It’s my eighth time writing this afterword, and there’s pretty much nothing left to write. After all, I do write some supplementary material for reading, but there’s really nothing to explain. This time, I’m writing while thinking ‘let’s have a color illustration of the girls after they just woke up’.

Personally, I wasn’t someone who needed an afterword. I find it pointless to write a few pages of afterword, and in fact, of all my series, Myex is the only series with one. However, after accidentally writing one for the first volume, I ended up having to write for all 8 volumes. Ahhh it’s a hassle. Couldn’t I just tweet about it?

Looking back, my student life was pretty much the same, and it felt like I remained lazy and inert over those sixteen years. Actually, back during middle school or so, I was pretty much sick and tired of school, and when I attended high school, it’s pretty much for gathering novel material. Not much else to say for college and such either.

Now that I think about it, I guess I’m fortunate to have something I could truly dedicate myself to. The price of that is that I can’t remember a single classmate’s name or face now, and I pretty much think it doesn’t matter now, since I’ve been reading and writing novels seriously. I only had this option in mind, so Aisa and Yume’s fears were irrelevant to me.

That said, I think I’ve had a special life. I wouldn’t say anything irresponsible like ‘Don’t be scared of anything, just do it!’, but doing something with sincerity does make things interesting, whether it’s a novel, manga, games, or love. When I look at the characters in Myex, I start to see things that they’re truly mustering their courage for, and I can’t be happier as the author.

But well—this might not coexist with love at the same time.


The next volume, volume nine, would round up the foreshadowing from volume six. What am I talking about? Please read it through again. A mysterious unidentified uncle showed up and disappeared, you know?

The anime production is also proceeding in an orderly manner. As the author, I’m pretty much at the state of showing the ‘beginning’ to everyone. Nobody’s thinking that just seeing Mizuto and Yume’s reunion is a happy ending, right?


And so, this is ‘My Stepsister is my ex volume 8 – It’s time to get serious’ by Kyousuke Kamishiro. In conclusion, the most serious of them all is Isana Higashira.


12 thoughts on “[Motokano V8] Afterword

  1. Really After reading this afterword I feel my heart hot heavy and my heart’s beating got faster, so next volume will be a bit sad that thinking come to my mind… And now I want to read the next volume because I can’t calm down!!! Really this is my first romance novel that I really like that I even search if there is other romance novel like this that will hooked me but can’t find one and now this novel got updated and there’s not even half a day that passed and I already finished it … Hays I just want to voice my feelings really, Really thanks Author and the others for bringing this beautiful novel … Waiting for the next volume…

  2. This novel *was* great at the beginning, but starting from around the time higashira’s appearance, the story took a shit turn and the main couple got put aside, mc becomes a wimp.

    like wtf is “i love yume, but at the same time im charmed by isana.” Im seeing shit tons of NTR flags flying around and im honestly scared.

    Pls author, fix this crap and give us progress, character development is great and all, but pls refrain from overdoing.

    1. Same here, what the fuck is wrong with the author? Adding higashira to the story is the most stupid decision of him

  3. Author’s disingenuity in trying to carry out a sudden Isana ship honestly is a slap to the face of the readers. Particularly when, if you were reading his afterwords for the previous couple of chapters, he alluded to the fact that there wasn’t even a Isana ship sailing… Feel he is going down that disgusting route of creating drama for the sake of drama, just to string readers along. Getting real sick of this shit. Thanks Hellping for your faithful translations, tho.

  4. Vai ter tradução do volume 9????
    traduz por favor …

    Will there be a translation of volume 9????
    translate please …

  5. Agreed.

    At this point, i feel really annoyed at mizuto’s passiveness and higashira’s action (we’re bff but I’m gonna seduce you any chance i got). Like, come on. 🤨

  6. This is just my thought so please no hate… Higashiraa surely is getting on everyone nerves but her character development is surely a lot in too little time and it’s gonna be same for some time but I feel like she’ll out of story after some time… and also next volume is giving me too much complicated thought like I really wanna read but also not ’cause feeling like there is gonna be some major change in story… anyway hoping that Mizuto character development won’t be something disappointing, I’m looking forward mostly to it…

  7. I know I’m a little (cough) late, but here’s my thoughts.

    My main ship is Mizuto x Yume, but it’s really frustrating to watch in every volume as they basically take 1 step forward and 2 steps back. Okay, the author wants a slow burn, and I respect that. I enjoy it. But the back and forth they are doing is getting on my nerves.

    Speaking of getting on my nerves, there’s Isana. She was cute when she was first introduced. Now, despite being turned down, despite knowing how Yume feels, despite supporting Yume, she still throws herself at Mizuto every chance she gets. Of course, he won’t take a stand against her antics and now it’s starting to sound like his feelings for her are taking a turn.

    I do enjoy how Akastuki and Kawanami’s relationship is progressing. They’re a lot different from Yume and Mizuto, different from most romcom couples that I’ve read, and I like how they are both growing. I admit, I was worried about Akatsuki at first. It seems like every girl in this series is obsessed with boobs and every guy is totally aloof (although that is finally starting to change).

    To me, the student council members weren’t necessary. It seems like a way to drag the story out while avoiding the need for the main characters to develop. I don’t really have any strong feelings one way or another about any of them.

    I haven’t read vol. 9 yet, but I’ll make one prediction: this is gonna go the Oreimo route where Mizuto and Isana will start dating, he’ll realize his feelings for his (step)sister are stronger, and they’ll finally get together in the final volume.

    I know a lot of this ramble has been negative, but I still really enjoyed reading this series. It left me with 8 volumes worth of feelings I wanted to get off my chest, after all. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next, even if I get more frustrated.

    Thank you, Ping. Not just for this, but everything you’ve done over the years. I truly appreciate all of your work. Take care of yourself.

  8. Unless the author’s planning on breaking mizuto and yume up, this was just not a good volume.

    Thanks for all the translations Ping! You do an excellent job of making it enjoyable to read and flowing the sentences together so I’m grateful for all the work you put in.

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