Yume Irido ◆ The ex-girlfriend wants to become a little devil


I, Yume Irido, am in love with Mizuto Irido.

The situation itself is much the same as it was when we first met about two years ago—the difference is that I’ve grown into a woman, Mizuto and I had a relationship once, broke up… and then ever since we became stepsiblings, we had a lot of sarcastic remarks directed at each other..

Let’s be honest.

It’s hard to say I like him now.

…No, that’s the case after all, right!? I’ve been treating him so badly, and suddenly I start acting like I like him! And it’s just plain embarrassing!

If it’s even possible, I’d like to cage Mizuto without showing any overt favoritism.

This desire is greater than when we were dating in middle school! I want him to like me and confess to me.

I wasn’t trying to slack off. It’s about equality. I was the one who confessed to him back then after all.

That’s why I’m aiming for only one thing.

I want to be a little devil of a girl who’ll make him so nervous, he won’t be able to tell if I like him or not.

Fortunately, I have plenty of opportunities, so I try to challenge myself every now and then…


I found Mizuto sitting on the sofa in the living room, and I shook his shoulder.

It’s a casual body touch!

It’s a killer move to get a guy’s attention…so Akatsuki-san said.

I looked into Mizuto’s face from the side,

“Wh-what are you doing?”

It’s an invasion of personal space!

Boys are easily turned on by girls who are close to them…so Akatsuki-san said.

Mizuto glanced at my face, and then looked down towards his lap.

“I’m reading. It’s obvious, right?”

“Hmmm… What are you reading?”

“A code-breaking story with a heroine who’s the personification of English words.”

What is that? You really like weird novels…

But this is where the little devil comes in!

“Heh~, that sounds interesting. Can I borrow it sometime?”

Understanding and interest!

When you show understanding and interest from up close, guys will instinctively go all ‘does this girl like me or something?’!…so Akatsuki-san said.

Come on, be restless. Get your ego working! You can’t help but be interested in me!

“I can’t, I borrowed it from Isana.”

Mizuto flipped through the pages.


“I-I see.”


Time to start the review session.

Why did that part fail?

……In hindsight, wasn’t it simply because it wasn’t any different from our usual interactions?

I wasn’t making Mizuto overly self-conscious, I was making myself overly self-conscious, assuming that I was on the offensive, but in fact, I wasn’t acting too different from usual.

Yes, that’s it! Don’t be blunt about it.


Sometimes, things work out. It’s true! There’s a 10% chance or so that he’ll awaken to this!

But 90% of the time, this was the result.

I felt that I was doing something, but I wasn’t.

I-It’s hard…how do you become a little devil?


Yume Irido The person you love isn’t always the type of person you like


We didn’t really have full attendance in the student council room. It is not uncommon for one or two members to be absent due to their own reasons or work commitments, and on a rare occasion, there would be just one person.

It had been a while since I joined the student council, I found out that there were some trends in attendance rate. For example, Asuhain-san hardly missed attendance. For example, Haba-senpai was usually present whenever President Kurenai was present, and would usually be absent when she was not. For example, Asou-senpai would sometimes be absent whenever she felt like it, but would usually show up whenever Hoshibe-senpai did.

On this day, only President Kurenai and Haba-senpai were absent.

Hoshibe-senpai was lying on the sofa set and playing with his phone, while I, Asuhain-san and Asou-senpai were working on our laptops at the conference table.

My task was to prepare publicity materials for the upcoming sports festival. It’s usually the secretary who would handle such writing work, and my typing skills improved greatly ever since I joined the student council.

“What kind of guys do you like, Yumechi?”

Asou-senpai, also tapping away at the keyboard, asked me something completely unrelated.

As the Vice President, Asou-senpai’s job was naturally to support the President. However, President Kurenai was so perfect that she did everything by herself, and even if she didn’t, Haba-senpai would follow up with her all the time. Asou-senpai’s job was mainly to educate and assist me and Asuhain-san.

It seemed that Asou-senpai was the secretary in the last term, and while learning from her, I ended up being nicknamed as ‘Yumechi’ before I knew it. That’s why when Asou-senpai helped me, my work was so smooth—so smooth that we often ended up chatting.

“We’re working, Senpai.”

The serious Asuhain-san reproached Asou-senpai. She often turned her shoulders and neck when she was writing, ah, it’s tough when they’re that big, I would end up with such thoughts. I have been noticing it more and more lately, so maybe I should start muscle training.

In this aspect, Asou-senpai’s shoulders didn’t seem stiff at all, even though hers were so big and obvious beyond her clothes. She had a tight belly, so she might have some secret training.

Asou-senpai didn’t stop her hands or her mouth despite Asuhain-san’s reminder.

“That’s fine. Isn’t it part of my job to be friendly with my kouhais!? What about you Ranran??”

“What’s that about?”

“I want to know the type of guy you like.”

“Someone who will never come into my sight.”

It seemed Asuhain-san was staunchly anti-love.

Asou-senpai, who had somehow nicknamed Asuhain-san Ranran, smirked,

“Well, that’s a relief. To tell you the truth, my sister is not good with boys either.”

“You have a sister?”

It’s my first time hearing that. Asou-senpai’s expression became increasingly cheerful,

“Yes! In middle school! She’s super cute! And my sister is just like Ranran, she’s always angry at boys, but she’s not as outgoing as Ranran, so I’m relieved. I wonder if she’ll be as stubborn as Ranran and not let boys approach her.”

“…Erm, what part of this story relieves you?”

“My cute little sister won’t have any bad bugs pestering her!”

I think she’s a bigger source of anxiety…I started to worry about Asou-senpai’s little sister, whom I haven’t even met.

“So, what’s your favorite type, Yumechi?”

