Yume Irido ◆ The Darkness and Admiration of a Serious Girl


“Hmm… ‘Family’ huh?”

Asuhain-san said with a sullen look while I struggled to come up with an idea.

“What would you do if someone forever alone gets this?”

“Ehh? We have to think that far? …Hmm, I can’t say the chances of that are completely zero though…”

“Speaking of which, what about borrowing people? Aren’t you treating them like property?”

“Well, then again, a scavenger hunt wouldn’t be much fun without such themes.”

“It’s difficult…”

Two high school first years were In the student council room after school, groaning about the scavenger hunt for the sports festival.

Our school’s scavenger hunt was a bit unique in that we could choose to ‘change’ as an option. If the player found a subject difficult, there was an option to run to a different box containing the themes and draw them out. The first one would always be the most difficult, and each change thereafter would be increasingly easier and more difficult than the others. It was a strangely elaborate rule.

It’ll take a longer time to get an easier task, but it is harder to complete the first task.

Perfectly balanced the game might be, it was difficult for the preparers, i.e. us, because we had to prepare various themes for each difficulty level.

And even at this moment, we had stumbled on the first problem of the most difficult level.

“We can set it to be as difficult as possible, but it’s not fair unless it’s possible to clear it, right?”

“Then, can’t we have the classic ‘the person you like’? It doesn’t have to be romantic, you can bring a friend…”

“What if the person doesn’t have any friends?”

“Well, since we can change, I guess we don’t have to worry about it …”

However, if I had drawn it as a middle school student, I might have felt sad. I didn’t have anyone I liked, nor did I have any friends in my first year there…

“It can be something rare, right? Like someone who has ‘First Grade in Kanken’’?”

“Ah, I guess that qualification is possible. But it might be personal even though it’s exciting …”

“…Irido-san, do you really want to include a romance-related topic?”

Asuhain-san looked at me with her eyes narrowed at me.

I couldn’t help but smile back amicably,

“I-it’s not that I don’t want to, but…I guess it’s a popular choice.”

“…I don’t understand.”

Asuhain-san muttered with a sulk.

“Is it so interesting to like or dislike someone, to have a boyfriend or a girlfriend?”

“…Hmm, well, I guess it depends on the person…”

Asuhain-san was teased about her name in the past, so she seemed to be rather inapt at romance. I could empathize with such people, and I might have been one too if I hadn’t met Mizuto.

“So, Asuhain-san, what do you find interesting?”

“Eh?…I guess…”

Asuhain-san placed a finger gently on her shapely lips and thought.

“…I guess the funniest thing for me is when I see larger boys ranked lower than me beneath me on the report card.”

“I-I see …”

My expression twitched when Asuhain-san gave a faint, dark smirk. Isn’t this girl kind of dark?

“You’d better prepare yourself while you still can. I’ve already begun to prepare for the midterms.”

“Eh? Already? That’s too soon…”

Midterm exams are scheduled for the end of October, after the sports festival.

While I was aware of it, I had devoted all my efforts on student council work, to the point when I hadn’t studied.

…And this time, there’s a more important event after the tests…

While we were talking, the door of the student council room opened.

“I’m back. How’s it going?”

“Ah, good work, President.”

“Oh, good work!”

President Kurenai entered. Following her was Haba-senpai.

Haba-senpai silently retreated to his seat and opened his computer, and in the meantime, President peeked at the notes we had written,

“Looks like you’re having a hard time.”

“Yes…we’ve been trying to make it difficult but fair.”

“I see. Fair themes…”

Hmm, President put her hand beneath her chin lightly,

“Joe, do you have any good ideas?”

Haba-senpai removed his hands from the keyboard once he was called upon.

“…The judges will decide whether the borrowed item will be accepted or not. I think it’s fine to make the theme ambiguous.”

“Hmm. If the problem is open to interpretation, I guess it is less likely to be impossible to clear. Instead, there is a risk of being rejected by the judges, which would be good for the difficulty level. For example, ‘you look like____’.”

“Of course, the person will have to be careful not to badmouth.”

Oh, I see…so there’s such a difficulty level too. It might draw out the personalities of the players and make the race more exciting.

“Then… okay, I’ll give you an idea.”

Saying that, Kurenai-senpai wrote something quickly with a pen on a piece of paper, folded it neatly, and put it in the box that was prepared.

“What did you write?”

“That’s for the person who drew it out.”

The President winked. She always says cool things, looks cute, and is really cunning.

“Ah goodness…!”

Asuhain-san’s face turned red as she clutched her chest. She’s staunchly anti-love, but it seemed she had a crush.

President Kurenai sat in the President’s seat,

“Why don’t you two go over to Aisa’s side of the room and leave the themes for now. She has a meeting with the cheerleading squad. I don’t know if she can handle it alone.”

Saying that, President glanced at Haba-senpai.

Oh? Just as I thought so, the President gave me another look. For a moment, I got a feeling she was appealing to me, and I realized her intent.

She wanted to be alone with Haba-senpai.

“What? But if we stop right when we’re working—”


I’ve got no choice. So I thought as I stood up.

“We don’t need to be here to think of themes. There’s still time, let’s go help Asou-senpai for now.”

“…Yes, of course.”

Asuhain-san stood up hesitantly, and I led her out of the student council room. All the while, she was looking back at the face of President Kurenai, not at the themes of the scavenger hunt we were coming up with.

I went out into the hallway and closed the door, and said to Asuhain-san.

“…Did you want to spend more time with the President?”


Asuhain-san’s little shoulders shriveled up, and then she turned away, her lips pursed.

“O-Of course not. I’m not a kid…”

At this point, I thought back to the exchange between President Kurenai and Haba-senpai in an empty classroom during the school festival.

What would the President do in this student council room from now on—Asuhain-san would faint if she found out.

And with this thought in mind, I felt that Asuhain-san’s innocent longing was inexplicably fragile and adorable, and I naturally reached for her head.

“Alright alright.”

“Are you mocking me!?”

She was furious.

But I could somewhat understand why Asou-senpai loved to dote on her.


Yume Irido ◆ The friendship borne out of big tits


As instructed by the President, we went to the meeting place with the cheerleading squad to make plans for the sports festival. I encountered an unexpected person over there.


“Whoa!? Akatsuki-san!

The moment I entered the meeting room, a small body flew towards me. I blinked at the familiar face.

“Why are you here…?”

“Nnn? Because I’m on the cheerleading squad, you know? …Huh~, it’s Yume-chan’s smell. Snuggle snuggle.”

“That’s disgusting!”

Akatsuki-san buried her nose onto my neck, and I forcibly pulled her away.

“Ahh! More~!” Akatsuki-san cried, and it’s just a normal joke between us.

She puffed out her cheeks deliberately,

“Come on, a little bit is fine! It’s been a long time since we met after school!”

“Is that why you joined the cheerleading squad…?”

“Whoa. Don’t fall in love with me~, my love runs deep!”

“Don’t worry. I’m just a little turned off. ”

“You’re cruel!”

Ever since I joined the student council, Akatsuki-san and I had increasingly little time together after school. The other members of our group—Nasuka-san and Maki-san, were also involved in club activities, so I was more than a little distressed that Akatsuki-san had nothing to do…I didn’t expect her to come after me though. I underestimated Akatsuki-san.

Well, I guess we’re just joking around, and she just happened to accept the invitation because she was bored. It seemed she had been volunteering at the sports clubs for a while.


Asuhain-san, who was behind me, tugged at the hem of my uniform.

“Is this a friend of yours?”

“Ah, sorry Asuhain-san. This is my classmate Akatsuki Minami. She’s a little intense with skinship, but she’s not a bad kid.”

The manner in which Asuhain-san hid half her body behind me reminded me of Higashira-san.

Speaking of which, Higashira-san too hid behind Mizuto’s back when she first met Akatsuki-san…

I didn’t think Asuhain-san would be the type to be terrified of strangers, but maybe she instinctively realized something that caused her to be.


Akatsuki-san noticed an unfamiliar face. She stared at Asuhain-san’s face that was surprisingly at the same height,

“Is this the girl from the student council you were talking about before?”

“Yes. She’s a first year like us, Asuhain R—.”

“I’m Asuhain.”

Asuhain-san interrupted her introduction and spoke up…speaking of which, she seemed to hate her full name..

Despite the bluntness of her introduction, Akatsuki-san showed a friendly smile as expected and approached Asuhain-san.

“Nice to meet you! We’re about the same height! Now I feel at ease here! We’re chibi friends, chibi…?”

Akatsuki-san’s eyes were drawn downward from Asuhain-san’s face like a magnet.

She saw a large, raised uniform.

There was a blouse and a blazer, along with a mountain range that was still clearly visible even with the double barrier, and a tie that flowed like a river along the valley.

Uh, oh.

By the time I realized my mistake, the light had already disappeared from Akatsuki-san’s eyes.

“…… What the hell is this ……!”

Akatsuki-san let out a vindictive cry that seemed to rise from the abyss as her hands grabbed Asuhain-san’s Tawawas.

“…Hiee? Fueeh?”

Asuhain-san remained oblivious of what was happening as Akatsuki-san began to knead the two lumps of meat together like rice cakes.

“It’s real…! It’s the real deal…! How can someone of this height…! How could God create such a person…?”

“Wait…hey, you! What are you doing all of a sudden!?”

“This is unfair! God is unfair—~~!”

“Hyaa, nnn…! ”

“Stoppu stoppu, Akatsuki-san, stoppu stoppu stoppu.”

I tried to coax the rampaging horse as I put Akatsuki-san in a nelson hold from Asuhain-san, who was flushed red as she held her chest,

“Wha-wha-what was that about!? Wh-why are you pinching at my chest when we’ve just met?”

“I was just checking for myself how inadequate the world is! I didn’t realize how great God’s mistake was!”

“Erm, the translation is, she envies you because you got a better body even though you two are of the same height.”

Asuhain-san pursed her lips and looked down at her breasts, which she covered with both hands.

“…It’s not a good thing though. My shoulders get stiff, it hurts when I run, it’s hard to see my feet, boys stare at me…to be honest, I’d rather envy someone like you instead.”

“Heh~. Shall I kill you?”

Akatsuki-san said with a smile. I tried to translate it, but it wouldn’t make sense either way no matter how I tried.

“—Pfhaha! Aahaha!”

While I was thinking about how to resolve this crisis, Master—Asou-senpai was laughing while cupping her belly.

“Yumechi, that girl is so funny! She’s so straightforward in her desire to kill big tits!”

“So-sorry, Senpai…I caused too much noise before the meeting…”

“It’s fine, it’s fine. We have a little time before the meeting. Besides, I rubbed them too when we first met.”

At this point, Asuhain-san gave Asou-senpai a wary look as she took a step back. There are too many people around me who rub other people’s breasts when they first meet someone.

