I chuckled.

“That’s something you know best, Yume-chan.”

Yume-chan’s cheeks turned red as she looked at me, and she sprawled onto the table.


“You don’t have to be so upset. I won’t tell anyone.”

“H-how…? How did you know …?”

“Maybe because you’re easy to understand, Yume-chan.”

“No way~…!”

Oh my god. She’s so cute~~~~~~~!!!!

Somehow I got to see Yume-chan show such an adorable side. I can at least thank you for this, Irido-kun.

“Anyway… What happened at the countryside? Feels like you changed a lot.”

“Did I change that much…?”

“It’s obvious.”

“Nothing much…”

Yume-chan got up, and combed her long hair unnecessarily.

“It’s not a big deal, but …”

“That’s not true right ~”

“Eh~ but, really…um, well, don’t tell anyone though? Just keep it between us, okay?”

Ah, Nebby’s out of the bag.

I knew right away.

Yume-chan was acting so unwilling, but she really wanted to tell others about it, and wanted to chat about her love history with a friend. At this point, I was deemed by Yume-chan as ‘the only friend who’ll listen to her talk about love’.

Mistakes were made.

By the time I realized it, the conversation had already started.

“You know—”


“—And then that guy had a stoic look on his face, but his heart was pounding like crazy! And he’s the one who always talked about my body!”


Yume-chan squealed happily.

Ah~! It feels so good to expose the tacky side of that frivolous guy!

…Eh? Shouldn’t I be listening to Yume-chan? Why did it end up as me doing the talking instead?

“What else? What else? Did anything else happen between you and Kawanami-kun?”

“Eh~? Nothing really big though~”

“That’s not true, right~?”

“Hmm~ Lemme think ~ …”

Yume-chan and I happily enjoyed ourselves as we recall our memories, and then I suddenly came to my senses.

“… No, no, no! This isn’t the time to talk about memories, right!?”

“Huh? Really?”

“We should be talking about getting Irido-kun to clear up his misunderstanding!”

“… Oh, yeah. I enjoyed myself so much that I forgot…”

It was fun, and I too never had a chance to talk about love with my friends—no wait, it’s not about my love history.

“We’re supposed to talk about what we should do?”

“What should I do …?

“Well, for starters, make amends. You said some terrible things to hide your embarrassment, didn’t you Yume-chan? He’s been cold to you ever since then, right?”

“Uuu …”

I almost died when I heard that she kissed him at the countryside festival, but when I heard that she lied once he asked why, I just had another urge to die there and then, for a different reason altogether. Why’s she so clumsy!? Yume-chan’s so cute and adorable in her clumsiness! Irido-kun oh Irido-kun! Why couldn’t you understand her!? There’s only one reason to kiss!

“Even if you say we should patch things up… what should I do …”

“You don’t have to think too hard. I think Irido-kun is surprisingly easygoing.”

“Is that so~…”

“Yeah yeah. He’ll act like it’s water under the bridge if there’s a little bonding. As for what to do, I think you know more than I do, right Yume-chan?”

“I do?”

“You’ve been living together for months now, and had one or two events that brought you two closer together, right?  What’s the moment when you were closest to Irido-kun?”

“Closest… distance….”

Yume-chan repeated my words.

Seriously, why did she look to discuss this with me? I felt that I could understand Yume-chan’s feelings when she supported Higashira-san’s confession. It’s so contradicting, like, she wanted it to go well, and yet didn’t want it to….

“… ah”

“Oh. You got an idea?”

“… Erm.”

Yume-chan looked away, seemingly unsure.

“You know …? When we just started to live together, it was the first time the two of us were at home alone.”

I barely held back from coughing up blood.



I looked up at the dripping wet ceiling of the bathroom, and sighed.

Yume-chan, I hope you’re doing well~….

I let my mouth sink into the hot water and blew bubbles. Why~ did I give her that advice? To be honest, Irido-kun’s supposedly an enemy. I felt a little nostalgic thinking about how I actually proposed to marry him back in April.

