Novel Review: Tomorrow I will die, you will revive

Series: Tomorrow I will die, you will revive


Series review by 恋愛_ing

Genre: Romance, Comedy., faux-reincarnation, selfcest, humiliation play, tear jerker

(Extended) Background rambling

Tomorrow I will die, you will revive.

When Kira and I were talking about this series, we were wondering how we would shorten the title.

Eventually, we decided on ‘Bokushinu’, and this technically means ‘I’ll die’. Given the context of me as a translator, I say I’m always dying.

This series was started off by Kira back in 2012, and I admit, I initially had interest in this series because of the illustrations. I’ll say that H2SO4 is still my favorite light novel illustrator because the work feels light-hearted and yet cute.

So I read the work, and then the climax of the first volume.

That’s it, I give up.

This series is infamous amongst readers for the absurd amount of broken computers and smashed screens. Since I was requested not to spoil the story, please read it and be utterly bemused.

It’s a rollercoaster of emotions, this story. Never a dull moment in this story, I can assure you.

The story prides itself in being ‘a heartwarming, lighthearted romantic comedy’. Well, there are lies, damned lies, and bokushinu. That’s how it is.

And now, I try to present this review without spoiling (partially because the series is only partially translated)


It was a dark, stormy day.

Sakamoto Akitsuki, a guy who looks like a delinquent, encounters a death scene.

The death of our heroine, Yumesaki Hikari.

The car accident took her life, and she laid in a pool of blood.

Suddenly, a grim reaper (do I call her that?) appears with a proposal.

That Akitsuki could offer half his lifespan to revive the heroine.

Akitsuki in turn agreed heartily, defiantly.

“Bring it on, you bastards.”

…And cue the mood swing.

You know how Freaky Friday is about? When two people end up in different bodies?

This time, it is two souls, one body. Each spends alternate days being the dominant soul while the other passes out?

So how does it feel to have a girl in a guy’s body?

The girl being so whimsical that almost every chapter ends up with Akitsuki utterly humiliated?

That’s bokushinu for you.

To communicate, both Akitsuki and Hikari share an exchange diary, where they report in on what happens. This diary will form the basis of their bond.



Yumesaki Hikari

Most of the story is told from Akitsuki’s viewpoint (in fact, the 3 main volumes), and Hikaru’s viewpoint only happens in two short segments of the side story.

…I shall not type Hikari as Hikaru

…I shall not type Hikari as Hikaru

…I shall not type Hikari as Hikaru

Now, leaving that aside, let’s talk about her character.

She’s the cheerful energetic girl who actually harbors some insecurities that she would be so defensive about, but that is for you to read up on. Selfish (at least on what she thinks Akitsuki would be happy about…and her indulgent otaku habits), obnoxious, and yet endearing, the author has commented that she is basically a girl born out of the futaba channel, so almost all the otaku references are from her. (The reference about Super Saiyan 3 not having eyebrows had me like ‘lolwut’)

She is a huge anime fan, and her student card has her future ambition be ‘I want to be an anime maker!’

Ultimately, she does care for Akitsuki, but in her own way.

She’s a fujoshi, and we can tell. That is a major plot point.

Watermelons are one of her favorite stuff, but I think she wishes for her assets to be watermelons at least (thanks Akitsuki).

Sakamoto Akitsuki

A boy with low self-esteem because he looks like a delinquent.

And everyone mistakes him for one, so much that it killed his social life (not as bad as Koremitsu had it though).

It’s to a point where he can be deemed as suicidal in the beginning of the story because there was nothing to live for.

Suffice to say, having Hikari in his life means that he had to be worrying for both their sakes.

‘Keep your head down! There’s two of us in here, remember?’

Has a fetish for huge breasts. His computer password can be translated as ‘big (breasts) are justice’.

Looks like a thug, but has zero fighting strength. In other words, he’s King from OPM.

Personally, I like to call this the Gekkou (Moonlight) pairing. ‘Tsuki’ means moon, and ‘Hikari’ means light.

And like the night, it won’t last.

Sakamoto Yukiko

The little sister to Akitsuki.

Also a fujoshi (and an author)

Fushimi Tsukasa would like to demand his stake in the creation of this character.

Cover girl for the second volume, Editor-in-charge was responsible for the creation of this character, so you have a brocon little sister of a fujoshi who writes for a BL novel publisher.


And to add insult to injury, it turns out that she was invariably responsible for Hikaru’s fujoshi tendencies.

Personal Thoughts

Bittersweet chocolate. The sweetness comes from the maple syrup that can be definited as Aki(autumn), but the bitterness will come thereafter.

I did say that it’s a rollercoaster of emotions, and this is a story that you will smile, and you will angst.

But you will never feel bored at all.

Honestly, there’s a lot I can talk about for this story, but that would mean lots of spoilers.

It’s a low-key heartwarming romance comedy, one which neither party actually got to meet.

In other words, their only interactions came from the diary they shared.

But the effects of their lives, their gentle actions can be seen in the people around them.

That is what it means to be a heartwarming story.

And with that, I present to you my favorite illustration of the series:


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  1. “…I shall not type Hikari as Hikaru”

    “And to add insult to injury, it turns out that she was invariably responsible for Hikaru’s fujoshi tendencies.”

    You did it.

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