Asou-senpai looked at Akatsuki-san, who I maintained in a nelson hold, and their eyes met,

“I’m Aisa Asou, vice president of the student council!”

“I’m Akatsuki Minami! It’s nice to meet you.”

Akatsuki-san’s eyes slid downward again.

The height difference between Asou-senpai and Akatsuki-san is about 20cm. As a result, Asou-senpai’s chest, though not as large as Asuhain-san’s, is emphasized. Uh oh, Akatsuki-san’s primate murder self is back!

Akatsuki-san squinted at Asou-senpai’s bulge for a few seconds,

“—Nice to meet you, Senpai!”

She repeated herself as if nothing had happened.

She was smiling without showing any hostility.

This time, Asou-senpai’s smile froze.

“…Huh huh, Minami-san, why aren’t you jealous of my tits?”

“Eh? Is it okay to say?”

Akatsuki-san tilted her head in confusion. What were they talking about? I tried to look at Asuhain-san, but she too sighed with exasperation. What? Am I the only one who doesn’t get it?

“…A little meeting.”

Asou-senpai half-heartedly pulled Akatsuki-san from my hand, and they started to talk discreetly in the corridor outside.

It was done in about ten seconds or so, and they returned, shoulder to shoulder.

“Yumechi, you’re such a good talker!”

“Yume-chan, you’ve got a good senpai!”

Wahaha, both of them burst out laughing in unison.

My friend and Senpai became friends, which should be a good thing, but for some reason, I couldn’t help but assume that something eerie was going on.


Yume Irido ◆ To protect the dignity of the student council president


“Huh? Nobody’s here.”

I returned to the student council room with Asuhain-san and Asou-senpai after the meeting with the cheerleading squad, but there was no one inside.

Asuhain-san looked around the room with a slightly confused look,

“That’s strange…I thought the President and Haba-senpai were here…”

“Maybe they had to do something?”

I went over to the conference table.

The laptop on Haba-senpai’s desk was still open. I looked at it, and found the cursor blinking at an Excel cell. I wondered where he had gone to while his file was incomplete.

“Oh! Are you thinking about the themes for the scavenger hunt?”

Asou-senpai saw the box on the table, saying so,

“Looks like you’re having a hard time. You can look to the previous years for examples if you want. I think you can use some of them.”

“Are there any?”

“I think so. It’s in the reference room next door—.”

“I’ll look around.”

I went to the reference room where Hoshibe-senpai often napped at.

I put my hand on the other door, the one that didn’t lead to the corridor,

“—…Let me… go. Every…back…soon …”

—…It’s fine…as long as…they don’t find out.”

Hmm? I thought I heard someone talking…oh well.

I opened the door.

In the dimly lit reference room, President Kurenai had shoved Haba-senpai down.


They both turn around.


Time paused for a moment.

While time stood still, I realized that President Kurenai’s blouse was unbuttoned, revealing her sexy black bra, while Haba-senpai’s shirt was mostly buttoned up tightly. It was then that I understood the situation.

With this understanding, I slowly closed the door.


Haba-senpai’s eyes seemed to be pleading for help, and then they were blotted out by the door.

…President Kurenai, you really are bold.

And Haba-senpai, who had been resisting that audacity for a year, really was impregnable.

Should I learn this boldness not only from Asou-senpai but also from President Kurenai? No, but, even then, they had been bamboozled for a year now…the boys of the student council really were well defended.

For the time being, I’d leave them alone as a sign of solidarity for President Kurenai. I quietly retreated from the door to the reference room. Well, there’s no real need to enter the reference room, and they could have a little skirmish of their own—


Thud ! I heard something fall.

I looked at the mug next to Haba-senpai’s laptop and saw that it had been knocked over.

And beside it was Asuhain-san, her white blouse stained with black liquid.

“S-sorry! I didn’t think there was anything left inside…!”

“Ranran, are you okay? Is it hot?”

“Yes…It’s already cooled.”

“I see. Thank goodness—”

Asou-senpai heaved a sigh of relief. I guess she toppled over Haba-senpai’s leftover drink. Given Asuhain-san’s big breasts, I suppose there were many times where she would misjudge the distance, like she would hit the door or something..

In the next moment, I was transformed from a bystander to a concerned party.

“Ah, you should take it off and wash it. Ranran, do you have a change of clothes?”

“I’ve got PE, so I’ll just…go next door to change.”

“Go ahead—.”

Asuhain-san picked up the bag of gym clothes. She would go to the next door.

Next door…next door?

The reference room!?

“Wait! Stop! ”


I hurriedly stood before the reference room, and Asuhain-san stopped in surprise.

“What are you doing? Please move aside, Irido-san.”

“N-not in the reference room.”

“Yes? Why not?”

“Erm…y-you see, it’s dusty, right? Yeah! It’s too dusty and dirty! You might get your hair and body dirty!”

“Isn’t that always the case…”

Asuhain-san glared at me sternly. Ahh seriously, what am I supposed to do~….

“What’s the matter, Yumechi?”

…Ah, yeah! Asou-senpai!


“Eh, what? Your eye….Hmm? Laptop? And, reference room—.”

It seemed my desperate attempt of eyepower worked. “Ah.” Asou-senpai opened her mouth lightly, and her face became more restless. That’s my master! Good observation!

“Ah…Ranran, Yumechi is right. It’s not hygienic to change clothes in the reference room!”

“Huh? Is that so?”

“Yes, yes! Fortunately, there are only girls here, so just change here! Right!”

Asuhain-san seemed to be persuaded by this two-on-one situation. “Okay…” and confused as she was, she answered so and touched the button on her blazer.

While Asuhain-san’s attention was on her own clothes, Asou-senpai came close to me.

“(…How’s it going inside…?)”

“(…President was right in the middle of her assault…)”

“(Woah. Go do it at your own place, you genius sex demoness…)”

Indeed. It’s troubling when she’s too decisive and resolute.

“(She might be hiding well, but I can’t have her changing while Joe-kun is around…)”

“(Yes. We have to keep Asuhain-san’s mind off the reference room…)”

If she actually witnessed that, she’d froth and collapse.

“Alright! Leave it to Master!”

Asou-senpai gave a reliable thumbs-up and bounced towards Asuhain-san who was unbuttoning her blouse.

“Ranran, you’re wearing a pretty bra for someone who doesn’t usually wear makeup~”

“…My mother bought this for me. It’s a waste to not wear it.”

“Ah, you’re not trying to seduce me, are you? Sorry! I’m only as interested in girls as anyone else!”

“Are you listening to me!? I mean, you are interested, aren’t you!? ”

Good good. As long as Asou-senpai continued to tease Asuhain-san, the latter would forget about the reference room and would try to finish changing quickly. Then, when Asuhain-san goes outside to wash her dirty blouse, we could get President out of the reference room—


The door opened.

Not the reference room, but the one leading to the corridor.

“Yo, how are you guys doing—!”

Hoshibe-senpai’s voice!


At the same time as Asuhain-san shouted in surprise, Asou-senpai immediately darted to the door.

And then, in a cat-calling voice that showed her ferocity, she said,

“Sen! Pai! I’ve been waiting ♪.”

“Ah? Asou, what do you want?”

“Why can’t I see you if you don’t have anything to do? You’re not busy anyway, Senpai, let’s go on a school date with Aisa! A school date!”

“Huh~? What about your work?”

“That’s. Enough~!”


The door was slammed shut.

Hoshibe-senpai’s complaining voice and Asou-senpai’s mocking cat-calling voice faded away.

As expected of Master, she was able to do that in the heat of the moment…but couldn’t she have told Hoshibe-senpai that Asuhain-san was changing clothes?

“…They’re a restless lot…”

A half-naked Asuhain-san muttered.

For real.

…By the way, the bra with fine embroidery supporting Asuhain-san’s large fruits was really cute.


Mizuto Irido ◆ Let’s attend the sports festival and stay out of the way


“Athletes’ Pledge! We, the athletes…”

It was mid-October, and the temperature became comfortable. Our school’s sports festival finally began under a pleasant autumn sky. This sports festival is where all students work out a sweat together and strengthen their bonds. It is said to be a coming-of-age event that fosters fair sportsmanship and teamwork.

—Or so it seemed, and after the opening ceremony, I walked to a corner of the tennis court next to the schoolyard.

“Ah, Mizuto-kun is here~!”

“Hey, Irido!”

A bench was placed up near the high netting. Isana Higashira and Kawanami Kogure were sitting there, looking completely chill. I approached them,

“You guys are fast. It took me quite a while to get through the crowd.”

“I could afford to pretend to go to the bathroom.”

“I could afford to be nonexistent.”

Isana patted the space between her and Kawanami, and I sat down in the middle. It’s not a comfortable seat, but it’s many times more comfortable than sitting on the ground.

“The first event, the 100m runners…”

I can hear the announcement of the broadcasting club in the distance. At this point, my classmates were probably scurrying about in their chairs in the schoolyard, but the noise wouldn’t reach me here. It’s as if we’re in another world.

“This place is good, right? We won’t be wearing our coats during the festival, the teachers won’t see us, so it’s a good hiding place.”

“I’ll compliment you just for today, frivolous guy. You’ve done well by providing me a place next to Mizuto-kun?”

“Shut up, I didn’t ask you to come here! I only told you because Irido looked like he’d be suffering at the sports festival!”

“Yes, yes, tsundere tsundere.”


I took out a paperback book with a black cover from my jersey pocket while overhearing their dispute, which I felt I was getting used to.

“What are you going to compete in, Mizuto-kun?”

Isana appeared to be taunting Kawanami as she nudged closer to me and touched my shoulder. I turned the page,

“The ball game.”



“I’m only playing tug-of-war!”

“Why do you look so happy, you Puyo Puyo?”

Kawanami said dumbfoundedly.

“How do you hold a rope with your Puyo Puyo-like arms? Why don’t you get rid of those four lumps of fat before you get overconfident?”

“It can’t be helped! I don’t have a choice here!”

“Huh? Why?”

“You don’t understand at all…Mizuto-kun does, right?”

Chuckling, Isana leaned in even closer. She lifted her jersey so high that her breasts almost touched my elbow, and I had no choice but to avoid her a little.

“(Because you know, don’t you? Mizuto-kun, you’re the only one who knows of some things bouncier than my arms, right~?)”

“Hey, I heard you! Don’t you dare tempt Irido before he’s ready!”

Kawanami, thank goodness you’re here to help me with the tsukkomi.

Well, actually, my guess was that she didn’t want to run and jump because she would ache due to her bouncing breasts—which was an important issue for girls.

“What were you going to do, frivolous guy? I’ll take care of Mizuto-kun, so you can go without hesitation. ”

“I’ve decided to skip the events today to keep an eye on you…!”