It really pissed me off to think of what Yume-chan was probably doing to Irido-kun at this moment. But at the same time, I wanted things to work out. I couldn’t express it in mere words, and there were complicated feelings swirling around in my chest.

It’s not that I want to be Yume-chan’s lover.

I supposed I’d be happy to go out with her if she confessed. That’s totally fine with me. But I had a feeling there was something that preceded that.

That’s probably… the feeling of envy.

The idea of family—of having someone with me all the time. I was strangely envious right from the beginning. That was what I really wanted, and that’s why I couldn’t help but think ‘I can just marry Irido-kun’.

At the time, I was still reeling from the fatal mistake I made back in middle school.

I’d be lying…if I said I didn’t try to salvage the situation as soon as possible.

But, at this point—

“Oyyy, how long are you gonna stay in the bath?”

“I’m getting out now! Shut up. Goodness.”

I answered Kokkun’s voice, and I quickly stood up in the bathtub.

Why don’t you let me relax a little? I know this is your house, but come on. We’re taking turns borrowing each other’s baths because it’s too much work to run hot water on days when we’re alone at home. It’s a win-win situation, right?

Well, this kind of cooperation never started—until the study camp a month ago. It seemed our relationship was about to be rekindled, but in the end, maybe his allergy to wooing wouldn’t improve…


While thinking about it as I wiped myself off in the changing room, a thought occurred to me.

“To what extent… is he going to be okay?”


◆Yume Irido◆


I finished wiping my body in the changing room, and let the edge of the bath towel wrapped around my body roll tightly inwards.

“… Good.”

This was what I thought of when I asked Akatsuki-san for advice.

It’s been almost five months since we started living together. When was the closest I’ve ever been to him?

Was it when we kissed at the festival? Nope!

That was right after we started living together—and I thought I’d tease him a little. I walked out into the living room in a bath towel—What happened then? You know what happened to us!

—N-no…the rules…

—It’s my loss today.


I covered my face in front of the mirror.

It really was quite the memory, thinking back on it.

Because, well, it was a matter of five seconds. If back then, mom and Uncle Mineaki didn’t return, we would have—goodness, that’s why I hate puberty! It hadn’t been a month since we broke up, and we’re so quick to go to horny jail!

But… this time, I had to rely on that puberty.

The only way to clear up the misunderstanding with Higashira-san was to ask Mizuto himself. To do that, the best way would be to seduce Mizuto. So how do I seduce a boy?

Of course, with ero.

It’s a simple logic.

Everything was in place. It was as if the heavens were on my side. We learned that mom and Uncle Mineaki would be a little late. In light of the previous failure. I ascertained that they wouldn’t be back until around 10pm..

I had to complete all missions until the time limit, and run away right when he’s on the ropes.

It’s called “Operation Virgin Killer”.

…I-I decided on this operation not because I didn’t have the courage to climb the stairs to adulthood. I just thought I should stop there considering there wasn’t much time. Yep, that’s all.

—Come on!

I walked out of the changing room bravely in a bath towel. The living room was quiet, and Mizuto was on the sofa, reading a book. He probably hadn’t left there yet.

I opened the living room door. As expected, I see Mizuto’s back on the sofa.

I told him.

“I’m done.”


Mizuto tersely answered, and glanced at me.

How about it?

The last time, he spat out the tea he was drinking.

“I’ll be there in a bit.”

Mizuto turned his attention back to the book in his hand, still looking calm.

… H-huh?

Did he not notice? Maybe he didn’t see me because he just glanced at me?

“… Phew~, it’s hot …”

I said, and sat down on the sofa, right in Mizuto’s sights.

How about that!? You can see clearly, right? From my thighs to the ankles!

I folded my legs just for show.

But Mizuto’s eyes didn’t budge from the book.

D-damn you…! Then!

I reached for the bottle of tea on the table—or so it seemed, and showed my bosom to Mizuto. He definitely saw them, right? He’s so curious about my breasts that he did steal my bra once …!


Mizuto glanced at me.

Alright! Get in there, you muttsuri—


Mizuto nudged the bottle of tea I was trying to get towards me.

The bottle touches my hand.

