“……Shou? How long are you gonna stand here?”
Asking this was my little sister, Hijiri Shimizu, who was attending her second year of high school.
By the way I, Shou Shimizu, was also a second year high school student.
The reason we were in the same year was because we happened to be born in the same school year.
We were even in the same class.
And now, my sister was staring intently at me with her expressionless eyes, like she always did.
Even though her voice was as flat as always, it carried an accusing tone.
My heart suddenly froze.
Instinctively, I tried to find an excuse.
“Y-Y-You’re wrong! I-I-It wasn’t me!”
“…? Despite what you’re saying, you’re the only other person here.”
I was at home.
Since I was at home, it was only natural that my sister would be here as well. So there shouldn’t be any reason to accuse me, right?
However, this was a situation that didn’t work out with that argument.
My sister had gone into the bathroom,
“…Exactly how long do you plan on watching your little sister use the toilet?”
And I had a clear view of her panties.
I-I could even see the stripes clearly.
Wait, this is bad. This is really bad! I-If things continue like this, Hijiri will hate me!
I-I must find a way to get through this.
Damn. Calm, CALM DOWN! My heart is beating too loudly!
“Oh, right. I came here to help.”
“…To help?”
“Yeah. The reason I came here was to help my cute, sweet sister.”
“…How do you plan on helping me, Shou?”
Her expression unchanging, Hijiri became alert and hugged herself with one arm.
I suddenly got a hold of myself.
How can I help my little sister while she’s in the washroom?
I must think quickly! I must mobilize every single brain cell that I have!
I just need to read her mind…!
What would Hijiri need to do after this? If I say that I was helping her with that, then I’d be automatically safe!
…Right! That!
“I-I’ll help you wipe, dear sister.”
LIKE HELL! That line was clearly wrong!
“…Shou………You’re terrible.”
Hijiri stood up and kicked me, her face still expressionless. I-I can see–!
Hijiri, it hurts… Being beaten by her makes me kinda happy though…
No, NONONO! If this goes on, Hijiri will hate me!
…Damn. I must do something to redeem myself.
As I thought this, the door closed in front of me.
The scene switched to the living room.
By the way, my sister and I were the only ones living here. Our father was working overseas, and our mother was traveling from place to place because of her work, never getting the chance to come home.
“Hey, Hijiri. Here’s some pudding. Wanna eat together?”
“I don’t want to.”
“You like sweet things, don’t you?”
“……Hmph, I don’t.”
“It’s from the Lion House, you know? I had to wait in line for two hours yesterday in order to get it.”
After hearing this, Hijiri’s ears quivered slightly.
Though she wasn’t looking this way, her ears were certainly paying me attention.
“It’s delicious. It’s made from the yolk of eggs that have been rigorously selected in order to make the powerful flavor explode in your mouth.”
“I-I wouldn’t mind letting you eat it, if only you’d go to school with me~.”
“What happened just now was just wasted effort. Yeah, like water flushed down the toilet.”
“…You really think that that’s supposed to make me feel better? But still……I decline.”
“You’re saying that, but you’re still staring at the pudding, you know? I’ll have some then.”
“……I don’t care.”
“Ahh—it’s great. The Lion House’s pudding is superb. I can feel it melt on my tongue.”
Hijiri pouted. It seemed that she wasn’t happy.
“…Fine. We’ll go together. However, I have one condition.”
“That’s great! I got it. It’s fine, so eat as much as you want.”
As I looked at Hijiri eating the pudding, I was thinking of going to school together with her.
“Hehehe. It’s been awhile since I’ve gone to school together with Hijiri…………but…”
What bothered me was that I had to walk at least fifty meters behind her.
It’s fine though.
As I thought this I held my binoculars in one hand, continuing to follow Hijiri from behind.
“Wait, now that I think about it, does it even count as going school together if we’re separated by this much of a distance!?”
It’s a really thought out strategy, coming from my sister.
“…As expected of Hijiri. She’s the Zhuge Liang of the modern era!”
I gulped in fear.
Hijiri wasn’t just the brainy type.
She had a face like that of a doll. Plus, her constant impassive expression gave her an aura of mysteriousness.
If you looked at an immobile Hijiri, it would feel like you were looking at the world’s cutest doll.
How could I break the promise I made with such a cute little sister?
All I could do was to keep a distance of fifty meters between us on the way to school.
…That’s right.
Yeah. We’re currently going to school together. I’m sure we are. I’M SURE!
“Eh, who is that weirdo…?”
A petite girl, wearing the same uniform as Hijiri and riding on a bike, approached her.
She had soft black hair and was so short that people could mistake her for a grade school student.
Surprisingly, they started walking together to school.
…Is this for real? Hijiri, who had never brought any friends home to play with, actually has…
“Hijiri has finally made a friend…Uwaah. We have to eat red beans and rice today. Aaah, my tears…”
“Hey, you, that suspicious guy over there!”
Calling out to me from behind was my friend Katou.
Katou is someone who gathers all kinds of information and keeps all of it, unconcerned with its usefulness.
“…Oh, so it was just you.”
“Peeking with your binoculars so early in the morning, and while walking to school…what the hell are you doing?”
After listening to my explanation of what had happened, Katou looked ahead and nodded in understanding.
“—Aaah, just as I thought. It was to peek at Hiji.”
“Don’t call her Hiji, or I’ll kill you.”