“…Do I have to tell you?”

“I won’t let you off! Fess up fess up!”

She asked about ‘my favorite type’, but all I could think of was the face of a certain person. It’d be suspicious of me to try and hide it though…so I tried to be vague…

“A-an intelligent person, I guess.”

“Hmm. What else? Like looks.”

“He looks…thin, I guess…”

“A cool type, huh? What about personality?”

“…Usually unsociable, but sometimes kind.”

This is embarrassing! It’s like I’m describing everything about Mizuto that tug at my heartstrings…!

Asou-senpai smiled,

“I see, I see, That’s good! That’s like a maiden’s dream! It would be nice if there were heroes like that in real life, too.”

“Y-yeah, I guess~”

It’d be nice if there were, though~.


Asuhain-san’s little murmur pierced my heart.

Th-that’s not it. That was just me specifically beautifying him and picking out certain aspects! He also walks around half-naked after bathing, swears when hitting his little toe on the corner of the sliding door, and does many other uncool things like that! It’s not like that’s how I see him! I’m not the me back in middle school anymore!

“S-speaking of which, what about you, Asou-senpai?”

“Hmm? Me?”

Asou-senpai replied happily when I turned the question back to misdirect everyone.

“As for me, I’ve always been deciding, you know. Like, this is the kind of guy I want my boyfriend to be! Or something like that, you know?”

“What’s that?”

“Someone who is at least 20cm taller than me!”


Asou-senpai is pretty tall, isn’t she? She’s not much taller than the boys….I don’t think she’s 170, but she’s probably in the upper 160s…

“…That’s pretty big, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, I guess. Seriously, I wish I hadn’t grown so much though …”

Asou-senpai let out a serious sigh. I felt she’s pretty like a model, but I guess everyone has their own complexes….

“At least 20cm taller than Senpai…that’s 180cm…”

—Wait, that’s it.

My eyes turned to the bored third-year senpai who was sprawled out on the sofa set.

At nearly 190cm, he’s taller than most high school students.

The only person who’d fit Asou-Senpai’s criteria for a boyfriend was, well… him. ….

Just as I was about to stop the conversation here, Asou-senpai grinned like a Cheshire cat and stopped tapping away at the keyboard.

She turned around and looked back at the sofa set, saying loudly.

“Senpai~! By the way, how tall are you anyway, Senpai~?”

Eh? She’s that bold!?

While I was shocked by this, Hoshibe-senpai continued to play with his phone,

“Ahh? I’m 187cm, you know?

In response, Asou-senpai pulled her chair out and stood up,

“I see. Aisa is 168cm.”


The moment I had this thought, Asou-senpai moved quickly to the sofa set and looked into Hoshibe-senpai’s face over the backrest.

And then, she said.


Like a little devil.

“—Too bad♪ Aren’t you just 1cm too short?”

Once she said that, Hoshibe-senpai blinked for a moment, and turned away with a scowl forming on his face.

“…Like hell I know, you idiot.”

He probably cussed to hide how shaken he was, and Asou-senpai giggled in bemusement.





Asuhain-san looked at me suspiciously as I muttered.

I hurriedly turned to the computer screen and pretended as if nothing had happened. Thanks to this, Asuhain-san assumed she had misheard me, and went back to her work.

That suggestive attitude.

The way she had a boy in the palm of her hand.


That’s it…! That’s…!

That’s what I wanted to do to Mizuto—!!


Yume Irido ◆ Enter the little devil


After I was done typing, I went to print the documents I had just made with Asou-senpai.

Because of the large number of sheets, we used the equipment for mass printing in the printing room instead of the printer in the student council room. The printing room wasn’t so big, and had only a printer and photocopier, and there wasn’t anyone else around. Thus, it was the perfect place for us to talk about our secrets.

The printer spat out documents calmly, and I started to speak slowly.

“E-erm… Asou-senpai…”

“Hmm? What is it?”

Senpai, who was sitting on a pipe chair with her long legs crossed, was checking something on her phone. She tilted her head slightly as she looked at me.

This little gesture was also very girlish and cute…and she does have a pretty body too.

“Erm…actually there’s something I’d like to discuss…”

“Eh? What what!? A love story?”

She was more interested in this than I expected.

Asou-senpai’s side twintails bounced up and down as she immediately poked her head in.

“Talk talk talk! Tell me everything! I’m a sucker for love stories except for my favorite!”

“Not if it’s your favorite?”

“O-of course not! If there’s a guy who gets close to Ranran, I’ll…! “

Asou-senpai’s eyes stared intently at me as her fists shook. I knew she nominated Asuhain-san…but she really doted on the latter more than I thought.

“Enough about myself! So, what do you want to talk about?”

“Erm… i-it’s not really a big deal!”

“Yes yes”

“It’s about just how…how do you do what you just did with Hoshibe-senpai earlier?”

Asou-senpai tilted her head with a look of intrigue on her face.

“Just now, with Senpai?…eh, how?”

“That ‘Too bad♪’ part…that little devil move!”

What if she’s confused by this again? What if that move was completely natural and Asou-senpai was completely unaware …I’ll be the kouhai who just asked a question that made no sense!

For a moment, I felt uneasy.


…Asou-senpai didn’t squirm, but looked serious, and meditated for a moment.

“Do you want to know?”

And while her eyes were still shut, Senpai said grimly.

“Do you want to know my secret?”

“Eh?…I-I want to know!”

I was startled by the sudden mysterious turn of events, but I went along with it anyway.

Asou-senpai slowly raised her eyelids and crossed her arms, as though lifting her chest.

“Have a seat. It’s a long story…”

I did as I was told, pulled a nearby pipe chair over and sat down in front of Asou-senpai.