“…Oh. Thanks….”

Droop droop droop….

I couldn’t do anything more but to pour tea into the glass.

Mizuto’s eyes went back to the book.

—What’s going on?

Back then…! Back then, he was so conscious of me! He kept glancing at me back then! And he just ignored me this time! Look at me! It’s pretty embarrassing for me to do this!

…C-calma calma… Calm down for a moment. I drank a large gulp of tea to cool my head a little.

I could only do this much the last time, but it’s different this time.

I have a plan.

Since you’re going to keep ignoring me, I’ll put you in a situation where you have to look!

“…Hey.” I called out.

“Hmm?” Mizuto replied.

“Can you … help me dry my hair?”


◆Akatsuki Minami◆


“Goodness, can’t you dry your own hair?”

“That’s fine. It’s easy for you men. Just help me out once in a while.”

Kokkun switched on the hair dryer, and a warm blast of air caressed my hair.

I sat on the sofa while wrapped only in a bath towel, leaned my head towards the wind, and then Kokkun’s fingers ruffled my hair. His method was really crude, but it’s been a while since I dried my hair elsewhere other than a hair salon, and It felt good.

“Say, you should at least put some clothes on. You’re in my house..”

“It’s too hot for that though. What? Are you conscious of this?”

“Like hell I am. I’m just scared that the towel is gonna slip off. Given your body, there’s nothing that can catch it gwargh!!”

I jabbed an elbow into Kokkun’s flank. I was seated sideways on the sofa, my legs outstretched, while Kokkun was behind me, twisting around and holding the hair dryer to my head. In the past, Kokkun had to get down on a knee to do this, but at this point, he’s much bigger than me, and could just sit and touch my hair.

If I fall back, Kokkun would be giving me a lap pillow. I’d like to see his reaction, but I should wait until my hair’s dry.

I basked my hair in the warm wind and looked at my thighs stretched out from the bath towel.

It’s true that I’m a shortie with no breasts, but actually, I’m quietly confident about my legs. Even this childhood friend with a nasty illness might get all horny looking at my legs..

I’ve been thinking about it for a while.

He’s allergic to romance, but what’s safe and what’s not? Of course it’s not fine if I gave off a lovey-dovey aura, but what if I unwittingly give a sexy vibe, or act like I wasn’t doing it on purpose and woo him?

He probably had a libido. The last time we were at the pool, his heart was really pounding.

I’d think an accidental glimpse of panties was probably safe, but would his allergy strike if I deliberately did something similar while trying to pass it off as an accident?

I always wanted to experiment. Since we had to hang out together in the future, I needed to know where to draw the line.

It’s not because I wanted to be seen as a woman by him again. Absolutely not.

If it’s fine to tempt him accidentally,  I guess it’ll be fun to just stay at his place to make him horny and restless without letting him remain alone. If he really couldn’t help but act on it, I’ll destroy him by acting like I want it before I reject him outright. Such an easy job.


I put my hands behind my back and turned my head to look up at Kokkun behind me. As I got a little closer, my body that was wrapped only in a bath towel became more vulnerable.

“We have the culture festival when the second semester starts, right? Do you know what it’s about?”

I lifted my thighs like I was sitting on the floor during gym class, and gave the illusion that whatever beneath the bath towel was peeking out.

By the way. I wasn’t wearing anything under the bath towel.

I wouldn’t really feel anything if he saw me naked at this point. No, I’d still feel embarrassed though…but either way, I had a feeling he’s going to say it’s more erotic to wear something than to be completely naked.

Kokkun looked at me in the eyes and said,

“Who knows? I only heard that there’s quite a lot of freedom there.”

“So food and drinks are all okay? What about a maid cafe?”

“The only time I’ve ever seen a maid cafe at a culture festival is in a manga—or so I wanted to say, but I heard there was one last year. …”

“I guess the higher the standards of a school is, the more likely it is that they’ll have fun at the festival.”

Kokkun sounded like he’s just casually chatting with me, but my eyes caught sight of where he’s looking.

He probably peeked about three times already. He’s glancing at my thighs. It’s like he’s trying to be all ‘don’t look there’.