“……Shimizu, you really look serious about it. …Well, it’s not like I don’t understand how you feel. After all, she was ranked as one of the top five cutest girls at school. I might be like that too if she was my little sister.”
“Katou, you bastard! Hijiri is my little sister. Also, are you trying to make her look bad? Just the top five?”
“Shimizu, your face is way too close…! There’s nothing wrong if you think she’s number one…”
“No! Hijiri is number one of the world. The most beautiful maiden throughout all of history. Her cuteness has already surpassed the realm of humanity.”
“That’s obviously an exaggeration.”
“What? What did you just say? Hey, listen to me you bastard…”
“…D-Don’t stare at me like that. Still the same old siscon, huh.”
“What’s wrong with being a siscon…? Putting that aside, do you know who’s the one beside Hijiri?”
“…The one with the childlike figure? Her name is Karin Minato. She’s our junior, since she’s in first year. The kind of beauty that fits in the loli category. She’s so cute that even the upperclassmen know her. Her black hair smells of strawberries… That’s probably because of her shampoo.”
“Y-You even know what her hair smells like? …You’re fucking awesome.”
“Don’t make such a big deal out of it. I just happened to catch a whiff when I brushed past her.”
“So, what’s her connection with Hijiri!?”
“Hey, calm down! Don’t shake me…! Really. You’re always like that whenever it concerns your little sister. The answer to your question would be that she met her during her club activities. Karin Minato is a member of the Flower Arrangement club. Hijiri Shimizu also seems to have entered the same club this year.”
“Huh!? Hijiri, she…!? It’s my first time hearing that!”
“Close! Too close! Your face is too close! Get off! …Haah. It was founded this year by a wealthy family’s daughter. Her name is Chris Ryusenji. It’s called the Second Flower Arrangement Club.”
“The Second…? It’s not your usual Flower Arrangement Club, then?”
“Hmm. It seems that she intentionally wanted to distinguish it from the existing Flower Arrangement Club. Also, there are very few members.”
“…So it was founded this year, huh. How’s it different from the previous Flower Arrangement Club?”
“—No idea.”
“I have no idea. For some unknown reason, despite their activities, nothing’s been leaked. The only thing that’s known is that the club members are all incredibly beautiful girls. They are the club leader Chris Ryusenji, and the members Hijiri Shimizu and Karin Minato. There’s even a rumor that only beautiful girls can enter this club.”
“W-What! Hijiri was in a club like that…?”
I was shocked. Katou rubbed his hands against each other.
“I also want to get closer to the Flower Arrangement club, Shimizu. Can I ask your little sister to introduce me to—”
Does he want to get closer to my little sister?
“If you really want to get closer to my little sister…no, if Hijiri enters your field of vision, I’ll kill you.”
“Ehhh!? Just looking at her!?”
That said, Hijiri has been quite happy during these past few days. It had to have been caused by something that hadn’t happened till now.
It was definitely because of this Second Flower Arrangement club. As her big brother, I needed to greet all the members.
Hijiri, who was walking in front of me, suddenly seemed to feel something, and her shoulders started to shake uneasily.
Incidentally, about the Second Flower Arrangement club…
Though the members were all beautiful girls, I still wasn’t sure what the club activities were.
What on Earth were the club activities that Hijiri was taking part of?
…I’ll go take a look after school.
On that day, after school, I was walking up the stairs that lead to the Second Flower Arrangement Club.
“Hmm, the Second Flower Arrangement Club is there, right…?”
Afterwards, the voice of a girl came from above.
“W-Waahhhhh…! Please, please get out of my way!”
A black-haired girl fell from the stairs.
Yep—she fell from the stairs.
Because of the gravitational acceleration, the girl bumped hard onto my chest.
*rumble* *rumble* *bang*! Just like that, she and I both rolled down the stairs together.
“Wuu, that was a scary overwhelming shock.”
That voice came from the front.
I, who was lying on the floor, felt something warm on my body.
What I saw after opening my eyes was an incredibly cute face.
She had supple long black hair. Her delicate eyebrows, her thin lips, and also those big round eyes that were gazing at me…she was like a small Yamato Nadeshiko.
It was a girl like that who was pressed up tightly against my body, as if she was a part of me.
She let a shriek soon after.
“W-Wait! You, where are you…! WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU’RE TOUCHING!?”
“E-Ehhhh? I’m not touching anywhere weird…ah.”
Well, I’m tightly pressed up against her after all.
But there’s nothing I could have done unless she would have decided to get off from my body.
“My c-c-c-chest, you touched my chest!”
“What? Nah, I couldn’t have touched your chest. I felt nothing with my hands.
“WH-!? What are you saying!?”
After I said “Look,” I started groping with my hands.
The sensual feeling of her chest was totally absent.
“Ah, but you do have a bit of flesh here after all. It’s hard to see the extra fat on your belly though…”
“Nnnaaah! T-Those’re my breasts! My breasts…Uuu…Uaah!”
Shit. Could it be that I triggered some kind of psychological trauma!?
Err…At a time like this, I should throw a few compliments at her.
Yep. That’s the only way. At least I will be able to compensate for my error.
“…I think they’re rather stylish…good breasts, though?”
The girl opened her eyes wide.
“It seems like there wouldn’t be any drag. They won’t pose as obstacles for archery, swimming or track.”
“Whawhahwahwhahwa!? What are you saying!?”
