Mizuto Irido Encounter with a black cat


I arrived home after chatting with Isana as usual, and I found a black cat dozing off.

Of course, I have never had a pet at home. This cat so happened to have black cat ears, a tail, and an alluring costume; it’s just a human in cosplay.

This situation seemed like the cat was being kept warm by the warmth left behind by its master.

Luckily, I recognized the person whose body was curled up like a fetus, and her long black hair was spread on the bedsheet.

“……What’s she doing……?”

I looked down at my little stepsister’s sleeping face, letting out a dumbfounded sound.

She was wearing a miniskirt, and her chest and stomach were as wide open as a swimsuit. I could practically see her cleavage and panties if I changed my angle slightly.

I closed my eyes at the sight of the white thighs extended from beneath the black skirt hem, and sighed in bewilderment.

What’s going on here?

What am I supposed to do?


Yume Irido Student Council Travel Plans


“By the way, Yume-kun, do you have plans for next month’s consecutive holidays?”

It was October 30th.

Midterms were over, and I was deciding on a birthday present for Mizuto, feeling completely relaxed when President Kurenai asked me.

“Consecutive holidays? Now that you mention it….”

“It’s a three-day holiday from the 21st to the 23rd.”

The president spoke in her usual dignified voice, with cute cat ears on his head.

The moment I entered the student council room today, “Halloween!” Asou-senpai announced as she put these on my head. I didn’t understand what that meant at that moment, but it’s October 30th—the day before Halloween, and in Japan, Halloween has somehow taken on an additional meaning of ‘a cosplay day’.

Asou-senpai, who appeared to have an interest in cosplay, grinned away as she picked up various costumes from the cardboard box and put them on Asuhain-san’s chest. Asuhain-san appeared as though her soul had left her as she remained there, and we were enjoying a brief moment of peace by sacrificing her..

“23rd…that’s Labor Thanksgiving Day.”

I had something important to do on the other holiday in November—the 3rd.

“I don’t really have any plans, why?”

“Actually, I’m planning a little trip.”

“A trip…?”

Not during a long vacation, but a three-day holiday?

“We don’t have any major events in November, and it’s also a chance to get to know the student council better. I have some family connections who can get us a good place to stay over.”

“What do you mean, family connections…?”

What kind of relatives does she have?

“Oh, you don’t know Yumechi?”

Asou-senpai said while putting an outfit with swimsuit-like fabric onto Asuhain-san.

“Suzurin’s family is loaded with money.”


Cute, smart, charismatic, and rich? Did you roll a nat 20 at birth or something?

President Kurenai made a cool, wry smile.

“It’s a troublesome family with lots of restrictions. However, I can do a few things that ordinary students can’t do because of that, like making reservations at a first-class inn in Arima hot springs.”

“Eh, Arima hot springs!?”

Don’t you normally have to make reservations months in advance…?”

“Arima hot springs is in Kobe, right? It’s rather close this time.”

Said Asou-senpai, who was being fiercely resisted by a sullen looking Asuhain-san as she tried to take off the latter’s blouse,

“I guess. It’s an hour’s train ride there. A student’s allowance can get you there and back.”

Kobe’s in Hyogo Prefecture, right? That’s not so far from Kyoto.

“You say this time, so what about the last time?”

“Where did we go last time? Germany?”

“That’s the one we went to with general affairs senpai, right? The student council went to Hokkaido.”

Three high school students went to Germany!? What energy do they have…?

“I didn’t know the student council traveled this much… “

They went on a stayover trip with Haba-senpai and Hoshibe-senpai, and there still wasn’t development—

Immediately, President Kurenai and Asou-senpai stared at me in unison.


“I-it’s nothing…”

If it’s the two of them, there’s no way they would have made any progress on a group trip! Yep! It’s normal! Normal!!

“…A trip, huh…?”

Come to think about it, I didn’t remember going on many trips. Mom was busy and I was a bookworm. The only trips I remembered clearly were, maybe the school trips back in elementary and middle school…?

“21, 22 and 23, right?”

“That’s right. We’ll leave on the 21st and stay for three days and two nights.”

I should go since I’m invited. While I’m away, mom and Mineaki-san can have some couple time together—wait, November 22?

…That’s Good Couples Day.

It could be a blessing in disguise. It’s not often that I can give Mom and Minesaki-san some time off by staying outdoors—and it’s not just me, if I can drag Mizuto out of the house as well.

“…Erm, just to be sure.”

“Hm? What is it?”

“For that trip… can I bring my brother along?”

I asked even though I felt it was shameless of me.

If Mizuto would come along with me, our parents could get some free time.

