September 2016 Announcements

Starting work on Kamimemo as I take a sip of coffee.

…Even though the alias I’m most known by is literally Iced Milk Tea.

One thing I always do when I start on a series is to find a BGM to set the mood of the work when I translate. It helps me get into the right mindset.

Choosing Erik Satie’s Gymnopedies would be a perfect complement to the series’ somber main story…if not for the fact that the first movement was already used for the Disappearance of Suzumiya Haruhi.

And as I said, going back to Kamimemo, it was a series I have kept an eye on, and a series I touched on…3 years ago.

Admittedly, I still do have reservations about working on this series, but it was not because of the story itself, but a controversy involving the author on a certain imageboard.

(If you’re wondering, yes, Isuna Hasekura was also implicated, and this probably killed any chances of a Spice and Wolf season 3 for a long time.)

Well, it’ll be a hassle to talk about it, so my advice for you guys is to just google it.

Remember kids, be responsible for whatever you post online.

Then again, not to take my word as gospel, but my personality on the internet is almost the exact same as in real life (nice to strangers, vitriolic to everyone else), except that it’s way easier for me to type than it is to talk. (僕は友達が少ない T.T)

Being a NEET right now…and I guess that allows me to be part of the NEET agency? Honestly, I rather get back to work than stay at home or in the library to translate nowadays. To be honest, I’m getting one of those ‘I’m sick and tired of doing anything mode’, so I need something to get me motivated to work. Especially with fan translating, since I’ve been doing this for so long, sometimes I wonder if I could just drop everything and leave.

But just when I thought I was out…they pull me back in.

There was a thread on novelupdates where people were asking who has been translating for so long, so here I was thinking: “I’m the OG around this scene.”

But ultimately, I’m more content to just sit back and watch everything at this point. (And correct them on this matter: http://forum.novelupdates.com/threads/who-are-the-older-translators-in-net.14020/page-2#post-512615)

Who am I, why am I doing this (I’ve been having an existential crisis for the past 25 years)

Sometimes I look at the Bible and read Ecclesiastes, and then I started to feel how Solomon felt.

Let’s just hope I don’t end up like this:




Alrighty, time to switch moods.

You know, now that I have the time to reflect on what I want to do, I suppose my mindset is appropriate enough to do something a little more morbid.

Unfortunately, Magdala would be slightly more optimistic in terms of setting…which is why I somehow had Tabi no Tochuu playing whenever I worked on it. Wrong series yo.

Clock’s ticking down until the anime of Clockwork Planet. If I really want to promote the series, I should be translating the volumes while the anime is airing…assuming of course that it doesn’t get licensed.

Which leaves me to Bokushinu. I’m planning to keep it slow and hold off the side story until next year.

So, back to gaming.

Glory hallelujah



Oh yeah, I translated another chapter of BMG, and since I was in the mood, I proceeded to write a little story on my own

Story is entirely based on this CM (I tried to include the teacher inside somehow, but it’ll just look like service placement, which defeats the purpose of the 3 min BMG theme).

The story’s still incomplete, but I thought I should post this and ask of ways to improve it (namely, how do I incorporate the 3 minutes).

“While it’s not like I want to live happily after…”

“Or that I’m desiring a promise.”

“More importantly, and truly.”

“Somewhere beyond, there should be.”

“”That place I want to be at.””


Miho had a dream.

To study in a university in Japan.

Hailing from an island, she knew that dream would be a tall order.

Financially, her family of four was not that well off, so she was aiming to get a scholarship to further her education.

And amenities-wise, she too was handicapped.

She had no cram schools on her island, and had to make do with whatever she could get, whether it was the standardized lesson plans, or the supplementary papers she could obtain over the internet.

“We don’t have cram schools around to help you study.”

Her homeroom teacher noted. While many did list their career aspirations, surely not all would have the same lofty goals Miho set for herself.

She was one of the select few to aim for a university program, rather than the more prevalent option of going straight into the workforce; amongst the few, she was the only one aiming for Tokyo.

Of course, she too had to help take care of her family.

Her father was often at work, and she would help her mother do the housework while taking care of her little sister.

“You don’t have to go all the way to a university in Tokyo…”

Her mother noted. Though she said so, she gave her best regards to her daughter, whom she knew had bigger aspirations than to be stuck on an island.

For Miho, her desire to do well was not simply to help shoulder the financial load of the family, nor was it simply to earn a better living.

It was also a test for her, to see if she could keep improving, and rise to the next level.

She knew that she could do it, and more importantly, she wanted to.

Surely, that was something beyond the horizon she wanted to be at.

And whenever she cycled past the river, seeing the boats depart, she would wonder,

“When will it be my turn?”


Living by himself in the metropolis of Tokyo, Shouta too was aiming to study in a university.

He had his own worries to handle.

Given that he lived by himself, he would have to handle all his studies, part-time work, and housework.

Juggling all these tasks was not easy by any means, certainly for one in the midst of his adolescence.

“Gotta go for cram school. See ya man.”

“Bye then.”

Bidding farewell to his friend, Shouta went off to work.

The basic wage for part-timers in Tokyo was 850 Yen. It was not much, so Shouta would have to make use of what he could, and scrimp as best as he could.

And whenever he kept working late into the night at the convenience store, his co-workers would mutter,

“Isn’t he studying for the upcoming Entrance Exams?”

“When does he study exactly?”

Those were legitimate concerns.

One cannot pass the exams simply through hot-bloodnesses alone.

But being mellow in personality, he was focused on his goal. To get into university.


So similar in thoughts they were, so similar in their reasoning, even their mistakes were the same.

But they were so far away from each other, and only the hand of fate, aware of their aspirations, would bring them together.

The seasons passed, and like all students, Miho and Shouta were fervently studying for the entrance exams that were to come.

No matter how weary they were, they knew what they were aiming for.

To enter university.


It was time for their exams,

Each student present could have taken a Center Test, and certainly, this Entrance Exam would be a tougher option.

Well, it was to be expected given the prestige of this university, meant for the elites of the elites.

And when the chief invigilator indicated the start of the exam, every student present proceeded to flip through their scripts.

Write, write, and write.

For these young students, their hopes rest on this one exam.


“Don’t be disappointed if you don’t get in!”

Miho’s mother quipped.

Such was the concern of a dedicated mother, but Miho did not wish to entertain such thoughts in her mind as she boarded the boat to the mainland.

After all,

“…Well then, here I go!”


“I’ll be off then.”

Shouta said as he left his studio apartment.

Like many, he too was off to witness the results, if he was accepted into that university.

Blaséd as he might seem, he did not come all this way just to fall short.

And he too went to the university with anticipation.


It was Spring, the cherry blossoms bloomed, and for many a high school graduate aspiring to enter university, a moment of anticipation and dread.

Many students were gathered in front of a notice board. There were cheers, and there were tears.

Miho and Shouta crossed paths, trying to make their way to school.

And when they did, they looked up at the results.

Miho was shorter than the crowd, and so she had to tiptoe and jump to see.

Shouta was the taller one, and he immediately scanned the results.

After a while, they knocked into each other,

And they met.

Looking sheepish, they smiled as they looked at each other.

Not a single word of apology was uttered.

However, no matter the exam results, they knew.

For truly, life was not all about results, but also about establishing bonds.

And for that to happen, people have to meet at crossroads, little interludes in their lives that will change in life.

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