September 2019 Announcements

So there I was being all bored, switching channels on the TV, and I went ‘So what’s on Animax’?

Switches over.

Re:Zero Episode 15 airing, starting from Subaru’s first death.

Lemme prepare my popcorn.

I ended up rewatching the same episode 6 times. Hooray for rewind functions.

Then again, considering some of my other series, perhaps Subaru’s suffering can be considered tame, maybe?


Restarting translation at the moment, I have been trying to get a mood of things, so for some reason, I ended up airing the full Kara no Kyoukai OST. I know I’m supposed to translate the last two volumes of Magdala, but I haven’t been in the mood because I’ve been too lazy to get on it.

So I got back to work on 3 minutes BMG instead.

Hey, as long as I’m still translating, right?


Speaking of translating, I talked about translating 86, how I visited the Killing Fields.

I never got down to what happened after, right?

CreonicYesterday at 1:50 PM
I was pretty surprised how close it was to AtE but the v1 execution of 86 was far better

SleepingYesterday at 1:50 PM
both literally and metaphorically

CreonicYesterday at 1:50 PM
yeah first I ever heard of Akito was actually from the translation of 86 lol

Bell CranelYesterday at 1:50 PM

SleepingYesterday at 1:51 PM
did I ever talk about how I picked up 86?

CreonicYesterday at 1:51 PM
something about going on a trip to cambodia?
and seeing killing fields?

SleepingYesterday at 1:52 PM
something like that, and also the part after

FornaxTheSeldomHappyYesterday at 1:52 PM
I just really like the cover

CreonicYesterday at 1:52 PM
read it on your blog while hunting for side stories

SleepingYesterday at 1:52 PM
so me and the editor were like, “Hey, we’re bored, let’s do something after Tada Sore Dake.”
or rather, I ended up pushing it to him because he wanted something more
so after I did the prologue, and we worked on Clockwork v4 together, which was basically Black Lagoon the volume.
He was like, “Stop picking death.”

CreonicYesterday at 1:54 PM
haha thats funny

SleepingYesterday at 1:54 PM
I mean, every series I worked with him involves some form of death
Clockwork, mobs murdered by automata.
Tada Sore Dake, suicide
86, the entire squad got wiped out in the prologue
and the less we talk about the other planned series, the better
maybe it’s because I’m just sick and tired of the sweet ol’ SOL or adventure stories.
by the end of 86 v1, he was so traumatized over the entire thing, he refused to work with me again
entire thing includes story and finishing the entire volume in 1.5 months
so starting from v2, I had a different editor
who’s now dying in uni

CreonicYesterday at 2:00 PM
man don’t hurt your editors (it was worth it though)

SleepingYesterday at 2:01 PM
Btw I find it bemusing how everyone was like “don’t read V2 until V3 is released.”

CreonicYesterday at 2:01 PM
some people went ahead anyway

FornaxTheSeldomHappyYesterday at 2:01 PM
Tbf it is quite a cliffhanger




Now I begin the last two volumes of Magdala, which almost nobody cares about because they rather have more Spice and Wolf.

Though I wonder if I will be in the mood for another series. After all, Kamiinai will be my last series.

And a little present at the very end:


[86 Side Stories] Fido

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    1. I honestly like Magdala just a bit more than Spice and Wolf. Thanks for translating and feel free to take your time. You don’t owe us anything and we’re just along for the ride.

  1. I’ll just leave it here in case you read it

    thanks for all your translations, honestly, I’m interested to light novels back then because of reading your translation on BT

    remember to take your time, and keep up the good work~!

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