And more importantly…it’ll be our first trip together since Obon when we went to the countryside.

Of course, I didn’t think I could bring Mizuto along when he had nothing to do with the student council…!

While I put up a precautionary barrier in my heart, President Kurenai smiled.

“Sure, why not!”

And instead of refusing, she clapped her hands as though she had heard of something good, and, and looked at Asou-senpai.

“I was just thinking it’ll be pitiful if Joe is the only boy here. Now that you mention it, Aisa, you should invite Hoshibe-senpai too.”

“What? Me?”

“Who else? He has decided on his college, so he should have lots of time to spare. Yume-kun, you should ask for your brother’s permission. I don’t think he’ll be interested in traveling. Use all your tricks to invite him along.”

“T-tricks, as in…?”

How do I do that?

I gave Asou-senpai a troubled look. If you ask me, there’s no way that Mizuto would join me on a trip with my friends. How do I convince him…?

“There are some good ones right there.”

Saying that, president Kurenai pointed to a cardboard box next to Asou-senpai.

It’s a cardboard box containing all kinds of cosplay outfits.

“If you can’t ask him normally, you’ll just have to do something out of the ordinary, right?”


Yume Irido Honey Trap (Jumping the gun)


…I slowly emerged from my little nap.

Huh? I…fell asleep.

My consciousness was still blurry, and I vaguely remembered what happened right before I slept. I—


The moment I lifted my eyelids, I noticed someone standing next to me.

Mizuto was looking down at me.


I hastily closed my eyes again. At the same time, the memory before I fell asleep returned to me clearly.

Yes…it was the end of October. I was ordered to bring Mizuto along for the student council trip, but it was before my important birthday…so I decided to delay it for the time being..

However, it’s been a week since then, ‘we should finalize the number of people, so you should hurry and invite’. President Kurenai urged me to do so, and I was finally forced to unseal the key item that I had left in my storage over the past week.

In other words—it’s a black cat cosplay costume that’s as revealing as a swimsuit.

If I was only going to show it to Mizuto and the seniors anyway, I wondered if it’s possible to wear more revealing clothes that we weren’t allowed to wear during the school festival, and well, it’s a stroke of luck that I was interested in it.

And before I knew it, I was pressured into wearing this outfit by the seniors ‘we’ll lend this to you, so send us a photo!’ ‘You are free to use it, but you’ll be accused of slacking if you don’t’, and I was cornered with nowhere to retreat.

I didn’t remember telling the seniors that I liked Mizuto. Asou-senpai probably just wanted to see people cosplay, but President Kurenai definitely seems to believe this. Did she figure it out during the culture festival? Or did Haba-senpai, who’s great at observing people, report it first…

Either way, I didn’t have the courage to attack him in this outfit, so I decided to wait and ambush Mizuto after returning from school. Strike when he’s shocked, and then invoke the sibling rule! The plan’s to get him to promise me to go on the trip.

That was the plan…but…

I sat down on Mizuto’s bed and waited for the master of the room to return. I looked down at my outfit, fidgeted, scanned the room for no reason, and then—

I didn’t remember anything after that.

I fell asleep.

Wh-why at this moment…! My small plans were all messed up!

I couldn’t even get up as I had instinctively pretended to be asleep. I missed my chance completely. My eyes remained closed as I sensed Mizuto standing next to me, just looking down at me.

W-What should I do…!? What should I do…!?

I couldn’t open my eyes, and couldn’t see the state of my short skirt. My pantyhose weren’t in a sorry state, but there’s a possibility that the hem’s messy. I-I’m clear, right? My shorts aren’t showing, right? I couldn’t adjust my legs while pretending to be asleep. …!

I couldn’t help but notice my unprotected breasts and buttocks. The thought of Mizuto just staring at me like this was causing a faint, inexplicable dread to beat in my chest.

It felt different to be the one doing this. Seeing and being seen are two different things altogether! Mizuto’s wary and cautious when I look at him, but when he’s looking at me, it’s like he’s basking me with outright desire—

…No, no, no! Don’t chicken out here! I’m not the old me. I’ve been reborn!

It’s true this was an accidental scenario that happened because I was sleeping. I was trying to tempt him with these clothes to begin with though! It’s not me being watched here! It’s me acting like I’m being watched! I’m the one flaunting!

I thought of Higashira-san. That natural succubus let her guard down completely because she’s a friend, and was being an exhibitionist to Mizuto in a way she shouldn’t have to the opposite sex.

I was going to recreate that.

I should act defenseless and seduce him …and if he reached his hand out, there! Pin him at that moment, and get him to say that he’ll join me on the trip!

