Main Story: Ex-Couple observation record – the Iridos’ Summer Vacation Edition

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Kogure: Yo.
Mizuto: You’re here?
Kogure: Don’t look so annoyed man. We promised, didn’t we?
Mizuto: If possible, please spare me already.
Kogure: Pardon my intrusion!
(Door closes, Kogure enters)
Kogure: Oh dear, I don’t know where to begin with. My assignments shall be in your care today!
Mizuto: I’m not showing you. Three questions at most.
Kogure: The asking is more troublesome than the assignments…eh, not in the living room?
Mizuto: Due to some reasons, we’ll use my room today.
Kogure: Hmm~?……anyway, where’s Irido-san?
Mizuto: She’s not here now, but she’ll be back soon.
Kogure: You two sure have it good, huh? You can look at each other’s assignments whenever you want.
Mizuto: You think we’ll actually do that?
Kogure: Of course. Every night, you two flirt around at the same desk.
Mizuto: (sigh) Don’t you do the same with Minami-san?
Kogure: You think we’ll actually do that?
Mizuto: Who knows, huh?
(They go to Mizuto’s room)
Kogure: Room’s as messy as always, huh? Hahahahaha!
Mizuto: Is this the attitude you should have to someone you’re asking for help? I do usually clean up.
Kogure: It’s just books everywhere. There’s no mood even if you bring a girl here…aaayyyyyy.
Mizuto: No need for such a mood. What’ll I do if Higashira gets any weird thoughts?
Kogure: Does she usually pop by here?
Mizuto: Sorta.
Kogure: Can I check your trash?
Mizuto: Nope. That’s disgusting.
Kogure: You aren’t hiding any evidence of two-timing, right?
Mizuto: Absolutely disgusting!………Besides, I’m not even dating her anyway. I’m not cheating on her even if I did anything to Higashira, right?
Kogure: Oho~! I never mentioned anything about Irido-san, did I?
Mizuto: Sigh…anyway, let’s get started.
Kogure: Oy, at least act like you’re trying to hide your embarrassment. I’ll be hurt if you sigh at me like this.
(Door opens downstairs)
Akatsuki: Pardon my intrusion!
Yume: Mom and the others aren’t here. Enjoy yourselves a little. Ah, Higashira-san, your shoes.
Isana: Ah, sorry. I’ll arrange them now.
Akatsuki: Ahaha! Are you a mom? Mommy, headpats please~
Yume: Yes yes.
(Door closes, beat)
Kogure: Hm? I think I heard this voice elsewhere before.
Mizuto: I guess so. (sarcastically)
Akatsuki: It’s been a while since I’ve visited Yume-chan’s room.
Isana: I don’t think I’ve been here before.
Akatsuki: Don’t you visit this house all the time?
Isana: I know every corner of Mizuto-kun’s room, you know.
Akatsuki: Really? Tell me where his porn mags are.
Isana: But his computer is too encrypted.
Yume: Hey, the next door can hear you.
Kogure: …So this is what they mean by fate, huh?
Yume: (knocks door) You in?
Mizuto: Yep.
Yume: (opens door) Ah, Kawanami-kun! Welcome!
Kogure: Ah, pardon my intrusion~
Akatsuki: Geh…!
Isana: Ueehhh…!?
Kogure: What?… those two at the back, why are you reacting like you saw a bug?
Akatsuki: Why are you here?
Isana: Right when I’m not around…! We got a boytoy…! A boytoy…!
Kogure: I’m just here to do homework…that’s too much.
Isana: I’m coming over too…gueehhh!
Yume: (menacingly) Over here, Higashira-san… Sorry Kawanami-kun! Please enjoy yourself!
Kogure: Usu!
(Door closes, girls leave)
Isana: Uuuu…let go of me~~~~~~~!!! Mizuto-kun will be a NTR victim of that frivolous guy~~~~~!!!!!
Yume: NT…!? Don’t say such lewd words so openly!
Isana: (Makes Aqua noises)
Kogure: So those girls came by today…?
Mizuto: That’s why I hope that you’ll spare me, if possible.
Kogure: You could have told me the reason!
Mizuto: With those two around, I guess you won’t be able to press me for weird things.
Kogure: Grrr…! And I wanted to ask what happened between you and Irido-san when you went to the countryside.
Mizuto: If you understand, let’s hurry and start. I’ll just read away here, you got to focus.
Kogure: How do you expect me to focus here!?
Mizuto: Didn’t expect you to be so focused.
(Still Studying)
Akatsuki: I wonder if Yume-chan has a measuring tape.,
Isana: We can find one if we look around.
Akatsuki: Eh? Can we really find one? Eh? Ehhh? Really?
Isana: Doesn’t feel like this can work. Let’s not.
Mizuto: Somehow he’s able to calm down after hearing Minami-san’s voice next door…and these two are neighbors…let’s prepare some drinks for them then.