“I mean, you shouldn’t need a bra. It’s economical; you can save money and stuff. You’re super thrifty.”
“I thought that you were going to apologize, and yet, you’re making fun of me!? You d-demon! That was so mean! Damn it!”
The girl immediately stood up.
Then *BANG**BANG*! She kicked me twice in the chest.
“You shall die for your sin! Take this! And that!”
“When you’re in a position like this, I can see your panties, you know? So—”
“So what! Are you saying that you want me to straddle your head!? Damn pervert!”
“That’s, that’s not–! I don’t want to see your white panties at all!”
I just wanted to tell you to pay attention!
But why was there something like a bow tie on your white panties?
Though I felt sorry for her, I wasn’t able to look elsewhere.
The girl’s face turned to a deep red, and her thighs started moving awkwardly.
“How did you know the color of my panties…You…How awful! That’s just too awful—! PERVERT!”
The girl pressed her skirt on her body and ran away, shouting that.
Ahhhh…Indeed, I did something quite mean. I’ll apologize to her the next time we meet.
While I was thinking of that, I rose to my feet. After getting upstairs, I arrived at my destination.
“Here it is…The Second Flower Arrangement Club, just like what Katou said.”
Fine…! Let’s do this!
After knocking on the door, I opened it. Instantly, the three people inside looked towards me.
“Sorry for intruding.”
“Oh. Are you a visitor? That’s quite rare to see.”
The first person to open her mouth was one of the few beauties of the Academy. Any student studying here would have already heard of her. She’s Chris Ryusenji.
She was a second-year, just like me. But since we were in different classes, we had never talked to each other.
“Is there something wrong?”
Her golden blond hair was dazzling. She was looking me with her limpid blue eyes.
No matter her personality, no matter what secrets she held, she was beautiful to the point that these things would all be forgiven.
The voice came from the environmentally-friendly Yamato Nadeshiko that I met earlier at the stairs.
…Wait, why do I feel that I had met her before?
Oh yeah! She was the girl whom Katou called Karin Minato this morning.
“…Oh. So you’re also a club member here.”
“T-That demon from just before! The one who imprisoned me in his arms! And who even touched my chest…”
The girl with long, black hair was staring at me with her teeth clenched.
“N-No, that’s not it. That was…an accident! Yeah, an accident!”
“Huuuuuh!? How could you come up with such a lame excuse!? For the part where we fell down from the stairs, fine! But can you still say the same for when you touched my chest after!?
“Indeed. That was an accident.”
“He actually said that with a straight face!? Could, could it be that this guy made lying a habit of his!?”
“That wasn’t a lie. It was just an unfortunate accident.”
“G-Grrrrrrrrrrr. Unforgivable! You even sneaked a peek at my panties!”
“Y-You’re wrong!”
“Do you want to say that was also an accident?”
Karin puffed her small chest, and started staring intently up at me.
“W-Wasn’t it you who showed them to me! I didn’t have the right to refuse!”
“So you’re actually treating me like a fool!? Me, Karin!? U-U-Unforgivable!”
Karin trembled as she gripped the crucifix on her chest.
Shit. If this went on, wouldn’t I have been considered as a pervert?
“T-That’s not it! I’m Hijiri’s big brother!”
“Don’t you even dare to tell an obvious lie like this one!? You pervert!”
“…Sigh. I must admit that he is my brother after all.”
Hijiri, who was also there, sighed as she said that.
“Ugh. Damn it… If it’s true, then, what are you doing here!?”
“I’ve come to express my gratitude to you people for taking care of my sister. Right, Hijiri?”
I made a thankful smile at Hijiri, who just saved me. But she coldly replied:
“…There’s no need for that…go home.”
“Huh, Hijiri!? Why is it like that…”
“Hehe. How unsightly. You know why? It’s because of your sexual harassment. Serves you right!”
Karin said that, as if she wanted to brag about her victory.
D-Damn! If it continues like that, then I’ll be thrown out.
The topic! I must change the topic.
“T-That aside, what on Earth is this club about? I heard that it was a Flower Arrangement Club, but I see neither tatamis, flowers nor kenzans.”
As soon as I asked, Karin’s shoulders suddenly started trembling. She then said, flustered:
“Eh! T-This, this has nothing to do with you!”
Even Hijiri was backing Karin up.
“Indeed…This has nothing to do with you.”
These girls, were they hiding something from me…?
For some reason, they seemed to be very concerned about what they’re hiding. This was an elder brother’s desire to get a grasp on everything related to Hijiri.
“It’s the first time we talked like this, club president Ryusenji.”
“Ah! He dared to get pass me! What a rude man!”
“Ah. That’s true. Is this the first time? I’m the Second Flower Arrangement Club’s president, Chris Ryusenji.
Her smiling face was like freshly bloomed flower as she answered that.
Ah, maybe they are Flower Arrangement Club’s flowers.
Hijiri, Chris…and even though it pained me to admit it, Karin was also a beautiful girl indeed.
Their beauty can’t even be described with the imagery of a flower.
“Thank you for always taking care of my sister.”
“Ah no, we are always causing trouble to Hijiri. So we are the ones who should thank you.”
Ooooh…! What a sensible club president.
“Thank you. But that said, what is this club about?”
Chris elegantly closed one eye.
“Ehe. I can’t tell you that. It’s a secret.”
“As an elder brother, I am deeply concerned about what my little sister does. Can you please tell me?”