Copernican turn. Columbus’ egg. The Gordian knot.

Yume Irido of today is the one who can pull off this comeback!


I groaned in my sleep, and turned my body from my side to my back.

He’ll strike the moment I turn over! From my experience of observing Higashira-san, I knew that this gesture was frighteningly sexy.

And, having tried it myself for the first time—I know exactly why.


The moment I rolled my body, I felt an impact.

I knew that my breasts…were shaking softly.

Aww, woah, aahhhhh!!

He-he’s looking…! He’s definitely looking! He’s looking at me! I know I was definitely watching whenever I saw Higashira-san’s boobies bounce!!

It’s bad enough that my arms were to the side of my head, exposing my body defenselessly. It’s not that I felt like I was being watched. I just felt like I was on display while the bulge of my chest was exposed completely to the ceiling.

And furthermore, as I turned over, I couldn’t see the state of my skirt anymore.

Was my hem messy? Were my legs spread too wide? But if I closed my thighs too tightly, he’d know I was awake…! Uuu, maybe my shorts were showing…! I was sure I wasn’t wearing anything lame today…—Maybe a little bit of that should be fine…?

This is when my head started to spin.

Droop, and,

He poked my bare thigh with his finger.

Eh…? Eh?Ehhh!?

He-he touched!? That Mizuto!? It’s that Mizuto after all! I thought this would end up uneventful! 

Was it because I was asleep? He’s usually so aloof and disinterested whenever he’s awake, but when he’s not seen, he transforms into a beast!? C-coward! Mu-Muttsurini! Useless!

The springs of the bed creaked.

Mizuto put his knees on the bed. And then, he put his hand on my flank.

Eh? What are you doing …? What are you doing!!?

The sound of the intimate breath approached my body. It started from my stomach and slowly approached my face. Hot breath was being blown over my chest, and onto my exposed collarbone.

Ah, …! Ah-ah…! It’s ticklish, itchy, dizzying—

“—I’m not ready—!”

I was at my limit.

And once I realized that, I shoved aside the shoulder that was atop of my body away, getting up with a jolt.

I-I wasn’t prepared for lots of things! He might be my ex, but I think there’s a certain order we should follow! It’s scary to let my lust overwhelm me, but—!

“—Ah, did I wake you up?”

“…… Eh?”

There was a girl’s voice before my eyes.

That’s the one who grabbed my shoulder, whom I shoved away.

I stared at the face before me, and opened my mouth, dumbfounded,


“Yes. Pardon my intrusion.”

Isana Higashira greeted me in a matter-of-fact manner.


Mizuto Irido Condition for going together


I said that I arrived home after chatting with Isana, but I didn’t say that Isana and I returned to our homes.

Somehow, she just happened to drop by at my place. Thus, Isana Higashira was standing right to me when I found the black cat sleeping on my bed.

And so, with her curiosity overriding everything else, and without asking for permission, she naturally began to poke at the thighs and put her face close to Yume’s chest.

“Well~ I’ve been thinking that the skin of a a cosplaying high school girl is super erotic~.”

“Why don’t you ever show restraint in such situations?”

I couldn’t even react to what I had just seen because she just did that without hesitation. I had a firsthand expression that’s sometimes encountered in mystery novels~ ‘just stand around and you won’t be noticed’.


But really..

It’s insanely Isana that she’s just staring at someone’s body without a care in the world, but it’s just as insane, if not more so, that someone’s sleeping on someone else’s bed in that someone’s room while dressed as a black cat..

“What are you doing sleeping in this room, Kuroneko-chan?”

“Ku, don’t call me Kuroneko-chan…”

Yume sat on my bed in a girlish manner, pulling down the hem of her miniskirt. Jiii, Isana just stared at this gesture with a blank expression. She didn’t show it on her face, but she seemed to be very horny.

“T-there’s something I want to invite you out to…”

“Huh? Then why the dress-up?”

“I just went with the flow! The president told me to invite you this way!”

President? As in her…? Speaking of which, when we presented our plans for the culture festival, she showed up in cosplay. So she likes cosplay?

If it’s the suggestion of that genius girl senpai, then something about this completely inexplicable action made sense…Yes, that’s…


She was told by her boss, but she tried to ask me while dressed in such skimpy clothes—what’s going on? To be honest, I couldn’t fathom her thought process.

Yume glanced up at my face and said,

“…Will you join me on this trip?”


“The president’s planning a trip to Kobe for the holidays starting on the 21st! You know, since November 22nd is called ‘Good Couple Day’, right? So I thought that if I brought you along on the trip, we could give our parents some alone time… “

It took me a few seconds to understand the very articulate explanation.