“Don’t do that because Minami-san will catch you anyway. She’ll find us as well.”

“That’s right. You can be frivolous all you want, but you can’t skip out.”

“Coming from you of all people!”

I guess this year’s sports festival will end peacefully. Now, if only the two people on either side of me would be a little quieter.


Yume Irido ◆ Improved Understanding


“Yo, Yume-chan, do you have time now?”

While the morning program continued on, Akatsuki-san came to me while I was busy at the management tent.

Akatsuki-san, my good friend, has taken on the role of liaison between the cheerleading squad and the student council.

“Ah, sure. I’m fine. What is it?”

“Actually, there’s a girl who forgot to bring her school uniform… I wonder if there’s a spare somewhere?”

“Ah, no worries. We’ve got extras just in case that happens. Erm, It’s probably in the cardboard box in the uniform room.”

“Thank you~!”

Once I resolved her question, I asked her instead..

“How’s the class going?”

“Hmm? Normal, I guess. Those who are excited are excited, those who aren’t just aren’t. That’s what sports festivals are all about, right?”

“I guess…”

I wouldn’t be part of the excited group if I wasn’t on the student council.

“Then, Mizuto too?”

“About that, I don’t think he’s around. Same as Kawanami too! I went to check on Higashira-san, but she wasn’t there either! They’re probably skipping out somewhere, those three.”

Mizuto, Kawanami-kun, and Higashira-san…? Kawanami-kun and Higashira-san used to be on such bad terms, but I don’t understand.


I thought for a moment,

“Well, that’s fine, isn’t it? It’s better than being bored with nothing to do.”

It’s pointless to rope in people who aren’t interested in this. Mizuto and the others probably.

Hmm, Akatsuki-san tilted her head with a troubled look,

“If the student council says so, shall I escape too—.”

“Don’t do that!”

“Aha! If they don’t show up for their events, just let me know! I’ll find them right away!”

Akatsuki-san really would be able to find them immediately. She already participated in one event, but she didn’t look tired at all. Her performance during the steeplechase was like Minamoto no Yoshitsune…

“Irido-san, come here—ah!”

Asuhain-san came running over, and stopped the moment she saw Akatsuki-san’s face.

Akatsuki-san in turn didn’t look at Asuhain-san’s face, but rather, at the chest beneath the taut jersey,

“…What? You’re wearing a sporty bra today.”

“H-How do you know!?”

“Well, it’s a sports festival, so of course…”

Asuhain-san retorted as she backed away with a red face, and I landed a gentle chop on Akatsuki-san


Mizuto Irido ◆ The female friend who won’t stop growing


“Well then, I’m off…”

Kawanami left dully when it was his turn, and Isana and I were left alone in the corner of the tennis court.

I continued to read my book, while Isana played some game on her phone, occasionally speaking as if she remembered.

“Mizuto-kun, Mizuto-kun.”

“What is it?”

“Recently, games sometimes reduce the level of exposure girls show to get through the censors.”


“Then, they make them wear stockings. What do you think?”

“…No, wait, what do you expect me to comment?”

“Like, isn’t that erotic? Doesn’t it have the opposite effect?”

“You want me to agree? I’m telling you, I don’t agree.”

“Eh!? Do you think that bare legs are more erotic? Are you actually secretly excited to see me take off my socks?”

“Don’t make things complicated now …there’s only one person I like who wears stockings or tights or the like. That’s why I can’t really say that I’ll sexualize them.”

“Eh? Ah…come to think of it, Yume-san was wearing tights when we met.”

“She’s not comfortable with showing her bare legs. Seems like she took them off in the summer though.”

“And then I think she brought them back recently! I haven’t met her in a while…uehehe.”

“Don’t bring out your inner pervy dad mode, it’s disgusting.”

“It’s fine to look at Yume-san’s legs sexually though. Isn’t that what it means to like someone?”

“No, it’s not.”

“Haven’t you ever looked at Yume-san in an erotic way?”

“…Let’s keep it as a separate manner.”

“Quite a complicated man’s heart isn’t it? I’m comfortably chaotic.”

“Look, I’m not as sure of my instincts as you.”

“So you can honestly look at me in an erotic way if I wear stockings, right?”

“We’re done if I end up looking at you that way.”

“Hmm…I think it’s healthier to be open about it, but I—”

“I mean, is there a difference between tights and stockings?”

“There is a difference. Denier.”


“It’s the thickness of the yarn, roughly speaking. The thicker ones are tights.”

“Fmmm…so you mean tights are richer in color?”

“Which do you like better? I prefer stockings!”

“…If I had to choose, I’d say tights.”

“Heh? Heeeeeeehhh~?”

“Stop smirking. I don’t mean anything.”

“I didn’t say anything though~.”

And we continued with our little chatter that blended with the hustle and bustle of the sports festival.

Meanwhile, it seemed one competition was over, and an announcement was made to call the competitors.

“The students who will participate in the girls’ tug-of-war are…”

The moment I heard this, I poked my elbow gently at Isana’s arm.

“Oy. I thought you said you were going to participate in the tug-of-war.”

“Eh? Ah…That’s right!”

As expected, she forgot. That was close.

“Huh… It’s such a hassle. Well, I guess I’ll just get it over with.”

Then, Isana stretched out her chest, and stretched out her rounded back…


I heard such a sound.

Isana froze while she was still stretched.

“…Oy, what’s wrong? I heard something strange.”

“No…erm… well…”

Isana slowly put her hand on the middle of her chest with a somewhat anxious expression, and her face slowly turning pale.

“…It’s broken…”

“What? What?”

“…The bra, hook…”


Hook…? Hook, as in, that? The thing that straps on?

“…Is it broken, now?”

“Just now…when I stretched my chest, the front…”

She’s holding her breasts with her hands, pinning back the cups that were about to fall out.

“Were you wearing a normal one? I don’t really know about this, but don’t you have one for exercise? You know…”

“I-I just wore my regular one out of habit, and it’s too troublesome to find a sports bra, so I just decided to wear this one! I thought it would be okay if we just played tug of war…”

What a lazy fellow, and also an unfortunate fellow. I didn’t expect it to break at this time.

Isana arched her back and shut her eyes in frustration,

“Arrghh…! I’ve been fine lately, I got careless …!”

“I didn’t know it could break in the first place…”

“It used to happen all the time when I was in middle school. The sizes changed very quickly…”

Ahhh~…I see…

Eh? Does that mean…your size changed? Again!?

“I was fine after I entered high school… It’s your fault, Mizuto-kun!”

“Huh? Why?”

“I think you stimulated my female hormones too much Mizuto-kun! You rubbed them the other day!”

“I didn’t rub them, but… wait a minute, did…they’ve really changed size?”


Isana fell silent as she looked down at her chest that she pinned with both hands.

“…I thought it was a little tight, somehow…”

“I, see… Well, yeah, we’re still in our first year of high school, so it could happen…”


Isana says, looking up at me with a look of appeal.

“Mizuto-kun…you made me ecchi, you know?”


Ecchi .H. Ecchi. ABCDEFGH.

“…Pronounce it correctly.”

“Heh. It’s a double innuendo.”

With a sly grin, Isana rubbed herself to make sure her breasts were secure.

“Well, if I wear one of those adjustable ones, I should be able to fit into a G cup… but I think it’s better to tell mom to buy me new ones.”

“…Don’t ask me.”

“What do you think would be nice?”

“I said don’t ask me.”

She’s just having fun with me. She’s really confident about that one.

I looked away.

“Anyway, do something about it, anyway. You’re going to be late for attendance otherwise .”

“Hmm, I have no choice then…I don’t have time to fix it, so I’ll just—alrighty.”

I thought Isana was squirming under her jersey, but she had stuck her hand into her collar and pulled out a light pink bra.


“Can you hold this for me?”

And then she dropped it onto my lap. I look down at it, dumbfounded by the warmth of human skin.

“No, no, wait, that’s…!”

“I’m telling you it’s embarrassing for me too!”

Isana’s cheeks turned a little red as she stared at me.

“But it’s really much better than it dropping in the middle of a tug-of-war…! I’ll be right back! Please hide it in your jersey! Please!”

Saying that, Isana stood up.

It’s hard to believe since her jersey top didn’t show her body lines, but she wasn’t wearing underwear. If it was a tug-of-war that didn’t require running or jumping, nobody would notice that she was braless. But to my eyes that had known the truth…

“…I’m off.”

I couldn’t say anything more to Isana who said this with determination.

The only thing I could do was to watch her back, and then down at the bra she left on my lap that was bigger than the palm of my hand and as warm as lukewarm water. I felt utterly guilty, and could only tuck it under my jersey.


Mizuto Irido ◆ One can only deal with a little devil while in the right frame of mind


“Now, the tug-of-war is about to begin! Don’t look away from this dishonorable battle between women!!”

I stared at the middle of the schoolyard, listening to a rather high-spirited announcement.

There were three ropes taped in the middle, placed on the ground, and Isana grabbed the second rope with both hands. She was standing in the middle since they were lined up in order of height, a little behind the middle, and fortunately, it wasn’t a conspicuous position.

I watched my best friend while my mind thought of the bra that I kept warm in my pocket like Oda Nobunaga’s sandals.

The gun sounded and the rope tightened. They went back and forth, tussling. They seemed evenly matched.

Isana was pulling the rope with all her might, and her face reddened. She seemed a little bashful, but that wasn’t the problem.

She seemed fine. No one would notice that she wasn’t wearing a bra now. Even I, the only one who knew the truth, couldn’t tell the difference.

After a dozen seconds of repeated pushing and pulling, the rope was pulled heavily toward the other side, Isana lost her balance and was dragged forward.


Isana fell forward with a thud. While that could have been said of the whole team, I was the only one who knew exactly what happened, and how bad the situation was.

She was a little scraped up.

Her chest was crushed onto the ground.

…Are you okay?

Her not wearing a bra would mean that she had nothing to support her, and they would bounce, and that she had one fewer piece of armor to protect her breasts—

Woah! While her teammates shrieked in grief, Isana silently held up her breasts from the top of her jersey.

She looked a little teary-eyed.

I felt sorry for her, but it was her fault for not being prepared for this…

Well, I should console her soon, and I should return this ASAP. That was my thought process, and I was about to head for the competitors,

“Huh? Mizuto?”

I heard a familiar voice.

For a moment, my thoughts went blank, and then I broke out into a cold sweat.

“I didn’t know you were here. What are you doing?”

She walks up to me, not knowing the crisis I was in.

It’s her—Yume Irido.

She didn’t know I was carrying Isana’s bra under my jersey as she scampered towards me.

The jersey-clad Yume was wearing an armband on her left arm, signifying her status as a member of the sports festival management committee. She wouldn’t stay with the class since she’s part of them, and would be patrolling around. I let my guard down…!


