[Shikkin V1] Afterwords

Hello there. This is Masamune Masaki, the current winner of the MF Bunko J Outstanding award. And who just had his book published.
This rare book is a story about an unavoidable job of saving girls from a certain XXXX. Eh, really? Of course it is.
More or less, probably, maybe…I hope so…
First off, the thankgivings.
I will like to thank the supervisor, Mr. Takigura, and the editor-in-charge, Mr. Misaka, for giving me all sorts of suggestions. I suppose it is because of your blessings that I am able to finish this outstanding work.
Also, I will like to thank the illustrator, Miss Sayori. Thank you for the cute illustrations you provided.
When the character illustrations were completed, I was grinning from ear to ear.
And next, to all my friends, all the friends who sent me recent author photographs with seals on them. I am grateful to see your congratulations, celebrating my award as if it is yours.
But allow me to say something.
I suppose all of you really hate me, right?
I did receive congratulatory messages from all of you, all sorts of things like ‘do your best’ and ‘go at die’.
But why did you write them on diapers?
What am I supposed to do with them?
You wrote them on something at least, but I will not be able to understand if anything sudden happens!
I want to throw them away, and yet I am reluctant to. For now, I shall seal them in the belly of my desk.
And to my friend, Mr T; thanks to my random conversation with you about a certain bank’s slogan, I was able to come up with this story. It is thus impossible for me to come up with the draft without you and that certain bank.
There was only one week from the idea till the submission deadline, and the idea was about this. I therefore had never expected it to win a prize.
There were several times where I thought ‘This will be awarded’ whenever I submitted my works, but it is really intriguing to see something, which I initially thought  ‘maybe this one’s hopeless. It’s a little too risky’, to actually win a prize.
And to all the readers who have this book in their hands.
…I really thank you.
I hope that you will continue to support me.
Masamune Masaki

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