Akatsuki: Kukuku. Time for me to (stretches tape) measure them today!!!!
Isana: O-owowowow! It’s wrapping me up! The tape’s wrapping me up!
Akatsuki: Woah!……9-90!?
Mizuto: What are they doing? (walks down the stairs) I remember there’s some apple juice in the fridge. (goes to kitchen, opens door)
Yume: Ah.
Mizuto: Hm? You’re here?
Yume: Can’t I?
Mizuto: Don’t question me back….sigh…you’re preparing drinks too?
Yume: Well, sorta. I’m preparing tea.
Mizuto: Hmmm?…(walks to fridge)…not much juice left. Do we still have more of what we bought the last time?
Yume: Don’t seem like it. We need to go buy some.
Mizuto: Anyway, we should have enough for today.
(Closes cupboard)
Yume: Is Kawanami-kun doing his assignments? It’s noisy, isn’t it?
Mizuto: Nope, he’s unexpectedly focused. Most probably due to Minami-san.
Yume: Ehhh~?
Mizuto: Don’t smirk away.
Yume: But that’s because…fufu, I see. No well, they’re neighbors after all. They usually can hear each other through the wall.
Mizuto: It’s not exactly a good life though.
Yume: Well, it’s true that they can’t calm down…they can hear the voice of the one they like through the wall every day.
Mizuto: You sound like you empathize with them.
Yume: Eh…? Th-that’s not true at all.
Mizuto: Hmph. It’s fine if they’re just restless.
Yume: What do you mean?
Mizuto: If you can hear the neighbor’s voice, that means the neighbor can hear your voice.
Yume: Ah!
Mizuto: In other words, the neighbor can hear your groan when you wake up, or your anxious voice when you can’t deal with your messy hair.
Yume: Wai-wai-wai-wai-wait a sec…!!!
Mizuto: And also a loud sigh after getting home, and the sound of the uniform just thrown around.
Mizuto: And also, every night, when you giggle away while calling for a certain person’s name.
Yume: (Bakaguya noises)
Mizuto: All these can be heard. Do you understand?
Yume: (whimpering noises) Y-you heard them?
Mizuto: What do you mean?
Yume: Th-that’s…what you just talked about.
Mizuto: Just raising some examples.
Yume: Just…!
Mizuto: What?…you’re the type of person who doesn’t understand that these are just examples?
Yume: Uu! Oooooffff course not! I know that! These are just examples! That’s all, right?
Mizuto: Yep. If there’s a certain woman in the next room who’s actually giggling while calling someone else’s name…(slight inhale) she’s basically a yokai, isn’t she?
Yume: Yokai…!?
Mizuto: What? Just listing an example.
Yume: Grrrr… uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu…(kettle whistles like Yume’s face)
Mizuto: Water’s boiling.
Yume: Be careful tonight.
Mizuto: Yeah, I need to worry about being attacked by a yokai.
Yume: Hope you get a good night sleep!
Kogure: (stretches) Unnnnnn! Woah it’s already an hour huh?
Mizuto: You’re rather focused.
Kogure: Shit, I feel like I’m being watched when I hear her voice next door.
Mizuto: Man you’re domesticated by her.
Kogure: That’s not funny at all. (cracks bones, sighs)…sorry, can I borrow the toilet?
Mizuto: Down the stairs, on your left, the door near the entrance.
Kogure: Thank you.
(Door opens, Kogure leaves)
Isana: Yume-san Yume-san, I really recommend this book, you know?
Yume: Eh, what kind of book is it?
Isana: Somebody dies.
Yume: I-I’m not really that fond of stories where people die though…
Kogure: They still got stuff to talk about, huh?
Isana: Look at how this person dies here.
Yume: As I said, I don’t really…hm? This is decent.
Kogure: (walks down) To the left, door near the entrance…This? (Opens door)
Akatsuki: Heh?
Kogure: Heh?
(Drum beats, guitar riffs)
Akatsuki: W-w-wait, what are you doing!?
Kogure: N-no, why didn’t you lock the door!?
Akatsuki: You should have knocked!
Kogure: Who normally would? I practically live alone!
Akatsuki: Like that gives you any right!…or rather……hu-hurry up and close the door.
Kogure: S-sorry
(Other girls walk by)
Yume: There should be some in the fridge
Isana: Okay~~~!
Kogure: This is bad! That Higashira’s here while we’re chatting! (closes door…with the two of them inside)
Akatsuki: …Hey…………why did you come in?
Kogure: …I don’t know either.
Akatsuki: Are you an idiot, you perv…(Kogure covers her mouth) mggghhhh!!
Kogure: (Quiet! Higashira’s coming over!)
Isana: (walking over) Juice~! Juice~!
Akatsuki: (Cat breathing) (Did she just go to the living room? You can leave now, right?)
