Out of boredom, here we go

“Is there a detective on this plane?”

Well, I guessed I misheard.

It probably wasn’t a line to be heard in an aircraft flying 10,000 meters above ground.

I must have misheard and misunderstood…that should be what they referred to as air ears.

“That’s not it.”

I retorted to myself, and calmed down a little.

Once I calmed down and looked around, the cabin steward hastily approached.

“Is there a detective on this plane?”

I guessed I didn’t mishear that.

Seriously, again?

I always encountered such troublesome matters since a long time back.

It could be described as a natural affinity for getting involved, I supposed.

Whenever I walked down the streets, I would suddenly be involved in a flash mob. Down a back alley, I would accidentally witness deal involving white powder. Sometimes I might chance upon a murder scene, and suspected by the police officers I got acquainted with. On this day, I ended up flying overseas with a suitcase of unknown contents.

I was already like this in my second year of middle school. Would I become a spy or a soldier in the future?

No, I supposed a public servant should be fine. I wanted to return home punctually, and preserve my energy.

…So then.

“They’re looking for a detective?”

What in the world happened?

Shouldn’t they be looking for a doctor or a nurse in an emergency?

I did see people say “Is there a doctor amongst the passengers present?” in the dramas and manga, but they were looking for a…detective, in midair.

Haa, I didn’t understand.

What kind of situation would require a detective in an onboard flight? No no no, I didn’t want to get involved in more unnecessary trouble.

I closed my eyes hard, ignoring the approaching steward.

But right when I closed my eyes…

“Yes, I am a detective.”

I heard a clear voice, and unwittingly opened my eyes. Seated to my right was a girl of similar age to me, raising her hand up high.

She had short silvery white hair, and mesmerizing blue eyes. She was wearing a chic one piece dress that somewhat resembled an army uniform, her snowy clear skin visible.

That beauty of hers resembled an angel transformed. If there was a description for the word ‘beauty’, her name would surely appear as a synonym. If her name was to be searched on the internet, the image results would involve photos of flowers, birds, and the moon.

Thus at this moment, the only point I paid attention to was her name.

I didn’t care whether she was a detective. I just wanted to know her name.

“Your name is?”

And before I knew it, I asked her this question.

In conclusion however, 4 years passed since then, and I still did not know her true name.

The only codename she told me of was ‘Siesta’.

She was a true ‘detective’ fighting against the world.

I became Siesta’s assistant thereafter, and embarked on a journey with her.

“You hear me, I shll take the enemy down before you get perforated by the beehive.”

“Oy detective, don’t plan something that’s based around my death.”

“That is fine. I shall take responsibility and erase your history completely.”

“…Wait, ack! You saw it? You saw my search history?”

We had that foolish conversation back then, and started a turbulent adventure that lasted 3 years…

And then, death separated us.

It was a year after we separated. In total, that would be 4 years since.

I, Kimihiko Kimiduka, was an eighteen year old high school boy who managed to survive, and was completely embroiled in what they called daily life.

You ask if that’s fine ?

It’s fine, and would not cause any trouble.

Because that is the fact, no?


The detective died. (La detective está muerta)



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  1. Hi! I was directed here from someone in baka-tsuki discord… Well I am interested in retranslating Kamisama no Memochou in which you are the project manager. I am here to request for permission to retranslate to Indonesian language. The retranslation will be posted in global foxaholic. I’m not taking any action before I get your permission so do not worry ^^ and I also understand if you rather not give any permission. So thats it and thank you very much ^^

  2. Thank you so much for this prologue, searched for this LN but there were no English translations , really will appreciate if you continue translating this one seems very interesting , also do you use any of the social medias ?want to follow you somewhere to be notified when you release new chapters , thank you

  3. Thankssss, apparently this is getting an adaption too. So I was searching for english translations but couldnt find, thanks a lot ping-san!!

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