Sudden Announcement. Clockwork has been licensed…

Well, I can’t say I didn’t expect this.

But it still hurts man.

4 years of this, and I deliberately slowed down because I knew it would be licensed back in 2015.

…It’s hard man…

Well, as the one who drafted the projection abandonment policy on Baka-Tsuki, I shall follow the policy as drafted. I know j-novel’s policy has been relatively more lax compared to mine, but I just feel that this is something I should live and die by.

Well, I’m a prima uomo in this sense.

Having talked to Sam of J-novel over this, I did voice out a lot of my issues. It’s very draining, having stuff taken over the years even though I know they’re not mine. SAO, Accel World, Index, Black Bullet, NGNL (small portion), I would have broken down a long time ago. However, I gave my word that I’ll delete them, which I did.

All the volumes I have set to upload shall remain as such, except for Clockwork volume 4, which while I promised is set for release at the end of the month, I will henceforth delete it. This is not only because of legal issues, but also, I feel, is to provide a clean slate so that there’s no need to compare against the official translations (let’s face it, we know there are pirates out there anyway)

As for future plans, I have lined up one last project. As I have repeated over and over since 2013, I wanted this to be my last project. And now, I shall take it.

It’s been a fun time translating for you people, so please provide your support to the author.

At the same time, I shall announce my last project:

10 thoughts on “Sudden Announcement. Clockwork has been licensed…

  1. On the bright side, if it weren’t for your efforts, I would not be purchasing this novel when it comes out on J-novel. I mean, if you just look at the name, Clockwork Planet, it normally doesn’t suggest a story that would meet my taste.

    Black Bullet and NGNL were like that too actually.

  2. I was a bit shocked when I read about your indefinite sabbatical, but I’m sure you have good reasons and I wish you the very best.
    I’m sad that I can’t read Magdala anymore, I still hope in your return sooner or later or the arrival of new translators (or if it’ll licensed, difficult unfortunately).

    W non-mainstream novels !! 🙂

  3. This is truly hard to deal with… Especially that you have a final project. I’ve realized from the gloomy tone of your words that you’re a tired person. Tired of translating despite the fun of it. You’re an old and respected figure in translating and though I’ve only been a part of reading your translations for a short time, I can say that your translations are of high quality. Thank you so much for all your translations for us. And for giving up those novels despite feeling bitter about translating them… I feel the same way. But its more bitter for you who’ve spent the effort all these years translating them. I’m very grateful and admire you greatly. Thank you for all your translations. I hope that after this last translation ends, you have a great and fun life. You’re not a leecher like us. You’re a person who contributed greatly to the community. For that, thank you. I hope you give your blessings to others following your footsteps contributing to the community.

  4. Well this is a hard pill to take. This is the very reason that I have stop investing myself in the huge amount of light novel that I use to read and now focus on Web Novels.
    But, at the very least, will you finish volume 4 and post them here or at the very least, release a pdf for it?

  5. Well.. i just hopes that the translations quality of the one at j-novel clubs are at least equal with the unofficial one. Or i will pray to the great one to let them suffer for eternity in the deepest part of hell..

    Hmm.. i’am a little bit disappointed by your choice of last project. Welp that’s your own volition so i have no choice to change it.

    Best regards.

  6. Thanks for translating all these years. I have personally enjoyed Hikaru, Bokushinu very much. I was thinking of stockpiling clockwork planet but it was licensed… somehow I’m sad.

    Thank you very very very much for translating these series, for maintaining Baka-Tsuki and for everything else you’ve done for this community. I really can’t do anything except giving thanks.
    So thanks for translating and bringing us these series.
    Unfortunately I’m in a position of being unable to buy any novels or anything for entertainment so I had to depend on on fan translations and give up the series when it gets licensed. Therefore my utmost thanks to you for translating them giving me an opportunity for reading.

  7. If it wasn’t for you, I would never have discovered the world of light novels. This was right after I got into anime a few years back and found out that there was a community of translators who made it accessible for English readers to read Japanese light novels. It honestly surprised me how much I enjoyed these works and the translators played a big role in doing so. Translating isn’t just about turning language A into language B, it’s also about keeping the style and flow. I don’t think I would have nearly enjoyed it as much if it wasn’t for all the helpful footnotes explaining when Japanese idioms were used or references to their culture (i.e. Oregairu vol. 1 and vol 2.).

    I don’t know if it makes you feel any better, but without translators like you, I don’t think I would have ever supported light novels and their authors. We joke that light novels recycle the same tropes over and over but I am truly grateful that you helped open the door so that I, and many others, could experience the worlds that the authors were creating.

    Honestly, I can’t imagine having your hard work taken down after the months of effort that you put into it. The closest thing I would have is the sinking feeling when I dropped my laptop and lost 3 years of notes before the final exams (lol). You translating these novels made it so that I knew about it and enjoyed it, so I want to buy it…but from the people who made you feel this way…but I also want to support the author. What a conundrum…

    I really do hope that, even if you aren’t translating, that you’re doing well and find your way.

    Normally a lurker but hoping to at least add a touch of happiness in your day ~.

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