Kogure: (No, that boobzilla hasn’t closed the door yet. I’ll wait for her to return to the room.)
Akatsuki: (Uuu~ this is terrible…! Uuhuuu…!?)
Kogure: (What? Why are you shivering?)
Akatsuki: (Grr…uuggh…isn’t it your fault!? I was only halfway done!)
Kogure: (Huh!?)
Akatsuki: (I can’t hold it anymore…close your eyes!)
Kogure: (No…are you s-seriously…?)
Akatsuki: (I-I’ll cover…your…ears!)
Kogure: (Is she really doing this…right now….!?)
She did it.
Akatsuki: (Haaaaaaaaaa…ah, what do I do now? I need paper)
Kogure: (Hey…can I open my eyes now?)
Akatsuki: (Of course not! I’m not done clean…!)
Isana: (walking over) Ah, let’s go to the toilet in the meantime.
Kogure ♡ Akatsuki: Haaaaa!?
Akatsuki: Did Higashira-san forget I was in here?!?!
Kogure: That idiot’s…really an idiot!!!
Akatsuki: Hey…did you lock the door!?!?
Kogure: Ah, crap!
Akatsuki: Lock it! Lock it!
Isana: (turns door knob)…Huh? I can’t open it.
Akatsuki: H-Higashira-san~! Sorry, I’m using it!
Isana: Ah okay. Sorry about that Minami-san, I forgot.
Akatsuki: It’s fine it’s fine! I’ll be out in a while. Please return to the room for now!
Isana: Understood~ (leaves)
Kogure ♡ Akatsuki: Haaaaa!!?
Kogure: That was close!
Akatsuki: Y-you’re really an idiot! It’s Yume-chan’s house! Don’t do this at anyone else’s place! Ahhh, seriously, you, you’re…
Kogure: That’s a no go at our own place too.
Akatsuki: Of course! I’ll kill you if there’s a next time! I’m serious!
Kogure: You don’t have to be so angry. Didn’t we go pee together when we were younger? In a corner of the park?
Akatsuki: How long ago was that, you idiot!? Scram!!!
Kogure: Woargh!!…(stumbles)…dammit, you don’t have to shove me out…well, better scram before her mood worsens. Hm? Speaking of which, didn’t I come here to use the toilet too?
(Flushes, Akatsuki leaves the toilet)
Akatsuki: What are you doing?
Kogure: Queuing up.
Akatsuki: Wait, did you awaken to some weird fetish!?
Kogure: Sorry, I really can’t hold it anymore!
Akatsuki: Hey! You alright!? Don’t install a voice recorder in the toilet!
Kogure: You’re the only one who doesn’t have the right to call me that, you criminal scum!!! (Slams door)

Mizuto: (Opens fridge door) Ah, we don’t have any juice left. (Closes) we don’t have anything left from what Yume said we bought. I thought we’d have enough today.
Akatsuki: And then, do you know what he said?
Yume: Ehh~ what did he say? Anyway, is this really fine when Kawanami-kun’s next door?
Akatsuki: It’s fine, it’s fine. I tell you, he got that proud look on his face when he…
Kogure: Shut up! Don’t badmouth me right when I can hear you!!!!!
Mizuto: (peaces out) We got a lot of guests today. No wonder we finished the juice faster than expected. No choice, time to go to the convenience store. (Walks out of the door, closes door, typical summer BGM). It’s hot…I’m going to be roasted all over. I guess it’s better to just buy some for myself.(crosses road, enters convenience store) Now then, drinks, drinks, what shall I buy? Shall I ask what they want to drink first? Ah whatever., If they got any comments, they can just come by instead.
Isana: (Drops item) Ahhhh~
Mizuto: Hm? Something rolled over.
Isana: Oh, t-th-tha-thanks…huh?
Mizuto: Higashira?
Isana: What? Isn’t this Mizuto-kun? And I was so nervous for nothing. Ehehehe.
Mizuto: What are you doing? Why are you carrying so much juice?
Isana: We played rock-paper-scissors. I lost, so I came here. My psychological tricks couldn’t work on MInami-san.
Mizuto: You know how to read people’s hearts?
Isana: Why are you saying that, Mizuto-kun? I’m not some cruel, heartless killing machine
Mizuto: How in the world does Minami-san view you?
Isana: Everyone’s cruel to me. Even I do cry once in a while when I receive love from family, or warmth from other people, you know?
Mizuto: Once in a while, you say.
Isana: Basically, I like scenes where the skins of pretty girls are exposed or blood splatters everywhere.
Mizuto: Isn’t that some cruel sex violence robot or something?
Isana: So wouldn’t that refer to some combat robot that provides love services at night?…haa, that sounds good, a pretty girl robot who buries her enemies mercilessly in the day, and at night, with those hands that slaughters her enemies…
Mizuto: What are you rambling about so openly in a convenience store during the day?
