September 2015 Announcements

If there’s any issue about me always giving deadlines, it’s that something ALWAYS happens to mess things up.

Well, barring any more setbacks…

(…it’s the Hungry Ghost festival in Singapore, with papers burning everywhere like it’s the Siege of Mount Hiei or something, and unfortunately, I have a dust allergy)

There’s still a lot of setbacks.

Due to work issues, I will probably only be able to release 1 volume over the next two months. Given the circumstances, I do think I’ll focus on the anthology, 3 minutes Boy Meets Girl. Currently, I have completed 4 of the 19 chapters, and I do wish to add in my own story (okay, it’s not exactly my idea, but I want to try writing a story for myself, something I had yet to do in 3 years, since an April Fool anyway. Don’t worry, it’s not a convoluted story.). I only have…about 330 pages left to complete the volume, and we don’t get anthologies anyway, so I’ll do it, just for some shorter reads (we’re the tl:dr generation, this is a must). That’s the main reason why I picked up the anthology, besides being influenced by the Shinonome Yuuko series (don’t ask me how, I just don’t know).

At this point, I’m more focused on niche series rather than mainstream works (partly because I’m not looking to promote myself anymore, and partly because I want to provide differing offerings).

A few things I wish to guarantee however,

  1. Hikaru to be completed by Christmas this year.
  2. Try to complete 3 volumes of Biblia next year (as I did noted elsewhere, I’m beginning to sound like Liverpool FC fans)
  3. Head back to Baka Tsuki to pick up an old, dusted series.
  4. Continue with the ‘I’m a High School Boy and a Bestselling Light Novel author, strangled by my female classmate who is my junior and a voice actress’ series, just to annoy everyone else hoping for something different. Hey, it’s only 3 volumes long…until otherwise stated.
  5. I must remember to drink brain bleach whenever I translate Rokujo.
  6. Magdala being my main series next year.
  7. Finish up 256 pages of Gundam Unicorn (I owed that for at least a year…after completing the prior 9 volumes of the series way before the final OVA episode aired…gg)
  8. Did I say that if there’s no movement on Baka Test 12.5, I’ll pick it up again and finish the entire thing by the end of the year?

On a side note, I’m kinda bemused by this:




As much as I’ll like to blame someone for copyright infringement, I’m really amazed that a 12-year-old kid’s able to do a decent job drawing the guy, like woah.

(That, and someone of that age actually watching Mondaiji. The kid’s got a future.)

PS: To those wondering about volume 8’s completion, it’s probably going to be done… before the month actually ends, I hope.


25 Replies to “September 2015 Announcements”

  1. Hey…may I ask a question about hikaru if your going to complete the entire volume of it(volume 9 and 10)??? And u have may support good luck for translations

  2. yeah. the kid got a bright future. he’s gonna find lovely waifu create a some doujin read some ecchi books and holed up in his room calling his pc girlfriend.

    1. I don’t really consider that quite bright. Look at Krytyk. He’s got work and is using his spare time to translate novels. What I consider a bright future is where the kid has a job, enjoys his life translating novels or writing doujins, while using his own money to support authors he like. Cause, my life plan is once I stabilize my life, I’m going to focus on gaming,anime, light novels, and the like on my free time after work.

      1. Infinite Stratos, obviously. Jk, jk stop glaring xD Thanks for your hard work and I look forward to reading more of your translations.

  3. If you ever get around to it, I’m cheering for Biblia and I’m a High School Boy (etc.) 😀 Thanks for your work on both of their first volumes.

  4. And also u mentioned that u would complete Hikaru by Christmas. So does that mean that you will be finishing the entire series?

  5. The Rokujo that you mention isn’t one of the akagi harem right?, especially Aoi, Hono or Yu.

    anyway, thanks for your hardwork.

    Wish you the Best!, Good Luck!

      1. TWO!, well at least there’s no “horror” image in the illustration, so it should be fine,

        well didn’t expect that fast reply.

  6. Nothing about clockwork planet? Is it that you don’t want to do it anymore, plan to do it after the ones right now or something else? Cause that’s literally one of my favourites and I would like to know at least something about.

    Thanks for your hard work though. 🙂

  7. I must say I admire the kid. Fan works can’t be called a crime but I must say the kid should also read the light novel. The illustrations for the sequel featuring the adult characters were amazing. Asuka and Jin really surprised me. Hope you finish Baka to Test 12.5 too.

  8. Sir thank you very much for your hard work. I would like to ask if clockwork planet volume 3 would be published this month…

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