“Kukuku! So you’ve come, Shimizu! I’ve been waiting.”
It was the following Monday at the corner of the staircase near the clubroom.
Karin has her hands on her chest, happily puffing that flat chest of hers.
“…Have you been waiting? Sorry.”
Upon hearing me say this however, Karin’s face reddened a little, and kept flailing her hands in front of her face.
“…Ah, no…I didn’t wait for long. A-Anyway, let’s go meet the Lord now!”
“Going to meet the Lord now sounds like coaxing someone else to commit a double suicide you know.”
“A-A double suicide with you and me? I-Isn’t that like what lovers do? I-It’s so embarrassing!”
She covered her face, shook her body from side to side, and hummed away…what’s with that reaction?
“Anyway, let’s go see Prez, who’s pretty much the Lord, and greet her then.”
“Oh, okay…”
And so, Karin and I passed through the clubroom door. Chris and Hijiri were inside.
“Prez, I brought him here!”
The blonde, rich lady sighed and crossed her slender fingers.
“…So you’ve been shot down, Karin.”
Karin reaches her hands in front of her and frantically denies.
“I-Impossible! I-I haven’t fallen in love! I-I-I just got caught in a bad status!”
“…I only asked if you lost. Why’re you so panicky?”
“Ah, ye-ye-ye-yes, that-that’s right! I understand! I agree now!”
“I-Is that so? Well, it’s fine. I’ll allow Shimizu as a club member then.”
Upon hearing this, I opened my arms wide at Hijiri, seated at a chair reading.
“Alright, I can help you now, my sweet sister!”
But the only response that greeted me is the flipping of pages.
“E-Erm, Hi-Hijiri…?”
I approached Hijiri and waved my hand in front of her eyes.
“…Shou…it’s embarrassing. Please don’t do this again.”
“G, ghh…!”
“…Do such things at home.”
“! It-It’s fine to do it at home? Really?”
Has Hijiri finally opened her heart to me?
“…Ah,e-erm, Shou.”
“Wh-what now?”
There’s no change on Hijiri’s face, but she was starting to sweat.
“…That’s not it. It’s just your misunderstanding, S-Shou…I still have something else to do.”
Hijiri shut the book, stood up, and hurriedly left the clubroom.
“Hi-Hijiri…what exactly do you want me to do…?”
As I watched Hijiri walk out of the room, Chris said to me,
“Then, our new member Shimizu, there’s an order for you coming from the president.”
“Ehh? So sudden?”
“Since you’ve become a member, the president’s orders have to be obeyed! There’s no problem now, is there?”
Chris shook her blond hair and proudly points her index finger at me.

“I want you to recruit a member.”
“Eh? No, but, this club’s condition…is a little unique…”
There’s no way there’s such a person now. It was already a miracle having three of such here.
Just as I was frowning, Chris closed an eye and said,
“You should know about Kaede Kaijyou, right?”
Karin covered half of her face with one hand as she said unhappily,
“Convince that rude person who’s been refusing to submit to Prez?”
“Karin, that girl is troubled too, right? I want to help her.”
“Prez, you’re so kind, wanting to help such a person…as expected of the Lord.”
Karin’s eyes were dazzling, and as I stood beside her, I remembered the girl who’s in the same year as me.
Kaede Kaijyou is an energetic girl from our year who’s athletic, or rather, full of spirit.
And she’s cute enough to be a match for the Second Flower Arrangement Club.
“I hope you can coax her to join.”
“Eh? Coax? Erm, the condition here, is that, right…?”
“That’s right…! Kaede Kaijyou too has incontinence issues.”
Chris said such terrifying words without hesitation.
“…Are you serious?”
I really wanted to put my head in my hands. Actually, I’m doing it now.
“It’s definitely true. I’ve tried to advise her many times up till this point, but I’ve been rejected every time.”
“About that, can’t it be just a misunderstanding? There’s nothing more annoying than to be harassed about such an issue, right?”
“No, my sense of smell tells me this.”
“Through the scent!?”
The moment I asked this, Chris let out a chuckle.
“Right. There’s a sweet orange smell from her…that’s not it! It’s instinct, instinct.”
“Well, I guess that’s the case.”
