November 2015 Announcements

Well…it’s that time of the month again.

Before I start off with what I want to discuss, I’ve basically changed the downloads folder to that of SugarSync, so please check again. For those wishing to contact me, either to submit downloads or whatsoever, you may contact me at

…Though at the rate this is going, I might want to implement an automatic pdf download plugin for the site. Need to look further into this though.

Now, back to the ranting (I do get the feeling people are interested in this because this resembles a Mourinho meltdown).

The last time, I mentioned about the 3 regrets I had as a fan translator. Because of that, I’m starting to get a few more ideas. So…to plagiarize my own translations, I’ll try to explain the concept of light novels:

I’m a fan translator.

I own a website titled ‘’–

Most of the stories here are classified as a ‘light novel’.

Now, what is a light novel? What kind of novel is considered a light novel?

There are some who say that it’s a novel with a large number of anime-styled illustrations on the cover, color illustrations, and insert illustrations.

Most of the light novels I see in a bookstore are the same, and I do think that this definition explains a characteristic, appearance-wise; however, there are light novels without any illustrations.

There are some who say that any books sold under (apparent) light novel publishers can be considered as light novels.

I do think this viewpoint is easy to understand. However, there are cases of books printed under a light novel imprint before, only to have their illustrations removed and sold as contemporary
literature works.

There are some who say that the age group of light novel readers is higher than children literature, that the main viewership derive from high school students.

As a purchasing consumer, this is what I think. However, despite the advancement in age, many will continue to read light novels, including the many numbers of college students and adult readers. Thus, light novels need not necessarily be limited to ‘a work targeted at high school students’.

Then, do we classify the story according to the genre? Not necessarily.

Light novels practically encompass all kinds of genres, like fantasy, comedies, action, mystery, history, romance, youth, Of course, there is an exceptional number of works like fantasy and romcom.

In the end, there is still not a single person able to give a clear definition for light novels.

I feel that most of us, including me–

Are already calling it ‘light novels’, or a portmanteau ‘ranobe’, a term that is defined incompletely, and will continue on like this.

So tl;dr, there’s no specific guideline when it comes to light novels.

As we know, most of us were probably exposed to light novels Spartan-II augmentations (Haruhi-era) or the Spartan-III (SAO-era)

I’ll like to say the same, but then I realized the first light novel adaptation I actually watched was ‘the Twelve Kingdoms’. It was aired in Singapore on what was called ‘Arts Central’ (It’s now called okto, and back then, it had anime like Inuyasha, Scrapped Princess, Hellsing, Peacemaker Kurogane, Samurai 7, Count of Monte Carlo…why do I still remember such stuff like my Primary school class register and can’t remember a single rulebook?). Man, that’s like more than a decade old. Any older and it’ll be Arslan or LOGH tier.

(On an interesting note, the author of this series, Fuyumi Ono, is the wife of Yukito Ayatsuji, aka the author of Another, and I give the Yen Press translation of Another a solid A+. This reminds me of a quote in Biblia that bookworms attract each other…but I’ve yet to reach the going-out with a girlfriend phase. Maybe it’s because I’m too much of a tsundere [Split personality: You mean it’s because you go through the No Translation No Life lifestyle?]…I dunno.)

One of the themes that attract me to fictional novels in general is the room for creativity. I do enjoy reading manga here and there, watch some drama with all the settings up, but I do find myself to prefer sculpting an entire landscape in my mind than have someone lead me around. I mean, yeah, when I watched the anime back then, I was like thinking, what’s with this fantasy kind of thing? Is it edible? Perhaps this was why I preferred to read Speculative fiction than slice of life stuff (Nowadays, it’s kinda the opposite. Must be age catching up with me). Honestly, I do prefer to have the creativity of just projecting a world inside my mind, but any more than that and I’ll be casting Unlimited Blade Works (I wish).

Twelve Kingdoms in particular has this mysterious vibe of giving you perspectives of a select few kingdoms based on several character perspective, and more importantly, doesn’t reveal everything to a point where I can’t imagine anything more, just a rough dross of what each kingdom is like, how the state of affairs are, and why they ended up as they were. The kirin in particular act like some sort of a karma meter, and also reflective of how the country is governed. This is why I like stories with worldbuilding aspects to them, and though I don’t want to give other examples, I do look back fondly whenever i mention this series.

Well, it’s nostalgic to look back in the days where I spent the days reading, playing sports (thrashing everyone at soccer on the street soccer court, in fact), and playing (what were hip games) RuneScape (free rune trimming!), MapleStory (Before Big Bang patch in 2011, which is 4 years after the band Big Bang debuted in Korea.), and I believe…Pirate King Online? Gosh, I’m really getting old enough to write an epic out of this Odyssey.

But enough reminiscing of the past, and let’s have a breakdown on what’s to come…

Execute Yū Kanai!! Execute Yū Kanai!! Execute Yū Kanai!!…..


Yeah, I think that should cover the next two months?

The new series for Inoue Kenji just came out, so I thought I should mention it (nah, probably not working on it when I still have Magdala)


^^It’s apparently a business-styled story, with the heroine lacking in common sense (in other words, Akihisa’s probably the heroine). I’m just bemused at the idea that the Sanadas are being cast as the central characters, with a particular character called Kagetora (of the Uesugis) Kai (the province the Takedas once ruled). Well, given that this is the author that brought to you the third gender Hideyoshi, I can’t say I’m surprised. We just need to include the Drifters and we’re done.)

Then again, looking at what happened in the manga called Grand Blue by the same author (which is pretty much Baka Test on lots of booze, booze and booze…and naked men depicted like Titans…), I do expect some


^^Ah whatever, I know what you guys are focusing on…^^

EDIT: Unfortunately, I have to go through the Rikka Takanashi phase due to an eye injury. Not sure if i can regain sight.

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  1. Hm…. Now that I think about it the first light novel adaption I watched was Shakugan no Shana… After I read the manga. I didn’t even figure out that it was a light novel until 2 years after… ._.

    Also Pre-Big Bang Maplestory lol. MapleSEA or Global? Before Pirates?

  2. Well.. My first light novel, to be honest, was High school DXD (-_-)… SAO was my 6th/7th..
    Anyway Get well soon, and take care of yourself. May the force be with you.

  3. Execute yu kanai?
    Why? Is she cheating? Is this ntr?
    Ugh im realy want a answer…
    Well gotta wait for chapter but dont push yourself and get well soon ping sama…
    By the way my first novel with adaption is Yahari Ore no Sheisun Love Machighateru, but if not with adaption is Hikaru…
    Ps: Sory if there is typo engglis is not my first langgue

    1. Wait translator san is injured I didn’t notice that. Take rest fo few months translator san stop using computer for a while give rest to ur eyes

  4. It’s hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    *sniff* Thank you translator san for 2nd chapter of Bokushinu
    *Bows Down*

  5. Ping-sama! I officially became a fan of your translation because of Hikaru, my first LN, and thus I beg you to get well and rest. Your fans need you! THANK YOU TONS for translating hikaru this far. I will look forward to read more. All haill Ping-SAMA!!!

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