October 2017 Announcements

So, as you guys know, there is a new project added to this one.

I didn’t plan to add it this early, to be honest.

The reason why I had this work uploaded 2 months earlier than expected was that I expected some upstart to try their luck on this work, when I already had intention to translate this.

It all started back when Tada, Sore Dake was translated (How I managed to lasso the editor Aardvark shall be a tale for another day…okay, it’s about the same thing as the following conversation, loosely paraphrased)

Me: Might put in a secret project just for you. (while I was still mutilating Tada)

Aard: better be cool

Me: No country will scoff at the notion of not subjecting pigs to human rights,


As long as the languages differ, the skin colors differ, the ancestors are deemed to be of different tribes, these will be deemed as pigs taking on the appearance of humans; by suppressing and slaughtering them, surely there is no issue per say with regards to violations of human rights.

~Vladlena Millize (Memoirs)

For some reason I always get you with the weird stuff

Three days later:

Aard (still working on Tada): OMG this novel (talking about Tada).

Me: It’s a one shot (talking about 86)

Aard: I’m in. (this, boys and girls, is how misunderstandings:the anime came about)

Five days later:

Me: It’s actually going to be at least three volumes long.

Aard: ……………………………….

So that’s how I started 86, and that was back in late July.

Well, given that this is a war story set in Europe, loosely based on WWII and loosely based on Code Geass, I decided to eschew honorifics for this series because it just doesn’t make sense.

Of course, execution on my part may be very lacking.

Back in the day, I started eschewing honorifics when I was working on Hikaru, which I admit was an experimental style for me, and one I favor if the setting is deemed non-Japanese.

So what happens if it’s a Japanese setting, for example, something meta like an author’s afterword?


Garterbelts are romantic, you know? Hello everyone, this is Asato Asato.

Of course, this weird name is a pen name. The origin is based on my actual name and “88.”

To you, who picked up this book and have yet to read it, I do believe this work will greatly interest you.

To you, who picked up this book with much skepticism, I do hope that you will be entertained by this somewhat peculiar work.

And to you, who have read this book, thank you very much. What do you think? This volume includes mecha warfare, a boy’s encounter with a girl, despair, and other various elements, so if any of them is to tug at your heartstrings, I shall be honored.

Also, as an author, I enjoyed myself while writing this. This is the kind of story I like to read! This is the story including all the elements I like after all! This is written in the way I wanted it! As to why this work won the Grand Prize though, I really, really have no idea.

Well, I greatly exceeded the number of pages specified for the submission, so I had to weep and cut away some elements. One of them was the part about the garterbelt (a descriptive scene), but I could add it in when editing the script. Garterbelts are really cute. Erotic. Erotically cute.

If you are one of us, please enjoy the super-duper cute Lena drawn by the hands of Shirabi-sama, and marvel at her absolute territory decorated by these tantalizing garterbelts.

If you are not, please allow me to explain a few points about this work before you feel disgust.

>The plot of this work is based on the black history of a certain Axis country and a certain Federation. However, this does not mean I have any hatred or bias against those two countries. I obtained some extra material for use in this work.

>The common terms of “pigs” used in this work has vibes of verbal abuse and derogatory abuse, but it does not mean that I really hate pigs, instead that I really like them. Pork is really delicious. Fried pork cutlets, fatty pork, I love them.

>Please do not read too much into the Pallet theory, the combat capabilities of the various weapons, and the pronunciation of various languages. Some parts are changed accordingly as needed. The “Collective” subconsciousness in particular was a deliberately false explanation on my part.

>This work is set in a fictional world, but uses international metric measurements for easier visualization. Also, I did not use the Japanese units of measurements or yardage for this work, simply because I do not understand it.

>This work is set in a fictional world, but the Bible and Mr. Lamarck’s works are featured… the reasons shall be for you to imagine.

…Enough with the tomfoolery. Following this, the thanksgiving.

To the editors, Kiyose-sama and Tsuchiya-sama. Thank you for everything. You are able to give thorough views and analysis in parts I remain uncertain of, and I feel really relieved, sensing that the quality of the work has vastly improved; every interaction with the both of you has been enjoyable.

