We’re still alive, and here’s chapter 4 of  Hikaru Aoi

Hopefully, you’re not starving for more stories to work on. I’m working on a series of appetizer stories, but it will take quite a while before they’re done.

Will be finishing up Chapter 1 of Magdala on 26th July 2013 (Now to see if I can finish the first volume faster than before Japanzai can finish the equivalent content). The next question is whether my editors will remain alive.

Pit stop for IS Volume 8 from 28-31 July 2013 (I think I can finish the rest of the volume in 3 days, the extra is just for added insurance). Will drop out from IS after I’m done with volume 8 though, because I really can’t take the content anymore.

PS: Can’t think of anything to add in the title, so I might as well add the drama CD seiyuu list.

3 thoughts on “Saiga Asai – Voiced by Hayami Saori

  1. How can you actually take IS content in the first place? It’s not like IS was good in the other volumes

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