I couldn’t just run away. I let out a vague moan as a reply or sorts.

Yume tilted her head lightly and stopped within touching distance of me. I wanted to take two, three steps back, but I mustered the courage to hold my ground.

“I heard you’re not with the class. Where are you slacking off?”

“Wh-who knows? It’s not like I need to report to the regime or anything.”


Fufu, Yume giggled. This is not the time to be chatting peacefully! If you’re busy, go somewhere else!

“Well then, Resistance-san, if you’re not interested in the sports festival, what are you doing here?”

“N-nothing, I was just walking around—”

“Oh, could it be—”

Smiling, Yume looked up at me.

“Maybe you’ve come to see me.”


I’ve got no time to be bothered by your little devil games right now!

“No! That’s not it! I wasn’t planning on meeting you at all!”


“A-Anyway, I’ve got other things to do! See you later!


I ended the conversation right there and ran away.

Dammit, Isana, you’ll pay for this!

Yume Irido ◆ The more one attacks, the weaker the defense


“Yu~mechi! Let’s eat—oh!”

Asou-senpai, who had come to the management tent during the lunch break, looked at me and bellowed like a walrus.

I looked up lethargically,

“…What’s wrong…?”

“That’s my line! What’s wrong with you, Yumechi! You look like you came off the racetrack after a race!”

“It’s nothing… after all this time… it’s just…it’s just, like that…ahaha…”

Asou-senpai shook my shoulders. It’s fine… don’t bother with this unworthy woman…

“You seem to be seriously ill.”

President Kurenai popped up from behind Asou-senpai.

“Aisa, she looked just like you did when I thought you were going to confess to Hoshibe-senpai, only to completely whiff it.”

“Why must you hurt me this way!?”

“The petty thought I had back then was that’s what happens when you keep acting like a little devil.”

“This genius has a terrible personality!”

…Acting like…a little devil…

“…It’s exactly what President said…”


“It’s just like being a tsundere…It’s just annoying when done in real life…this little devil move shouldn’t be done over and over again…”

“No, Yumechi! You’re stabbing me! Stop it! I am never going to recover from this~~!!”


Yume Irido ◆ The person she likes has very low self-esteem


After a while, I regained my composure, and we decided to continue our conversation over our meal.

“That’s because you’re hungry! You’ve become negative because you’re hungry, Yumechi!”

“I don’t think so…”

“It is! I think about unnecessary things when I’m hungry too! Right, Suzurin!?”

“Play along with me!”

“Get with it!”

Asou-senpai rummaged through her bag,

“Do you two have bentos? I made one, but—ah.”

Senpai said, and pulled out a bento box wrapped in a handkerchief.

Correction, two.

Given how large it was, it’s clearly for two people, right…?

“E-erm …”

Asou-senpai gave me an awkward glance.

“Y-Yumechi, I’m sorry…It’s a little hard to say in this context, but…”

Senpai brought one of the lunch boxes to her chest,

“…I’ll be bringing this bento to Senpai, okay?”

I stopped breathing.

“…I’m glad things are going well…”

“Your eyes! Your eyes are dead!”

It’s so shiny…this sweet and sour youth is so shiny…that’s weird. I’m supposed to be younger than her, but why is she purer and more innocent compared to me?

President Kurenai chuckled.

“That’s fine. Let’s move to the student council room while admiring Aisa’s painful attempt. It’s too dusty in here.”

“What’s painful you bokukko!?”

President walked out of the management tent. Asou-senpai and I followed her.

I stood next to the President,

“President…is there something wrong?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I mean…where’s Haba-senpai?”

Student council president and honor student Suzuri Kurenai pouted her lips like a kid.

“…He got away.”


“Your reputation will be hurt if you eat lunch with me’…don’t you think that’s cruel of him to say?”

“Wow, Joe-kun really has little self-esteem, doesn’t he?”

Asou-senpai said with a dumbfounded look.

The President sped up,

“That’s not low self-esteem at all. That’s a disease. He doesn’t realize that the more he belittles himself, the more he denies my judgment in choosing him and keeping him around.”

“I guess it’s frustrating…but doesn’t it also feel good to know that you’re the only one who knows how good he is?”


President Kurenai glanced sideways at me with a sultry look.

“…Yume-kun. You’re whispering like the devil, aren’t you?”

“Eh!? I-Is that so?”

“She just wants to monopolize Joe-kun! But she also wants to brag about how amazing he really is! Suzurin is just greedy, isn’t she?”

“Shut up.”

President Kurenai looked away and pretended to brush her hair up, covering her ears.

“I’m just a normal girl with a little more brains than most, that’s all.”

“And that’s what Joe-kun told you?”

“Seriously, shut up!”


The President suddenly stomped on Asou-senpai’s foot as hard as she could.

I could only giggle at this simple act of violence that was so uncharacteristic of a genius.


Yume Irido ◆ After the sensitive parts were agitated


“Sen~pai ♪, I’m here to deliver your lunch!”

“Oh, thanks.”

“You really like to work your kouhai, don’t you Senpai,? Do you know how hard it is to wake up early to make it?”

“You’re the one who insisted on making it…well, you really helped me. Your food is delicious.”

“Well, compared to Senpai—”

“I could eat it every day.”


“Oh, no wait, that would mean I’d have to deal with your annoying behavior every day…I guess I’ll cook once in a while.”

“Ahhh…nnngghhh…! I’ll be back later to collect your bento box! See you then!”

A blushing Asou-senpai left the area where Hoshibe-senpai’s class was.

I watched from a distance, and said to President Kurenai who was also watching.

“I wonder why he doesn’t get annoyed by such assaults …”

“Of course it’s because it’s Hoshibe-senpai we’re talking about.”

“I guess so…”

He was a natural at it. He probably hadn’t gotten caught up by Asou-senpai’s antics because he always did things at his own pace.

Looking at him from the side, I suppose there were two choices for him. He would either misunderstand her or stay away from her…Hoshibe-senpai’s class, especially the girls, were looking at Asou-senpai with disdain. As expected, I guess the other girls hate her too…

Asou-senpai returned to us with her face still a little red, and her smug face was slightly twitching as she stretched her jersey chest.

“Did you see your master’s bravery, Yumechi!?”

“Yes. You really have it tough too, Senpai.”

“…Oh, dear? What’s the matter, my padawan? Why are you looking a little uptight?”

“I think it’s great that you didn’t react when he said ‘Your food is delicious’.”

“You’re judging me!”

Anyway, now that Asou-senpai was done with her matter, we went to the student council room.

We left the courtyard and went towards the school building. And…


President Kurenai spotted the two of them first.

They looked familiar to me. One was my stepbrother and ex, Mizuto Irido, and the other was his best friend and a friend of mine, Isana Higashira. Higashira-san’s jersey was stained with dirt, probably from the tug-of-war earlier.

That fact alone was fine.

Their being together was as natural as a book being shrink-wrapped.

However, there was one thing that struck me as odd.

Higashira-san was feeling strangely dizzy.

“Uuu… it still stings a little…”

“You hit the ground really hard…do you want to go to the infirmary?”

“I-it’s really embarrassing though…”

Higashira-san’s back was hunched over as she cupped her chest, and her legs were strangely tucked inward.

And then, hick, she would jolt every once in a while,


“What’s wrong?”

“I’m a little sensitive…you know, rubbing…”

“Ahh… ahh, I see…”

What’s with that mood?

That unique atmosphere that’s so awkward, yet so kind?

Suuu, I was emotionally deflated “Ho ho.” when  Asou-senpai said,

“That’s…what they did.”

President Kurenai affirmed.

“They absolutely did it.”

I felt increasingly impatient in my heart, and I flailed my hands for no reason.

“No, but, wait, you can’t possibly be doing this during the festival…”

“No one will be in the school during the festival, right? Isn’t that the perfect environment?”

“Goodness, they’re so reckless. They think they’re doing a good job, but they can’t fool our eyes.”

“Ticklish, huh?”

“Sensitive, huh?”

“I-I don’t know! Maybe she rubbed her nipples too hard when she fell in tug of war and they’re sensitive!”

“Of course not. You mean she’s not wearing a bra?”

“There’s no way a girl would attend a sports festival without a bra, knowing she’ll be exercising hard.”


I couldn’t argue…! I couldn’t argue against that logic…!

But it’s those two we’re talking about…! Surely there’s some kind of misunderstanding…!

“Well well, maybe Yumechi doesn’t understand yet.”

“Yume-kun, sooner or later, you’ll understand the subtleties of men and women.”

“……You’ve never even kissed though.”


I almost got into a fight with them.


Yume Irido ◆ A proper argument is the most effective solution


“I never said that I haven’t done it! I mean, sure, Senpai and I haven’t…but I didn’t say I’ve never done it in my life!”

“It’s called logical fallacy. Just because you haven’t had a boyfriend doesn’t mean you haven’t had that experience, right? As secretary of the student council, you should watch your words.”

“Yes, yes. I’m sorry.”

After listening to the endless excuses of the sulking Senpais, we finally reached the student council room.

For some reason, it felt like a long journey… why is it so tiring just to eat lunch?

“Oh, by the way, is Asuhain-san okay?”

“Hmm? Isn’t she eating with her classmates?”

“I’ll go talk to her.”

“But she doesn’t like such…”

It’s true that we were having our so-called love talk, and the anti-romance Asuhain-san might hate it…besides, I had to ensure that the relationship between President Kurenai and Haba-senpai wasn’t revealed.

“Well, guess we should contact her…”

Asou-senpai said as she opened the door to the student council room.

Then I saw Asuhain-san alone at the conference table, opening her lunch box.



Asuhain-san turned around and dropped the omelet she was holding with her chopsticks.

There was no light in the student council room. The sunlight shining through the window was the only thing illuminating the dimly lit room, and a small girl was there, eating her lunch alone.

President Kurenai peeked into the room and noticed Asuhain-san’s presence.

“Oh, there you are. You’re just in time.”

“What? You were here? Guess we’re right on time. ”

Eh…President, didn’t you notice that we just encountered a rather awkward situation?

President Kurenai switched on the lights and entered the student council room.

“We’re just about to have lunch. Do you mind if we join you?”

“Y-Yes. Sure…”

Asuhain-san too replied awkwardly, I leaned closer to Asou-senpai and asked in a hushed voice.

“(Doesn’t Asuhain-san have any friends in her class?)”

“(W-Who knows…? I don’t know much about the class…)”

I thought she just hated boys, and usually, she would have some girl friends…If she had gone to the trouble of switching off the lights, she probably hid herself here, right…?

Could it be that she simply couldn’t fit in with her class, different from Mizuto and Higashira-san who simply lingered in the class because they did whatever they wanted…? I was reminded of myself, and my heart started to ache.

In any case, we entered and sat down at our usual seats, except for President Kurenai, who placed her lunch box diagonally before me, next to Asuhain-san and in front of Asou-senpai, instead of the usual power seat.

