October 2015 Announcements

Well, it’s that time of the month again, where I make my announcements.

Unfortunately, due to a lot of mishaps, and I mean a lot (I think the number of times my computer crashed is something Kamijou Touma can be proud of), I managed to complete only 3 chapters of the 3 minutes Boy Meets Girl, and that means…280 pages of text left. And with the weather turning Singapore into Silent Hill, my sinus can only hope to do better.

Up next for this month is basically editing the Bokushinu series translated by the Bored AF Translator, who you may remember being the one who did the rest of the Hikaru Aoi manga. Let’s face it, since I don’t like that name, I’ll call the guy BAFT. I’ll be glad to help do any editing for others, but to be honest, I’m rewriting more than editing at this point.

A bit of an unexpected news is that Biblia is going to be done by the NanoDesu group, with me taking up an advisory role. The work will be hosted both on Nano and here, and pardon my tardiness, but I did let this series drift for pretty much 4 years, and I was told by Nano that the translator, who I have yet to know the identity of, insisted to do Biblia rather than the polled series on their site (after I immediately sent an SOS saying, ‘Dear Nano, Anything but Magdala’.)

It’s October, and I do have certain translating plans, but the only certainty is that I plan to finish the Hikaru series by Christmas this year (because Hikaru…). I don’t know what to do about the other series, but we’ll see.

Mooncake Festival in Singapore, coupled with the haze, meant that I got to see a shrouded moon, though not in the traditional sense. Now that I mention it, I’m just hoping for a weeping cherry blossom tree to complete the image…and then that’s where you guys will pester me by saying “Stop thinking about Tsuyako and start work on Hikaru v9 already!”. This is where I will answer you guys, “It has begun.”










^Biggest issue is how am I supposed to get this page typesetted…

And since I’m running out of things to talk about, I’ll start talking about 3 regrets I had over the course of my ‘career’ in the LN translating celestial sphere. Personally, I don’t like to have regrets, since that means I want to have a do over, but these are the 3 things I will talk about, because I don’t regret doing/not doing the rest.

  1. Taking up role as Baka-Tsuki admin.

Now, this isn’t about me not wanting the power itself. It’s more that I wish I could simply focus on one job rather than having to manage multiple things (which is the one reason why I don’t like to manage a team). I did mention in a prior interview that while I am glad (though reluctant) to be given the opportunity to pretty much run everything, I did prefer to focus on the translating job rather than the admin role. I did understand that it was out of necessity, and also a status of respect by my peers, but honestly, I would rather focus on being the finisher rather than the planner (though my job in real life has me as a planner instead). Under my charge, there has been a lot of issues, most notably…the SAO fiasco against a certain forum, the AW fiasco against a certain site (Honestly, I really don’t have issues with Kawahara, it’s really just a coincidence), the changes to the sidebar, the establishment of polices like the abandonment and reinstatement protocols, Unlike what I may appear to be however, I’m not really a believer of democracy…because we’re all idiots to varying extents. This applies to myself as well.

As a result of that, there were a lot of series I really want to continue, but couldn’t dedicate my time to. Back when I officially took charge, the entire board of admins was inactive (sans the one who gave me the authority and went inactive for 8 months thereafter), there were only 2 active super translators on Baka-Tsuki (one working on Index and Hidan no Aria, though unfortunately, the latter one has been inactive for a while), and the landscape wasn’t as developed as it is now…though I still have reservations on this situation.

Looking at the current situation, I’m pretty content to lie back and let others handle the admin. I’ll admit that I’m not one for such things, which was why I wanted Kira to handle the matters when I joined heretic. Well, I hope to do things at my own time and target now, but now that I’m going to be contributing on Baka Tsuki again, I’m not sure how much I will like to influence matters now.

  1. Actually picking up Shippai Kinshi to clean up Kira’s mess.

Seriously, what was I doing back then?

Maybe it’s just me, but I hate it when people don’t finish off what they started (this applies to myself, and I can list so many things of this actually occuring). When Kira was only able to do one and a half chapters of Shippai Kinishi (yes, a lot of typos originated from him. Blame Kira for everything), I decided that I might as well cover up the rest of the story since he was so slow with it…

After a while, the sanitary issues the girls had turned into sanity issues for me.


^This was basically Kira’s reaction when I took up arms…I’m never cleaning up your mess again^

It’s funny that I picked up a lot of different series, some pretty risque (looking at you, IS volume 8), and yet I’m still looking back at this series as a one night stand while drunk. Sometimes, when the story is just too weird, it’s better to just walk away. This is something I’ll advise anyone, and from now on, a philosophy I shall always follow.