“Didn’t I say that I can’t tell you that? Secrets give women a mysterious aura, making them appear more beautiful. That’s why you would be disappointed if you knew it.”
“I won’t be disappointed. At least I won’t be disappointed in Hijiri.”
Chris put her index finger on the bottom of her red lips, and made a sensual smile.
“Is that so? But it’s still a ‘no’. I can’t tell you.”
“Please consider it.”
“Sorry. That’s impossible.”
As I was about to ask another time, Hijiri expressionlessly stared at me.
“What is it, sweet sister?”
I smiled in response, but Hijiri answered me in a low voice:
“…You’re a bother.”
Hijiri’s sharp words stabbed me deeply and intensely.
“But to say something like that…”
“…You’re awful.”
“…Leave me alone.”
“If you inquire further, then I’ll hate you.”
“How can it be!?”
“…Now that you’re aware of it, get out of here.”
“…Get out, I said.”
“Damn. I-I’ll be back…”
“…You don’t have to come back here.”
“Uhhhh. WAAHH—!”
I ran back home like that. Then, I locked myself in my room.
*Chirp**Chirp*. The swallows’ chirping reached my ears.
“Ahhh…the sun is so dazzling…”
This was the day after. I was in a half-dead state.
Maybe I was already hated by Hijiri.
Just the mere thought of it gives me a stomach ache. I was so sad that my pillow was damp from my tears.
Today, I finally managed to calm down a bit. I kept sitting on my bed, still stunned.
I was slowly drinking fruit juice. Since I had taken it out yesterday, it was already wet.
“Really, Bireley’s fruit juice is the best. The rest of the 20% juice really makes you addicted to it.”
After whispering this, I made a deep sigh.
“…That is what I would usually think.”
But today, even Bireley’s juice didn’t taste good.
The Bireley’s slid from my hand. Maybe it was fate…
The Bireley’s that had just fallen down made my nightwear and my bed covers wet.
“Sigh…Are you kidding me? It’s all wet now.”
A large orange stain was left on my bed. My nightwear was also in a miserable condition.
“Doesn’t it look like as if I just wet my bed?”
Staring at this large stain, I felt even more depressed.
At this moment, I heard someone knock on the door.
“…Shou, I heard you lament over something. Are you all right?”
“Oh, Hijiri? I’m fine.”
No, wait a minute…?
Wouldn’t it be bad if she sees me like this…?
“…Wait! I’m definitely not fine! So you mustn’t enter, got it!?”
“W-Wait. Hijiri—! Don’t barge in—!”
My screaming and shouting didn’t reach her. The door opened mercilessly.
Hijiri widened her eyes.
“……….Shou. Could it be that…………”
“N-N-NO! You’re wrong, Hijiri! Definitely wrong. It’s not what you’re thinking of!”
“…I thought that you already stopped since long ago. But you still do that…”
“I did! I already stopped doing that! HOLD ON, HIJIRI!’
I must, I must explain the situation properly to her!
“That’s not it, Hijiri! I just spilled some juice!”
“…I see. So you spilled something of a similar color to hide the evidence?”
“That’s not it, sister—! This is 100% pure juice! Juice!”
“…R-Really? You aren’t lying?”
Ah, but Bireley’s juice wasn’t 100% pure juice…I couldn’t lie to Hijiri.
“No, only 20% of that was pure juice!”
“…Woah. And what’s the remaining 80%? Don’t tell me that it’s mainly your…”
Hijiri was still as expressionless, but she seemed disgusted. This was something only I, as her brother, could understand.
“Though it’s 100%, it’s only at 20%! No, I mean, it’s 20% pure juice at 100%!”
“…I don’t understand what you’re saying…but Shou, I think I get it.”
“O-Ohhh…So you do understand, Hijiri.”
As if summoning all her strength to force herself, Hijiri slightly moved her chin downwards, nodding.
“I do. Bedwetting is quite embarrassing, so it’s perfectly understandable that you want to hide it.”
“That’s not it! I am not hiding anything! Err, yeah, exactly! That’s right!”
Wait a second. Why don’t I do that? It would clear this misunderstanding right away!
It’s an article that serves as perfect evidence!
“…What is it, Shou?”
I dragged the front part of my pajamas towards Hijiri.
“Please sniff this place!”
Hijiri held her own slender body, and immediately turned her head back.
“You’ll understand if you just sniff here. Or you can lick it! It’s just juice! Just juice, OK!”
“I-I didn’t think that you…would actually have such a habit…disgusting.”
Hijiri was looking at me as if I was some piece of crap.
“T-That’s not it! It’s not a habit, OK!?”
“I think that asking your little sister to do stuff like that is awful…”
“That’s why I’m saying it isn’t! You’ll understand after sniffing this! Do it as if I managed to fool you to do that! Got it?”
“I-I don’t want to…I won’t be fooled by you.”
“Please! PLEASE! Just a bit, just lick it a bit!”
“Just once and it’ll be fine. You just have to lick it once! Once!”
“If you come any closer, I’ll phone our mom.”
“That-That’s just horrible! Hijiri!”
“What’s horrible is your personal interest. You can do something like that by yourself.”
“U-Ughhhh! I don’t want to do a play like that…!”
Hijiri seemed to be shocked.
“Ha…It’s OK. Let me take care of the destruction of evidence. I’ll bring it for washing.”
“I’m saying that it’s not…”
“Should I tell mom then?”