“Ran-kun, I believe you’re in class 6. How is it?”

“I… guess. Not too bad…”

Why are you talking about her class!?

I remembered she actually mentioned it…but it’s true that there’s something a little off about President Kurenai. If only Haba-senpai were here!

“Ahh…more importantly!”

As if to change the atmosphere, Asou-senpai started in a cheerful voice.

“You want to talk about something, don’t you Yumechi, that’s why we’re here!”

“A-ahh…that’s right.”

That’s true! But I wish you didn’t just throw the ball towards me!

Asuhain-san gave me a nonchalant look,

“Don’t worry about me. I’ll pretend not to hear.”

U-uuu…it’s sad…. That’s a line coming from someone who’s used to getting excited about other people’s situations…

“Ahh, but well!…Since you’re here, I’d like to ask you as well if you don’t mind, Asuhain-san.”

“…Huh. I don’t know if I can help you …”

I won’t let her be frozen out…! We’re in the same student council! I’ll force her to join in this conversation! If she doesn’t like it, like Mizuto did… then so be it.

I thought for a moment, sorted out my words, and said,

“…This is a story about a friend…”

Pfft. Asou-senpai puffed. Yes yes that’s my story! Don’t laugh!

Fortunately, Asuhain-san didn’t seem to be too skeptical at all, so I told her what had happened between me and Mizuto. I told him that I had been teasing him and trying to be suggestive, but he had rejected my actions and ran away….

“She told me she had a feeling that things were going well, but this then happened, and then m—my friend seemed confused …”

Hmm, Asou-senpai groaned,

“There must have been some reason. Something urgent?”

“I don’t know…”

Then, hmm, President Kurenai snorted,

“Some people are too much of a blockhead as to ignore such an obvious approach. I guess the only way to deal with such people is to keep hitting them until it resonates.”

“Is that so?”

I thought Mizuto was rather perceptive, but there were times when he kept making strange misunderstandings…I guess the only way to breakthrough would be to keep attacking at all. I felt a little uneasy though seeing how two people continued to attack for a year without avail…

And the last one, Asuhain-san, tilted her head curiously.

“Erm… isn’t it rude to make fun of people in the first place?”

Our bodies froze.

“She’s just ignoring the person’s intentions and imposing her own desires, and with all due respect, that friend of yours must be rather lacking in common sense.”

We started to shatter.

“If she likes him, why is she trying to attack him? Normally, I think he would end up hating her instead.”

Our minds crumbled.


“…Lacking in common sense…”


Is that so?

Is that the case?

Did I do something that would normally be frowned upon?

“Erm, am I doing something wrong?”

Asuhain-san tilted her head, looking perplexed.

There’s…nothing wrong. She’s absolutely right. It’s a proper argument, one so correct, absolutely correct. It’s just that I couldn’t handle the truth….


As expected, the first person to recover from the powerful righteous punch was President Kurenai.

“That’s a very calm and logical point of view. It really is your way of thinking, Ran-kun.”

“Th-thank you very much!”

“I shall cherish this comment. Don’t let your feelings cause you to forget how to look at things objectively.”

I’m taking damage from your words!

On the other hand, Asuhain-san’s eyes lit up once she was praised by President,

“Yes! I will always consider how others view me and act appropriately so that I can live up to the name of the student council!”


Immediately, the student council president was quietly knocked out by the memory of what she did impulsively not too long ago in the reference room next door, in a manner that let down the reputation of the student council.


I covered up the damage I had taken, and mustered my courage to ask Asuhain-san,

” Asuhain-san… what do you think m—I mean, my friend should have done ?…”

“Eh? Well…I’m not interested in romance, so I’ll give you an answer in general…”


“Why doesn’t she just tell him plainly what she’s thinking?”

Bam! Asou-senpai fell onto the desk.

I wouldn’t be suffering so much if I could do that!! I could basically hear her scream.

“…Basically, just tell her, right?”

“N-no, erm, I understand that it’s difficult to do, you know? But it’s just that once in a while, you have to express your words and actions to get the message across …I think.”

…Once in a while, huh?

That’s right…I couldn’t always just think about it.

“…I’m sorry for getting too carried away.”

Asuhain-san turned her head and said faintly.

“Eh? No, you aren’t.”

“I know it doesn’t sound convincing. It’s all just a theory—just for you to listen.”

After saying that, Asuhain-san began to concentrate on her lunch.

The manner in which she contained herself reminded me of the Higashira-san of a while ago.


Mizuto Irido ◆ Out of sight


Isana had injured her nipples in a spectacular fall, and we returned to the tennis court to nurse her, except there was another uninvited guest next to Kawanami.

“Oh, you’re back at last!”

Akatsuki Minami, wearing a skirt under her male school uniform, grabbed Kogure Kawanami by the scruff of the neck and dragged him along.

I glanced at her,

“Minami-san, what’s with the outfit?”

“Cheerleading squad! You should know that! How little do you care about your classmates!”


Speaking of which, I guess we did have a cheering competition. Before the afternoon session started.

“I’ve been waiting for you two! I think Yume-chan went off to the student council though—.”

Minami-san words suddenly trailed off as she peeked at Isana who was behind me.

“…Higashira-san, why are you hunched over so much?”

“Ah! No! I’ve always been like this! Don’t worry about it!”

“I’m curious~…”

Frightened by Minami-san’s staring eyes, Isana hid behind my back. I was told that her nipples were rubbing against her clothes, so she hunched over so that they wouldn’t rub so much. I had returned the snapped bra, and Isana put it with her stuff in the classroom…but at this rate, she should have worn it even though it was snapped.

“Well, it doesn’t matter. You two haven’t had lunch yet, right? Yume-chan isn’t here, I was wondering if you wanted to join us!”

“That’s fine, but can I ask what’s going on with Kawanami?”

He was grabbed by the scruff of his neck, just limping along…

“Oh, this guy? Don’t worry about it. He’ll wake up.”

“No, I want to know what you did.”

“It’s okay, it’s okay!”

It’s scary. She wouldn’t talk.

“Then let’s go! I’m participating in the cheering competition, so my lunch break will be short.”

Minami-san dragged Kawanami along like it was a matter of fact.

Kawanami’s wrists peeked out from the sleeves of his jersey, and I could detect rashes appearing on them.


Mizuto Irido ◆ A highly developed friendship is indistinguishable from a romantic relationship


I thought that since Yume had joined the student council, we didn’t have anyone else to eat lunch with, and that’s why we were dragged along, but I was mistaken.

“Ta-da! This is Isana Higashira!”


“Oh~! …Oh~~?”

Two girls who often hang out with Yume and Minami-san started clapping while staring at Isana’s chest.

One of them had a bob cut and a dull vibe to her. The other one was taller and looked as lively and athletic as her.

Isana looked uneasy and tugged at the elbow of my jersey.

“(U-Unfamiliar people…! We have unfamiliar people here!) ”

Isana, a shy and reserved person, was as scared as a squirrel standing before a lion. I don’t know what Minami-san was planning, but I guess I had to mediate.


I tilted my head as I looked at the two of them, “Ahh.” and Minami-san clapped her hands,

“The unenthusiastic one is Nasuka Kanai, and the noisy looking one is Maki Sakamizu!”

“Eh!? You didn’t remember our names? We’re in the same class, right? And what do you mean noisy, Akki?

“I don’t know the names of people unrelated to me either. Nice to meet you~, nice to meet you~.”

“What? Am I in the minority!”

She sure was noisy. Sakamizu, Sakamizu, Sakamizu, huh? And I sure understood what Minami-san meant by unenthusiastic. Kanai, Kanai, Kanai…right, now I remember, for today at least. Not sure about tomorrow though.

“Nice to meet you, but why are we called here? I’ll warn you first though, this one here acts like a deer in the headlights whenever she encounters a person she met for the first time.”

“Guess she’ll die. Well, we were talking about how lonely it was since Yume-chan left and there were only three of us~, and I remembered that we had talked about introducing Higashira-san to us, so we decided to bring her.”

“Get her permission first.”

“Ah, that’s right, Higashira-san, will you have lunch with us?”

Isana glanced at Sakamizu and Kanai, and then said,

“Erm..actually…it’s fine, but…”

“‘She’s more than glad to’!”


Minami-san’s overly liberal translation caused Isana to shrivel further. She probably wanted to try and lighten the mood, but she shouldn’t twist the words of others.

Minami-san tossed aside Kawanami, whom she had dragged along, set up two chairs near Sakamizu and Kanai, and sat down on one of them.

“You can use this chair, Higashira-san. Here’s your permission.”


Isana looked worried as she answered, and I took a chair.

In the meantime, “So pitiful…” “He’s like a caught tuna.” Sakamizu and Kanai commented as they watched the abandoned Kawanami.

I set my chair next to Isana and sat down, and Isana finally sat down on the chair set up for her.

Once they saw that, Sakamizu and Kanai muttered.

“They’re huge.”

“They’re huge.”

“They’re bouncing.”

“They’re bouncing.”

“No verbal assault, both of you.”

…She wasn’t wearing a bra. If anything were to happen, I would have to protect her.

Seeing how nervous Isana was, I spoke to her from the side.

“Isana, do you have lunch?”

“Ah, yes. I do. Eh? What do you think this package on my lap is?”

“No, I thought she—Natora-san doesn’t make lunches.”

“It seems like dad made it today.”


O papa Higashira whom I haven’t met, I see you’ve been ordered.. No, maybe he’s just sharing the chores, but given my impression of Natora-san…

“Did you make your own lunch, Mizuto-kun?”

“Well, Yuni-san gets excited on such days.”

“Your mother’s really kind. I’d like to trade for her.”

I hate the idea of Natora-san becoming my mother.


“I see…”

Kanai and Sakamizu, who were watching our exchange, groaned grimly, while Minami-san smirked for some reason.

“So, what do you guys think?”

“I can’t really comment yet.”

“But, didn’t they just talk about their families? Are their families involved too?”

What are they talking about?

Minami-san and the others opened. Minami-san appeared to have bought some bread from a convenience store, while the other two had their bentos.

“Speaking of which, is it really okay for you to stay here, Nasucchi?”

Maki Sakamizu said as she opened her lunch box that was a tad larger than ours.

“Don’t you have to go out to eat with your older boyfriend~? Is this the time to be looking at big tits~?”

“Today is fine. Well I feel sorry for Minami-chan who got dumped by Irido-chan though.”

“Who got dumped!? Who!? ”

Hmm. It’s true that Yume had been spending less time with Minami-san since she joined the student council. My impression thus far was that she would be crankier.

Minami-san ripped the bag of bread open and munched on it,

“I’ve grown up! I’ve become an adult who can happily celebrate the departure of my favorite friend!”