On a side note, I wanted to pick up Bokushinu (I spotted it first, hey!), before Kira actually followed through and did the prologue of it, and then starduster’s self-sacrificing effect came into play when he did the first two chapters (too bad it couldn’t upgrade to the Shooting Quaser Dragon).

There’s also another project he started, but I’m holding back the urge to actually work on it XD.

  1. Not actually picking up Tokyo Ravens.

I did mention that I’m an all-rounder when it comes to genres, and actually, the infodump in Tokyo Ravens pretty much fascinated it. I do find that I enjoy researching on the story settings as much as I am translating the stories, like flowers and poems for Hikaru, books for Biblia, Gundams for Unicorn. I tried my hand at translating the Tokyo Ravens manga back then, but it didn’t work out simply because I had too much on my platter (I think I had a dozen series back then. I’m not kidding at all.)

First off, the occult is something I do like dealing with, for it really excuses a lot of limitations Slice of Life stories will impose. Of course, the superpowers in each story has to be limited accordingly to the rules planned by the author, and not something that should be added on a whim until the protagonist becomes Shiba Tatsuya. While a lot of the works I like are Slice of Life types, I do find reality to be so much of a yangire that there’s no room to express creativity in a story, and thus, the superpowers and supernatural.

The first major influence of this is the Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio, a collection of approximately 500 supernatural parables. It’s kinda fun looking back at the time and actually reflecting on the moral of the stories, though I do prefer if authors simply narrate a tale rather than to drive a point.

And then, in Japanese fiction, whether you do believe it or not, the one series that piqued my interest in Japanese occult is actually the Ga-Rei series (yes, this includes Zero, and now you know where my fascination for dark, edgy series come from). Even now, I still have Minorin’s Paradie Lost as my ringtone. I was drooling away when working on Baka test volume 6 (episodes 12-13 for the second season) because of the number of spirits the author actually used, though on a lesser note, I could have taken up DRRR for the Dullahan-moe (even though it ended up licensed)

Given that there’s a myriad of mythlogies in Japan, including the use of Tamano-no-Mae in pretty much a third of Japanse occult series (Oh Casko…), you’ll think that I’ll actually research on it and use the knowledge in some way. I have to also thank the Ga-Rei Zero series for actually influencing me to pick up Black Bullet, and perhaps I might pick up B.A.D. down the road. At this point, I live off readers’ tears more than reader interest.

I do have to apologize to cloud04 and Village Idiot Scans over and over again for dropping the Tokyo Ravens manga (after I promised to work on the series until Suzuka transferred into the school. Kukuku), and on a side note, I was the one who ‘unofficially’ started the Tokyo Ravens project on Baka-Tsuki by doing that one translation a day thing as practice after my sabbatical in 2012. In fact, I’m pretty much Arsene Wenger in the ‘I almost picked up this series’ aspect. I translated the prologue of Rokka before it was hip, I translated the first part of NGNL before it was hip, and also Tokyo Ravens before it was hip. If I have the scouting talent to pick up series, I think I should just buy a lottery ticket.

Well, I’m pretty worn out again without being able to translate to vent the frustrations, so I’m looking back at the catalogue to see what I can continue with. Most likely…it’s back to 3 minutes BMG given the episodic nature of the story.

For all who wish to upload their downloads, do use the tab on the top right corner of the menu and follow the instructions

Maybe next time, I’ll share some experiences on working on some author’s series.



20 thoughts on “October 2015 Announcements

  1. I had no idea that you were the one that picked up those series back when they were obscure. For that and the rest of tour hard work, this reader offers gratitude (My tears are well hidden away).

  2. Lately i’m coming to read this announcements rather than the translations i always laugh at your misfortune (not that i hate you but someone has to be happy right?) And your football comments (i was thinking “jesus this guy looks like wenger” and then you mention it yourself)

  3. Man the haze… and i’m enlisting soon… Do make sure you take some rest and dont burn out. I will be patiently waiting for hikari.

  4. I appreciate all the translations you’ve done and are planning to do in near future. But do u hv any progress on BOKUSHINU??

  5. thank you very much for your hardwork on translating hikaru LN’s. i was surprised when i realised that baka-tsuki only have 3 volumes of the LN. and then i found this website and i’m glad that i can read the story up to volume 8. this is a wonderful story. waiting for volume 9 and 10. 🙂

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