Novel Review – I’m a Royal Tutor in My Sister’s Dress

Series: Dress na Boku ga Yangotonaki Katagata no Katei Kyoushi-sama na Kudan

Series review by 恋愛_ing

Genre: comedy, harem, parody, Hideyoshi

Background rant

Yeah, I listed Hideyoshi as a genre. It’s the central theme of this story.

You know that I did a review for Kyuuketsuki, something that was more serious and dramatic?

This one is the complete opposite from the same author.

Apparently, during her college days, Mizuki Nomura wrote this story when she was bored. This story is currently edited and published, but honestly, I wonder what happened to her marbles.

Also, did I say that I have a murderous vendetta against lolis?

Why am I doing this review when the lead heroine’s a 9-year-old loli?


Anyway, as I noted on BT back then, our readers are mostly lolicons and trap lovers, given that the two most liked posts are one of AnchoR, and one of Hideyoshi (in a sailor girls uniform, of course).

This series is definitely going to cater to both groups.

There is no real underlying plot going on for a few volumes. In fact, the story is pretty episodic per chapter, inching closer to finding Glinda. Unfortunately for Prince RyuZU (okay, different spelling, whatever), it appears that the habit of crossdressing is infectious.


In a land far far away, an ordinary boy called Sherlock Doyle is forced to dress as his genius twin sister, Glinda by a diplomat, and was whisked off to a land called Ehren. The twin (older) sister, Glinda, went missing two days before this very day when she was to be a royal tutor for the children of the Ehren royal family.

Of course, ‘she’, posing as Glinda, has to maintain her guise, surprisingly well if not for an encounter in the bath with the eldest daughter of the royal family, the 9-year-old loli prodigy Seira Silvin. Most of the story is working on the issues Seria has, the comically serious crown prince and eldest of the family, the 11-year old shota Ryuzu Han Heist who loves ‘Glinda’ romantically, not knowing that the tutor he loves so dearly is a male, the other kids of the royal family, two twin girls and a baby boy, ‘Glinda’ closest friend, fujoshi maid and big breasted Annis who later develops a crush on ‘Sherlock’…it’s complicated, the haughty, Gilgamesh-like Gilma with a nonexistent usefulness wanting ‘Glinda’ for himself like how the King of Heroes wanted the King of Knights to
himself…and of course, looking for Glinda.

To put it bluntly, there’s never a dull day for Glinda, and ‘she’s always trolled by everyone else. Well, poor dude’s always a deer in the headlights.


^Mikorin best girl…wait, wrong series^


Sherlock Doyle

Yeah yeah, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle must be rolling in his grave…

If there’s an outstanding example of a harem lead in a Mizuki Nomura story, this is it…until an upcoming series that is specifically stated to be a harem.

Sherlock Doyle is the twin brother of Glinda Doyle (oh Good Witch of the South, how I miss you), He’s everything the twin sister is not, timid, tentative, dull-witted compared to his twin sister. If I have to say, it’s Hideyoshi compared to its twin sister Yuuko. Left in the newly established kingdom of Ehren, he’s pretty much adored by the kids, harassed, trolled by almost everyone else. People still do like traps after all, I suppose.

Little by little, he’s forced to be independent, to fend for himself without Glinda around to help him. In fact, he had been overly reliant on Glinda back then for pretty much everything, until he ends up in Ehren…and most of the time, he ends up relying on Seira for help anyway. This…trap is hopeless.

Seira Silvin

You hear it first, this is a 9-year-old loli as the lead heroine.

…and to top it off, she has the personality of Kirishima Shouko.

The prodigy girl who has no common sense whenever her tutor, or whatever-to-be, is involved. She’s said to be a genius on equal levels with Glinda, and she really is studious, capable of correcting her tutor over and over again (not like it’s hard to do).

She gets clingy whenever other girls…and even guys get too close to Sherlock, and given that this is a different country, there are some political events happening, like visits from foreign kings (one revealed to be a queen anyway). You can say that she’s devoted to Sherlock, but whenever she has one of those yandere moments, it includes potentially poisoning or sedating others. This girl is scary, no doubt about it.


^Just a daily interaction between the ‘boy’ and the loli^

Personal Opinion

You know, I don’t like to swear, I really don’t. But what in Tortuous’ name is this!?

I’m just eating one wild boar after another, and I still have no idea what in the world is going on.

There’s a lot of gender jokes in this story, basically what happens when you put a trap as the protagonist of the story. It’s a miracle that the secret is mostly intact 7 volumes in. Sherlock the trap master gets confessions from both guys and girls it’s not even funny. At one point, ‘she’ was confessed to by a girl who mistook ‘her’ for a girl. Cue the flying pigs.

Again, I feel like I’m eating junk food when I read this series. Deep fried fish skin chips. Normally, this would be a good guilty pleasure to many, but to me, I’m more interested in seeing how this series will continue because of how ridiculous the stories can be. While there are sweet, touching moments, it can obviously be inferred that Glinda has romantic feelings for Sherlock (again, cue the pigs), even sabotaging potential dates Sherlock could have just to have him for herself.

Why do I always read the weird series?

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