Isana: There’s no shelf with any porn mags lying around, so it’s fine for me to say some dirty words, right?
Mizuto: We’re talking about a whole different problem here.(Picks up a drink) is this fine?
Isana: Oh, that’s what Yume-san likes.
Mizuto: Let’s buy something else after all.
Isana: Eh, why?
Mizuto: I don’t want others to think that I’m familiar with her likes.
Isana: Heehhh~ I won’t get jealous just because of this little thing.
Mizuto: I wasn’t worried for your sake…besides, I’ve been wondering recently what will actually cause you to be jealous.
Isana: Hmm~ I probably will get jealous if you invite any friend other than me into your room.
Mizuto: I’d feel better if you can just be jealous of me interacting with females.
Isana: I can’t just let you return to that frivolous guy like that. Elope with me!
Mizuto: Yeah, I’ll think about it when Kawanami goes back.
Isana: So you’re basically rejecting me…ahh, yeah, I got to buy snacks.
Mizuto: Use a basket. You’re holding so many drinks in your hands.
Isana: Sorry, my breasts are suitable tools to help me carry them.
Mizuto: Stop flaunting your boobs to guys.
Isana: Do you have anything else you want to put?
Mizuto: What do you mean?
Isana: Well, of course, that, ehehehh, ehehehehehe.
Mizuto: Don’t get horny by yourself while finishing off your words there, you idiot.
Isana: Ow!
Mizuto: Wait, I’ll bring a basket.
Isana: Ah, I’ll go too. (unloads the cargo) ahhh, my breasts feel a lot more relieved. Well, they’re still heavy even without the items.
Mizuto: I’ll carry them for you.
Isana: Eh, my breasts?
Mizuto: The drinks. They’re rather heavy right?
Isana: Nope, my breasts are heavier.
Mizuto: You’re rather riled up today.
Isana: Eh? My breasts?
Mizuto: Not at all…well, sorta, but it’s not directly because of that though.
Isana: We got a girls gathering after all. I do understand that flaunting boobs to other girls will garner some unhappiness.
Mizuto: You say that, but don’t do the same thing to boys.
Isana: I won’t do that to any boy other than you, Mizuto-kun.
Mizuto: She actually said such a thing…that trust’s so heavy, it’s unbearable.
Isana: What’s the matter, Mizuto-kun?…Wait a minute, did you see my bra?
Mizuto: Nope, and no plans to.
Isana: Actually, my bra’s a little visible because I’ve been sweating.
Mizuto: I wasn’t asking! I wouldn’t have bothered if you hadn’t mentioned it.
Isana: I’m wearing a somewhat visible color today. Tell me if you notice.
Mizuto: Understood. Guess it’s better than you making a fool of yourself in public.
Isana: Oh! …Uhuhuhuhuhu…!
Mizuto: What is it?
Isana: I feel like I triggered your possessiveness…uhehe, is this how it feels to be a girlfriend?
Mizuto: You better not be doing this on purpose.
Isana: What do you mean on purpose?
Mizuto: Sigh…nothing at all. What snacks do you want?
Isana: Ah yeah yeah, hear me out~.
Mizuto: Okay okay, what is it?
Isana: Yume-san and Minami-san are both bamboo shoots chocolate lovers. It’s unbelievable, isn’t it?
Mizuto: What? That’s it?
Isana: That’s a huge problem!
Mizuto: You understand if you calm down and think.
Isana: Ayy?
Mizuto: If they take the stem of the mushroom chocolates, they won’t dirty their hands. They don’t understand such convenience?
Isana: As expected, you’re the most reliable after all, Mizuto-kun! Let’s buy some mushroom chocolates and go back.
Mizuto: Yeah, let’s educate the heretics who prefer bamboo shoot chocolates
(Both leave the convenience store)
Isana: It’s so hot! I’m sweating like crazy. Ahh, I miss the air conditioning.
Mizuto: Where’s the parka you usually wear?
Isana: It’s so hot out here. Why should I wear a parka?
Mizuto: Did you apply enough suntan? Otherwise you’ll leave tan marks of your tank top.
Isana: Ehh, it doesn’t matter, right? Looks like a swimsuit tan anyway.
Mizuto: Your skin will peel.
Isana: You don’t really like tan skin, Mizuto-kun?
Mizuto: It’s not a case of liking or not.
Isana: Well, if Mizuto-kun has a tan skin fetish, maybe I can do a ‘summer night mistake’ with you or something
Mizuto: You sure you’ll be happy with just a single mistake?
Isana: Don’t you look forward to it?
Mizuto: Don’t look forward to mistakes.
Isana: Well, even if it’s one, it’s enough for me.
Mizuto: That’s honest of you.
Isana: Yume-san and Minami-san occasionally talk about the guys they used to date. It’s just instinctive of me. I too want to share some with others. Are you willing to be the protagonist of this love history?
