November 2016 Announcements

Well, to summarize what happened over the past month on Hellping…

Nothing much at all.

Just that Bokushinu Volume 2 Act 5 got translated (and vetted).

That’s what happen when you spend 3 quarters of your free time working and the rest of the time procrastinating.

That, and I spent a lot more time translating a NEET series than focusing on the stuff here.

That, and I spent a lot more time on Discord than I like to admit.

That, and I spent a lot more time trying to reinvent myself as a translator.

I’ll liken my translating style to that of a chameleon; my translating style really vary from series to series.

Depending on the series, you might see one with formal language, and another with really informal one. Translating different series with translations done by other translators mean that I have to adapt and try my best to fit the translation style. (Note that I did minimal reading on this, and I’m not as versed on this aspect as Frog-kun on Nanodesu)

What is a translating style? In the context of fan translating novels, the bare minimum will be the removal of honorifics. The default style has been the ‘equivalence’ format, to make sure the lines are exactly the same, or at least have the same meaning. These are known as the Russian style and the French style respectively.

Then there’s the Skopos Theory, which is where the translator has to consider the context of the original text, the target audience, the setting, how it should be conveyed to the different audiences.

There’s a whole lot more to them, I believe, but I’m not an expert on this matter, even if I want to talk about this.

As for why I started mentioning this, it’s because I realized how much I changed from back when I started doing this translating thing. (That, and I’m feeling my age in this LN translating scene)

September 2009, I was preparing for my GCE ‘A’ Levels, and I took up translating as a hobby to improve my English skills. I always have difficulty in expressing myself, so in a sense, typing at least 250k words over a span of 7 years should have improved my literary skills. Comparing my translations for Shana Volume 7 back then (which I spent 6 months to do) to my translations for Kamimemo volume 6, I do feel that I’ve changed in style.

(It’s too bad Shana’s gone with the DMCA because I would have liked to show you how bad my translation was back then)

Honestly, a lot of times, I know I have to be ‘professional’, but I really want to make a lot of quips about the stuff I’m translating. There’s so much commentary I want to snark about in my translation here and there that I can fill a bookstore with the potential quotes I could have come up with.

Thus, the difference in the ‘Strangled’ translations on both Baka Tsuki and Hellping.

Afterword 1 English

Afterword 2 English


Right now, I’m back to working on Magdala again. Hopefully I’m able to do up volumes 3 and 4 this year.

Bokushinu however is a no go as baft’s stuck with his college stuff.

What else do I have at this point?



Oh not again…


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