“You’ve grown up so fast. Just a week ago, you were crying to us saying you were getting lonely.”

“Th-that’s… a growth event, a growth event!”

Well, I would have hoped that started back when we first entered high school. I wouldn’t have been stupidly involved in a marriage proposal—I assumed Kawanami was the reason why she’s been so quiet lately, but maybe it’s also because she has friends aside from Yume.

“Ah…Mizuto-kun, Mizuto-kun.”

As I was poking at my bento, Isana peeked at my hand.

“Let’s exchange side dishes…I like your fried chicken.”

“Ah, I see? Open wide.”


I grabbed a piece of fried chicken with my chopsticks and dropped it into Isana’s mouth that was open like a little bird.

She chewed like a squirrel, her cheeks puff,


“I’ll have this Daigaku-imo then.”


I snatched one of the Daigaku-imo from Isana’s lunch box and quickly dropped it into my mouth.

Isana swallowed the fried chicken, and grabbed my shoulder,

“That’s one of my favorites!”

“I know.”

“You did that on purpose!”

“It’s an exchange of likes for likes, right?”

“That’s because you usually choose what you like, Mizuto-kun!”

“But I don’t really like or dislike them.”

I just want to eat. That’s how I’ve always lived.

Isana puckered her lips,

“Mizuto-kun, you don’t think home-cooked meals are worth making, do you?”

“Are you planning to make one?”

“I just thought I’d lost one of my strategies.”

“You don’t need one of those now, do you?”

“No, I don’t. I’m researching day and night to figure out how to get you to pamper me more.”

“I’m glad to see you’re so ambitious.”

“Would you like me to draw a naughty picture of you?”

“What’s that about?”

“If appetite doesn’t work, maybe sexual desire will.”

“…You’ll get into trouble if I leave you alone. Alright, I’ll pamper you a little more. Here’s some fried chicken.”

“Yay! Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm.”

I gave her a second piece of fried chicken, and the girls who had watching the whole exchange began to talk discreetly.

“(Wait, this is a relationship, right?)”

“(They don’t hesitate to go all ooh and ahh. It’s scary.)”

“(By the way, they’re just friends.)”

“(That’s a lie! That’s definitely a lie! They definitely have an exciting life on their days off!)”

“(Irido-chan has to be very careful, too.)”

And then, it happened.

Kogure Kawanami, who had been silent on the ground for a long time, suddenly jolted to his feet.


Isana was startled and clung to my shoulder…oy. You’re not wearing a bra.

As I casually slid my shoulder away from the terrifyingly soft touch, Kawanami’s dirt-covered head wobbled towards Minami-san and the others.

“Did I…just hear something incredibly unpleasant…?”

“You’re imagining things. Here, catch.”

Minami-san easily ignored Kawanami’s demonic voice and gently tossed the bread she had left in her hand.

“Lunch. I bought it for you. Cry tears of thanks!”


Kawanami dusted the dirt off the back of his head and stared at the bread with a grim expression.

“…I would have preferred the curry bun.”

“I figured you’d say that, so I bought that too. Here.”

“Oh? Thanks.”

She tossed a new bag of bread, and his grim face simply faded away.

Seeing this, Sakamizu and Kanai started chatting discreetly in secret again.

“(Wait, these two are in a relationship too, right?)”

“(Or are they married? Actually)”

“…I knew I heard something really unpleasant.”

“Maybe you weren’t imagining it.”

Goodness me. Can’t these people eat calmly?

“(Hiiee! S-Sorry…the tips are a little…)”

…You too.


Yume Irido ◆ The ex-boyfriend hiding at the back


“Eh? Irido little brother?”

“We had lunch together just now, but he went away after we finished eating.”

“Yes, yes! He’s with Higashira-san! I’m pretty sure they’re together.”

“How much more can you say?”

Once lunch break ended, I returned to the class, but Mizuto wasn’t there.

I was surprised that he had eaten with Maki-san and Nasuka-san, but it seems that Akatsuki-san had forced him to join them. “We exchanged contacts with Higashira-chan~” so Nasuka-san said, so it seemed everything worked out well.

Akatsuki-san was off to participate in the cheering competition. On a side note, I couldn’t find Kawanami-kun, so maybe he’s with Mizuto and Higashira-san.

I wanted to meet Mizuto for a while before going back to work…

While I was back at the management tent, the cheering competition started.

“Fly! Fly! Red! Team!”

A mixed group of male and female cheerleaders raised their voices to the sound of the drums.

Akatsuki-san was the smallest of the group, but with her imposing appearance and sharp movements, she gave off a presence that completely overwhelmed those around her.

Someone was watching her from the side of the school building where it was difficult to be seen.

“Huh? Kawanami-kun.”


As soon as I spoke to him, Kawanami-kun showed an embarrassed face.

Maybe he didn’t want people to see that he was watching over Akatsuki-san.

I smiled and giggled,

“She’s really vigorous, isn’t she? Akatsuki-san has been working hard.”

“Hmm, well…she’s doing well for a little one.”

Kawanami-kun said as he scratched his head, trying to deceive me. These two aren’t honest.

“…Don’t tell anyone about this, Irido-san. If she finds out, she’ll get carried away and say ‘you’re an ex hiding at the back’.”

“Yep. Understood.”

I answered, and then I thought of something.

“So, can you tell me something instead?”


“Where are Mizuto and Higashira-san?”

And then, Kawanami-kun smirked deviously.

“What? Are you curious?”

“…Erm, well, I’m part of the student council. I have to keep track of the students who are slacking off.”

“Well, I’ll take that as the reason then. It’s boring to simply tell you where they are…but well, he knows I’m here. I guess it’s fine.”

Kawanami-kun muttered and pointed to the side of the schoolyard.

“Corner of the tennis court. It’s quiet and relaxing.”

“I see…Thanks.”

Goodness me, he’s a real social outcast.

I have work to do at this moment, but I should check on him when I can.


Mizuto Irido ◆ The first ever nipple


The afternoon program started, and Isana and I were back at the tennis court.

“Haaa…now I can finally relax…”

After all, we got someone here without a bra. She couldn’t appear in public like that.

“Can’t you do something to fix it or something?”

“Eh? Is that possible…can we staple it or something?”

“I don’t know. I thought you’d tape it or something.”

“I don’t have one. We don’t have any classes today.”

“Do you want to ask the teacher if you can borrow it?


“You hate it, huh?”

“I feel like… it’s not that big a deal…but the last thing I want to do is to get the teachers involved…”

“Well, I get how you feel.”

For people like us, relying on others was a last resort.

“It’s fine since you can’t see them now, Mizuto-kun. It’s easier to move in, and my nipples won’t show under the jersey.”

“Don’t say it now.”

“Ow. Heh Heh heh.”

I gave Isana a little chop, and she giggled happily for some reason.

Then, she unzips her jersey slightly and peered inside with her chin reeled back.

“But well, it shocked me. I didn’t know gym clothes were so thin. They’re actually showing.”

“Don’t say that so casually.”

“Looky look. They’re so plump…”

“Don’t show them!”

“Fuehehe. You’re so cute and inexperienced, Mizuto-kun!”

“Haven’t you been getting carried away lately?”


“It’s great that you’re gaining confidence in yourself…but I think it’s time for you to learn something. It’s called hierarchy…”

“Eh? Eh? What are you doing with that fist?”

I aimed my fist at Isana’s temple. At that moment,

I heard a hushed sound from outside the court.

“…Hey. Are you sure no one’s here?”

“I’m sure we’re fine…”


Isana and I exchanged a look, and looked back behind us while suppressing our breaths.

Beyond the net, around the fire escape in the shadows of the school building was an unfamiliar boy and girl.

The boy and the girl, dressed in gym clothes, were embracing each other and laying their lips on each other.

“(Hoaahh…!Ah! Fuaaah—…!)”

Right next to me, Isana snorted.

It seemed we weren’t the only ones who didn’t take the sports festival seriously…well, I guess that’s what happens when you’re lovers.

And then, while I was still feeling relieved by this turn of events,

“Ah…! Y-you can’t…!”

“I’m sorry. I’ll be with you…”

“I-It’s over if someone comes…”

The boy immediately pulled up the hem of the girl’s gym shirt.

The sudden appearance of the unfamiliar girl’s bra caused me to freeze.

“(Huh…? You’re kidding…o-over here? —Wait, Mizuto-kun!) ”


At the same time the boy’s fingers slipped under her bra, Isana immediately jumped next to me and shoved me onto the bench.

The soft things were crushed against my chest. I looked down to see Isana’s face staring up at me, a squashed bulge showing from the collar of her gym shirt. And then, through the fabric of the jersey, I could definitely feel some small, hard textures mixed in with the softness of water balloons—

“(…You can’t).”

Isana whispered as though she was exhaling.

“(Mizuto-kun, your first nipples have to be Yume-san’s…not mine. No!)”

…Nobody said they’d never seen them before.

In fact, aside from looking at them, what she just—

“(…Did you just blatantly add your name to the list?)”

“(Ah… -o-o-o-o-of course, I’ll leave your first time to Yu-YuYume-chan, okay?)”

It’s too late, you idiot.


Yume Irido ◆ That’s for the person who drew it out


I had been working as a student council member, and had to limit the number of events I could participate in to as many as Mizuto had, but finally, it was my turn.

“Now it has come! Rakurou’s signature event, the change scavenger hunt!”

I wasn’t good at sports in the first place, and the idea was that I couldn’t contribute to a simple athletic competition such as a race. That’s why I was assigned to this scavenger hunt.

I never thought that I would have to do the task that I made myself.

As a person who clearly understood how difficult the theme would be without changing, I couldn’t help but break into a cold sweat. I had to be ready to change the theme without getting too stuck up over it.

“Haa, I’m so nervous~!” “What if the theme is too difficult?”

I reached the starting point along with other competitors who were somewhat bubbly compared to the other events.

There were three tables placed far apart from each other in the courtyard, and on each table, there were boxes containing paper with themes for each runner to draw.

The runners must first run to the nearest table from the starting point and draw a paper from the boxes. One could only change by running to another table. The problem would be simpler, but it would take more time.

The first task was also difficult but not impossible to complete—just, please don’t let me pull something ‘someone you think is cute or cool’! Asuhain-san said she’d feel sorry for the borrower if the judge rejected the entry, so why did I add it in!?

“Ke garisan—”

I took my starting position, praying to God.

At this moment, I had forgotten.

I forgot that I only had bad experiences praying to God.


All the runners, including myself, ran towards the table with the first box.

It seemed there were many like me who weren’t so confident in their athletic ability, and that’s why I didn’t fall behind from the start.

But the problem would start here. I was the third one to reach the desk, so I picked one of the hollow boxes by intuition and stuck my hand in the hole at the top.

“Now, they have reached the first area! What themes will they draw!?”

