September 2021 Announcements

Anyone who hasn’s read Myex, get out of here.



I swear people read stuff only for what they want and not about what authors want to present.

Oh wait, the last one was by the same guy who complained on reddit, couldn’t take it that people disagreed with him, deleted his post, came to Novelupdates just to post this silly review, and even upvoted his own review. (btw I responded, but I didn’t bother to upvote mine)

I know people read for the sake of entertainment most of the time, but these hot takes make them look like they’re on First Take or something.


First, what is their definition of a cliche?


As per Cambridge: a saying or remark that is very often made and is therefore not original and not interesting.


So again, what is it that is cliche?

Is it the totally non-contrived coincidences that resulted in 4 of our characters already being involved beforehand?

Is it the romcom hijinxes of Yume wanting to woo Mizuto into getting him to confess to her? (Yume-sama wants to be confessed to)

Is it the romcom hijinx of Isana having her bra snapped?

Is it the totally non romcom hijinx of Mizuto having social anxiety and not wanting to fit in?

Is it the totally romcom hijinx of the bakaneighbors who say they hate each other and act otherwise?

Is it the totally romcom hijinx of the bakasiblings when one try to woo the other while the other is clearly still in a twice-shy phase?

Or is it the realization of these characters realizing why things didn’t work out?

I mean, if these cliches are boring as per definition, then why do authors keep including them?


If we’re just looking at volume 7, fair enough, that’s meant to be a breather volume as per the afterword, since the author did mention that the prior two volumes involved themes he had to think hard about (which is more than the readers who read the story for romance and call the acts cliche when there isn’t any significant progress).

If we’re looking at the entire series thus far, I’m sorry, but clearly your criticism is simply because you’re reading with a different expectation.


People criticize for the sake of wanting to look smart, as you can see from the prior snapshots. See, my main gripe is that people are criticizing these stories for what they are not, that they want the characters to act like this instead of letting the characters, flawed as they are, be who they are.

In other words, they just want romance for the sake of romance, and fail to notice that their (characters) romances failed because they wanted romance for the sake of romance, without understanding each other properly because they were too enamored until it was too late. Even Yume, who has been the most aggressive character, is doing so because she wants to surpass her old self. Personally, I feel that in her mind, her surpassing her old self means getting Mizuto to confess to her, which is something her old self hasn’t done.

I also do feel that people who look at characters as plot devices rather than being characters do treat people in real life as plot devices to advance their stories. Tools, as what Ayanokouji would say. How you interpret a story depends on the quality of the story (which Myex isn’t) and the lens of the viewer, who in this case probably read so many romcoms and stories with OP characters/winners that their expectations of a character is what they want in life, rather than let the characters be themselves. Thus their outcries, calling stories cliches when the resolution isn’t as satisfactory as they’d have liked.


For me, while I will defend the series I have, I’m not going to be blind to the faults of these series. I’ll be honest. Myex isn’t a literature masterpiece, far from it. For me, it’s just an entertaining read. The only reason why I’m doing this is because someone owes me a bet and I ended up picking it up somehow (Looking at you, Dreamer). This isn’t the first time I’ve berated my own series. I’ve complained about tenshi for being nothing but boring sweetness especially after the confession, about Infinite Stratos, about SAO, and even about 86, but I do try to complain from the perspective of what I assume the novel is, rather than what I want the novel to be.

(How’s that supposed to be different, I can’t really explain, but I suppose it’s just me wanting to show a more objective opinion rather than have all the hot takes like people complaining about Genshin anniversary rewards 5 WEEKS BEFORE THE ACTUAL ANNIVERSARY – How many gachas announce their anniversary rewards a month before the actual anniversary?)