As expected, even if I did this on purpose, I just needed to ensure that he didn’t realize it, huh?

I mean, he’s still able to look at me like this? Hmmm.

Well then.

“What do you think will suit Yume-chan? I don’t want her to wear anything too revealing.”

I continued with the conversation, and repositioned my hips. My tailbone probably hit Kokkun’s pelvis or something.

“Of course. Only if it’s in front of Irido.”

Kokkun’s fingers continued to dry my hair, and he seemed a little gentler than before.

“Ah yes, the crack pairing shipper. I don’t know how many outsiders and seniors will be attending. Got to worry about her getting wooed there.”

“Yeah, you’d better watch out too.”

“Huh? What’s that? You want me to be on my guard too?”

“Not really. You’re probably going to have it easy anyway. Just keep an eye out and protect Irido-san.”

“Hey! I’ll get hit on too. Lolicons do exist after all.”

“Don’t admit that you’re a loli!”

The fingers stroked my left ear, and I nearly cried out… See, I got a lolicon here.

He’s ruffling my hair, his thumb massaged the back of my ear, and then he rubbed my earlobes. You don’t want to touch my ears, right~? ? Isn’t there some other place you’d like to touch more? Just kidding.


He let out a little cry after enjoying this fanservice, and quickly let go of my ear. Hmm, Interesting.

“… I guess I’m done.”

Kokkun switched off the hair dryer. It seemed he’s at his limit.

It’s a good reference. Next time, if I wanted to tease him, I could just play dumb and—



A low voice tickled my ear. I shuddered.

“If you really get pursued by a lolicon, be careful.”

“Wh-what are you serious about? I’m just kidding…”

“That’s good.”

Hmph. He snorted—

—And suddenly , a breath of air was blown at my ear.

“(Do you want me to put a hickey on you so that you won’t get wooed?)”

A creeping sensation crawled up my neck.

There’s a faint breath at my ear, and it slowly went lower, from the cheekbones to the neck to the collarbone—

“A-are you an idiot!?”

I hurriedly moved away from Kokkun, and turned around.

“I-I can’t go to school with that thing on, let alone get wooed!”

Kokkun smirked as he saw me press my hand to my neck where the breath struck.

“Why so serious? It’s just a joke, you know??”


“I just remembered you gave me a hickey back when we’re in middle school. You know how much I suffered back then? I really pulled up my collar and tried so hard to hide it, but I stood out all the more instead.”

…Speaking of which, I did do that.

I was so excited that I could cause a hickey, and thought that if I put it on him, he wouldn’t get any bad bugs wooing him instead.

“I thought I’d get even somehow, but it’s pointless to do this during summer vacation. Haha!”

… Seriously?

Maybe you’re just horny and wanted to kiss me. Maybe you’re hungry from looking at the back of my neck, right?

Just kidding. Of course I couldn’t say that. Kokkun did say he’s just joking after all.

… It’s….

Suddenly, I realize a terrifying possibility.

If, just if, Kokkun had a sudden change of heart and wanted to woo me—

I guess that means I have to keep pretending that I don’t care about him, since I have to worry about his allergy…


That‘s… hell I’m walking into…


◆Yume Irido◆


The warm air from the hair dryer caressed my hair.

“Why am I doing this…”

“It-it’s hard when my hair’s long. I just want to be lazy once in a while, okay?”

Mizuto used his thin fingers to hold and comb the hair loosely. There’s no sense of touch in the hair, but I was strangely nervous. His touch just so happened to be unlike his words, so gentle, and that left me all the more restless.

Ahh goodness, why am I all excited? I need to get him to be romantically aware!

As Akatsuki-san said, no matter how aloof he might appear, his eyes would look suspicious if I showed my defenceless back to him—so it seemed. He didn’t look at me earlier, but at this point, he’s in my blind spot, so he should be looking at the nape, or the shoulders, or even the cleavage…if I could catch him at that moment, I’d seize a mental advantage.

I sneaked a peek at Mizuto behind me.

His eyes remained only on my hair.