While I dug and stirred the paper inside, the two people who had pulled their papers out of the box read the contents and screamed.

“What the hell is this~?” “Eh!? Woah…eh!? Seriously!? ”

I was terrified of seeing my future in them, and then a piece of paper got caught on my finger.

Ah whatever, this is it! Please…!

I pulled out the paper, and opened it fearfully.


For a moment, I was puzzled.

I was the one who had decided the themes, and yet,

I didn’t recognize it.

Neither I nor Asuhain-san had ever slipped in such a question.

—That’s for the person who drew it out


Could it be…that President Kurenai put that in?

I didn’t think that I’d actually pull it out—there were dozens of themes. Could the President see the future…?

I stared at the theme the President had come up with, thinking. In the meantime, the other runners were drawing one after another,

“Change change change!” “Impossible!”

And they ran off to the second problem box.

No matter how many times I thought about it, I could only think of one person who would fit this theme.

But, that’s, almost like—

—Once in a while, you have to express your words and actions to get the message across.

“…I guess so.”

Sometimes I gotta show it with action.

Besides, I was sure—he wouldn’t be able to get away after this.

I grabbed the paper and started running in a different direction from the others.

“Whoa! Player Irido of Class 1-7 isn’t going to change! She’s going for it!”

I ran off as though I was driven on by the color commentator.

To the tennis courts next to the schoolyard.



I was at the corner of the tennis court where Kawanami-kun pointed.

But neither Mizuto nor Higashira-san were anywhere to be seen.


Mizuto Irido ◆ The responsibility of rejecting her


“I guess it’s like the incident at the manga café…I guess we tend to encounter such things, huh?”

Isana sat down on an old bench “Uehehe.” and let out an absent-minded smile,

I too sat down next to her,

“I don’t know if we should call that incident at the manga café an encounter…either way, the world is too messed up.”

“That’s fine though, isn’t it? Birthrate is declining.”

“Rejecting humanity and returning to monke shouldn’t be the way to counter declining birthrate.”

Really, we’re just like animals…I couldn’t help but think back to my time in middle school, the events that had happened, and I ended up hating myself for them even more. I guess that’s how we looked to the bystanders…

“But well…that’s an eye-opener, isn’t it?

Hehe, Isana giggled, and put the fingertips of her hands together in front of her mouth.


“I realized that it really does happen… that it doesn’t just happen in sex videos or manga… it’s obvious, but I used to think that way.”


Well, I wasn’t sure myself.

It suddenly felt more real when seeing people of our age, attending the same school, actually do such things.

Or maybe I felt it more vividly than I did when I was in middle school, when I bought contraceptive control in the heat of the moment.

“…I can do that, too, right…?”

Isana turned her face down and muttered to herself.

For a moment, I thought about pretending I hadn’t heard her, but then, after choosing my words carefully—I opened my mouth.

“Actually, well…yes, physically.”

“It’s just…hard to imagine. Maybe it’ll feel more real if I’m in a relationship?”

I couldn’t ask her why she was asking me. Who would the other partner in this ‘if’ be?—given what she said, she didn’t seem to be hinting at any other possibilities, but that’s because she never thought of any.

Maybe she wasn’t carried away.

Maybe she has used the only love she had for me.

I wasn’t the type of person who could do something troublesome like falling in love over and over again. No, maybe I should say I didn’t have to. I knew exactly what she meant, because I was the same.

As a friend, I wished I could’ve made that one time happen.

But I, too, had already used up that one instance…and that’s why we’re just friends.


I answered.

“You look like you’d go after him hard if it comes to that, and also likely to go crazy.”

“How rude!…But I won’t say anything about that.”

Isana stuck her lower lip out and hugged her knees on the bench as she always did in the library.

She then put her mouth onto her knees and mumbled.

“…It can’t be helped, can it? Like, I’m ready to move on…but the flame just never runs out, you know.”

As expected, I couldn’t comment on this.

With her mouth still on her knees, Isana looked sideways at me,

“Would you be angry if I told you—that I’m actually still gunning for a chance?”

“…Like for example?”

“Like when we’re adults and we’re having drinks together.”

“That’s more realistic and creepier than I thought.”

After a little teasing, I looked aside, and answered,

“Whatever you are thinking isn’t any of my concern.”

“…Is that so?”

“You didn’t do anything wrong. So I’ll take responsibility for dumping you.”

I didn’t try to play dumb with her. I suppose that’s the responsibility I got.

You don’t have to worry about anything. It’s completely my choice to be your friend.


Isana suddenly sighed loudly and plopped her face down on her knees.

“I want to do something erotic~~~! I want to be messed up by Mizuto-kun~~~!”

“Hey! You’re too loud!”

“Didn’t you tell me I’m free to think whatever I want?”

“Normally, you’re not allowed to say it out loud, you know!”


Isana looked up, leered, and nudged her hips over to close the distance between us.

“I’m a little relieved.”

“…For what?”

“Mizuto-kun, you’ll take the responsibility for rejecting me, right? If that’s the case, then even if I don’t pay any attention to it…you’ll ensure that I won’t cross that line, right, Mizuto-kun?”

“Well…that’s what I’m saying …”

I had a bad feeling about this.

Isana gave me a sly smile and pestered me.

“In other words…you don’t mind if I do something erotic to you, right?”

“Why do you—?”


Isana’s arms quickly reached out and wrapped around my neck.

She hugged me tightly like a stuffed animal, and I was enveloped whole by the two bulges pressed against my chest, the inexplicable softness of the heart and the warmth of the human skin.

“Here here~♪ If you don’t ensure that I don’t cross the line, we won’t just be friends anymore!”

“What do you mean, ‘won’t just be friends?’ Get off me!”

“Ehh~? You want a girl to say that? Of course—”

“Enough, enough, enough, enough! You don’t have to say anything more, just get away from me~…!”

“No~! I don’t care about that!”

She really got carried away! Regardless of my responsibility for rejecting her, I had to give her a good beating—




Both Isana and I froze at the voice that came from elsewhere.

Unable to pry our bodies apart, we awkwardly turned toward the voice like rusty machines.

It was Yume.

She, out of breath, was approaching the bench we were on, step by step.

Her expression was serious, almost angry.

She stopped before us, and Isana slowly pulled herself away from me, as if she were distancing herself from a raging animal.

“Yu-Yu-Yume-san… this is, erm, yeah, just a-a joke between friends…”


When her name was called again, Isana froze and held her tongue.

Fuu, Yume caught her breath. I could see little sweat beads dripping from her temples.

Then, once again, Yume spoke,

“Right now… I’m having a scavenger hunt, you know?”


While Isana was confused, Yume reached out her hand.

She grabbed my hand.

“That’s why—”

Grabbing me firmly, she looked Isana in the eye,

“—Can I have Mizuto back, just for a little bit?”

Yume said.

Isana blinked her eyes in the face of the discomforting words that clearly existed.

“Eh? If it’s a scavenger hunt, you—”

“I’m taking him back.”

Yume repeated, this time with a smile.

“…Can I?”

“Y-yes-yes sure!”

Isana distanced herself from me in a pathetic, subservient tone.

Alright, Yume affirmed, and pulled my wrist to force me to stand.

Finally, she said to me,

“That’s why, please.”

“…Shouldn’t you normally ask me for permission?”

“You’re not going to like it anyway, so I’ll just drag you along.”

That’s oppression!

While I was being taken away, Isana, who was dismissed like an underling, was staring blankly into the air alone.

“I’ve been…warned…….Uehehe…”

“…Why is that girl so impressed?”

“…I don’t know.”

I couldn’t be responsible for that much.


Mizuto Irido ◆ The way you look at me


Yume took my hand, and I went to the courtyard..

—What was the theme?

So I asked, and Yume thought for a moment before saying.

—I can’t think of anyone other than you for this theme?

She said she couldn’t think of anyone but me. No one but me.

Family? I couldn’t see any parents come to the sports festival..

Siblings? She can look for others in the world, and it didn’t have to be me.


I figured it was something convenient. I assumed it was a convenient fact for her, something that she could obtain without putting in the effort.

Would that be fine?

I don’t think it’s impossible. There were plenty of signs. I could be wrong for all intent.

But still, I just couldn’t stop thinking.

Would that be fine?

It’s not that easy to dismiss them.

Ahh, at this point, I was painfully aware. This relationship of ours really was quite a bother.

—Someone I like…

There was no way to describe such simple words.

Say, Yume.

How do you look at me now?

“—Now then! Player Irido of Class 1-7 is back! With a boy! She brought a boy with her!”

All eyes and cheers were gathered on me, and I felt I didn’t belong.

But Yume yanked me by the hand and ran through the courtyard, as though trying to wave off the distractions.


“—They reached the goal! If the judges qualify them, they’ll be in first place! What was the theme that Player Irido drew?”


Awaiting us at the goal was a familiar figure.

It was Suzuri Kurenai, president of the student council, who was small but had a unique disposition.

With a relaxed smile, she looked at Yume who ran on breathlessly, and then at me.

“Your theme.”

Yume silently handed over the paper in her hand.

Kurenai-senpai opened the paper, looked it over, and gave a bemused chuckle.

“So you’re ready to be honest?”

Yume smiled bashfully.

“Yes. For today at least.”

As soon as she heard the answer, Kurenai-senpai turned towards the broadcasting desk and made a big circle with both hands.

“Clear! Looks like they cleared the task!”

Yume received the paper back from Kurenai-senpai, turned to me and said.

“Let’s go.”

Ultimately, I didn’t know what I was brought in to be, but I was taken to the broadcasting desk. Yume handed that piece of paper with the theme to a member of the broadcasting team, as though it was rehearsed beforehand. .The broadcaster, microphone in hand, opened the paper “Ohhh!? I see…” and guffawed while looking at my face.

“Time to reveal the theme! The theme of Class 1-7 Player Irido is—”

I was engulfed in some nervousness, and soon after, my true role was clearly announced over the microphone.

“—The person I want to finish the race with!”

Oohhh…! The onlooking students erupted in excitement at that moment.

She wanted to… finish the race with me?

She chose me? Why?

“Player Irido! I’d like to hear the reason for you! I presume the one you brought here…is your classmate Irido Mizuto-kun! I believe you two are siblings, right?”

Why are you getting so detailed into this, you broadcasters?

I could see that the students’ attention was focused on Yume while the broadcaster spoke like a member of the paparazzi. The person she wanted to finish this race with—there’s too much room for interpretation here. If she had chosen someone of the same gender, everyone would have assumed they’re just good friends, but if it’s someone of the opposite gender, obviously there would be malicious thoughts. She knew that—

“I guess so—”

Without being intimidated by the microphone pointed at her, Yume answered without hesitation.


“I’m a brocon after all.”


It was a simple answer.