Asou-senpai crossed her long legs and breathed wistfully.

“…Let me tell you something first. Don’t tell anyone what I’m about to tell you.”


“Especially Senpai! Never! Ever! Tell! Him!”


What overwhelming pressure.

What is she going to tell me anyway?

“—My little devil.”


“Is well, artificially cultivated.”

“…I know, but.”


Please don’t look so surprised.

I had my doubts for a moment, but no high school girl in the world would do something like that naturally.

“Fu-fufufu. You’re pretty good at figuring out who I really am, Yumechi.”

Asou-senpai smiled fearlessly. It was clearly a deception.

“Well, to tell you the truth, I’ve been an otaku for quite some time.”

“I kind of knew that too…but what kind of otaku are you?”

“Well, the usual? Anime, manga, games… and a little bit of cosplay.”


I didn’t imagine that two people in the student council would cosplay as a hobby, including the President…

“Please don’t tell them about this either! It’ll be a big problem if the school finds out!”

“I-I understand.”

“So, you know. Actually, I…kind of admire you? You know…”

“Eh?…For what?”

Asou-senpai fell silent for a moment, and looked aside as she said awkwardly.

“… Otaser, Princess…….”


I merely had a vague understanding.

It seemed she was the only female in a group of otaku hobbyists that tended to be all male.

“No, that’s because, I want to be pampered! I’m born as a woman after all! I want to satisfy your need for approval! I don’t want to work so hard to become an idol or something, but if I can become a princess instantly and easily in my vicinity, that’ll be the best case!”

“You’re true to your desire…”

“But… but you know! Otakus like small women. And big boobs too are the trend! I love those characters too! But I’m like this, I’ve grown so tall! I don’t look good in fluffy clothes!”

…Huh? I thought height aside, aren’t Asou-senpai’s boobs one of the biggest?

“That’s why… that’s why I wanted to have a personality like that at least…! I wanted to be a little devil that toys with otaku …! Oy~ oy oy …”

She started crying unnaturally. Huh? I was the one asking for advice, and I had to comfort her?

“We-well… I think you’re very pretty, Senpai. Cute too. That hairstyle looks really good on you.”

“Isn’t it~? You really know your stuff, Yumechi ~!”

She was instantly revived. She might be an otaku, but she’s so cheery, the complete opposite of Higashira-san…

“Well, a lot of things make sense now. That’s why you like Asuhain-san.”

“I almost snapped when I first saw her. She’s really my ideal! I was thinking, like, ‘How much more is God testing me?’.”

“And then, about your favorite type. It’s true that you look smaller when you’re next to Hoshibe-senpai.”

“…N-no no no, Senpai is 1cm short.”

Asou-senpai suddenly slumped and looked away from me. She starts to fiddle with the ends of her hair. Huh?

“Erm… don’t you like Hoshibe-senpai…?”

“Th-that’s not possible, right~!? It’s just that Senpai is the only other guy in the student council! Suzurin will get angry if I tease Joe-kun! I had no other choice! I’m just playing with him, of course!”

…She just lost her nerve!

I felt like I was looking into the mirror, and then a mysterious sense of relief at her excuses. No, I wasn’t the only one bad at this.

“More importantly! First things first! The trick to the devil move!”

“Ah, yes!”

“By the way… just out of curiosity, who do you use it on?”

Ah, she gave me a cautious look.

Did she think I would be using it on Hoshibe-senpai?

“At least, it’s not someone from the student council. He’s a freshman, I guess?”

“I-I see…”

Asou-senpai’s tense cheeks relaxed slightly, and she was seemingly relieved. Including the President, our Senpais in the student council are kind of bemusing.

Asou-senpai cleared her throat as if to change the mood,

“Well then, let me teach you how to be a little devil!”


“There’s only one secret to it, in short!”

Asou-senpai raised her finger and said,

“‘Do things with an unconcerned face towards the only person you like’—that’s it!”

Tak! She slapped her knee.

Scales fell from my eyes. ‘Do things with an unconcerned face towards the only person you like’—I see. That way, the other person can’t help but wonder what I’m up to!


I was so overcome with emotions, I stood up from my chair and took Asou-senpai’s hands.

“Master…please let me call you Master!”

Asou-senpai smiled fearless,

“Very well, my padawan!”

The quiet, cramped printing room continued to buzz with weird laughter.


Akatsuki Minami Something I can only do with someone I like


“Alrighty. I’ve come to take a bath~.”

I took off my shoes with my change of clothes in hand, and went to the living room.

Kawanami and I still had the habit of boiling the bath at one of our houses whenever our parents weren’t home. Well, it’s easier and cheaper to do it this way, and we used to do it this way in the past, so we just went back to it.

It’s definitely not because I was getting lonely because Yume-chan has become busy with student council and wouldn’t pay much attention to me anymore. Not at all.

Of our usual gang of four, we used to form a going home club, but I was the only one left. I could kill as much time as I wanted, but I felt abandoned.

“…Maybe I should get a part-time job too…”

Till this point, I had been doing short term jobs for a while now…but I wasn’t worried about having no money to spend. My parents were the same as Kawanami’s; they’d give me a lot of pocket money as atonement for neglecting their children.

That was the thought I had as I looked into the living room and found no one there.


I tilted my head and walked around the living room, only to hear the sound of water in the distance.

Ah, the bath. He’s in.

I peeked into the changing room and saw a shadow behind the polished glass. He’s rather early today. Maybe he had exercised.


As I looked at the shadow moving through the polished glass, I felt something swelling within me.

This power caused by the lack of Yume-chanism gave me an idea.

Let’s give him a little surprise.

I put my change of clothes on the washing machine, took off my shirt, skirt, bra and panties, and wrapped my bath towel around my naked body.

