Novel Review – Kamisu Reina


Series: Kamisu Reina

Series review by 恋愛_ing

Genre: Horror, psychological, anthology

(Extended) Background rambling

If you haven’t realized, I’m kinda an eiji person.

Given that the past votes results are basically fan favorites rather than anything niche, I thought I should go about doing something different.

Cue Eusth.

I sent a message to him, asking him about anything to review (except for HakoMari, because it’s HakoMari).

To quote:

Kamisu Reina might be interesting, since it’s nor well known and by Mikage, but it’s certainly not something that can easily be recommended..

Well, this being me, I don’t care. My reply to him was basically:

“I used to be the guy delivering depressing stuff in Black Bullet lol.”

And the conversation ended off with:

( ´,_ゝ`)クックック・・・( ´∀`)フハハハハ・・・(  ゚∀゚)ハァーハッハッハッハ!!

Given that the series is too short, I will not be probably a character analysis. (I prefer to do so for series longer than 3 volumes to get a feel for the characters. After all, if the characters are going to die in one chapter, there isn’t much analysis to be done, is there?)

And so, I’m doing this review with the intent of mentally torturing any reader. Readers beware.

While my previous review of Black Bullet is a little cheerful because there are some (sociopathic) comedic elements, you can erase all sorts of feelings other than gloom and doom.

From the author of HakoMari, I present to you, Kamisu Reina wa koko ni iru (Boku wa doushite koko ni iru?):


Kamisu Reina is a mysterious entity.

People do turn to her, but it is impossible to completely define who she is.

Some might consider her a friend, like Fumi Saito did.

A loner at school, she thought of Kamisu Reina as her only friend, to her own detriment.

Some might consider her a murderer, like Atushi Kogure.

His family supposedly murdered by Kamisu Reina, he remains vengeful as a result, again to his own detriment.

Some might consider her a savior, like Shizuka Wakui

Desperately looking for a purpose in life, she wanted power to fight humanoid energies.

Some might consider her a replacement, like Kazuaki (I hate this name) Toyohisa.

Having just lost his girlfriend, he found Kamisu Reina to be an uncanny resembling figure to her.

But in the end, who is she?

All we know is that she appears to those who really desire for her.

Simply put, there are deaths involved. More than that, there is despair.

Personal Opnions

How many times did I mention that I wanted to do horror stories?

Eusth keeps beating me to the punch for these series.

If you’ve read HakoMari, you should be able to pick up several elements in this series. Emotive, it shows the sweet despair of any of the characters not named Kamisu Reina. (well, and another one)

Funny how something as normal as a high school takes a darker turn with supernatural elements involved, isn’t it?

Well, in terms of the horror elements alone, it is more subtle as compared to say, GOTH (back when it was on BT 8 years ago. Hey, the site’s that old) or Another. The horror lies psychologically, and not what can be seen, though when you die, nobody cares how much you’re butchered anyway. When you die, you die.

The thing that stands out in this story is mostly the negative emotions the readers will feel reading this series. The story does not pretend to have a happy ending, and the best case the stories gives is emptiness. Death is the great equalizer, they say.

Do note that I chose not to include any illustrations other than the cover page. That’s to reflect how the characters have the colors faded from their lives.

Taste wise, given how much luster was lost from most of the lives of the named characters, I would say it tastes plain, like bread. Sometimes there may be some damp saltiness in the bread, but that is because of the tears that may fall from your eyes as you read it. Since almost every chapter ends up like the Little Match Girl, this story is definitely not for the faint-hearted.

As for me? I’m already negative.

4 Replies to “Novel Review – Kamisu Reina”

  1. Hv u read both volumes????? Man it is awesome!!!!!!!!!!

    I read it about 6 months ago but it still one of my favs

    can u plzzz recommenendme sone other LN like that
    Also can u tell me is there any other LN translated by Eiji Mikage apart from hakomari

  2. While reading this, I actually forgot this was in the horror genre. Well, to be fair, I never knew it was. I never even thought once that this was similar to horror. Not even psychological horror. I didn’t feel terrified, scared or even disturbed. The fault might not actually lie with the story for that, though. The novel fell perfectly in line with me, so there’s no way it would disturb me. It’s probably more accurate to say that I’m the disturbed one. In the same way you wouldn’t feel disturbed from reading a rather uneventful novel about high school girls doing high school-related things, Kamisu Reina didn’t once disturb me. I’m not sure that’s something to really be bragging about, though.

    I loved Kamisu Reina; it was a really, really interesting read. Eiji Mikage doesn’t disappoint at all!

    1. As a reader myself, I would consider this more of a supernatural tragedy, not really a full-blown horror.

      Of course, given that one of my proposed new series would be B.A.D., Kamisu Reina doesn’t seem scary.

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