November 22nd. Good Couple day. Speaking of which, I remembered there being such a thing . I guess it’s an act of filial piety to give those two some alone time as a present..

But…, in that case, couldn’t I just stay over at Kawanami’s place while Yume’s on her trip?

If Kurenai-senpai was planning this trip, then it should be with the student council members, so wouldn’t I be a hindrance?

Yume was staring up at my face, waiting for my reply, and as I looked back at her, I clammed up for the time being..

I dare say that the reason why she invited me to join her…well, there’s a lot of convenient ways to interpret this….

“Kobe? What’s in Kobe? Cows?”

While we were both strangely nervous, Isana nodded her head nonchalantly.

Erm, so Yume looked up as she racked her memory.

“The president said she can get a hotel in Arima hot springs.”

“Arima hot springs! I’ve heard of that!”

“Sounds like it’s the right season to go with the red leaves there.”

“Heeeehhh~. By the way, where is Kobe Prefecture again? Is it far away?”

“…Kobe isn’t a prefecture.”

“It’s in Hyogo Prefecture, Higashira-san…”

“What? Is it?”

Our school’s a proper preparatory school. Earth to Isana, you there? You’re a student here.

Isana’s ignorance of the world out there wasn’t something new to me, but if she doesn’t learn some common sense, it’ll be really embarrassing if she somehow has to publish her work—

“I see. That’s how it is…”

As I muttered to myself, “What’s wrong?” Yume turned to me and asked,

I wasn’t particularly interested about a trip to Kobe—but this might be a good idea.

“As for the trip… just one condition.”

“Eh? W-What …?”

I pointed at Isana and said,

“I’ll go with you if you bring this one here along.”



Yume and Isana both blinked in unison.


Aisa Asou Even if I have to shed this little devil self


“Welcome home, master♪.”

The moment senpai opened the door to the student council room, I went over to greet him while looking up.

Senpai’s 187cm tall, was at least 20cm taller than me as he looked down at me, frowning suspiciously. Oya oya, you’re acting like you’re seeing something suspicious. It’s okay to get a little more excited, you know?

I’ve given Yumechi the royal cat ears cosplay, so I decided to pull off a curveball.

It’s a Chinese maid cosplay, a combination of a Chinese dress and a maid outfit.

The Chinese style and the fluffy maid uniform combination was cute, and it’s my favorite costume. It’s a little difficult to create the cleavage because it’s designed with a gap at the chest, but that’s a piece of cake for me.

Senpai continued to frown as he remained silent, and I went on the offensive.

“Now now, come in, master. I shall serve you some tea now.”

“…Oi, is this one of those situations that doesn’t end until I stick it in or something?”

“Stick it in…not before the sun goes down, master?”

Nope, senpai turned around, let out a sigh, and sat down at the reception sofa.

I walked over to the shelf by the wall and quickly prepared the tea. Senpai stared at my back while holding his face up with his hand, his elbow on the backrest.

“You know, Asou~, I’ll apologize for not being a serious president, but stop messing around in the student council room. There’s a code of conduct, you know.”

“Aisa’s not messing around, senpai? Aisa is very serious!”

The hem of my skirt fluttered as I put a cup of green tea before senpai. While doing so, I didn’t forget to bend forward slightly and show a bit of my cleavage. But those words were typical of senpai, whom I hadn’t conquered for a year and hadn’t won over me for a year. He picked up the teacup without looking at me.

As senpai sipped his tea, I sat down next to him. I also gently touched his knee, but he didn’t bat an eyebrow. He’s a tough cookie.

But I’m not going to back down today just before this. After all, I have a mission to get senpai to join the Kobe trip today!

“By the way, senpai, have you encountered anything interesting lately?”

“Ah~? Nope, not really. The guys in class are in exam mode, and I’ll just be a hindrance if I remain there. I know it’s something to be expected, but I just felt like I was being left out.”

“So that’s why you’re particularly caring about the student council you’ve retired from? Aren’t you quite scared of being lonely, senpai♪?”

“Shut up. I don’t want to hear it from you, Asou.”

“Eh~? What not? Yoo yooo?”


After I giggled, senpai let out a little snort. He looked as though he’s really unwilling, but he’s still willing to accompany me. It’s not completely effective, but this unwilling reaction was something I had gotten used to.

It’s already November… there’s only four more months until he graduates…

Deducting the free school attendance period, it’s actually shorter.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized there’s no time. Senpai’s great at taking care of people, and would definitely make lots of friends in college. He’d soon forget about this annoying clingy kouhai of his…

…I hate it.