To Shirabi-sama, who drew powerful, proud looking characters with pretty expressions, thank you very much for that. I did receive a draft of Shinn in full armor that was really cool, and was really troubled, wondering if I should change the setting of this work to fit this illustration.

To I-IV-sama. Though you were hampered by my nonsensical demand to have “weak, useless machines,” you managed to design a wonderful, ominous weapon full of coldness, the super cool design of the “Juggernaut,” even including some amazing blueprints full of details. I really want to thank you for the unbreakable you drew, and the cute Fido, which now I want one beside me. Thank you very much.

And to you, holding this book in hand. Thank you very much. The content of this volume has ended, but the story has yet to end, so please continue your support.

So then, I do wish to be able to bring you into a greenhouse of faux honor and glory. Into the battlefield of blood and burned metal, the skies, the stars, the breeze, and the flowers, and to experience everything along with them.

When writing this afterword, BGM: Sidonia OP (Angela).

For that matter, yes, it’s the afterword of volume 1.

Now then, a few other matters to announce.

After 4 years, we’re already at the halfway mark of Magdala. Another 12 years to go.

Kamimemo and Strangled are suspended due to a bet with wys (more like the latter has a deal with the devil)

Kamiinai 1, if I proceed at this rate, will be done when Haley’s Comet returns again.

3 min can be done in 3 days if I want to, but at this point, it’s going to be 3 millenia.

Well then, I’ll like to end off with these four words.

I’m back to translate.

The cannons bombarded the battlefield like a storm, showing no concern for allied machines. Such barbaric tactics could be used, for they were all drones. Raiden heard the deafening explosions, and continued to seek the next prey.

Looking across at the trail of bullets, he could see that the enemy was still superior in numbers. One hit from a heavy machine gun would be critical damage, and a blast from a tank cannon would naturally blow this into smithereens.

He darted through cover and entered the shadow of the ruins, only to find a guest there. It was the “Undertaker”. He seemed to have depleted his bullets, and was getting resupply from the “Scavenger”, Fido, as usual.

“Quite a lot of them.”

“Isn’t it like hunting? Just enjoy this.”

He definitely overheard the conversation with Seo, for he gave a sarcastic retort.

“…We got a lot more Löwe than expected. Looks like reinforcements resupplied them.”

He noted with a blase tone, as though a reminder to bring an umbrella during a drizzle. Rather, Raiden had never seen Shinn falter at all. The latter would probably remain as such when he dies, or even after he dies.

“There’s a limit to the cover we have. Our movements are going to be detected at this rate. Better wipe them out before that happens.”

Fido’s crane arms swapped out the ammunition container, and reloading was done. “Undertaker” stood up.

“I’ll handle the Löwes. Leaving the other enemies and command for covering fire to you.”

“Understood, Undertaker…you’re going to be blasted by that old man Audreht again.”

“Undertaker” seemed to have chuckled. It burst out of the rubble.

With the maximum speed possible, the “Juggernaut” darted from one cover to another, and quickly approached the four enemy Löwe. Such was an action that could not simply be dismissed as suicidal, let alone reckless, and the Handler Girl shrieked,

“Undertaker! What are you…!?”

A Löwe adjusted its cannon, and opened fire. The “Undertaker” twitched to the side, evading the shot. Another cannon fired over, and he dodged it.

Fire, fire, fire, fire; both humans and drones would be obliterated to dust by the continuous 120mm cannons, yet the “Undertaker” managed to dodge them all and avoid forward. He did not adjust his path upon see the cannons, but through experience and instincts, and a nightmarish piloting skills, like a headless white skeleton crawling about.

The four Löwe seemed peeved as they turned around, glaring at the floor with heinous looks, and charged head on with explosive pace.

The steel bodies were as heavy as ever, yet they could accelerate to maximum speed silently from standing position, and charged towards the “Undertaker”. The enemies’ mobility was so unfair, boosted by powerful shock absorbers and highly potent linear actuator.