Thank goodness. It seems there’s no scent of incontinence here.
“Hm, anyway, Kaede’s very stubborn, and wouldn’t join the club.”
“I-Isn’t it good? If she doesn’t want to, she won’t.”
“But Kaede’s being troubled by that issue. There’s a trigger condition for her, and she’s suffering for being unable to say this to others. I want to help her…”
“It’s true that this is really hard to say to others…”
“So I request of you, save Kaede. I alone can’t do it…”
Chris lowered her head as she muttered.
Damn, can you please stop showing such a sad expression? How can I turn her down after seeing that?
“…No choice then. I understand.”
The moment she heard this, Chris lifted her face and smiled.
“—Ah, thank you, Shimizu. I’m grateful for that.”
“Then what do I do? Can’t I tell her directly?”
“I guess it’s impossible to convince her through normal methods. That girl rather, no, really hates to lose.”
Chris said,
“If we can make Kaede admit defeat, she might be able to be more honest.”
“Hates to lose…?”
“Kaede’s a pretty girl, so it seems she often gets confessions, but she always comes up with one answer.”
“With what exactly?”
It’s fine if you can beat me, right? Something like that.”
“…Wait, the conditions for winning are so vague. What if she loses?”
“She won them all up till this point. There’s all sorts of contests, but she mostly competed using her body.”
“Using her body!? As in, erotic manners…?”
Ah, Chris’ face reddens.
“Wh-What are you misunderstanding about!? I’m talking about soccer PK matches or tag! These are the contests I’m talking about!”
“…Soccer? If the soccer club guys come along, she won’t be able to win, right?”
“No, they basically lost to her, you know? Her athletic sense is rather unique. She even beat the boxing and the karate club, with many taking her on at the same time.”
…How strong is this Kaede anyway? I definitely mustn’t get into a fight with her.
On the next day, after school.
I arrived at the classroom where Kaede Kaijyou belong.
I catched a student who’s about to return home, and asked him to call for Kaede.
“Kaijyou, this person is looking for you!”
The person who appeared in response to this call is a pretty girl with dyed red hair..
She showed a feisty smile on her lips, and her large eyes were staring at me, ostensibly overpowering me.
“What do you want from me?”
She, dressed in a jersey and the uniform skirt, has her hands folded as she stood there.
She really is a pretty girl who gives a lively impression.
“I’m Shimizu from the second year. I have something to say to you. Do you mind coming with me?”
“Huh? It’s not something that can be said here? It’s probably just a confession or something, right? Hurry up with it.”
“No, that’s not it, it’s not a confession! I hope we can change locations.”
I glanced around, and saw that Kaede’s classmates are staring at us.
It’s impossible to say ‘Do you have incontinence issues? Do you wish to join the second flower arrangement club’ at such a place.
“Then, what do you want to say to me? You’re a weakling who doesn’t dare say this in front of others. Is it because you’re embarrassed? Ha!”
This person was saying such shocking things.
Even though the onlookers were all facing us.
I was refusing to say this because of Kaede’s dignity, but she’s obviously trying to blow her cover.
“It doesn’t matter what you say, you know? Hurry up and say it now.”
Kaede spreads her arms wide and shrugs.
“No, I can’t say it. It’s a little weird at such a place…”
“Such a demure guy after all. Are you even a guy?”
“It’s really something I can’t say. It’s for your own sake.”
“Huh? For my sake? That’s really unbelievable, Alright, say it then.”
“…In-in other words, Kaijyou, I know your secret. You’ll be really bothered if I reveal it.”
“Humph, I’ve no secret that’ll cause me to be troubled once others know. You’re trying to hook me up through this method, right?”
Urgh…what do I do now…!?
Kaede’s right at the edge of a cliff, and she doesn’t know that at all.
But I can’t push her down this cliff at all.
“Hey, what’s with you!? You weakling!”
If I make a single misstep, Kaede will be dealt the death penalty social-wise.
“…Actually, I’ve been sent over by Chris Ryusenji.”
“Eh, ahh… AHH!?”
Kaede’s mouth is half-ajar, and her eyes widen.
“…You understand your situation now, right? I know your real secret.”