Then, without being particularly hesitant, I opened the bathroom door.


Kawanami’s head was soaked with shampoo, and he turned around with an eye closed.

His mouth opened wide once he saw my sexy figure,


“Ah—so you’re in here. I didn’t notice—.”

“That’s a damn lie!!”

I slid the door shut behind me.

“Well, it’s too much trouble to get dressed again, so let’s bath together♪ I’ll wash your back♪”

“This is awkward…”

Kawanami looked absolutely disgusted and covered his crotch with a towel.

I peeked at it without hesitation,

“Do you have to hide it now?”

“There’s no obligation to show it to you anymore. Anyway, you don’t have to hide your body anyway, right?”

“Oh, that’s right.”

“Wait, you idiot!”

I untied the knot of the bath towel behind me, and Kawanami hurriedly closed his eyes.

I chuckled, leaned over Kawanami’s bare back and whispered into his ear.

“Huh? What are you panicking for~? It’s a little late for that, isn’t it? I’m naked—…ah, are you troubled about seeing me naked?”

“…Don’t belittle me.”

“Ehh~? What~?”

“Argh shut up!”

Duh. You’re the one who always says you can’t look at my body in an erotic way.

However, if I overdid it, his allergy would kick in, and the rashes would show up. I decided to stop here, and started to scrub Kawanami’s hair with shampoo.

“Is there anywhere itchy~?

“Everywhere. Your hands are so small.”

“Sorry about that~”

“Ow! Stop scratching me! I’m going bald!”

I washed the entire area briefly, and turned on the shower to remove the shampoo. The greasy girl started to show from the white bubbles, different from the usual hair of the frivolous guy.

“Don’t you think you’d look better if you didn’t mess with your hair?”

“Shut up. I don’t care if it doesn’t look good, I like it. It’s like when a girl gets a manicure that’s not popular with guys.”


I think it’s cool if you leave your hair straight…

“Okay. Next, your body.”

“I already washed it.”

“You’re lying. You’re the type who washes the head first.”

“How long have you remembered that…”

…Well, at one point, I washed him from head to toe.

“Don’t worry, just your back.”


I put some soap on a body towel, lathered it, and scrubbed his back, which had grown a little bigger than before.

Ah, maybe I shouldn’t have done that after all. I couldn’t help but think of the things I’ve done in the past when I did this

I used to love Kokkun’s skin, muscles, every single pore, and I treated him as if he were my own. I didn’t even try to see his face, since I thought he would be happy because I was doing so much for him.

I was immature and foolish, arrogant as a kid. It’s too big of a scar to call it black history.

I reflected on my actions and wanted to correct it, but I had yet to completely do so. I guess I was born to be such a person, and I’ll probably do similar things in the future.

Then, at the very least, I’d like to take responsibility for this guy, my biggest victim…even if it’s just a little…


Feeling that it was strangely auspicious, I spoke to the back in front of me.

“I guess you should wash it after all.”

“What? You’re the one who said you’d wash it…”

“No, I mean…me. You wash me.”


Kawanami widened his eyes and looked back at me. I washed off the bubbles, grabbed his face, and turned it back to the front.

“Turn around.”

I grab the other chair in the bathroom and sit with my back facing Kawanami’s. I then easily took off the bath towel wrapped around me, and brought it before me, exposing only my back.

“It’s fine.”

I felt him turn around. Then, there was silence,

“…What do you mean?”

“I’ve already washed you a million times. I’m tired of it, so now I want you to do the same.”

“Tired of…”

It’s rehab. You’ve been wrecked so badly, now he should get back at me. Then maybe his scars will heal a little. Maybe…

I pulled my untied hair forward over my shoulders and showed him the nape of my neck.

“Here. Come on.”

Kawanami was still hesitant, but when I pushed the towel to him, he sighed deeply and said,

“…Got it.”

A towel dipped in body soap was gently placed on my back.

I felt the cloth and the slimy foam. While this was going on, I felt some rough fingers.


He rubbed my back slowly, and it tickled me a little. I’ve been touched on my back many times before, but the touch felt strangely gentle.

The towel moves from my back to my waist, and of course, he could see my butt at this point. But, well, that’s nothing new. Just as I know everything about him, he knows everything about me. That’s what being a childhood friend is all about.

“…Is this okay?”

Kawanami was done washing my back and waist, and asked so.

Is he done…? That’s it?

It didn’t feel right. I didn’t feel like I accomplished anything. I—

“No. Not yet.”

I leaned back a little.

Just a little, while pulling the bath towel down in front of my chest.

“The front.”

I looked over my shoulder and said,

“This time…do the front.”

Kawanami’s eyes widened, and then his ears seemed to turn red. Maybe his body was getting hot from the bath, but if that was the case, his widened eyes wouldn’t have tried to peek through the gap in the slightly undone bath towel.

Kawanami’s hands trembled.

Right after.

—Pff, pff.

Rashes began to appear on Kawanami’s arm.

“Ugh… m-my bad! I’m getting up!”

Covering his crotch with a towel, Kawanami hurriedly left the bathroom.


I was left behind, stunned for a moment, and then I looked up at the dripping ceiling.

“…I’ve really done it, huh…”

I really am such a person, aren’t I?

Then, I sighed, washed myself, warmed myself in the bathtub, and left the bathroom.

In hindsight, wasn’t he overly self-conscious? He got carried away just because I told him to wash my body. I used to wash his body in many amazing places.

I don’t really care about him right now. But I have to atone for what I did, right? I’m just trying to fulfill my responsibility as a perpetrator. I don’t like him at all. Does he understand that?

“…Hmm? Something’s coming.”

As I’m wiping myself down, I notice a notification on my phone.