Mizuto: You don’t have to commit some ‘summer night mistake’ for that.
Isana: Ehh~? Then what do I do?
Mizuto: Like, for example. Oh yeah…
(Bicycle bell as someone passes by)
Mizuto: Oh!
Isana: Woah!
Mizuto: Be careful! It nearly crashed into you.
Isana: Erm, Mizuto-kun…
Mizuto: Huh?
Isana: Well, now I’m a little…sweaty…can you please…don’t…erm, grab my shoulders?
Mizuto: It’s better than you getting hurt.
Isana: Woah, are you a genius at getting me excited? Watch your words, I’m a woman after all!
Mizuto: Typically, it’s the guy who says this…….ah, Higashira.
Isana: Huh?
Mizuto: Your bra is showing.
Isana: !?!?!?!?!?!?
Mizuto: You’re the one who told me to tell you, right?
Isana: That’s right…luckily we’re on the street, Mizuto-kun. If we had been in a locked room with nobody else around, your v-card is at risk.
Mizuto: Thank goodness for that.
Isana: Yes…just to note, did I wear the right color?
Mizuto: Like hell I know.
(Opens door)
Isana: Ahh, we’re finally back.
Mizuto: You didn’t hold anything though.
Isana: No no, I was trying my best to endure your temptation, Mizuto-kun.
Mizuto: I feel like I’m the one being tempted by you.
Isana: I’ll go reveal this to Yume-san and Minami-san immediately.
Mizuto: Whatever you want.
Isana: Okie~
(FBI open up)
Akatsuki: Ah, you’re back. Welcome~ Eh? You were with Irido-kun?
Isana: We met at the convenience store.
Akatsuki: Hmmm? A secret date?
Isana: Not at all. We just chatted about some sex robots…and also about how to use my boobs.
Akatsuki: So openly in the day? Do that when nobody else’s around!
Isana: And then he hugged me while people were passing by.
Akatsuki: On the road!?
Mizuto: I just pulled her over by the shoulder. That’s a bad way of describing it…(pulls out from bag) here, this should be enough, right?
Akatsuki: Oh, thank you~ Oh? Mushroom chocolates? No bamboo shoots
Mizuto: Use this chance to turn away from heresy and turn to salvation.
Isana: If you change your ways, God can still forgive you
Akatsuki: You guys are the heretics alright, but whatever. Huh? Yume-chan? What are you doing, poking your head out from the room?
Yume: Nothing.
Akatsuki: Higashira-san and Irido-kun bought some drinks and snacks back together.
Yume: Hooooo….?
Akatsuki: And they openly chatted about dirty topics in broad daylight, and also about Higashira-san’s boobs, and they even hugged~
Yume: Whatever…! (slams door)
Akatsuki: Uhuhuhuhuhu.
Mizuto: Oy, don’t spread misunderstandings in front of the involved parties with a gleeful look.
Akatsuki: But it’s all true though… Right, Higashira-san?
Isana: Of course~ ah, I haven’t talked about how Mizuto-kun saw my bra that was showing.
Akatsuki: Ahh…too bad! I really want to talk about that!
Mizuto: What are you planning anyway?
Akatsuki: Irido-kun, actually, I really am annoyed with you. That’s because…you’re the target of my envy. If there’s any chance I can cause trouble for you, I’m not letting it slip!
Mizuto: First time I’m seeing such honest malice.
Akatsuki: Anyway, try to make her happy then. Just take it as the price for fooling around from Higashira-san
Isana: Eh? Were we fooling around?
Mizuto: Don’t be fooled. Minami-san’s trying to ruin my reputation.
Akatsuki: Ahh~ this is the part I dislike about you.
(Inside Yume’s room, where she’s all jelly)
Yume: …He really vexes me! What was that all about, seriously…! Anyway, he’s always acting high and mighty, pinpointing my faults, saying this and that. What’s at all about! Can he not be so uppity all the time!?
Mizuto: (next door) Haaaaa…
Akatsuki: Ah, that’s too much
Kogure: (next door) Hey, did you do something to Irido-san?
Mizuto: Not really.
Yume: (Back to Yume’s room) He’s always~~ like this! Always acting so aloof, never considerate to me!
Akatsuki: Yep yep, You’re right.
Yume: Maybe he’s right, but there are some things that can’t be resolved emotionally through logic alone!
Akatsuki: I get that I get that!
Kogure: I’m just hearing them badmouth you from the next door.
Mizuto: So what?
Kogure: Your mental fortitude sure is hard as a rock.
Mizuto: Right now, I’m in no mood to play along with her foul temper.
Kogure: I think this is where you should improve.
Mizuto: How so?
Kogure: The part where you keep thinking that you’re correct and unwilling to compromise.
Mizuto: But that’s to be expected, right?