I didn’t really like senpai… but I hate it…

Maybe it’s Suzurin giving me a chance. Or maybe it’s just that genius girl leaving aside her own matters while nagging me like a mother in a countryside, showing her merciful side.

Now I had to do something with this.

Maybe she’s acting all uppity and giving me this opportunity—now that pissed me off for some reason.

Whatever it was, I wasn’t going to let him graduate like this.

Because, well, I felt like it’s just him winning and running away…just once, just once—I wanted him to look at me seriously.

I wanted his eyes, lacking in motivation, to look at me.

“—Now then, playtime’s over.”

In that case, same for.

No jokes, no teasing, no bluffs—

I guess it’s better to be upfront.

“Senpai, actually— “

—I want you to go on a trip with me.

That’s what I wanted to say.

I wanted a change of heart so that I could ask him straightforwardly and seriously.

But—aaah—! I couldn’t do that out of a sudden! I always joked around with him! I couldn’t get serious immediately!

“Ah? Actually… what?”

Senpai frowned as he stared at my face.

“…Eh, actually…yeah, actually! I pulled something good in the gacha yesterday!”

“I heard about it. You uploaded a few pictures onto Discord.”

“Ah…y-yeah, that’s right. Erm…ah yes! Patch notes for Apex just came out, right? Let’s play BR once it updates, alright!?”

“I don’t mind, but is there a need to cosplay before saying that?”


Wh-whatdoIdowhatdoIdo!? The more I try to bluff him, the further I get from what I wanted to say—!

The panic alarm in my mind started to blare, and senpai finished off the tea, sighed, and said,

“It’s about the trip, right?”


I looked up at him in surprise, and he put the cup down on the table before saying.

“There’s that student council handoff and work and such, so I guess she hadn’t had the time to do this. Kurenai likes to go on trips, so I thought she’d come up with such stuff soon…and besides.”

He glanced aside at me and suddenly smiled,

“When you look for me like this, you most probably got some request to me. Well, you tried to come up with some smart idea to invite me, but it’s pointless when you’re just beating around the bush. You don’t have the talent for that, so just fess up.”

Or, he said,.

Senpai showed a more mischievous smirk than I did as he looked down at me.

“Are you that scared to invite me out on a trip? Noob.”

“Noo…! What do you mean, noob!? I’m not scared at all!”

Of course I was scared.

Maybe senpai will be gone soon.

Maybe there wouldn’t be a chance to fail.

Obviously I’d be scared to think about it.

… But still.

“I’m not…scared.”

That’s why.

I leaned forward so that I could put my weight onto the hand that was on senpai’s lap.

And with earnesty,

I stared at senpai’s eyes up close.


Don’t make me a mere memory of your high school days.

“I want to go on a trip—together with you.”


Yume Irido A way to not let her feel lonely


“Eh, a trip to Kobe?”

Akatsuki-san immediately moved away the anpan she was about to munch into as she widened her eyes.

“Yes, President Kurenai invited me…so I can’t join you during that long vacation. Sorry.”

I clapped my hands together, “I see~” Maki leaned over as she put her elbows on the table.

“Well, can’t do anything if you have plans with them already. Speaking of which, I see that you’re getting along well with the student council members, Irido-san.”

“You get to travel with them.”

Nasuka-san nibbled at her own bento at her own pace.

“Irido-chan, are you alright? You’re quite the shy person, and Minami-chan has been worried about you~.”

“Eh? Really…? A-anyway, do people think I’m the shy type~??”

“You obviously do~?”

“You obviously do, you know?”

B-busted…? Then the impression I tried to protect since school started was…?

“Isn’t that right, Akki?”

“Eh?…Ah, yes yes! That’s right!”

Akatsuki-san finally took a bite out of her anpan, chewing it like a squirrel.

“But like, the student council really feels uptight, but after chatting with them during the sports festival, they’re unexpectedly friendly~. I even got along with them!”

“That’s because you’re very sociable, Akki.”

“Get along, as in with everyone?”

“All the girls, I guess~”

Eh? I knew she met Asou-senpai and Asuhain-san, but President Kurenai?

Wh-When did that happen…? Akatsuki-san’s friendliness was way beyond my imagination.”

“I do send a few messages on LINE~. Asuhain-san doesn’t really reply though.”

That alone was enough for her to say that she ‘got along well with them’. That’s some strong  social skills. Akatsuki-san chowed down her anpan and said,

“I’m looking forward to your souvenirs, Yume-chan! This trip planned by the president sounds amazing!”

“Yeah. I’ll try not to forget.”

Akatsuki-san’s expression was cheerful as usual.