It’s LINE. …ah, Yume-chan!

I hurriedly opened it and found the following message from Yume-chan.

(I’m going to ask you something I don’t know, but what are the things you can’t do unless you love someone?)

That’s really an unexpected question. What’s going on all of a sudden?

But Yume-chan was the one asking. I thought seriously and earnestly about this, and replied.

(I guess… it’s impossible to take a bath together unless you like each other.)


Mizuto Irido ◆ All men must endure


“Listen up, Irido… a man loses when he is tempted.”

My hip in the air squirmed about as I listened to Kawanami’s voice over the phone.

“It’s said that it’s a shame for a man not to eat, but a true man is one who can bear this shame. You’re no Kamakura warrior, you won’t die of shame. True pride lies beyond that. Easy temptation devalues both you and your partner. Do you understand?”


The cries coming from Kawanami’s lecture were those of Isana Higashira, who was on the same call. Like me, she was propped up on the bed with her elbows on the floor and her hips up—she was planking.

“Endure. Endure! A man’s muscles won’t grow unless he works out, but a woman’s breasts and ass grow by themselves to some extent. Don’t be swayed by such easy weapons! Steel is your body and fire is your blood, strike back at their shallow attacks!”


I heard Isana fall onto the bed with a thump.

A few seconds later, I too reached the limit of my abdominal muscles and sank face first into the bedsheet.

While Isana and I were panting, Kawanami said calmly,

“One minute, huh? Well, I guess that’s better than the first time.”

As to why we were doing muscle training while talking on the phone, naturally, it was Kawanami’s idea.

According to him, my body is too small to hit on a girl.

Well, I didn’t have the muscle mass to argue with him, but truth be told, I hated to sweat. When I expressed my reluctance, Kawanami said,

—You know, Irido, women work hard day and night to keep their beauty by moisturizing and stretching. If that’s the case, why don’t men do the same, or at least build up some muscles?

Kawanami sometimes told the truth. Just as women keep their beauty, men should hone their muscles too. I see. It was sufficiently correct to convince me, a twisted person.


“Huh… Kawanami…haaa… you’ve changed your stance since the beginning?”

“Hmm? What?”

“That’s right! What do you mean by, ‘but a woman’s breasts and ass grow by themselves to some extent.”? Haa…it’s hard work maintaining breasts and ass!”

For all her hard work, Isana really had too little physical strength…

Incidentally, Isana was doing muscle training because her mother, Natora-san, ordered her to do so.

“Ah, don’t be angry. I said “to a certain extent”, you know?”

“N…I can sense your disdain towards girls today. So, did something happen with Minami-san?”

“Huh? There’s nothing. What are you basing that on? Huh?”

“You lost your temper! People who have nothing don’t lose their temper!”

Kawanami, basically a positive person himself, would usually be mentally distracted whenever Minami-san is involved. Judging from the contents of his remarks, he was tempted in some way today, and was teased.

“Anyway, what I’m trying to say is—!! It’s not good to show your ulterior motives so easily! You’ll be seen as shallow, and people will view you badly! And by extension, seducing her will only be a dream! Isn’t that right, Higashira?”

“What? I want Mizuto-kun to look at me in an erotic way, and I do look at him in an erotic way.”

“This kind of person is no good! Do you understand, Irido?”

“Please don’t set me as a bad example!”

Well, no matter what Kawanami’s hate was, I could understand what he was trying to say. Not many girls would be happy with a guy with an ulterior motive.

“Do you get it…? If Irido-san comes on to you, endure with an iron will. Don’t react… This is a man’s battle.”

If she comes onto me, huh…I didn’t think she would be capable of such bravado.

“Sorry, I’m going to the bathroom. In the meantime, why don’t you guys do some push-ups?”

“In the bathroom?”

Kawanami ignores Isana’s stupid joke. He muted the call.

“Haa… shall we do it then…?”

Nn. I heard Isana stretch. That was the moment.

An image suddenly appeared on the phone at my bedside.


—For a moment, I couldn’t understand what was going on.

I realized then that the phone image was Isana in a rough T-shirt that I had seen before, and understood what was happening.

It’s a video call.

Isana had her hands on the bed to do push-ups. The camera showed. The T-shirt she wore for nightwear was loose at the collar and hung downward, exposing two white berries that also hung downward, pulled by gravity—

“Let’s get started then. One—”

They fell.

They dangled.

They fell.

They dangled.



“What’s the meaning of those push-ups?”


Immediately after the shriek, the image went black.

…I see.

Indeed, it is necessary to endure.

Mizuto Irido ◆ A man’s battle


After doing some muscle training, I hung up, and decided to take a bath to wash off the sweat.

I stripped myself and went into the bathroom. I poked at my abs that I had put some effort into working on. They’re harder…or maybe not. I hadn’t started for a long time yet, so there can’t be any visible change.

Having sweated it out, I got into the bathtub to warm myself up. I soaked myself up to my neck in the water and felt the fatigue vanish from my muscles when I sensed someone enter from the changing room. Probably using the basin, I guess.

After about two minutes, I quickly got out of the bathtub and decided to wash my body. I wasn’t the type of person to enjoy long baths. I’d try to take a bath as quickly as possible.


But I just couldn’t do so on this day.

Because just as I was about to pick up the soap—the bathroom door opened with a rattle.


As I turned around, I saw my cohabitant, naked and wrapped in a white bath towel.

It was Yume Irido.

Eh? Ah? Huh? Why? I was confused, covered my crotch with the towel I was holding and said to my stepsister who maintained a calm face despite the abnormal situation.

“Wait…I-I’m in here?”

“I know.”

Rattle, rattle, rattle.

Yume closed the door behind her.