Kogure: Look, there are so many moments where things will get easier if you apologize first, even if you think you’re not at fault at all.
Mizuto: Looks like you’re very good at this.
Kogure: Of course. How many times do you think I’ve been insincere about this? What, ‘do you know why I’m angry’, that idiot! And then I never got to understand why, that idiot!
Akatsuki: I heard that, you bastard!
Yume: That’s harsh of you, Kawanami-kun! Apologize!
Kogure: Ugh! A tag team attack unique to girls!
Mizuto: Hmph, just because they have more comrades, it doesn’t mean that they’re right. Those shallow people.
Kogure: Your mental fortitude really isn’t for show.
(Door opens)
Kogure: Woah!
Isana: Hello there!!
Kogure: Oh, so it’s you boobzilla.
Isana: What do you mean ‘so it’s you’, boytoy.
Kogure: I thought they were the ones who showed up.
Isana: Are you scared~? Well, they often do act like that
Kogure: Airing the dirty laundry?
Isana: 9 times out of 10, girls end up badmouthing others when chatting. I’m a girl, so I know. Eh? Is it that you don’t know that I’m one?
Kogure: Stop flaunting! I’m not a girl anyway!
Mizuto: Higashira, why are you carrying that snack?
Isana: Ah, this is for you. I bought a little too much, and the others didn’t dare to eat because they saw the calories.
Kogure: Ah thank you, I just so happened to be a little hungry.
Isana: None for you.
Kogure: WHY!?
Isana: Ask your own chest. Ah, but you don’t have any to touch.
Kogure: I said I’m not a girl!
Mizuto: Oh, so you’re trying to show superiority by bust size? Amazing that you could figure this out.
Isana: Wait! Don’t say this Mizuto-kun! You’re making it sound like this frivolous guy too can understand how I’m playing the fool. No thank you if I have to be coupled with this guy.
Kogure: …Yeah, like anyone wants to be with a plain girl like you.
Mizuto: Ohh, that’s a standard reply for a couple who end up together in the end of a shoujo story.
Isana: Uuu…Mizuto-kun isn’t jealous at all.
Kogure: Yay, you loser heroine without any EQ.
Isana: Loser heroines are more popular, so I’m willing to be one~!
Kogure: Argh, you just sat next to Irido!?
Isana: A determined girl who continues to have lingering thoughts even if her feelings aren’t reciprocated. That’s cute isn’t it, Mizuto-kun?
Mizuto: Well, not that I dislike it. Anyway, even if your feelings really don’t get reciprocated…
Isana: Okay, ahh…(Feeds)
Mizuto: Ummm…… (Chomps)!
Kogure: WHAT!?
Isana: Delicious right~? Am I adorable~?
Mizuto: It is, but you’re too forceful.
Kogure: You sure are bold to be flirting here with Irido.
Isana: Hm hm hm, rub rub~!
Kogure: LAP PILLOW!?
Isana: Well you can’t do that right? I’m the only one who can have lap pillows from Mizuto-kun.
Mizuto: You’re the one who just went on me. I don’t remember letting you do it.
Kogure: Grr! A female friend really wouldn’t hold back in such situations…! It’s true that Irido-san can’t do it. If she actually did it, I’ll die of excitement!
Mizuto: Listen to me already.
Isana: Mizuto-kun, let’s play pocky.
Mizuto: Don’t bite on the biscuit while facing up. It’s dangerous. I’ve never done that before.
Isana: Nghhh the chocolate fell off the pocky…nom nom!
Kogure: Damn you! Stop acting as you please! Pocky in mouth and a lap pillow!? That’s basically seduction! It’s basically what a pet parrot will do when mating! Don’t just do something that jelly Irido-san couldn’t do~~!!!!!!
(Slams door open)
Yume: (Wheezes)
Mizuto: Ah?
Kogure: Hm?
Isana: Yume-san?
Yume: Wh-why can’t I do it!?
Mizuto: Huh?
Yume: I-I’m not jelly! Of course I can give a lap pillow or play a pokey game or something!
Akatsuki: Y-Yume-chan? Stay stay!! Calm down!
Yume: I AM CALM!
Mizuto: Another troublesome one.
Isana: Do you want to play too, Yume-san?
Mizuto ♡ Yume: Eh??
Isana: (Gets up, moves away) Alrighty…over here.
Yume: Eh? Eh??
Isana: Here’s the pocky.
Yume: Eh? I, erm, well…
Mizuto: That expression clearly shows that she doesn’t know what to do when faced with this unexpected development, huh? Ah whatever, I’ll just pull a fast one…
Kogure: Yeah! Get on with it!
Mizuto: Ah?
Kogure: Now that we’re gone this far, you got to show us. Show us whether the sibling bond is stronger than that of a female friend’s! Either way, you spent more time together with Irido-san, right~?