“D-Damn…I’m saying it’s really not what you’re thinking.”
“…Take off the clothes that have been dirtied…and I’ll take your sheets to the laundry too…”
My little sister then took away, without a hint of disgust on her face, the dirtied clothes I urinated on. (It’s actually just Bireley’s!  Very important!)
As she was about to leave my room, she said to my half-resigned self:
“…Shou. Tomorrow, after school…free up your schedule for that time. There’s a place I want to take you to.”
I had no idea what those words meant, and simply took them as mechanical waves.
Despite what happened—perhaps because it was a habit of mine—I subconsciously got ready for school.
I walked out of the house and on my way to school…
An emotionless but cute voice came from my back.
“Shou…Please wait a moment.”
It was the first time since middle school that Hijiri talked to me on her own accord.
If I was the same as usual, I’d probably turn my head back with a bright smile on my face.
However, because of what happened today, my moral was pretty low.
“…So, what’s the matter?”
“What happened? You…seem to be very down.”
“Oh…I understand…It’s because of what just happened…it can’t be helped.”
“…Don’t mind me…please forget that.”
“…Don’t feel so bad, Shou…Don’t worry, I don’t mind that.”
“………Is that so.”
“No problem…this is something common.”
“No problem!? How can this be something common! There’s no high-school student on Earth who would still wet his bed!”
I couldn’t help but spit those words in a brutal tone. Then my little sister, for some reason, lowered her head.
Although her expression didn’t change, Hijiri did lower her voice.
“No wait, you’re concerned about me. Thanks. However, you are deeply misunderstanding some—”
At that moment, Hijiri interrupted me.
“I have good news for you.”
“Huh? …Good news?”
“As I said, I want to take you somewhere after school. It will definitively be a good help to you.”
“I don’t get what you are saying…”
“Somewhere like a great place.”
“A great place?”
“Yep. My clubroom.”
“………Eh, by clubroom, do you mean the Second Flower Arrangement Club?”
“Wait a minute. That place? Why would I go to the club that only beautiful girls can join?”
My little sister coolly shook her head.
“It’s really not just a place only cute girls can join. You also meet the requirement.”
“T-The requirement…?”
Since when did I meet the requirement to join that circle of beauties?
“…It’s all right. You would fit in well. Plus, I’m sure that it’ll help you.”
“Wait a second. Help? Uhm, help what?”
“As long as I consult the club president, we’ll find a way to cure you.”
“………The hell? Even though you asserted that without hesitation, what are you talking about?”
“Consulting the club president about your bedwetting issues.”
“Hey…HEY! Wait a second. Could it be that, Hijiri, you plan to talk with that Chris Ryusenji about m-my bed-bedwetting!?”
“W-Wait! I kind of have a bad premonition! Don’t you find that decision strange?”
“…Then, we’re heading there as soon as school ends.”
“Please hear me out. Please.”
“…Shou. Don’t be shy.”
“Hijiri. Please think about it over again–!”
While we were talking and walking to school, we had arrived at Seiryuu Academy without noticing.
As we reached the front gates, a black car passed by us.
Getting out of the car was a beautiful young lady with supple and bright blond hair. She was Chris Ryusenji.
The students nearby immediately went beside her and greeted her with a “Good morning, Miss Chris.”
She was surrounded in a split second. Her popularity was really astounding. A scene like that could probably be seen only in manga or anime.
“…Ryusenji is damn impressive.”
Chris, as if she had noticed something, faced this way. Then, her mouth formed a large smile.
“Good morning, Hijiri.”
“Hello, prez.”
Hijiri whispered to me:
“I’ll inform her of your situation.”
“Eh. Wait a sec—Damn, she’s already gone…”
I-Impossible…that was a joke, right?
Hijiri walked toward Chris. The students surrounding the latter cleared a path for Hijiri.
When she arrived beside Chris, Hijiri whispered something into Chris’s ears.
I couldn’t even stop her, so I simply stared blankly at them.
Chris then faced this way and scowled.
What on Earth are they saying? It can’t be. Impossible.
A scene that was not good at all appeared in my imagination.
“Prez. My brother wetted his bed today. What a scum. A retard. I don’t even know why he is still alive.”
“Gosh. Wouldn’t it be great if he can just die, just like that. He’s just a worthless shithead after all. A disgrace.”
“Yep. So prez, do you know how to deal with this asshole? I want to wipe his existence off the world. I want to massacre him.”
“Bedwetting can only be forgiven until one gets into grade school!”
The mere thought of it gave me butterflies in the stomach.
Chris looked this way again with something like an expression of disgust.
Then my sister coldly pointed her thumb at me.
“…Hey, why don’t we just that? ‘Cos this isn’t good, right? Right?”
I have been crushed to the utmost despair.
After school…
As the class meeting ended, Hijiri, who was sitting nearby, ran towards me with her skirt fluttering.
“Then Shou, let’s go.”
She took me by the wrist.
“I-It’s OK. After all, what happened this morning was just a misunderstanding.”
But at the same time, I was really curious of the activities the club was holding. Right now, I still had no idea what on Earth Hijiri was doing in there.
…What should I do then? For Christ’s sake, what should I do…!
Hijiri talked to the hesitating me in a serious tone, as if she was trying to calm a kid down.
“Shou. Don’t be shy. I’ll help you with your curing. And so will the club president.”
