I always wanted to write about miracles.

I always wanted to write about some great, majestic fate that will continue towards the setting sun, a messy, happy ending like those in fairy tales, and something as unshakeable as the asphalt beneath the feet. I don’t know if I did it well, but I started writing, and I finally wrote it.

I do hope however that you enjoy this.


Hello, this is Irie Kimihito.

I wrote this story of a miracle with such thoughts, was blessed to win the grand prize of the 21st Fantasia awards and received a publication. The night I was informed of it, I felt the process was miraculous, and this notion left me laughing for a long, long while. I never thought my life would be more preposterous than this story I wrote.

I’m grateful for the congratulations, However, reality isn’t that simple, and I spent the following days busy with stuff. I have to edit a bit here, not edit there, edit the parts that were edited. Half a year vanished in the blink of an eye, and I finally made it to this day.

This work has been assisted by many during this process. No, before this process.

Goes without saying, this includes the editor K, and the illustrator Shino. To the juries, my parents, ancestors, friends, the living, the dead, and to you reading this right now.

I want to use this chance to express my sincere thanks to these people.

Thank you very much.

Maybe this graciousness might be too exuberant. So I think, “Is this…love?”

I love you.

Now then, I’m done with the confession. Next up is the news. There’s a short story I wrote for a column in Dragon Magazine (March 2010) on the day this book is released, and contains a story about Ai when she was two years younger. Also, apparently, I can being writing the second volume. I don’t know the details (I don’t know if the first volume is selling well), but I’ll be glad if this book is liked and supported by you.

Now then, we will probably meet again in the second volume.

Irie Kimihito

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