Akatsuki: Huuuh seriously, always with unnecessary words.
Mizuto: This guy’s just sneering away and stoking the flames!
Yume: E-erm…ermmmmmmm…
Isana: What’s the matter, Yume-san? Mizuto-kun’s waiting for you.
Mizuto: No I wasn’t.
Yume: I-I……I get it. (gets up)……ex-excuse me…(lies down) nnnghhh.
Isana: How does it feel to lie down there?
Yume: Not very good.
Isana: I guess so. Mizuto-kun doesn’t have much flesh.
Mizuto: If you don’t like it, hurry and get up.
Yume: You wouldn’t say that to Higashira-san though.
Mizuto: Are you an idiot?
Yume: Hmph!
Mizuto: Ow ow! Stop pinching me!
Kogure: Oy! Where did the pocky go?
Akatsuki: Stop stoking the flames!
Yume: I-I understand….(puts pocky in mouth)…mmm…mmm……hey, hurry up!
Mizuto: Erm, what am I supposed to do?
Akatsuki: …What’s with this scene in front of me?
Kogure: Of course you eat it. Don’t get cold feet now! You’ll be a spoilsport!
Akatsuki: You’re the only one getting excited, okay!?
Mizuto: Haa…I get it, I just need to bite, right?
Kogure: Woooahhh!?
Yume: (Whimpers) A-ar-are we really…eating the chocolate?
Mizuto: (Dead inside) let’s go…….hmmm, mnn, mmmm…!
Kogure: Woooahhh!?……hm?
Mizuto: Nghhhhh, uggghhhh (tries to stretch).
Akatsuki: Huh?
Mizuto: Nghhhhh, uggghhhh (continues to stretch to no avail).
Isana: Ehh…?
Mizuto: Gah, haaa, haaa (gasping for breath after overexerting)
Yume: H-heeyyy………the chocolate…
Mizuto: Sorry, this is the lowest I can go.
Yume: Grrr….go out and exercise (spits pocky)!!!
Mizuto: Woah! Don’t spit the pocky at me!!
Akatsuki: What’s with this skit before me?
Kogure: Oy Irido, come here! I’ll get that stiff body of yours to relax!
Isana: Looks like I need to go by the front if I want to play the pocky game with Mizuto-kun~. Let’s write it down on the Mizuto-kun conquest wiki.
Mizuto: Goodness, are you an idiot? You went all ‘You wouldn’t say that to Higashira-san though.’…there’s no way you’re the same as Higashira alright?
(A lot later)
Kogure: Ahh, a lot of things happened, but I finally got some progress in my assignments. All thanks to you, Irido!
Mizuto: Yeah. Try and figure out the rest yourself.
Kogure: Got it. (leaves room)
Yume: Ah, Kawanami-kun, you’re going back too?
Kogure: Oh, those two as well?
Akatsuki: Did you manage to finish your assignments?
Kogure: Sorta, I should be able to make it in time.
Akatsuki: Don’t cry and beg me for help at the last minute. I did help you out a lot last year.
Kogure: Last year’s last year.
Isana: Mizuto-kun, lend me a new series the next time I visit~
Mizuto: Sure.
Isana: I’ve been wanting to read romcoms recently, so romcoms then. Lend me one that suits a guy’s tastes.
Mizuto: Don’t say that to a guy.
(Goes down to entrance)
Akatsuki: Bye then, Yume-chan!
Isana: I enjoyed myself.
Kogure: I’ll repay you next time.
Mizuto: I’ll remember that.
Yume: Bye then, everyone.
(Door closes)
Kogure: Speaking of which, I don’t think we have anything in the fridge. Let’s buy dinner on the way back then.
Akatsuki: Oh yeah, what do you want to eat?
Isana: Eh? What’s with your conversation? Are you two living together?
Kogure: Like anyone’s going to live with her!
Akatsuki: (Hyperventilates)
Yume: Feels a little lonely now. Everyone has returned home. If only they can stay for a little longer.
Mizuto: Who knows? I can’t tell since I don’t have friends.
Yume: Hmph, I guess so…now then, time to clean up my room.
Mizuto: Do your best.
Yume: …You’re not helping me?
Mizuto: You sure you’re fine with me going to your room, cleaning up and yet turning everything upside down?
Yume: N-Nevermind then. (walks off)…what shall we have for dinner?
Mizuto: Dad and Yuni-san might be late. Let’s cook first.
Yume: Are there still ingredients in the fridge?
Mizuto: Dunno. I’ll go buy if there aren’t any.
Yume: Is the supermarket even open now?…(opens door). I’ll go once I’m done packing. I’ll leave dinner to you. No lazing.
Mizuto: I know.
Yume: (closes door)
(Hours later)

Mizuto: Haa, done with bath. Now to sleep…I’ll finish the book I’ve been reading before I sleep then.