“U-Ugh, so you—! So you really said it to Ryusenji! Damn, even though it was just a misunderstanding. Even though it was because you misunderstood the situation…! Shit…how come it ended up like this.”
“……Shou. Please.”
Hijiri got really close to me, and was staring at me without the intention of letting me go.
There was a scent of lemon coming off her. I could clearly see her slender eyelashes and her big round eyes.
Cute. She was simply too cute. My protective instinct as an elder brother started boiling in me.
“…Shou, don’t be so obstinate…here.”
My forehead had been pressed by a finger of hers. It seemed as if I was being looked after by her.
“I’m sorry…”
“…Shou…Please. Even though the first step may be challenging…I’ll still be at your side. OK?”
What should I do? What should I do? I really want to know what the Second Flower Arrangement club’s activities are.
But by going there, I was going to be labeled as a bed-wetting person. And people will know about it.
But Hijiri also wanted me to go there. And she was requesting it like that!”
Damn. What on Earth should I do…!
As I was torn inside, Hijiri tilted her head and asked:
“…Shou…You can’t?”
She’s so cute! So fucking cute! That’s bad. Hijiri is so cute that—
“I have no problem with that! Come, we’re heading there!”
I assumed a patented expression and answered back. Like this, I marched toward the Flower Arrangement Club.
“…Then Shou. We’re heading inside, OK?”
My little sister looked at me with a worried expression, and opened the clubroom’s door.
“I brought him here.”
The members of the Flower Arrangement Club, which is to say Chris and Karin, all focused their gaze on me.
Even though this was a mere clubroom, there was air conditioning. It was probably done for an elegant girl like Chris.
The not too cool temperature was set so one could feel comfortable.
“Welcome, Shimizu.”
Chris said that as her voice chimed clearly like a bell.
“H-Hello, Ryusenji.”
Chris gently shook her head left and right.
“You see, I really hate my family name. So can you call me by my first name?”
She revealed a magnificent smile. That alone was enough to make my heart quicken its beat.
“C-Chr…Miss Chris.”
“Haha. You don’t have to add anything such as “Miss” in front, you know.”
Chris, who seemed to be having fun teasing me, laughed.
She just wanted me to call her by her first name, so doing so probably didn’t matter, right?
My ear was suddenly pulled forcefully. The culprit was Hijiri.
“Shou. Please change that perverted expression of yours.”
“Ouch…l-like hell I have a perverted expression.”
“You do” “Do not” “Do too” “Do not” “Do too” “Do not”
As we were going to continue our argument, Karin, who had been quiet until now, opened her mouth.
“You two can stop flirting now.”
Karin seemed to be unhappy as she was pouting. Her arms crossed in front of her chest, in front of her petite body, she stood there firmly like one of Buddha’s guardian.
“By the way, President Chris is a godly person. So stop ignoring her like that! Hijiri, Shou, who the heck do you think you are? So drop your arrogant manners!”
“Wait, who do you think you are?”
Even though I had planned to apologize to her properly the next time I’d be seeing her, I couldn’t help myself but make a comeback like that.
“Wha—Don’t you dare talk to me in that manner…bastard!”
“I’m really sorry. Please pretend you didn’t hear that.”
“Now you’re being silly. You know, I’ve already heard you! T-There’s no way I’ll ever forgive you!”
Whoa. That being said, I had really done some bad things to her.
As I thought, there was really the need for a proper apology.
“I’m truly sorry for what I’ve done…!”
I deeply lowered my head, making Karin perplexed.
“I am very sorry for making you remember such unhappy memories. That wasn’t on purpose, though I guess I can’t use it as excuse.”
“N-No, about that…if you are truly sorry for that, I can’t get angry over that…”
That hesitation she was showing meant that victory was in my reach!
I needed to take advantage of the current situation to apologize! I could only do it now. Let’s do this!
“Plus, I think your stylish breasts are quite fine, actually!”
Karin’s face suddenly froze.
“W-What, what are you saying?”
“I’m sure there are people who like them the way they are. Don’t give a damn for those idiots who think that they are undeveloped or whatever.”
“Undeveloped? You’re such an ass!”
“Hum, you see, the less developed are your breasts, the more grandiose will your heart be. I’m sure it’s like that. Plus, you won’t have to buy a bra, which will make it super economical for you. Meaning that you won’t be the kind of woman who spends too much money. Be more confident of yourself!”
“Grrr, damn you! What the hell are you—! There’s no, no way I’ll ever forgive you!”
Err…huh? Why does she sound like she’s repressing her anger?
She lifted her head that was facing the ground a second ago. Then, I managed to see Karin’s face completely red, as well as her moisten eyes.
“Stop acting like you’re cool or whatever! W-What were you in your previous life then? Because I was previously a great mage capable of commanding dragons! Humph!”
…Huh? ……What the hell did she just say? That girl…
A, uhm, a great mage…?
“…Are you OK? I hope that it wasn’t because I made you so mad to the point you lost your mind.”
“Though you just made a fool out of the divine President Chris, you plan to do the same to me too?”
Karin’s eyes started to get filled by tears. While moaning, she held her thighs firmly in embarrassment.
“Hum, I’m sorry…”
“Ugh, calm down, calm down, my stomach…”
Karin’s cheeks started to get even redder.
She was pressing the lower part of her abdomen, seemingly feeling awkward.
“This is just the eighth-grade syndrome. Though it’s the first time I hear of one’s stomach being involved. Could it be because it bursts out of your abdomen? That’s not really cool, you know?”
