November 2017 Announcements

…¬¬¬It’s hot…

……I’m melting……

Well, let’s put it this way. It’s October, in Singapore, and it’s like 33 degrees Celsius out there. Too hot for me to think of how to translate.

Spending some time meditating in a monastery has worked out for a Zen mentality.


There, done.

Now to mutilate more lolis.


Nothing much to report since I’m trying to get into a grove here. Still slow, need to rehab.

And yes, I just used the word ‘rehab’.

…Don’t think too hard into it.


First off, regarding the main projects on this site.

I should be having two volumes of Nekomimi Kanojo up on the site soon. How soon is soon, I don’t know. Bokushinu SS at the end of the year. Decided to redo the translations since I wasn’t exactly pleased by the result.

And that should be all.

…Ah, if you’re asking about 86, that one is definitely going to be licensed anyway. And an inevitable anime to boot.

So, what’s Plan C?

Good enough.

Anyway, here’s something from me.


You were running.

“Haa…! Haaa…!”

You were running away.

You were in the hexagonal reading room, surrounded by bookshelves on three sides. It was a labyrinth of unlimited archives, like a beehive. With much desperation, you tried to escape the bottom of the historical library called the ‘Library Labyrinth’.

“Haa, haa…ugh, ha, haa!”

To simply summarize, your life was in danger.

From the darkness of the labyrinth, a stone spear suddenly shot out, opening a massive vent in your flank.

You could feel the blood oozing out from your wound, soaking your coat to your undergarments. The long silver hair was dyed with reddish black spots, and a slight quivering breathing rang at your ear.

“Haa, I have to run away, run away…!!”

While carrying the dying girl on your back, you continued to wander around frantically in the depths of the library labyrinth, dozens of meters beneath the ‘Library Capital Alexandria’.

With the lives of the girl and yours on the line, it was literally a game of tag.

“—Ugh, kahh!”

The blobs of blood dripped from the tips of your hair, and the soles of your boots slipped. You stomped with your right foot to regain your footing, and gave a blood curdling scream.

Your fatigue had reached breaking point. Your breathing was intermittent, your brain completely numb, your heart beating away, about to being ripped apart.

But even so, you had no choice but to run. If you did not, you would surely be killed.

That terrifying demon, the murderer in the Library Labyrinth.


“Th-th…Thou? Art thou there? Still there…?”



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