The eight legs bent slightly, and one unit jumped up abruptly, intending to crush him. At this point–

The “Undertaker” jumped immediately.

It evaded the attack from the Löwe by leaping to the side, spun in the air, landed and jumped again. He got onto the leg of the Löwe, trampled upon the joints, climbed up, quickly arrived atop the cannon, spread the front legs apart, leaned forward, and pointed the main cannon mounted on the subarm onto the enemy’s steel armor.

Visibly, there was where the armor was thinnest, atop the back of the cannon.


The fuse for the minimum range was killed off, and the high speed piercing grenade slotted through the steel plates, as the highly potent explosive that could trigger a detonation velocity of 8000 meters per second burst into the unit.

The “Undertaker” was already eyeing a second Löwe by the time it hopped off the first one that was sputtering black smoke. He dodged the clustered array of bullets with much agility, and at its legs, swung the high frequency blades, a close ranged combat weapon that nobody other than Shinn had equipped, for it had tremendous power yet limited range.

Once the second unit lost its balance and tripped over, he got onto its back, and fired to expunge it, using it to block the cannon from the third unit. While the Löwe’s weak sensors was distracted by the flames of the explosion, he fired a Wire Anchor, grappled onto a nearby tall frame, and leapt onto the third unit that was moving its cannon in a frenzy after having lost its target, and fired upon it.


He could sense the speechlessness from the Handler on the other side of the Pallet.

If the developer of this aluminium alloy coffin was to see this sequence of actions, he might have collapsed or frothed in fear. Raiden narrowed his eyes as he watched Shinn battle.

The “Juggernaut” was not meant for such a manner of battle. It was simply a suicidal weapon that would be taken down in one shot, lacking in firepower, armor and mobility, only good if it could shoot. To beat just one Löwe, let alone many in this unit would be unthinkable.

Naturally, the price of this was huge.

The legs of the “Juggernaut” were fragile, and with the excessive burden, they would be utterly ruptured after the battle ended, so much that it would easily be the attack for the other units aiming to protect the main forces, the Löwe. Due to his efforts though, Raiden and the others could take down the other enemy types without worry for the Löwe, and the outcome was already decided. In fact, Raiden was curious as to how Shinn managed to live on. Not only did the latter not die, but for five years, this monster continued to survive through such methods.

It’s a pity, Raiden always thought.

For three years they fought together. For three years Raiden was Shinn’s Vice Commander, his deputy. Both of them had ‘Personal Codenames’, but Raiden could never mimic Shinn’s movements. He could never surpass Shinn. That headless death god was really a prodigy at battle. Not only was he protected by luck, but if he had ample time and equipment, Shinn might become a crux to obliterate the entire by himself, and had the potential to be a hero of any era.

However, Shinn just happened to be born in the wrong era. If he could have appeared earlier, like the era of the Knights from years back, he would have been a renowned warrior, and if he was in the final war of humanity, he would have been a hero with his name recorded in the war annuls.

But it was a stupid battlefield, and he had no hope for that.

He had no human dignity or rights, no graves after he dies, and no accomplishments left behind. He would be simply used as a one use weapon, and abandoned upon death, lying in an unknown corner of the battlefield; such was their fates. Like the millions of comrades and allies on this battlefield, they would leave nothing other than rotten bones.

The clouds formed by the Eintagsfliege drones started to disperse, and the clear sun returned to the land, while the remaining retreated under the cover of the Scorpions. The cold drones would never harbor vengeance for the sacrifices of their comrades, for once they deemed that the losses exceeded a quote, they would determine that the objective would never be achieved, and immediately retreat.

The setting sun shone upon the “Undertaker”, now amidst the remains of the Löwe, and displayed its silhouette.

That light was like a moonlight shining upon the blade of an ancient sword, so breathtakingly beautiful.

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  1. “I’m back to translate.”
    The first time I know how I will react to extremely good news. The mind is calm, but it can no longer control the body. I actually hug the monitor while thinking about my stupidness.

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