It wasn’t an accidental intrusion. It was a deliberate invasion.

“W-what are you doing?”

“Nothing. I just thought I’d wash your back for a change.”

Yume said with a faint smile on her face.

“Isn’t this kind of thing nice? We’re family after all.”

What crossed my mind was the ‘sibling rule’ that we had set when we first started living together.

The one who did not act like a proper sibling would be the younger sibling. I had gotten so used to living together that I had almost forgotten it existed, was she trying to trick me?

Listen up, Irido… a man loses when he is tempted.

Furthermore, Kawanami’s words came back to me. Never show your ulterior motives. Persevere with an iron will. These words were ingrained in my body along with this unfamiliar muscle training, and circulated throughout my body.

The curves of her chest and waist were visible even from the top of the bath towel. So were the glittering shine of her arms, shoulders, and thighs. I shut them out of my consciousness.

Yeah, don’t give in. Don’t give in to the things that come with being born a woman. I imagined Isana getting angry in my head, and shut her out too. And then,


I said,

“It’s fine to do this once in a while, isn’t it? We’re family.”

I felt a twitch in Yume’s cheeks.

I didn’t react. I definitely can’t react. I’ll never react the way you expect me to.

This is a man’s battle.

Mizuto Irido ◆ I want to see you blush


“How is it?”

“I think I want it a little stronger.”

“Hmm. Okay.”

My back was being washed.

With a towel dipped in body soap, Yume washed my back with her gentle hands.

The mirror before me reflected this surrealistic situation as reality. I was sitting on a chair with a towel between my legs, hunched over. On her knees behind me was Yume in a bath towel, scrubbing my back up and down.

That alone was enough to drive my head crazy, but Yume made the situation worse.

“…Hmm. It’s tougher than I thought, huh? I thought you’d be skinnier.”

No, that’s not possible. I didn’t think I’d see the results of muscle training that quickly.

Logically, I knew that—but I felt ticklish in my heart.

Calma calma. Don’t react. Just respond calmly.

“Really? I think it’s skinny like usual.”

“That’s not the case though? The area around the shoulder blades…”

Ngh!? Don’t touch me directly!

“Your waist is also thicker than a girl’s.”

“Ugh…that hurts.”

“Ah, sorry. I just… wanted to touch you.”

Dammit, don’t change your expression! I’m looking at you in the mirror!



I tried to overcome the crisis with an undaunted smile. Yume finally took the shower tap, and washed the foam off my back.

In the meantime, I quickly said,

“I’ll wash the front myself.”

“Really? You don’t have to be shy.”

Thank goodness she didn’t attack me with anything more than a touch. If this had been a manga or light novel scene where she had used something…other than her own hands, it might have been difficult for me to keep my composure.

I received a towel soaked with body soap from Yume, and having gained some peace, I let my guard down for a moment.

Yume took advantage of my carelessness.

“Then, I’ll wash your head.”


“Doesn’t it feel good? Isn’t it nice to have someone wash your head? Come on, turn around.”

“No, wai—.”

“It. Is. Fine!”

My body was turned around 180 degrees, and Yume appeared before me with the towel wrapped around her.

Yume looked at my face and smiled,

“Okay, close your eyes.”


She sprayed the shower tap on my head.

Once my hair was sufficiently damp, she said,

“Wait a moment, I’ll get the shampoo.”

I opened a slit through my closed eyelids.

Yume leaned forward as though she was passing by my left.


I leaned to the right to avoid her, but I had a full view of her back and butts as she reached for the shampoo. Furthermore, my left leg was trapped under Yume’s belly—in other words, it was wedged between her chest and thighs, so that if Yume lost her balance even slightly, everything would touch.

Don’t react. Don’t react.

I don’t care how thin your hips are or how round your buttocks are even though they’re under the bath towel. I don’t care about the lumps of fat dangling right next to my left leg. Solidify! I got to harden my body and turn into a stone statue to get over this!

“Got it! Got it! Okay, lower your head~.”

Yume put the shampoo in her palms, turned towards me from the front again, had me lower my head, and started lathering the shampoo on my head.

Normally, it would be a relaxing, reassuring experience to have my head washed by someone else, but I couldn’t feel at ease at this point.

At any rate, what I could see through the gap between my downcast eyes and my drooping bangs…

“Is there anywhere that’s itchy~?

Did she realize what she was doing? Was she even aware?

Did she know that if I were to just lift my eyes slightly, I could see her breasts protruding from the bath towel?

…They’re big.

Perhaps my senses were wonky because I was usually with Isana.

But looking at them up close, I could see that they were rather large.

There was quite a cleavage between the two bulges, and even though I was being held down by the bath towel…I could feel them swaying slightly whenever she moved her arms.

And the shape was beautiful. There was no bra support, and those bowls just protruded firmly—no?

No bra support?…Am I sure about that?

I recalled an incident just a while ago. Just like this moment, she teased me while wearing a bath towel, and then I found that I was actually wearing underwear.

How would I know that wasn’t happening?

She’s probably just trying to tease me. If that’s the case, she probably had a punchline prepared, like ‘why are you getting carried away when I’m not naked? Fufu—’ or something like that.

I’ve seen it all.

In that case, there was nothing to be scared of. She might be wearing underwear or a swimsuit, so while Yume’s bosom was right in front of me, there was nothing to be scared of. Not at all.

It was just about acting calm—or not.

I was calm.

“What do you think? How did it feel to be washed by me?”

Yume seemed to be very triumphant, and I lifted my bangs which were dripping with water,

“Yeah, it’s not so bad sometimes. It’s nice that I don’t have to move my arms.”

“…Is that all?”