But I knew. Akatsuki-san’s so cheerful, could be friends with anyone, and whose phone never stopped ringing, was actually more terrified of being lonely compared to anyone else..

…Now that I mentioned it, it’s been a while since I hung out with Akatsuki-san.

Of course, the student council’s important, but Akatsuki-san’s just as important, if not more so.


“It seems you managed to invite someone.”

It was after school, and everyone was gathered in the student council room as President Kurenai looked at me and Asou-senpai and said.

“It took more time than I expected, but it’s still acceptable. It’s fine to have an additional member this time, Yume-kun. After all, it is pitiful if he’s the only one.”

“Thank you very much.”

President Kurenai readily agreed to Higashira-san’s participation. However, Mizuto requested that Higashira-san join us not because ‘he didn’t have anyone to talk to’.

It seemed that Higashira-san had been drawing illustrations seriously.

She used to draw light novel covers and insert illustrations, and though it’s mostly characters, she started branching out into backgrounds as well, and it seemed she’s been looking for material on the internet.

However, there’s a limit to what she could do. She couldn’t really draw unusual scenes with moods and it’s hard for her to just imagine in her mind. That’s because the Higashiras basically had indoor hobbies, and hardly went on trips.

Or so Mizuto mentioned.

And that’s when my invitation came in—it’s recent, but it seemed that a hot springs trip might be an unusual scene, and Mizuto thought it might be good inspiration for Higashira-san.

…What’s with him? Is he Higashira-san’s editor or something?

Well, that’s fine though. It’s not like it’s just the two of us on a trip though! But speaking of which, It feels like he’s acting with Higashira-san all the time…What should I do…?

“Somehow, it feels like you’re being uppity.”

Asou-senpai said to President Kurenai in seemingly protest,

“Have you invited him out, Suzurin? Joe-kun. Cosplay!”

“Do I have to invite him? Wherever I am, Joe is.”

…That’s unfair…

Asou-senpai and I pouted together. Haba-senpai, being present, was in the background as usual, seriously going about his student council business.

“Now then, that makes 8 of us—”

“Eh? Wait a minute.

Calling out at that moment was Asuhain-san, who had been working at the computer without a care in the world,

“Eight people…does that include me, by any chance?”

“Hmm? Of course you are…are you not free?”

“No-no…it-it’s a very, appealing thought to be, traveling with you, president…”

After she stammered, Asuhain-san glanced at Haba-senpai, seemingly concerned,

“…If it’s with boys, to be honest, that’s a little, well. I’m sorry, I don’t want to participate…”


Asou-senpai suddenly interrupted and hugged Asuhain-san.

“You’re going too, Ranran! Otherwise it’ll be boring there.”

“… No, senpai. Even if you say that.”

“Let’s go to the hot springs together~! Let’s bathe together! Let me see those boobies~!”

“Please don’t be so honest about your lust, alright? Haba-senpai is here too!”

As one could see, the student council was a space filled with mostly girls. There might be mention of stuff that’s tough for guys to talk about, but Haba-senpai never looked uncomfortable. He got the aura of a war hardened veteran.

“Besides, Suzurin’s paying, you know!? You’ll lose out on that!? You really love Suzurin’s plans, right~?”

“B-but…I heard there’s a boy outside the student council who’s joining…”

“It’s fine! He’s Yumechi’s brother. He’s not flirty! Right?”

“Ehh, sorta. If he tries to mess with you, Asuhain-san, I’ll take full responsibility.”

Given the example of Higashira-san, I couldn’t say it’s completely impossible. Asuhain-san probably viewed Mizuto as a rival for the top student of the year—there are times when that rivalry spirit turned around though…the more I thought about it, the more I felt like this was how I first noticed Mizuto. It’s just scary!

“You see, Yumechi said so, didn’t she?”

“No, but, he’s a boy, right? Going on a trip with a boy—”

“(—You can be with Suzurin all day, you know?)”

Asou-senpai cupped her mouth at Asuhain-san’s ear and whispered like the devil

“(You’ll be with her all day long? You get to see the sleepy faces in the morning, or the tired faces at night, you know? Nobody else gets to see them, you know?)”

“Uu…I-I don’t have such evil intentions—”

(Don’t you want to wash Suzurin’s back?)


Asuhain-san groaned in agony like a demon possessed person being purified by an exorcist.

I too understood Asuhain-san’s feelings for President Kurenai, or rather, they were already beyond respect, to the point of worship. Actually, the notion of wanting to approach something one loves isn’t just limited to romance.

“(Don’t regret this~…you’ll be left alone for three days straight…ah, you could have enjoyed the hot springs along with Suzurin, so…)”

“—Okay okay! I get it! I get it! I’ll go, alright!?”