“Yo-you bastard…! You want to threaten me…?”
Kaede shuddered.
Her eyes were teary as she spoke softly, and she’s almost about to break down into tears.
“Didn’t I say we can’t talk about it here?”
“N-Not at all! I don’t have any secrets! Just tell all you want, damn it!”
She’s trying to act tough now. Amazing.
She’s able to act tough till this extent.
“I-Is-Is it really alright? You do have one secret at least, right?”
“None! None at all, I say! Come on! Tell it right now! Now!”
Kaede’s healthy long thighs were starting to twitch.
Her eyes were raised up, and she was glaring at me angrily.
But her ears were fully red now, and her toes were tapping on the corridor.
The pressure I felt at first is no longer there.
“K-Kaijyou, I think it’s best that you don’t force yourself…”
“I-I-I-I’m not forcing myself here! I definitely won’t take a step back!”
“I won’t!”
Why does she hate to lose this much?
“I-Is it really fine?”
“Ku, y-you want to go this way, make fun of me, right…uu, damn..It’s leaking out…”
“Leaking out?”
Don’t tell me Kaede now was unable to hold it in?
When did I pull her trigger?
Is it when she said she’s going to pee…
“Y-Yeah, exactly, lick it!  Right, I’m asking you to lick it! ”
“Eh…? L-Lick it…?”
I tilted my head to think, as Kaede stamped on the floor.
She seemed to have regained her spirits as she said excitedly,
“Hah! Is there something wrong with your head? L. E. A. K. IT!”
“Lick…don’t tell me you meant to say leak it out?”
Kaeda pressed on her abdomen as she jumped.
“Ughh, I mispronounced it…Th-That’s too much…you monster.”
She then sat on the floor.
Oh, damn, if this keeps up, she won’t be able to explain her way out of this.
“…Sorry, it’s my mistake. It’s okay to pronounce it like you do.”
“Tha-that’s right…”
And so, Kaede showed a relieved expression.
“Sorry. It’s really embarrassing to be in front of so many people. Can we go somewhere else? Please.”
Upon hearing me say this, Kaede nodded.
“O-Okay then. It can’t be helped since you say so. Let’s go somewhere else……………….I’m saved!”
Before I realized it, there were people from the other classes in the crowd.
But that was to be expected.
I noticed Nakanishi from our class, staring at us with those irritating, effeminate eyes.
I heard he’s from the infamous boxing club.
He was staring at us with a phone at his ear.

Kaede and I arrive at an empty classroom.
“…Then, now that we’re here, tell me what you want.”
“As I just said, I came looking for you on Chris Ryusenji’s request.”
“Ah. I did hear you say that just now. That black-hearted princess…tch.”
Kaede frowned as she said that unhappily.
It seemed that she really hates Chris, just like what Karin has said.
She then appeared to think of something as she whispered,
“Ah, the Second Flower Arrangement Club, Shimizu. Are you Tofu’s older brother?”
“Ah, I was brought to the club a few times, and spoke with Tofu.”
“Wh-who’s Tofu.”
Is there still a member I don’t know of? This nickname Tofu doesn’t seem very healthy. It exuded a squarish vibe of something trembling all the time.
Kaede then opens her mouth,
“Hijiri Shimizu.”
“How on earth is she Tofu anyway!?”
“She seems somewhat insecure…and her mind is as shaky as a block of tofu, I guess.”
“How’s Hijiri insecure in any way?”
“‘My brother will hate me for this nature I have…’ she was shaking like tofu when she said that.”
“Why would Hijiri say such things?”
If she was really worried about that, I’d feel happy instead.
“…Hm, it doesn’t matter anyway. It’s not like I hate Tofu, but I really hate Chris. She’s definitely planning something horrible.”
“Chris really isn’t like that, Kaijyou. She’s sincerely worried about you.”
I recalled the seemingly worried expression on Chris’ face.
“Ha, that’s impossible.”
“It’s because she’s worried about you that she wishes that you join the club. It seems like  you’re suffering, or so she said, when she asked me to ask you to join it.”
“No. How can I possibly go to such a place? Chris is there.”
“Why are you saying such things?”
“Because that person exudes a repulsive scent.”