He looked so calm, and he didn’t look nervous about my bare skin at all.

… Urge to kill, rising.

I was already doing something I wasn’t used to, so why wouldn’t he react in any way!? I’m clearly acting unnatural, you know! You weren’t that much of an Ichika Orimura a while ago!

In this case…!

I loosened the knot on the bath towel, just a little.

I-I wasn’t taking it off. Not taking it off.…. Just a little, looser, just make it look like it’s naturally disheveled….

I left a little room between the towel and the body. I left it like that, put my towel down, and started fiddling with the phone.

C-come on… you feel like it’s going to show, right? You’re curious, right? You can’t help but look, right?

Mizuto’s hands remained unperturbed.

But—I unwittingly switched on the camera function of the phone.

And immediately, I saw Mizuto turn away.

He saw he saw he saw!

I got excited, immediately, and got gleeful! It’s my victory! You muttsurini! Since you’re so interested, you could have looked at me right from the beginning!

And, I got arrogant.

The ancients said to tighten the cord on your helmet after victory—in this instance, my life wasn’t determined by the helmet, but by the bath towel.


Suddenly, I felt liberated from my chest down.


The bath towel landed on the sofa.

My body, which had been hidden under the towel, was exposed under the LED light.


I just had a bath, so my skin was steaming—.

—And I was wearing shorts for sleeping, along with a bra with no shoulder straps.



I couldn’t say anything. I hastily lifted the towel.


More than the embarrassment of being seen in my underwear. It was the awkwardness of other issues that made me break out in a cold sweat.

Yep—I had a safeguard on because I feared this would happen.

He knew then that I clearly tried to seduce him.

“…I see. I see. I see. I see. …”

Mizuto switched off the hair dryer.

His frigid voice struck my back.

“That’s cheap.”


“It worked so well the last time, so you’re trying it again? Do you think the same move will work twice on me?”


“I don’t know if you’re trying to make fun of me, or that you want to play that rule and order me around, but if you want to seduce me, get good. Your nervousness really reached me, and that’s worrying.”


Me-mercy…mercy, please…!

I took too much damage to even argue back.

“—Say, Yume.”

The still-unfamiliar form of address gently grazed my ears.

“I spent so much time with that Higasira, I managed to attain the skill of disguising myself..”

My heart jolted.

Th-then…. Wait, it’s not that you didn’t look, but that…

“I’ll tell you what I always tell Higashira.”

The voice was deeper than usual, and it pierced my brain through my ears.

“—I’m a guy after all.”


Wh-what was…haaa…that voice. I can’t get rid of it in my mind…!

“I’ll go take a bath then. Better get dressed before you catch a cold.”

Mizuto reverted to his usual mood and left the living room.

Once he was gone from the living room, I fell sideways onto the sofa..

……That’s unfair~~~~~~!!!!!!!

‘I’m a guy after all.’ That’s unfair~~~~~~!!! Banned!!! That’s criminal!

Did he do that on purpose? Did he pull a ‘no u’ card on me? Because I seduced him!? That’s so  mean of him!! Ahhh seriously!!! That’s why Higashira-san likes you so much! What will happen to me when I can’t hide it anymore~~~~~!?

And so I remained sprawled on the sofa until mom returned home.


◆Akatsuki Minami◆


“Then, good night.”

I was returned normally.

If it were back when we were still dating, I would have gone with the flow and stayed over at his place. This time though, I was simply released and returned home. Well, our houses were just 10 seconds away from each other, so the obvious choice was to let me return home.

Pomf! I returned to my room, and fell face first onto the bed.

…When would his mysterious allergy be healed?

I, being the source of it all, had turned over a new leaf, so he should be able to recover completely, right?

Ah no, at this point, it didn’t matter whether he got completely healed. I just didn’t want him to misunderstand, get his allergy flaring up again, and cause me lots of trouble again.

…Speaking of which, how’s Yume-chan doing?

If it all went well, she should be with Irido-kun…


Time to obstruct.

I gave her a call to play spoiler.