“That’s all though? …Anyway, why don’t you get warmed up? We’re in the bathroom, but you’ll probably catch a cold if you’re dressed like that without taking a bath.”


I chuckled.

“Just so you know, don’t put cloth in the hot water. It’s unhygienic.”


This includes bath towels, underwear and swimsuits, of course.

“It’s too much trouble to get dressed again, isn’t it? While you’re at it, why don’t you wash yourself, too?”

She couldn’t. She’s definitely wearing underwear or a swimsuit underneath. If she’s not going to reveal that fact, she’d have no choice but to retreat from the bathroom.

I saw Yume’s flinching look, and knew I checkmated her. Looks like I’m the better player. Get in there! Wahahahaha!


I was convinced of my victory, but Yume hesitantly touched the knot on her bath towel.

“It’ll be too troublesome…I’m going in.”


I gave her a dumbfounded look from behind as she stood up, put both feet in the bathtub and lowered her buttocks to the edge.

Wait, ‘I’m going in’, you’re not going to proceed with that, are you?

And then my expectations were out of whack again.

Yume sat on the edge of the bathtub, and with her back to me, she spread out her bath towel to her sides.

I couldn’t see her.

I couldn’t see anything because the spread bath towel blocked my view.

I could only see her ears poking out from her black hair, turning red.

“…Don’t look so much…”

I regained my senses once I heard her faint voice, and hastily looked aside.

Wait…she’s actually completely naked under that bath towel?

We’re both naked now, in a small, closed room?

My brain was numbed by the question that came too late.

By moving herself to the edge of the bathtub, she could hide most of her body from the chest down. She wouldn’t be showing everything though. All I had to do was stand up a little and look into the bathtub from above, and Yume’s clothed body would come into view. When that happens…if that’s the case …

I heard a bath towel fall.

I heard the sound of water soaking a body in the bath.

And then—

Whoosh!  And then a lot of powdery stuff fell.


I looked up, and found Yume neck-deep in hot water.


Yes—up to her neck.

In cloudy white water.

“That feels good…thank goodness mom bought it …”

Bath salts!

That’s the one she left by the window! You threw it in the hot water? Her skin wouldn’t be exposed as long as she’s in hot water—that’s a stronger barrier than a bath towel!

“Huh? What’s wrong, Mizuto?”

Yume put her arms over the edge of the bathtub, rested her chin on it, and gave a mischievous smirk.

“You look…like you were expecting something else, aren’t you?”

…Damn this woman…!

“No…I’ve never used bath salts before. I’m just looking at it for fun.”

“Really? Well then—”

Yume tilted her head and said,

“Do you want to join me?”

…She’s getting carried away…!

“N- no…actually, not really…”

“I see. Too bad. You had your chance.”

Saying this in a matter of fact, Yume slowly sank her shoulders into the white water.

Then, with a plop, she pulled her toes out of the water,

“Ahh, too bad. You had a chance to see me naked with ease…”

Drip, drip, drip.

Yume flapped her feet slowly like a kid playing in a hot spring.

“Well, if you really want to see it…try and do so on your own next time, okay?”

…She had that line prepared.

What do you mean, ‘on your own’? Do you want me to strip you!? You’ve got to be kidding …!

Yume giggled and kicked the hot water around happily.

“Well? Aren’t you still in your adolescent phase? I’m sure you’re very interested in naked girls, right? It’s not that easy to see one though. Well, I’m glad you learned something here.”

Damn it, I thought I had a chance to turn the tables…she planned it right from the start. In this case, the amount of preparation was the difference between victory and defeat.

“Just so you know, I’m not as defenseless as Higashira-san. It’s a special occasion today. I usually wear my underwear.”



Did I…just hear something….?

“But you’re quite the pervert despite your goody-goody face, aren’t you? You usually act like you aren’t interested in girls, but you’re like this when it actually happens—”

Yume chatted away happily, and didn’t notice.

She didn’t notice—but I was certain.

The cloudy white water covering Yume’s body was fading!

“O-oy! The hot water!”


By the time I hastily pointed it out, the upper half of Yume’s chest was already exposed.

She’s really not wearing anything….

“Eh!? W-why…ah, the plug!”

The top of the bulge was about to become visible, and Yume hurriedly covered her chest with one arm while she began to search the bottom of the bathtub with the other hand.

Her hand or foot probably got caught on the chain of the drain plug while she was fooling around, and she tugged it.

The water would stop flowing if she put it back. But,

“I-I can’t find it…where’s the plug?”

Because of the bath salts she had thrown, she couldn’t see where the plug had gone.

Meanwhile, the water level was dropping further. It was only a matter of time before her slender waist and small navel were exposed, and at this rate, it would only be a matter of time before her crotch and buttocks were visible further down.

If I thought about it calmly,

At this point, I probably should have left. If I weren’t looking, there wouldn’t be any problems even if the hot water was gone.

But I too was in a panic.

My head boiled.

I was basically feverish.

“Idiot! Pull back the chain!”

So, without thinking, I lifted my hips.

I reached inside the bathtub and grabbed the plug chain hanging from its inner wall.

I leaned forward.

While forgetting that I was covering my crotch with a towel.


Yume immediately widened her eyes.

At the same time, I noticed that my lower body had cooled.


Then, time stopped.




Jigogogogo. The murky water disappeared down the drain.

Yume’s breasts were covered by her own palms and arms—and the critical region of her waist was shielded by her tightly closed thighs.

However, since I stood up from the chair, my waist was,


Yume didn’t take the initiative to look away, but instead stared at me with her eyes wide, her face red as a boiled lobster.

As for me, who had the blood drained from me, there was only one thing I could do.

I picked up a fallen towel.

I covered my crotch with it.

All I could do was roll onto my back and quickly leave the bathroom.