“…Because she’s the same as you?”
I finally asked.
“Y-You idiot! That’s not it! I’m not like that!”
I didn’t mention incontinence, but Kaede was still waving her hands frantically, jumping on the floor.
…This was basically no different from admitting it outright.
“I-I don’t have any incontinence issues!”
Ahh—! She just said it. This girl just said it.
“Do you understand now, Shimizu!?”
“Ahh, yeah. I just understood everything from what you just said.”
Kaede rubbed her hands gleefully.
“Oh, that’s good.”
“…So you do have incontinence issues after all.”
“Hm…WHAT!? H-How did it end up like that!?”
“I never said anything about your secret, but you mentioned incontinence…”
“…Ah, ahh, ahhhhhhhhhhh!”
Kaede gritted her teeth and clamped her thighs together.
“I can’t accept this! I got baited again! Ugh, damn it. Uuh, ahh, auu…”
Speaking of which, there was a similar situation just a while ago.
“Don’t tell me your trigger is… ‘regret’, isn’t it?”
“How do you know!? A genius…you’re a friggin’ genius, right?”
“…It was just a natural conclusion.”
“Argh…I lost to your wisdom…Well, I lost. Do whatever you want with me.”
Kaede collapsed onto the floor.
“Come on. Feel free to chop me or fry me…you’re the winner.”
Kaede’s soft thighs were poking out, and I can see the cute panties under her short skirt.
N-No. I can’t look! I looked away, and then said,
“B-But we never talked about how we’re going to fight this out.”
“As long as you say what it is, it’s definitely my loss. That’s because I’m already…”
“Don’t say it like that…”
“You want me to join the club, right? OK…since I lost, I’ll join.”
Kaede said forlornly.
She had lifeless eyes, and spoke with an indifferent tone.
I really couldn’t find myself getting used to this Kaede. It was simply unbearable.
“No, it’s not like this, Kaijyou! I’m here to advise you to join, but it’s meaningless if you don’t join out of your own will. If you don’t want to, you don’t have to.”
“Because it’s not right to make you join after beating you when you don’t want to.”
“Then why did you look for me…”
“Well, I heard you’re troubled. You may feel a little more relaxed if you join the Second Flower Arrangement club. I hope you don’t join because you’re forced to, I think.”
Kaede’s expression relaxed somewhat.
“You’re…a decent guy. I said that I’ll follow whatever order you want if you beat me though.”
“Didn’t I say this—”
The moment I opened my mouth to say this, the door to this classroom opened, even though it was unlikely for anyone to come here.
“Oh my, so you’re here, Kaede.”
That frivolous tone belonged to a guy with long, brown hair and piercings.
A group of guys followed him. There were about ten of them or so.
One of them was Nakanishi of the boxing club.
In that case, does it mean they’re all from the boxing club?
The guy with brown hair and piercings said to Nakanishi,
“You were pretty sharp-eyed there, finding out that Kaede Kaijyou is not in a good condition. Good job.”
“Thanks for the compliments, senior!”
“Ahh. It’s awesome for this to happen before graduation. There’s no better opportunity to beat Kaijyou than right now.”
I asked the boxing club members as they kept laughing,
“Hey, wait a second. What’re you talking about?”
“Ahh. You can go back now. Leave the rest to us.”
The brown-haired piercings guy gave a thin smirk.
“I’m asking you what are you talking about?”
“We want a contest. We’re here to compete with Kaede Kaijyou.”
The guys were staring at Kaede, who was on the floor, smiling.
…Ahh, I’m getting the feeling that they are up to no good.
“Well, nope. Kaijyou’s fighting against me now.”
“It’ll be your loss then. So hurry back now, second-year kid.”
The brown-haired guy was grinning condescendingly at me.
“Stop kidding around.”
“Hm, alright then. You can join in too. We’re challenging Kaede Kaijyou here after all. You said you’re fine with a challenge anytime, right? We’ll play tag…no, how about this. We’ll fight. We’ve been beaten badly by you the last time, so at least we may take our revenge, right?”
The guys closed in on us, probably intending to surround us.
These guys…are going to beat a girl who can’t even move?
Damn, what can I do?