I picked up the phone, dialled Yume-chan’s number, and while I was thinking that it would be sad if she were to hang up on me, the call got through.

“Hello hello.”

“Ah, hello Yume-chan? Are you alright now~?”

“Yep, I am.”

She didn’t sound anxious at all. It seemed she was spacing out alone. I heaved a little sigh of relief.

“So how did the strategy go?”

“Eh~? Well, hmm…ehe.”


That bashful laugh…the vague tone…that obvious ‘hurry up and ask me’ vibe…

“D-did it go well?”

“Hmm~…you can say that, I guess?”

“Eh? Eh? What do you mean?”


Ehehe tte nandayo!?

Explain! I need an explanation! Not an ambiguous bashful giggle!

“I’m telling you…he actually told me, ‘I’m a guy after all’.”


That’s it?

I immediately felt it was incredulous, and had a second thought about it…hmmm!?

“Actually, well, the strategy didn’t work at all…I even showed that I did it on purpose…but he told me that it’s not that the strategy wasn’t effective, but that he’s just hiding it…so ‘I’m a guy after all, pay attention!’ that’s what he said.”

“Eh…ehhh!? What’s that about?”

The mere thought somehow got my heart racing.

Eh? What’s this about? Some idol performing in a PV of a romantic movie?

“Is Irido-kun someone fresh out of a shoujo manga or something?”

“Right? It’s shocking how he actually said that with a serious face!”

“It annoys me that he has such a cute face to pull this off…! As for me, guess what he said?”

“Eh? You did that too, Akatsuki-san? To Kawanami-kun?”

“Ah, hm, well, just a passing interest, you know? When I told him that I might get wooed, he actually said ‘Do you want me to put a hickey on you so that you won’t get wooed?’ That’s disgusting~!”

“Ehh!? Isn’t that fine!? It’s great!”

“Coming from you, Yume-chan?”

“It depends on who said that to me, but I’ll be really fine with that.”

“I see…ah, well, it’s not like I hate that anyway.”

“You’re not honest at all~!”

“Tell that to him! He always laughs it off to act like nothing happened!”

I was peeved that Yume-chan got taken by Irido-kun.

I was even forced to be a consultant. That’s hell for me

But…on second thought, since Yume-chan’s only sharing her secrets with me, that’s fine too, right?

8 thoughts on “[Motokano V5] Chapter 4 – The Ex-Couple watches the house (―I’m a guy after all)

  1. C A L M
    H A I R B L O W E R
    C O U C H
    Y E S
    A L M O S T N A K E D
    Y E S
    Y E S
    A L M O S T T H E R E
    Y E S

  2. It’s sad to see that this story is running in circles now. And Yume never had any chacter growth at all. She never progressed beyond being a tsundere for MC.

    1. What do you mean? Yume had a lot of chara developments. She she is still the same tsundere but that’s the core of her personality so that’s fine. She completely accepted the mistakes that she did in the past and is now not making excuses about her own feelings to the MC (she’s having trouble to honestly express it through actions though). Best of all, she didn’t try to revert back on what she is in the past but is trying to move forward by trying to make Mizuto to like the current her.

      If anything, it’s Mizuto that still doesn’t have a character development, he’s the only one who is still stuck in the past and is too afraid to make a lovers relationship.

      1. yeah yume grew a lot. she even helped the boobs girl confess to mizuto. she let go of the past. she’s trying to start something new. compared to mizuto who’s always passive. he may be teasing her sometimes but those were just retaliations for yume’s advances. he’s not trying to understand her at all. she kissed him, what else is there to think? and he’s causing huge misunderstanding everywhere with the boobs girl like it’s not him in the center of it all. dude’s got to put some effort to clear the misunderstanding or man up and propose to boobs girl. he can’t be in the middle ground. *sigh poor yume.

  3. It hasn’t been a month since we broke up, and we’re so quick to go to horny jail!

    Sometimes I wonder if this is really the translation or the translator is just having a good time lol

    1. Probably a bit of both, it probably has the same tone, but with different jokes. The original jokes probably wouldn’t work in translation without understanding the JP meme so the translator inserts stuff like that.

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