Novel Review – The Circumstances Leading to Waltraute’s Marriage

Series: The Circumstances Leading to Waltraute’s Marriage


Series review by 恋愛_ing

Genre: Comedy, one-shot, Norse Mythology, Parody.

Background rant.

Well, this is a one-shot, so a lot of stuff will be kinda of a spoiler.

Index was the series when I first made my mark on this circle…that was 6 years ago. Back in those days, Haruhi departed for the stars, never to return. Spice and Wolf, Bungaku Shouko were taken down, and the only major series keeping the site up was Zero No Tsukaima. It was when I was in a tailspin after Shana was axed, for it was my only series (I did volume 7, but terrible work, looking back at it).

Thus, because of this, I do have some fondness of Kamachi series…despite the story getting erratic in most of the series.

I’ll try my best not to sound as eccentric as I am (hold my beer), so here we go.


The story is broken into four phases, with the central characters as Jack and Waltraute. Normally, I’ll do a character evaluation, but since this is a one shot, we’ll just make this a longer synopsis instead.

Cue Walkürenritt

(Yeah, I have it in my head as I type this one)


Chapter 1

We start off with Waltraute looking over everything as though Kratos has just ravaged through a village something, though it’s just Midgard. While the Norse mythologies are typically considered more as epics, this one turns it around into comedies.



Then, we see the little boy who looks up at Waltraute so admiring. Given that there is a saying ‘love at first sight’, I would suppose that the closest description I can think of at this point is how Soran Ebrahim saw the 0 Gundam for the first time in his life.

I mean, for one, Kamachi decides to have shota hero, a rarity in the LN medium nowadays. The only other major shota hero I see nowadays is Naoto Miura (ordinary high school boy). Given the god-beating charismas shown by the boy, I’m guessing he will grow up into Hikaru Genji.

Now, having said that, just as there are lolicons onii-samas out there, there are Valkyrie shotacons onee-chans, as our beautiful Waltraute, so a minor character in the Völsunga saga, gets to be married to a mortal boy. How cute.


^Well…there’s another one^

Well, it’s painfully obvious that she’s overtly the submissive type despite how scary she appears.


Well, since the boy’s called Jack, and there has to be a way to get to Asgard, what’s the best way to get there?

No, not by raising a hammer to get there.

But to climb up the beanstalk!

Okay, the actual term is the world tree, Yggdrasil, but come on, it’s rare to get a reference to the idea of Jack and the Beanstalk nowadays. I miss my childhood days. (obviously Kamachi does too)

Of course, leaving gags based on Norse Mythology aside, I do look how the story actually points out that the boy would die from the air thinning. To be fair to the guys back then, the atmosphere was not actually scientific to them.

And of course, the typical Japanese fetishes mentionedas as the other deities egg on Waltraute. Sometimes, I wonder fhat if the protagonist isn’t a shota, the story wouldn’t be published in Dengeki Bunko at all, but an R18+ publisher. Looks like Kamachi.exe got a porn function installed in the programming somewhere.

It’s kinda funny how here you have a Valkryie learning what love is, and if the love failed, Asgard would have been destroyed. Imagine if it was Thor doing that.

Well, because of the infamous tempers of the deities, you see the other deities try to find ways to salvage the situation before it gets out of hand. Idiots, the lot of them

She already struck down the Midgard Serpent for interfering. If another Valkyrie approached him, a war amongst the Valkyries would probably break out with them yelling about NTR this and NTR that.

You know, this reminds me, just in case the SISTERs do end up with Touma, who’s the lead girl?

Chapter 2:

This is the chapter where Freyja makes her actual debut.

Well, apparently the definition of fertility for humans is to get pregnant, something that I’m surprised this sex bomb isn’t at this point.


^Well, she’s a bomb alright.^

Well, one of the driving forces is to get Waltraute to strip herself off her armor. To be honest, it’s kinda weird how anime characters always seem to be wearing the same clothes all the time. Don’t they wash their clothes at all? Is it because they’re too lazy to design new clothes?

…and now I get the reason why most LN stories are set in high school.

Well, because the boy has to get that ‘thing’ to rid that armor, we have a story! Thanks Frigg.

Of course, given the contexts of the bet and how much lust Frejya has, she wins the bet either way.

Also, this chapter introduces Loki.


Well, not this Loki, I guess.

Of course, the trickster doesn’t do much in the story, for now, other than to play some pranks. So for now, let’s abate.

I do like how the boy’s so innocent as to actually show up with his savings to pay for the tool. It’s kinda like the parable of the widow’s mites, the giving the all for a girl. Kinda heartwarming, and then you look back at your youth and wonder where all that innocence went to.

I mean, the boy thinks of marriage as just being boyfriend and girlfriend, not knowing the full implications. Why, that’s rather naive, but he got the ‘devoted to my waifu’ thing pat down, so I guess that’s a plus.

Of course, given that the ones around him…or his family-in-law is corrupted (and pretty much every other deity), you can see how much they were looking forward to more developments. Well, this is Dengeki Bunko, so again, anything more would be at the very least censored and not aired out (16.5, we’re looking at you)

Chapter 3:

As one avid Kamachi fan I know would compare the boy to…


Well, he basically went through heaven and hell for his girl…

And this includes nearly starting off a war.

Remember those stories of giving up the entire world for your waifus and husbandos and such?

Yeah, it happens in this story.

And all because the boy wanted to get stronger.

Normally, if it’s an RPG, he’ll go around hunting for some pelts to sell at the shop, buy some stuff, and go out for quests. I do however question how the concept of rare drops like Ragnorok sword and such can appear on a random mook who should have no business getting them.

But no, it’s like a lvl 10 entering Naxxramas. And he survives it.

Remember what I said about the boy being innocent?

Yeah, innocence has its own virtues too, as we see in this case. Even the evil Surtr can’t do anything in the face of such a cute boy!

But while the strength he desired was not what he originally envisioned, the boy gained a strength that none of the deities learned to possess. (Well, when the lead god is Odin, this is kinda to be expected, though if it had been Othi-chan, fans would be fawning over her non-stop. Oh wait, that’s happening.)

Also, I do love how Waltraute actually knows what kind of a story she’s in. As the boy expected, his childhood love comedy is wrong after all. If the Valkyries weren’t in Valhalla, they probably were at that point.

Of course, this chapter isn’t complete without Waltraute just blowing everything up. Kimblee, eat your heart out.

Chapter 4:

Honeymoon? It’s more of an excuse to show off the girls in their bathing suits.

…Well, except for Waltraute.

And of course, I’ll like to question the existence of an ocean in Bifrost.

Somehow the illustration makes it look like Christmas in Australia.

Given that this is Kamachi.exe, a beach episode can’t possibly end normally. If I’ve have known any better from my experiences with Kamachi works, it’s that the start of the arc/volume will typically be wacky, then things get serious, some fights here and there, and then it either ends up lighthearted at the end, or that we’ll get a lead into the next arc.

Over here, we have the resurrection of Ymir. If you aren’t keeping track, it’s like Gaia being woken up to fight against Zeus. Of course, who else shows up to take it down?


^Why oh why were you so awesome in the original story and you ended up so nerfed in FGO…?^

Well obviously, the story classifies an action hero and a romcom protagonist seperately, and our boy doesn’t get to fight. This is a one-shot, so any actions scenes will invariably lead to people wondering how strong he can be. This isn’t Hariyama-san…

And of course, daddy falls in love with Waltraute, but any continuation will be either be too depressing or become Kamijou Toya’s story. Fukou da.

Personal Opinions:

Now, regarding the taste of the story…

…Hey, what happened to my peanuts?


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