Kaede’s secret will be revealed at this rate!
I definitely mustn’t let this happen!
Kaede was unable to exert any strength at all, and her breathing was becoming frantic. It seemed she was at her limit.
If this keeps up, her incontinence issues will be exposed.
I started to recall that scene from my past.
A remorseful memory. An event I still regret. No matter how much I regret what happened and the remorse I felt, I can’t go back anymore.
That incident when I couldn’t save my childhood friend.
Kaede stared at me.
“I’m fine…Shimizu. Run away first. I’m…no good…”
“How can I leave now? How about you refuse their challenge, Kaede?”
“…I can’t…run away now.”
She gritted her teeth hard to a point where they were clattering, and her fingers were scratching the floor.
“There’s a lot of them, and you’re alone. Just turn them down.”
“Even so, I still can’t run away…”
Ahh, seriously. Fine then.
I understand. You have your reason for being like that, right?
Then, let me do something for you.
I declared,
“In that case, I’ll help Kaede Kaijyou!”
“Well, fine. That’s still a 10 vs 2.”
The guy with brown hair and piercings laughed as he raised his fist,
“Don’t cry when you’ll get hit.”
“You’re damn annoying!”
I sent a kick at the brown-haired guy while the latter was about to punch me.
To get on my sister’s good side, I went through all sorts of training.
During elementary school, I thought those who ran faster are more popular, and I trained to run faster. When  I felt those who could fight are more popular, I went to a judo dojo my friend’s parents opened.
In the end, my sister didn’t like me because of these things, and I didn’t discover any unique talent.
But it’s useful for such situations.
While the guy was sent flying, I picked Kaede up and charged at the other guys.
“Run! Kaede!”
Using this momentum, I charged out of the empty classroom.
“Sh-Shimizu…why, must you…”
The brown-haired piercings guy can be heard shouting “You guys! GO AFTER THEM!”
And then, the guys from the boxing club hurried after us.
I noticed from the shadows on the floor that there was someone reaching towards me, and I bent forward to dodge.
“Damn! Wait! You bastard!”
“You’re annoying! Don’t you find it embarrassing that you are ten guys ganging up on a single girl!”
I started to speed up as I exclaimed that.
My Achilles tendon was aching, and it felt like it was about to snap. Even so, I did not stop.
I got hit from behind.
“It hurts…”
I tumbled, but managed to maintain balance.
I’m almost there. Almost there.
“Kaede, get inside!”
I pushed Kaede into the women’s washroom.
And proceeded to block the door.
“Hurry in! Leave this to me!”
“Hurry up, I definitely won’t allow them to get past me.”
“So-Sorry…wait, no…ahhh…”
Kaede then stumbled into the toilet and disappeared.
Kak, the door was now shut.
I was surrounded by the guys from the boxing club.
“Sorry, but I won’t let you through. I just promised this.”
“Huh? What’s the point of delaying a little longer. Do you think we do not dare to enter the women’s washroom? Or are you hoping for help? Nobody will come. Hardly anyone uses them on this floor.”
The one attacking was the brown-haired piercings guy I just kicked down.
A fist came flying at me.
I took it on the forehead, and countered with a low kick.
Even though there were ten of them, only three at most can attack at the same time as I’m fighting with my back on the washroom’s door.
I can’t beat them all, but I can at least buy some time!
The number of hits I was receiving was gradually increasing.
My shoulders. My wrists. My thighs. My legs.
I kept getting hit and kicked several times, until I nearly ended up collapsing.
“How long are you going to keep this up? You’re a pain in the ass…!”
Thud. I received a heavy punch from a member, and I fell onto the floor.
“Gu, guh…”
I can’t do this anymore—
However, the moment I thought that, the washroom’s door swung open.
“…Excuse me for keeping you waiting, Shimizu…I’m sorry. Leave the rest to me.”
Kaede’s voice felt relieving to me, as it echoed right in front of the washroom.
The brown-haired piercings guy turned pale, and murmured,
“Ka-Kaede…! Are you not feeling sick?”
“I’m fine now.”
“No, that’s not it, it’s not like that. I wasn’t actually serious just now.”
Kaede flew out like a cannonball with her fist raised. The brown hair guy used another member as a shield.