“S-Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Damn, I can’t hold it—!”
While shouting that, Karin ran outside, her thighs close to each other.
“…Hum. It’s a shame, since I originally planned to apologize…”
Chris was flabbergasted as she was staring at me.
“Are you serious, Shimizu…?”
“There’s not a single doubt that you were provoking her. Are you an idiot?”
“Ehhhh…? You’re kidding me…for real?”
“D-Don’t look at me with this incredulous expression. I should be the one who’s supposed to find this unbelievable.”
“Shou. Don’t bully Karin so harshly.”
“I-I wasn’t bullying her…”
“Her trigger is anger.”
Hijiri, as if she wanted to inform me of something, suddenly said that mysterious line.
“Hijiri…how come that even you are saying weird stuff like that.”
“By the way, mine would be stress.”
“Hijiri…did you catch the eighth-grade syndrome too?”
Since we haven’t been talking a lot lately, I had no idea what the hell she was saying…Trigger? Meaning that it could cause something to burst out?
Dang, Hijiri, even you managed to get the eighth-grade syndrome. Could it be that this club as actually the ‘Eighth-Grade Club’?
However, however! If Hijiri is like that, then I have no choice but to play along with her.
Though it was a bit embarrassing, I can only try my best…!
“I understand. Hijiri, as soon as you get stressed, you can mobilize a great amount of energy. Is that magic? Or a superpower? Or are do you plan on summoning something? I understand. I totally do. Actually, your big brother also can. In my past life, I was a hero that made every single demon kneel before humans. But because of your radiance, I am now a warrior awakened by the feelings of love. My trigger is activated by the thoughts I have for my comrades.”
The hands of the clock hanging on the wall could be heard.
Chris looked at us with an expression of disappointment.
However, I had no choice. All I needed to do was to please my sister.
Yet, I only received an extremely cold line in response.
“…Huh? Shou, is your head alright?”
“Eh, wh-what? What did you just say, Hijiri? There’s no way you just said, dumbfounded: “…Huh? Shou, is your head alright?,” right? I’m sure that your big brother misheard.”
“It’s exactly what I said. What nonsense are you spouting? So you have another disorder aside from your bladder problems?”
“N-No, that’s not it, Hijiri. It’s only for your sake that I would—!”
“That’s not it. Shou, could it be that you are incontinent for my sake?”
“No—wait, there’s no way that’s actually possible!”
“Then, you want me to ‘sniff the odor of your pee’ again? …Shou, your disorder is even worse than mine.”
“NO! Though I asked you to sniff, that was to prove to you that I didn’t wet my bed!”
At this moment, Chris opened her mouth in shock—or rather, in disgust.
“…I can’t stand it anymore.”
“T-That’s not it, Chris…! This was only an accident. Rather, I didn’t wet my bed at all.”
Chris was coldly staring at me. Not good. She doesn’t trust me. Still, I continued to explain.
“That was because of the Bireley’s. Every-Everything is its fault…Damn! THIS IS A SCHEME LAID OUT BY THE BIRELEY’S.
“Aren’t you ashamed to put all the blame on a yellow drink, Shimizu?”
“You don’t have to hide it, Shou.”
My little sister was nodding, still with that expressionless face of hers.
Then she told me:
“…It’s fine. We are all the same.
I really could not understand my sister’s words, and couldn’t help but to let out a dumbfounded interjection.
We are all the same. What did she mean by that? What on Earth did she mean?”
“The club members here…we are all the same.”
Did I misunderstand something? T-This is impossible, right?
“W-What do you mean, when you say that you are all the same?”
I held the last string of hope in my heart, wishing for—no, trying to clearing this misunderstanding in my head.
“We are all incontinent.”

Hijiri said that without hesitation.
“No, nononono. That’s impossible. I-I have no idea what you’re talking about. Are you OK? Do you have a fever? Let me touch your forehead…no, you don’t.”
“…It’s OK. I’m fine. I’m perfectly normal.”
“H-Huh…then…so, what the hell do you mean?”
“This is a club where the incontinent people get together to help each other. A club where we help cure each other’s incontinence.
I couldn’t assimilate this information. No, rather, my brain was refusing to do so.
“The code term girls use when they go to the toilet is ‘’picking flowers‘’. It means that this is a club where girls learn how to properly ‘’pick flowers‘’. After that comes the ‘’Arrangement Club‘’ part. It means that you have to ‘’arrange‘’ the problem of ‘’picking flowers‘’. “ (1)
That second meaning is damn far-fetched…!
It’s impossible that my little sister would actually be incontinent.
After receiving a blow of despair, I looked towards Chris.
Chris was nodding, her arms crossed.
“T-That’s a joke, right…?”
Chris then spoke with honesty.
“Everything is true. Even if you refuse to accept this reality, even if you are deeply disappointed in us, what Hijiri just said did not include a single lie. It’s a genuine, true fact.”
“Y-Y-You’re lying…You’re lying, you’re lying, you’re lying…!”
I unconsciously took a step backwards.
“So you actually think we would tell you such an embarrassing lie? Aren’t you a comrade of ours? Though I feel that having a male comrade is kinda, you know…I believe that incontinent people can’t be bad people.”
“This is definitely weird! I mean, that blabber on how incontinent people aren’t bad people and stuff!”
“You are our comrade. Aren’t you the same?”