Why was Asou-senpai so good at stirring up other people’s desires…

” Then, I suppose Ran-kun will be joining us.”

President Kurenai, who might have heard the devil’s whisper earlier, summarized without hesitation.

“Once again, there are now eight participants. Five girls and three boys…and there’s something I’ll like to discuss.”


“Actually, I booked a room for six people and four respectively. If possible, it’ll be perfect if we can invite another boy and girl—”

Two more people. One boy and one girl.

If we’re to add to the current members, it’d be best if the people are trustworthy. Best case scenario, someone who’s familiar with the president and the others, and someone who wouldn’t ruin the mood at the first meeting…

In my mind were the faces of my best friend and her childhood friend.

Those two would fit the bill perfectly.

If there’s one problem—

“…? What is it, Irido-san? Sorry, but I can’t help here.”

If there’s one problem, it’s that Asuhain-san seemed to dislike frivolous guys.

Ah whatever.

“President, I have an idea—”


Akatsuki Minami Atoning Clown


Don’t get me wrong, it’s just that Yume-chan told me to ask him out!


A tsundere.

Anyone could tell I was being a tsundere.

“Ahhh~… what should I do~…?”

I hugged my pillow to my chest and rolled around on my bed.

Yume-chan invited me to a trip organized by the student council president.

The fact made me happy. I thought that I was left behind by her, so I was happier. I answered yes without a second thought.

However, the problem was the condition Yume-chan gave.

—There’s room for one more in the boys’ room. Please invite Kawanami-kun.

Even through the phone, I could tell..

Yume-chan was definitely up to something back then.

It felt like Yume-chan had been having weird thoughts about my relationship with Kawanami! It’s not that kind of relationship! It’s weird and negative! Don’t rile us up just for your own interests! I was the one causing him trouble the entire time! Well, she’s cute for having such interest in love gossip though!.


How should I ask him out?

A normal invitation definitely wouldn’t work. As to why, it’s because that guy’s overly egoistic—if I ask him out on a trip, he’d definitely misunderstand and lead to his love allergy.

That guy gets stuff like rashes and vomiting whenever he notices that someone else likes him. I’m the only one who knows of his troublesome constitution.

The real problem was that even if that person doesn’t have such feelings, it’s all over if he felt that way.

…Well, if it’s not me, maybe there wouldn’t be any problems, right?

As for me—I used to have such feelings for him, and then, busted.

On a side note, so did the time when I showed how heartbroken I was like an idiot.

Because it just seemed possible. It seemed there was a chance.

Of course, what about from his point of view?

“What should I do~?”

It’d be nice to have someone to solve my problems while I’m rolling around like this.

There wasn’t time to hesitate. Please invite him by today if possible, that’s what Yume-chan told me.

But say, if a girl invites a guy out on a trip, doesn’t it usually feel like there’s an ulterior motive? And it’s a hot spring, right? How did Yume-chan invite Irido-kun?

Was I thinking too much? Anyway, it’s not just the two of us, There’s Irido–kun, Higashira-san and so on, some familiar members. I might be the one looking like I got an ulterior motive if I asked him out pretentious—


My phone buzzed, and I picked it up on instinct.

“Have you eaten?”

I froze up.

It was Kawanami.

“If you haven’t eaten, let’s go to a family restaurant.”

I paused for a moment, but his message was tagged as ‘read’. I had to hurry, and naturally so that he wouldn’t get suspicious.

“That again~? Aren’t you sick of it?

“I’ll consider if you cook a homemade meal for me.”

Seriously, this guy? Even with that constitution, he’s still saying such stuff?

Alright, let’s fight. I tapped my counterattack message.

“I don’t care if you get a tummyache♪.”

“Oh really?”

He then added a ‘vomit’ emoji, and I pouted. I could act as a good girl easily if I wanted to.

Speaking of which, this guy’s capable of such little jokes? Well, if he can’t, daily life’s a problem for him.

“……Ah, yeah.”

Let’s just treat it as a joke.


“Hey there~♪.”


Kawanami was supposed to meet me at the entrance of our apartment building, and he turned around, only to look like he saw some exotic animal.

At this point, I was completely transformed.

I was wearing a very frilly blouse with a skirt I hardly wore. My hair was loose and down instead of being in a ponytail. I was wearing round loafers that showed my feminine power to max effect. Well, head to toe, I was a mass of ‘girl power’ that I wasn’t afraid to show off.

Kawanami froze for a moment, and cautiously asked,

“Are you…that much of a sore loser…?”

“Does it suit me?”

I ignored him and closed in on him while giving him a hollow stare..

