Afterword – Instead of an afterword, a comment on each reborn chapter


The previous two volumes were about difficult themes that confused me even though I wrote them, so this time, I decided to return to the basics, and make it a romcom in lieu of a big change in Yume’s environment. Most importantly, as stated in the subtitle, I’d like to look at the state of the one-sided love for a little while. There’s nothing to be ashamed of, it’s clearly an extension.

For this reason, I decided to include a single comment for each chapter, just as I did in the first volume. Here you go.


  • —Chapter 1 – The person I like is in this house


This is a story about two people who began to live in different worlds, but were still connected.

I thought a lot about the ratio of male and female members of the student council, and well, I came to a quick conclusion that the other members should be girls if Haba-kun was in the background. I liked to write about a group of four, five vibrant girls like Nasuka and the others, but I wanted to write a couple too, so that’s when I debuted an old boy.

As a result, the only person who hadn’t appeared was the previous general affairs officer. When will the debut be, I wonder? Isn’t it a real mystery that the general affairs officer is the mystery and not the ex-president?

Also, this wasn’t the only time, but I wrote so much this time that I ran out of illustration space. That’s why the scene at the manga café was left unillustrated. It’s a tough part of a light novel. Hiring fanartists.


  • —Chapter 2 – I want to see you blush


How many times have we seen her wrapped in a towel? That’s fine. It doesn’t matter how many times I can wring out this good situation.

It occurred to me while writing this chapter that romcoms are more interesting when the characters are all idiots. Mizuto had too high an IQ in the previous volume. This volume, he ended up as a fine idiot. It’s like a ‘this is it’ feel!.

Aisa is a character who really shares my interests, but I think she did a good job in this volume. I wonder why people who haven’t achieved anything want to give advice to others?


  • —Chapter 3 – The way you look at me


It’s the sports festival. Personally for me, it’s unimportant, so I thought of skipping it, but then I thought of including a scavenger hunt. By the way, while the rule change was my own idea, I I don’t know if it exists.

Just as Yume came into contact with a new community called student council, Mizuto and Isana came into contact with Nasuka and Maki here. I don’t know what my intentions of doing this are.

If everyone including Yume were to gather, there would be a total of seven people, and it would be hard to write, so I hope they wouldn’t show up too often. Well, Mizuto and Isana ended up sticking together, so there didn’t seem to be a major change in the environment.

TakayaKi-sensei is very good at drawing underwear, so I’ve always wanted to include it in illustrations for a long time, and I finally achieved it this time. But it broke. Isana….


  • —Chapter 4 – I’m sure you’ll watch over me


It’s a light hearted romcom volume, but this chapter was a serious one as a change of pace

While the other members of a student council have clunky love lives, Asuhain-san is the only one in the student council that we can love without any hesitation. I have no plans to fix her man-hatred! This doesn’t apply to Aisa’s sister, who is mentioned briefly in the next story…I’d like to write a story about her too.

Ah yes, I haven’t mentioned this yet. Aisa’s sister is the middle school girl who hates men at the school festival. She has the same hairstyle as her sister, right?


  • —Chapter 5 – Let’s remain like this for a little longer


Here’s the birthday episode you’ve been waiting for. The date, November 3rd, was chosen because both eleven and three are prime numbers—‘they aren’t divisible even if you try to divide them’.

This is also the chapter that solved the problem of not being able to write the stories of the student council members until summer, since they appeared in the middle of the story. Thank goodness Suzuri and Aisa wanted to show off, I guess. I wanted to see them in swimsuits and winter clothes, but as usual, I didn’t have enough illustrations. Once again, calling for fanartists.

I really planned to have Mizuto and Yume go on a date right up until I started writing, but they didn’t go at all. That’s right. As I was writing, I realized that birthdays are more of a family event than a lover event, and so it turned out to be more relaxed than expected.


The last illustration was a scene I’ve always wanted to write for a long time, and it’s been a while since I’ve specified the contents of the illustration. The world, and the love between the love between one and the other.

…Speaking of which, Mizuto’s birthday present back then was a peach-colored book cover, but if you look at the cover of the first volume here…?


It’s been a while since I’ve been able to write a romcom without thinking too hard, so I had a lot of fun. Next time, I’m going to return to the foreshadowing I put up in volume 6…or not may or may. The Kawanami/Minami pair didn’t appear much in this story, so they may…or may not be featured in the next story. I don’t know.

This is Kyousuke Kamishiro’s ‘My Stepsister is my Ex-Girlfriend volume 7 –  Let’s remain like this for a little longer. Instead of a little longer, why not continue for another 5 volumes or so?


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  1. Very Nice Author it is nice to do whatever you love to do for living and as always much much thankful for hellping on translating this wonderful novel, Arigatou TranslatorKyun

  2. Yes please, continue for 5 more volumes or so, showing each individual growth, and at least 2 volumes of them going out, otherwise i wouldnt be satisfied if they just started going out on the last chapter of the last volume, im sure others wont be as well.

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