On a side note, I’ll really have to give a shout out to user Exfernal for pointing out the typos and errors in the Tenshi tls

7 thoughts on “September 2021 Announcements

  1. Great work even though I haven’t read it (yet). I mean, what are they expecting when the draw of the series is literally in the title. Now I don’t even bother touching those series with some oh-so-perfect girl falling in love with some loser MC which are getting released in the dozens nowadays. But if you’re saying there’s some realism to the characters then maybe I’ll check it out someday. Like many others, what drew my attention for this series was the circumstances which just so coincided with Domestic no Kanojo. If not for that, how would it even stick out from the rest. Now it’s just up to the author to bring the series to a natural and convincing conclusion. I pray hard for that (and that you continue to make it available to the rest of us unless it’s licensed).
    Lastly, I’m sure you know by now to ignore the haters, but if you ever feel inclined to, you can go back and work on other less mainstream LNs (*ahem* like Shikkin *ahem*).

  2. Cope and seethe. The redditor was right and Yume is an insufferable bitch. This would have been a better story have Mizuto moved on and pursued Isana but no, author wants to push the little shit nugget.

    1. I’m not a Yumeshipper, in case you’re wondering. No that has nothing to do with this argument.

      Calling Yume insufferable for what? Not acting like what you want her to be? Being a mary sue even though she worked her way up from the bottom rung? Do we call Isana a brat for being so overly clingy to Mizuto starting in v3? Do you want to know how many people hated her antics in v5? I got receipts.

      Again, what do you mean by insufferable? Her being pushy about wanting to be with Mizuto? V6 when she tried to drag him along until she realized she shouldn’t? v7 when she tried to be more independent, which has all to do with her personal growth but something you conveniently ignored for the sake of your ‘correct’ narrative?

      You’re the insufferable one for imposing what you want out of a story.

      You’re the one who’s seething for trying to call me out without knowing which characters I ship (which btw, I’m not shipping anyone because I’ve seen firsthand how toxic shipping wars can get, from my time working on Infinite Stratos).

      You’re the one who’s seething for reacting so emotionally to this post simply because I disagreed with your sentiments, and trying to fish a reaction from me. Congratulations, you succeeded.

      You’re the one who’s seething because you just let your bias cloud your enjoyment of the story. In other words, you’ve become what Kogure is in the story, albeit for Isana (which I assume so because she is the only other shipping option I can think of for Mizuto).

      You’re the one who’s seething because you just see this story as a romance story by itself while disregarding whatever the author wants (read volume 4 afterword, assuming you aren’t too blind to do so).

      You’re the one who’s seething because you assume the story will be better if Mizuto is shipped with Isana instead, while ignoring the title of the story that is literally ‘my stepsister is my ex’. In other words, you are basically ignoring the red flags on this series just as people ignored the red flags on oreimo years ago. And as I will like to remind you, Isana as a character wasn’t meant to exist. The story was meant to end at the first volume until popular fan reception kept the series going.

      You’re the one who’s seething because what you just posted is basically you screaming “I’m right and everyone else is wrong” without allowing anyone to disagree amicably, which is to be expected of a shipper warfare where people just cover their eyes, gnash their teeth and just yell what they want. You proved my point correct by criticizing for the sake of wanting to be right.

      You have the freedom to continue reading whatever is translated, or write your alternate fanfiction to get the outcome you want.

      Btw that reddit post clearly misrepresented what actually transpired in the story, and I’m still waiting for an acknowledgement. Well, I doubt it’ll be acknowledged if people can’t represent the facts correctly.

      On a side note, this is the first time I’ve seen an angry Mizuto/Isana shipper. It’s usually the Mizuto/Yume shippers who are angry.

  3. It’s good to vent from time to time but don’t let ppl’s (idiotic) comments frustrate you. Thanks for all your work <3

  4. Anyway, have you read the latest series from 野村美月 like 元カノが転校してきて気まずい小暮理知の、罠と恋。 and むすぶと本。? If you did, what did you think of them, are they good?

  5. Wait… Did he just join NU just to…. berated the Novel? Pfffft… Kids this days….
    Welp, I guess he didn’t much tries to understand the progress of the every characters in the story…
    I guess his mind isn’t progressing at all, that’s why…

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