BOOM! The member acting as a shield was sent in the air. BAM, he was sent flying to the wall, and once his back crashed into it, he was unable to move.
“Alright then. You want to challenge me…how gutsy of you.”
Kaede showed a smile on her pretty face, and turned around to kick another target.
The number of boxing club members was gradually decreasing.
“W-We don’t want to fight anymore. It’s our loss…ugh!”
“Hey there. How useless are you? You’re the ones who challenged me, you know? Right? Hey!”
It was an overwhelming victory.
Kaede easily beat the male members of the boxing club, who all probably had undergone some training prior to this fight.
None of the attacks managed to hit her, as she was punching and kicking everyone.
“Looks like you’re the last one.”
The only one left is the brown-haired guy who retreated to the back.
“What’s this…! Th-That sudden change in your mind is too despicable! What kind of joke is this!?”
The brown-haired charged at me.
“Y-You’re fine even if something happens to this guy! Kaede Kaijyou!? Are you ready to see this guy’s hand being snapped if you come over?!”
The guy twisted my wrist while I was collapsed on the floor.
Kaede gritted her teeth, and once I see this, I shouted,
“Kaede, why’re you stopping? Leave me alone and finish this guy off already!”
“I-I can’t. I can’t pull such a cruel thing on you after what you did to save me…!”
“Now then, Kaede Kaijyou, just admit defeat already, and surrender, or I’ll snap this guy’s—”
Kaede clenched her fists hard, and let out a wincing voice.
Her legs were clamped together, and she was starting to fidget again.
If Kaede admits defeat, she will have to listen to what these guys say?
I definitely must not let that happen…!
I struggled to raise my body up.
*Crack*…there’s a weird sound coming from my twisted hand.
“Ah…! You, you bastard. You snapped your own joint…!”
“You’re the most despicable one!”
My unharmed hand sent a vicious punch at the brown-haired guy.
The guy collapsed on the floor.
“Ha, haa…”
“Sh-Shimizu. That’s so reckless of you…”
“…Well, you were feeling troubled, Kaijyou, right?”
“It-It’s for my sake…?”
“So I couldn’t leave you alone. I was the one who started this anyway.”
And maybe this was a form of redemption for being unable to save my childhood friend.
“I-I see…Wh-What do I do now? This is the first time I got saved by someone…”
Kaede’s face reddened.
She curled her lips and says,
“I-I don’t know what can I say, bu-but I think I kinda like you or something…it’s weird, right? We just met and still…”
“Don’t worry too much. I was the one who made the decision to help you anyway.”
Kaede closed her eyes, and her fingers on both hands were rubbing on each other.
“S-Shimizu…it’s possible that I-I-I…”
Speaking of which, Kaede looked a little bit weird. She seemed to be fidgeting again.
Her voice sounded a little vague, letting out ‘ahh’, ‘erms’ from time to time.
…Don’t tell me she wants to pee again.
Speaking of which, I guess she’s definitely unhappy about being saved by someone like me. No doubt about it.
“Are you alright, Kaede?”
“I-I’m fine.”
“You can’t hold it in now?”
“I-I don’t know why my heart feels like it’s being pinched. It is hard to endure this feeling…”
“…Then don’t endure it anymore.”
Kaede’s face reddened.
“Sh-Shimizu…you mean…”
I brought my mouth to Kaede’s ears so that the boxing club members near us can’t hear me.
“Shimizu, uu…I can feel your breath on my skin…I-it’s embarrassing, ahh…”
Kaede’s was breathing faster and faster.
“Your, face, is, getting, too, close…nnn…”
I then whispered at her ear,
“…Kaede, hurry to the washroom again.”
“Eh…What’re you saying?”
“I’m saying that before it happens again, if you need to pee, hurry up.”
“Sh-Shimizu! Could it be that you…!?”
“Quiet down. They may hear you. Hurry up—argh!”
I took a hit to the stomach. It didn’t hurt that much though.
But it was so sudden that I found myself fall onto the floor, again.
“Grr! Okay, I get it! I’ll join the Second Flower Arrangement club! You better be ready!”
And so, I successfully managed to coax Kaede into joining the club.

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