Yume: (closes door)
Mizuto: Oh? Looks like she’s done bathing too.
Yume: Uuu… phew, hm hm, done.
Mizuto: That’s quite loud from her. Even though I don’t want to hear her. No choice but to wear earphones like usual.
Yume: …Mizuto.
Mizuto: Eh…?
Yume: Mizuto….Mizuto…Mizuto…kukuku…Mizuto.
Mizuto: Did she forget about what I mentioned to her in the day?
Yume: Mizuto~ Mi~zu~to~
Mizuto: Well, she just started addressing me like this. Probably practicing. It’s pointless when the person himself hears this, right?
Yume: Like…
Mizuto: Huh…!?
Yume: Like…like…I like Mizuto ♡
Mizuto: Eh…oy, oyoyoy…!! You idiot, I can hear you..!!
Yume: Kuku…just joking~…
Mizuto: Eh…?
Yume: Have a good night sleep!! Nights!
Mizuto: I…I’VE BEEN HAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Today’s battle result: Yume Irido’s victory)

Bonus Track: Heroine Voice for Study purpose 1 – The ex sits next to you “You can still read your book even though I’m next to you, right?

Yume: Ah, you’re here?
Yume: Never mind, you can remain seated there
Yume: So you’re that embarrassed when I sit next to you?
Yume: What? It’s okay to read in the living room once in a while, right?
Yume: Just do your own thing. Don’t mind me.
Yume: (Yume doing Yume things for 45 seconds)
Yume: Ugh…toilet.
Yume: Ah, yes.
Yume: Found it, found it
Yume: I have cookies. Want some? You sure?…I see.
Yume: Nn, delicious.
Yume: What? You look like you want some.
Yume: Not at all? Acting tough again, aren’t you?
Yume: Here, ahhh~
Yume: Nfufu, such a stubborn fellow. Welcome to the dark side
Yume: Hm?…Ah…hmmm…(more noises)…(chimes), ah, I got a message.
Yume: Say, when was that? That English presentation assignment…yes yes, the one we need to submit…Thursday? Thanks.
Yume: (Sighs)
Yume: You interested? It’s not like I can’t lend it to you…it’s your turn to wash the bathroom today then.

Bonus Track: Heroine Voice for Study purpose 2 – Isana Higashira lazes around “I guess this place is practically my house.”

Isana: What are you doing~? Hello hello?
Isana: Look at me for a moment. Alrighty.
Isana: Eh, it’s fine, just let me have a lap pillow. (hums)
Isana: Ahh, feels so-so to sleep like this~ow! Ehehe.
Isana: I’ll be reading my book like this. Don’t mind me.
Isana: Eh? It’s fine. I won’t do anything.
Isana: Ah, but don’t go about touching my breasts whenever you want. Owie!
Isana: Seriously, stop hitting me all the time~! Ehehe.
Isana: Now then…(Isana noises)
Isana: Woah!! Ecchi!
Isana: Eh? I’m just reading the color illustrations? I like them though. Color illustrations make a light novel after all. I’m almost done, now starting with the main story.
Isana: Wooaarrgh!! Owie…! I rolled over.
Isana: Yes, I’m fine. My breasts were a cushion.
Isana: Why do you look like you worried for nothing?…goodness.
Isana: It’s fine, I won’t fall over the next time.
Isana: If you’re worried, pat my head…ufufu, yes yes, I won’t fall over now.
Isana: Does my hair feel good to touch?…I don’t mind.
Isana: Huh? Don’t make any weird noises? I wasn’t! You’re the one who thought I was making weird noises, right?
Isana: Hm? You’re not touching? I don’t mind though.
Isana: (stretches)
Isana: Ouch! What was that for? I’m just enjoying the touch of my buttcrack.
Isana: Ah! You hit me again! Hmph, I’ll get angry! Take this! Take this!
Isana: You’re actually playing dumb.
Isana: In that case, I’ll play dumb. I won’t notice what you do to me, or where you’re touching.
Isana: (Glances)
Isana: You actually ignored the seduction after I mustered so much courage!
Isana: Goodness, there has to be a limit as to how dense you can be as a protagonist.
Isana: Otherwise I’ll just step on the brakes.
Isana: Speaking of which, your hands never moved at all the entire time.
Isana: What is it?
Isana: Ow!

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  1. Hellping us a Chad translator that deserves the highest of praise. Since we have a stoppu button can we have a NANI?!?! For Irido on chapter 6 after Isanas reveal?

  2. i’m so surprised by the asmr tracks.

    Thanks for the good translatons! Thougj it does feel weird having the text actually be colored.

    I remember earlier in the volume Yume and Isana were talking about book tastes, and I thought there it was Isana that didn’t like people dying while here it says she really enjoys it? I’ a bit confused by that, though it might be my memory being bad.

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