She wasn’t trying to deceive anyone, nor was there any hesitation—it was just a straightforward answer that drew groans and laughter from all around.

“Pfft.” The broadcaster who had the microphone pointed at Yume burst out laughing,

“I see! That makes sense! This is Yume Irido-san who came in first place!”

Clap clap clap, we were escorted by applause, and Yume led me back to the waiting area.

Those who didn’t know about our predicament would probably dismiss it as a joke.

But—for me.

Perhaps I was just too naïve to derive a convenient assumption.



The moment I was about to speak, Yume turned around.

“I’m going to be honest too, you know?”

She gripped my wrist firmly, as if to catch me.

She looked into my eyes, as if to plead with me.

Yume said.

“That’s why…I’ll be a little sad if you run away.”

…Run away? Me?

The moment she said that, it hit me right away.

I was hiding Isana’s bra in my pocket when she spoke to me, and in my panic, I ran away.


That’s…what she was concerned about, huh?


Because of her honesty, I too answered her honestly,

“I wouldn’t be able to handle it if you tried to catch me like you did today.”

And as I went on, ultimately, the spiteful words still came up.

Ahh, no good—I guess it’s too tough for me.

I thought she would be annoyed, but Yume’s lips bloomed in happiness.

“I guess I’ll have to catch you then.”

“Are you pestering me?”

“If I left you be, you’d have done something naughty to Higashira-san, right?”

“She’s the one doing that to me!”

Kukuku, Yume giggled.

Now I finally understand, I finally know how you look at me.

The cheers of the scavenger hunt echoed into the distance of the endless autumn sky.

As for us, we didn’t know where the goal was, not at all.


Yume Irido ◆ Towers of Vanity


“All the programs of Rakurou High School Sports Festival are over—”

The sports festival was over without a hitch, and the cleanup was almost done. I finally relaxed my shoulder.

It was my first time managing an event ever since I joined the student council…it was as tough as I expected, but I felt it was much more fulfilling than my time in middle school. I always couldn’t simply go out and have fun on my own, and I guess it was more interesting for me to be actively involved in such events.

“Yume-kun, Ran-kun. I’ll take care of the rest. You can go up now.”

“No, Senpai, I’ll finish…”


Asuhain-san tried to show her seriousness, but I gently stopped her.

“Take my word for it. Aren’t you tired too?”

“That’s right. Let Senpai do something for a moment.”

“…Yes.” The displeased Asuhain-san folded at the words of the esteemed President Kurenai.

Asuhain-san was obviously very motivated, but physically, she just couldn’t keep up. Both the President and I noticed that she was panting frequently while trying not to get us to notice. If she continues to push herself too hard with her little body, she will end up paying the price.

“Well then, thank you for your hard work.”

“…Thank you for your hard work.”

“Yes, thank you.”

…And then.

I casually looked at Haba-senpai, who was silently standing beside the President.

The President was busy between competitions, giving instructions to the sports committee members…the two of them probably wanted some private memories between themselves at the very end..

I didn’t want to repress them too much and have them go crazy in front of others like the last time.

I pulled Asuhain-san along with me, and we went to the student council room. First thing first, I needed to change out of the dusty gym clothes as I had been outdoors all day,

“How was the sports festival?”

I decided to engage in small talk and asked Asuhain-san, who was walking next to me,

With her usual rigid tone, Asuhain-san said,

“Well…it was interesting to see Kurenai-senpai’s work up close.”

“…Isn’t that your impression of the President and not the sports festival?”

“It was fun. I think it’d be more appropriate for me to manage the event instead of actually participating in the races.”

“Fufu. I understood.”

“…I’m limited when it comes to sports, given the length of my limbs. And furthermore, I do have lots of excessive weights attached to me…”

Asuhain-san lifted her drooping, unbalanced breasts.

Akatsuki-san would really be frenzied if she heard this,

“But actually, I guess it’s very tough for you…they’re like weights hanging down.”

“I don’t think you’re unfamiliar with this feeling though. Yours don’t seem small.”


“I think they’re bigger than average.”

“Uh, yeah. I have one friend who has some really big ones, so I guess my sense of scale is off… Asou-senpai seems to have some slightly bigger ones than me too.”


“Eh? What?”

I looked next to Asuhain-san, who looked as if he had been caught off guard. What? Did I say something weird?

Asuhain-san paused for a few seconds, seemingly pondering over her words,

“No…it’s nothing.”

“Now I’m curious.”

“If you haven’t noticed, then…”

Eh? What? Speak up!

“More importantly, we got midterms coming up.”

“No, don’t change the subject. What am I unaware of?”

“Don’t let your performances drop just because you’re busy with student council. It’s not worth the effort.”

“You’re ignoring me!? That’s scary scary scary!! ”

In the meantime, we arrived at the student council room. Asuhain-san quickly put her hand on the door,

“If you have time to worry about such trivial matters…”

The moment she opened the door, she froze with her mouth open.


The moment I peered inside, I froze too.


Asou-senpai, who was inside, turned around and froze.

Yes, it was Asou-senpai.

Asou-senpai was taking off her gym clothes in the student council room.

She was wearing light pink underwear, both top and bottom. Her sports bra was on the desk, and she had her hands behind her back trying to fasten the hooks of her bra, which suggested that she was changing from the sports underwear to her regular underwear.

The problem was not the underwear itself.

The problem was—whatever she was tying to the bra.


They’re small.


Asou-senpai’s Himalayas were usually so big—but at this moment, I could only see speed bumps covered by the bra.

B—maybe not. They would be barely that size if she put them on. They’re that big.

And then, the crowning glory.

Beneath her bra cups were multiple layers of triangular…


Asou-senpai’s face turned pale as she stared at us, plop, and the pads that greatly increased the size of her breasts fell out of her bra.

I didn’t know…there was that much padding…

One pad alone wouldn’t be unusual, but she had that many…to the point where she turned an A cup into an E…

I was so shocked by this ridiculous stack, the towers of vanity, that my mind was let loose.

Asou-senpai might have emptied her mind more than I did.

See, she’s silent and teary-eyed.


Asuhain-san sighs and walks up to the frozen Asou-senpai.

“It’s a miracle that you haven’t been exposed until now, so don’t worry about it, Senpai.”

At the comforting words of Asuhain-san who was about 147cm and somewhat of an E-F cup, Asou-senpai turns her head and starts shivering.



Asou-senpai grabbed the hem of Asuhain-san’s jersey.

“You don’t understand…!”


Zooop! Asou-senpai’s hands lifted up Asuhain-san’s shirt, causing Asuhain-san to scream.

“They’re swaying so much~!!! I want mine to shake around too!! These pads can only slide around!”

“Stop…it-it hurts! Don’t shake them…!”

“S-Senpai, calm down, calm down!”

I finally understood.

That’s why she hit it off so well with Akatsuki-san.


Yume Irido ◆ The same world


“Uuu, uuu…it’s just impossible. Once I started on this…I couldn’t go back to how it was before…I believed they would become the real though, I really believed…but I just kept adding pads…uuu. ”

Asou-senpai had gone crazy due to the fact that her secret was exposed, and finally calmed down by hugging Asuhain-san like a stuffed animal and whining about it.

It’s bad enough that I was more surprised than I should have been, but there’s no way I would have assumed that she was embellishing this much, right? Even after her secret was revealed, she continued to wear her pads as though it was natural.

“By the way…it’s okay if you don’t want to answer.”

“What? Yumechi…? Yours are big too…you’re a freshman…?”

“No, actually…does Hoshibe-senpai know about that?”


Asou-senpai silently turned away.

Asuhain-san, who was perched on her lap, furrowed her brow dumbfoundedly.

“Are men such idiots that they don’t notice something off about those masses?”

“A-Asuhain-san…that makes me an idiot too …”

“My apologies. But I guess even someone as brilliant as the ex-President doesn’t realize that girls and boys see the world differently, huh?”

“Well, that may be the case…”

There were many instances when I thought I built up some rapport, but it turned out to be nothing. As a fellow girl, I didn’t notice the truth about Asou-senpai, and maybe it’s not just about gender bias.

I wonder if my feelings today were properly understood by Mizuto…?

“…Yumechi…don’t ever, mention it…”

For some reason, Asou-senpai said in a dark voice while patting Asuhain-san on the head.

“Make sure, you always, always, always keep it a secret…I’ll really, really, really, really hate you if you do…”

“If only you would have said that to Senpai himself—ow!?”

“Don’t get carried away, kouhai. I’ll squeeze your tits.”

“Y-You’re already squeezing them!”

Thus, the first sports festival as a student council came to an end.


“Thank you for your hard work…”

I left the student council room alone, and the sky outside the window was turning red.

I always assumed it was summer until just a few days ago, but the days were getting shorter. Time moved so fast, especially since the cultural festival, and I had been trying my best to catch up.

It’s the complete opposite of six months ago when I started living with Mizuto, when every day felt so slow.

I had grown accustomed to this everyday life, and the added catalysts seemed to accelerate my time…

Still, I couldn’t remain dazed. In just a few days, it would be test week, followed by midterms. And then, in just a few more days—

I changed into my loafers at the gate and went to the school gates.

Most of the other students must have left by now. I was the only one walking the path there.

And thus—I immediately noticed.

I noticed a familiar boy standing at the pillar.

“Huh…? Mizuto?”


As I approached, Mizuto pulled his back away from the pillar and approached me.

He had changed from his jersey to his uniform. I guess this suited him better after all.

So I thought as I said to Mizuto who stopped in front of me.

“What are you doing here? Are you waiting for Higashira-san?”

“…Isana left already.”


Then why…?

I tilted my head, and Mizuto hesitantly opened his mouth, looking away in embarrassment.

“…The sports festival continues until we get home.”


Isn’t that a field trip?

I was so tactless to think so, and Mizuto said bluntly.

“You want to…reach the goal together, right?”




—What? This little stepbrother is too cute.

Did he intend to respect my wishes? Or was he just teasing me? Or was he just trying to show his appreciation for my hard work in student council?

I didn’t want to be so carried away, but I assumed I won him over.

There was no doubt that my feelings were conveyed, partially, or in whole.

I was sure we were in the same world.

“…What? Don’t be silent and look all smug. You’re creepy.”

“Hmm~? I guess not though?”

I bent down lightly and looked into Mizuto’s face from below.

I was sure he could handle a little devil mode from me.

“I was just thinking that you’re pretty much a Siscon too…you know?”


“Shall I be your little sister just for today, onii-chan?”

“Stop it. You’re creepy.”



Mizuto said in annoyance, but he didn’t run away.

We walked together, passing the school gate along the way.

There, the finish line tape was yet to be stretched.

Even after returning home, even after this day was over, there won’t be any tape.

But I still want to reach the goal with you.

I don’t know where we have to reach, but I want nobody nobody but you.


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