However, the next tragedy awaited us.

Or rather, instead of us, I might say that the tragedy descended upon Chris.


Chris was the one shouting at me. What on earth is going on—

“Af, after that! After that, it became a habit for me—”

“What’s the matter, Chris? Calling me to this empty classroom out of a sudden; what is that about?”

“We, well, I tried my best for the first time, I really did, but after, after that—the more I wanted to hang in there, the more I want to pee…”

“Ah, ahh—…”

“How are you going to pay me back!? How are you going to bear responsibility for this!?”

“No, isn’t this good? We just turned something fake into something real.”

“I don’t want it to become real! I don’t need this truth!”

“Besides, it’s your fault for lying in the first place, right Chris? Try your best.”

“That’s—why—I—said that I can’t hang in there! Don’t you understand, you idiot!?”

My neck got grabbed as I was shaken forcefully.

As we were doing this, the voices of the other members rang.

“Eh, Prez Chris, Up Shii, what are you doing here!?”

“Oi you, black-hearted princess? What are you doing to Shimizu?”

“Big brother, is, is this, a rendezvous…?”

“Wha, what!? Prez Chris, Shii!? This, this is unforgivable! This is absolutely unforgivable! Thinking about that, awaaah. Un, ku, I think it’s about to leak out…”

“Guu! The initiative was taken!? How annoying! How annoying, ahhh! I can’t stand this anymore!”

“No, that’s not it! I was just grumbling to this guy, it’s not like that—”

Chris too started to fidget around. No way, don’t tell me she’s trying to find an excuse to go to the toilet.

“Nn, why, auu, I just went to the toilet…”

Hijiri said as she saw this,

“Everyone, let’s work hard to cure her wetting.”

“I said that I can’t hang on anymore!”

“I, I, I can’t do it too!”

“Me too! I really can’t stand this anymore!”

That’s great, Hijiri. You have buddies who can work hard together with you.

I saw the trio trembling slightly and Hijiri showing a slight smile, and I had a happy feeling.

…It was good.

But, if I calm down to think, I could not understand whether it was good or bad for some reason.

…That’s great. I guess.


But that kind of happy ending did not last for long.

One day, when I went to school alone, a ghost of the past appeared in human form.

A very familiar girl.

A girl who kept looking straight.

A girl who I spent time most with other than my sister.

This cute girl’s face had not changed from the past, and she, who was all grown up, was standing beside the door.

The hair that curled up on its own like dog ears in a habit-like manner was the same as before.

That person shot a sharp stare at me.

And suddenly, she smiled.

A smile I rarely saw in the past, a profound one that was hard to determine.

“…It’s been a while, Shou. Finally, finally, we finally met.”

I held my breath, my heart was beating like crazy, and my body suddenly trembled.

That was a girl I did not save in the past.

“…Inui, Aki…”

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