For a split second—
It was only for a split second, but there was no doubt that Chris glared at me the way she would glare at her father’s murderer or something.
However, she immediately put back a beautiful smile.
A smile that could make people believe that incontinence was adding up to her charm.
I couldn’t help but shudder. Then, I managed to squeeze out a few words.
“So it means that the requirement to enter this club is actually…”
This was not some kind of club for beautiful girls—
But rather, a repulsive club for the—
“To be incontinent. That is the requirement to enter the club.”
Chris put her beautiful, delicate hands on my shoulders…
“Let’s do our best.”
…and said that in a graceful manner. However—
—However, something like that…there’s no way I’ll ever accept it!
Before I managed to recover from the shock, I was already speaking.
“Hey, hey— Stop screwing with me.”
My voice seemed to come from the bottom of my body.
“How could I leave my little sister in this so called club?”
A club aiming to cure each other’s incontinence? Don’t give me that crap. How can my sister be in such a place…!?
My stomach was burning as if someone introduced molten metal in it.
There’s no way, no way, that I will ever acknowledge that club.
“We’re leaving, Hijiri.”
Even though I said that, Hijiri simply shook her head.
“…No. I don’t want to leave.”
“Hijiri. Don’t you find this club very strange?”
“……Even so, I wish to stay here.”
Why are you being so obstinate? Clearly, nothing good will come out of it even by staying here.
“Shimizu. Why do you want to take Hijiri away?”
“The reason is obvious. Because she won’t be cured even if she stays here.”
“Why is that?”
Chris asked me that question. I took a deep breath, and answered in one go.
“So what good can come out from hanging with a bunch of incontinent people? It can only lessen your pain. You find people that are kind of like your comrades. Heh.”
“Then, may I ask you what’s wrong with that?”
What’s wrong with that? Isn’t it crystal clear?
“After having your pain lessened, your determination to cure your incontinence would weaken. You’d be satisfied by your current situation! It’s by being unhappy of your situation that you will gain the strength to change that. This club is ridiculous. Simply ridiculous.”
“Do you really think that it works that way?”
“Think about it carefully. If a person finds his or her incontinence exposed, wouldn’t it cause the people linked to that same person to be also exposed? How many people are there in the club? Three people? Wouldn’t the risk be multiplied by three?”
“Oh. So that’s how you think it works.”
I was staring intensely at Chris.
“That’s why there’s no way I’ll ever acknowledge that club!”
Chris, feigning complete seriousness, said:
“Even if it means disregarding your little sister’s opinion?”
“If it’s for Hijiri’s own good, I won’t hesitate to do so.”
“Haha. What a quick answer…I see. So, what do you think, Hijiri?”
Hijiri, who had just been apostrophized, was staying silent and didn’t say a single word.
“Hijiri. What are your honest feelings about this?”
My little sister opened her mouth to say something, but then closed it.
She seemed to be nervous, which was quite a rare sight.
“Shou, you idiot.”
A small, stingy pain could be felt in my chest.
“…No matter what you say, I won’t back off.”
“…Idiot…Idiot, idiot, IDIOT!”
To think Hijiri could actually display such an unyielding resistance…Seems that she’ll hate me even more after that.
So be it. If that is necessary to save Hijiri, then I don’t mind doing it.
I bit my lips, waiting for her next line.
“I’ve never made a single friend before that.”
“I know.”
“It’s impossible for me to get one while hiding such a secret.”
There was a sudden jolt near Hijiri’s stomach.
“That’s why when you wetted your bed, I, I was truly happy…!”
“I was truly really happy. So happy that my tears were almost overflowing.”
“Right now…I’m also…stressed right now. B-Because I didn’t want you to discover my secret. However, if it comes to that, I’d want to let you know…my s-secret…”
Oh. Now that I think of it, Hijiri’s trigger is stress. From all I’ve heard so far, I presume that this trigger refers to triggering the desire to go to the toilet. Right now, the stress is probably causing her to want to go there.
That is probably the reason she is moving so awkwardly.
“That’s why, S-Shou…I want…want to know…that this…this club is very, very important to me…so please…”
Hijiri kept staring at me.
Her face still wasn’t showing any expression. However, I could see that she was extremely sincere. Only I could understand that emotion being conveyed to me.
Gosh, really. Damn it. What now!?
Now that she was so serious in persuading me, there was nothing I could do.
Though I shouldn’t be that bad of a guy, right?
Am I not simply thinking for Hijiri’s sake?
I’m sure that it’s with the help of this club that Hijiri has been saved.
From that prison named ‘solitude’.
“I get it…I’ll comply with your wish.”
What the result of this decision will be, I still do not know.
Nevertheless, I said that to Hijiri, and then left the Second Flower Arrangement clubroom.
That night, Hijiri even went to my room.
However, she stayed silent and didn’t say a word. She simply kept staring fixed toward my eyes.
I was staring at her face alike to that of a doll.
After a while…
“…hum, Shou. I’m sorry that I’ve never told you that.”
“Told me what?”
“…About my body’s condition.”
“Oh. About that, you don’t have to worry about it. I’m not angry.”
“…Also…uhm…T-Thank you for today…That’s all. Good night.
Hijiri immediately turned her back at me and left for her room.

At this moment, I had completely forgotten about a certain person’s existence.

There was still a girl in the Second Flower Arrangement Club who didn’t acknowledge me.

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