“Does. It. Suit. Me?”

“Yeah…looks good on you. Given your height, clothes that lolicons like might suit you after all.”


I kill you~?

I’m cosplaying as an ‘innocent freshman that people want to bring back home from a college bash party’, you know~?

Without showing the suppressed murderous intent, I skipped cutely as I went by Kawanami’s side.

“Then, let’s go~”

“You’re continuing with that!? And anyway, what’s with you dragging the end of your words? That’s too detailed of you!”

“”(The feeling is important. Right?)”

“Don’t whisper!”

I made sure not to lean over while maintaining a distance where we could feel each other’s warmth, and went towards a family restaurant together.


He wouldn’t take me seriously if I remained in this mode. It should be easier for me to talk about the trip then. I’m a genius!

We entered the family restaurant we usually visited, and were seated by the staff. I naturally sat next to the wall, “hmm” and nodded away as I took the menu in my hand.

“Let’s have baked tender chicken and cheese.”

“That’s not what a girl dressed like that would eat.”

“Ehhh~? Cheese isn’t cute~”

“You’re thinking that saying ‘cute’ makes you cute now, right~? “


Well, it’s fine as long as he only figured out a little. Kawanami ordered burger steak and rice while I fiddled with my phone.

I kept browsing through the unread messages while replying to group chats. According to Yume-chan, it’s a ‘miracle’ that I can talk to so many people as I do, but that’s just a routine for me. Actually, for me, I’d just feel restless if there’s nothing to talk about, and it’s natural to pick up the phone and chat.

Kawanami was seated in front of me, being the same as he sipped a cold drink and scrolled his phone. He used to have a completely different personality back in elementary school. Environment’s a very powerful thing.

Whenever I was with Yume-chan and the others, I wouldn’t stop talking even when I’m on my phone. I didn’t want to waste a single second.

But with him, there’s more silence, and we wouldn’t feel awkward. It’s a matter of fact to us.

It’s like a couple that’s about to break up …or a family.

It suddenly occurred to me. If we wanted to do as we wanted, why did we need to eat together? We didn’t need to contact each other, and didn’t need to wait. Couldn’t we have gone to the restaurant alone? So why were we just sitting at the same table so naturally?

The old reason was that we’re neighbors.

And the reason after that was that we’re lovers.

And now?

Our relationship as childhood friends ended with our breakup. We’re ex-childhood friends and ex-lovers…in other words, our former relationship was just a remnant.

Just as the cicada shells are scattered around in Fall, our relationship’s empty.

The analogy might be overkill, so I thought.

Speaking of which, when would cicada shells disappear?

It’s already November—

“I should get my winter clothes out soon.”

Kawanami said to himself as he looked at his phone.

“It’s ridiculously cold out there. I want to enter a bath.”

The afterimage wouldn’t last forever.

There’d only be scars left behind. The scars that I left on him.

I don’t have the thick face to be happy about that anymore.

All the brazen joy I used to have was long gone.

Actually, it’s not like I wanted to go back to how it was before, or that I wanted to move forward.

I just wanted to atone—so I thought

“—In that case.”

I didn’t know how to do it.

But just dawdling on the spot was definitely a no-go.

“Do you want to go to the Hot springs with me?”

Kawanami stared at my face and gave a sarcastic looking sneer.


I could continue to play the clown just for that purpose.


Yume Irido Self question


“Yume-chan! About that, we’re okay!”

Akatsuki-san reported this to me in school, and I clapped my hands together happily.

“You asked him out! As expected of you, Akatsuki-san, you work fast!”

“It’s just asking him out, I don’t need that much time~”


That’s right.

It didn’t need that much time, or a cosplay.

“But it’s quite a large group, isn’t it?”

Akatsuki-san folded her fingers as she said,

“There’s ten of us in total, right? Feels like a school trip already.”

“Yeah. The president said that it’s difficult for us to move together, so we’ll split once we get there… Do I need to give you two some alone time?”

“That’s my line!”

I said that while intending to tease her, “But,” Akatsuki-san glanced aside as she answered,

“If possible—please do.”

She was looking at Kawanami-kun, who was talking to Mizuto.

I suddenly realized.



The smile on Akatsuki-san’s face looked somewhat mature.

“I might—get a little serious this time.”

I didn’t ask her directly this time.

Maybe Akatsuki-san wasn’t thinking about that at all.

But I naturally thought about it.

—Could I ever face this seriously?

Unconsciously, I touch my lips.

Back at a quiet shrine, with the fireworks shining on us, our lips touched when I acted with determination.

Could I get serious as well?

And if I got serious—how far could I go?

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