I left the naked Yume in the empty bathtub, and I closed the bathroom door.

Then, I wiped myself gingerly with a bath towel, and looked up at the ceiling fan for no reason.

—I recalled the sight of Yume.

The gap between her slender fingers that dug into her soft flesh; the gaps between the flesh of her arms that pinned and shielded her chest, and then, the dark space between her thighs that was shut—

I scrutinized, scrutinized, scrutinized those memories.

The result was,

I saw—


…While I was fully seen.

“……Isn’t it usually, the other way around……”

It was then that I learned for the first time how difficult it was to scream like those scenes in manga.


Yume Irido◆ All of humanity are lechers


I left the bathroom, changed into my nightwear, and returned to my room.

I threw myself on the bed, hugged the pillow to my chest, and reminisced.

A scene was burned in my eyes.

When the towel fell off, Mizuto’s—

“I saw it, I saw it, I saw it, I saw it, I saw it, I saw it, I saw it, I saw it, I saw it, I saw it, I saw it…!!”

That’s… that’s Mizuto’s.

He’s got such a cute face, such a goody-goody face, such a cool face, acting cool, but…but~ …!

I remained on the bed, shuffling my feet.

It’s… it’s… it’s amazing. I felt like the whole world has changed. Because, you know, I used to live with my mother. I didn’t have any memories of taking a bath with my father. It was really…really the first time. It was the first time I saw one, Mizuto’s…

“…Ueh. Uhehe.”

Ah, uh oh, I’m getting creepy now. I’m turning into Higashira-san.

I see. So that’s how Mizuto’s looks, huh. Eh~? Is that really okay for me? Will I be able to do it properly when the time comes? E-eh? Speaking of which, we were so close to doing that back when we were dating…wait, he was going to do that to me back in middle school? That’s scary! Super scary!


I let out a hot sigh, and reflected on my rising tension.

Akatsuki-san is really perverted, and the less could be said about Higashira-san, the better…but I’m apparently more perverted than I thought.

Yeah. It’s not just boys who are perverts. Girls are perverts too. They sometimes have erotic fantasies and get excited when they see erotic things.

All human beings are erotic.

Asuhain-san and the others may not understand this.

“(…Mizuto’s a pervert. A lecher.) “

I put my mouth to the pillow, mumbled, and grinned to myself.

Pervert, lecher, I’m the same too.

No matter how calm you try to be from now on, you can’t bluff me anymore, okay?


Yume Irido ◆ Just because you’re born a year earlier, it doesn’t make you greater.


“Thank you very much, Senpai!”

The next day. I reported my victory to Asou-senpai, smiling.

“Oh, it went well! Congratulations, Yumechi!”

“Yes, thanks to Senpai!”

We were alone in the student council room. Asou-senpai crossed her arms and nodded her head in agreement,

“It’s a natural result of my teaching! By the way, how did you do it? I’m sure you didn’t attack as much as I did, but one good point I have is to learn from those below me! I’d like to know more about it if it’s possible!”

“Erm, you see…”

Ehehe, I smiled bashfully, and since I took Senpai’s advice to heart, I decided to report honestly out of respect.

“Actually…I attacked in the bath—”


“Of course I had a bath towel wrapped around me. He acted calm, but when I attacked him as you taught me, he started to show more openings. I got carried away because he was acting so cute, and made a few mistakes, but in the end, it turned out alright.”

I couldn’t stop talking, and prattled off all at once. It was the first time in my life that something went so well! Most of the time, it would end up with me losing house money!

“……Heh, is that so? You entered the bath.”


“Sen-Senpai…? Aren’t you rambling a lot now…?”

“Not at all.”

“Yes, you are! You’re acting like Pepper-kun!”

Did I talk too much? Why are you talking so fast like an otaku? Anyway, why are your eyes so dead, Senpai?

As I fidgeted, Asou-senpai muttered in a somewhat dark voice.

“…By the way…”


“Yumechi…do you actually have any experience with love?”

“Uh… sorry for not telling you.”

It was necessary for romantic advice. So I told her honestly.

“When I was in middle school, my boyfriend—”

“That’s impure!”


Asou-senpai suddenly screamed and ran out of the student council room.

“Young people these days are so impure…~~~~~~~~”

Her voice faded into the distance.

I, who was left behind, could only be stunned.

Was it so strange? I had a boyfriend back in middle school…Akatsuki-san too had a boyfriend back in middle school, I wouldn’t think we’re impure in any way…

Not long after that, President Kurenai entered the student council room, looked in the direction Asou-senpai had run off in, and said to me.

“What happened? Why did Aisa run off crying?”

“No, it’s just…I discussed something with her.”

“…Huh. Is it love advice or something?”

It’s rare for President Kurenai to not be accompanied Haba-senpai, and she shrugged her small shoulders in dismay,

“She really hates the fact that she grew too tall. She’s been stuck with President—Hoshibe-senpai for a whole year, and yet she hasn’t done anything significant.”

“Eh?…A whole year?”

“That’s right, we’ve been acquainted since Aisa joined the student council. I tried to get her to do something when Hoshibe-senpai retired, but she didn’t take it well, so I’m giving her a kick up the ass to do something before he graduates.”

“…By the way, did Asou-senpai have a boyfriend before?”

“Not at all, I guess. She was only interested in her own hobbies like anime and video games until this point.”

…Wait a minute…

Is my love advisor that much of a novice?

“Goodness, she shouldn’t just run away just because her junior is a little ahead of you. I’m sorry I’m such an immature Senpai. By the way, what did you say to Aisa?”

“I told her of my boyfriend back in middle school—”

“You’re impure.”


There are so many novices at romance in this student council! Save me, Akatsuki-san!

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