Those eyes were the eyes of death.

Those words were the words of death.

That body was brimming with death.

No living thing could escape.

None shall escape the Idol of Murder.


Down the mountain, one could see a vast, barren wilderness.

The dry winds blew across, nary the sight of spring to be found. The plants had forgotten to grow upright due to the thousand years of scorching winds. The insects consisted of two varieties, the ones who evolved to become harder and heavier, the other becoming smaller and numerous. Both sought to survive in their own ways, and only the lizards basked in the sun languidly, living blissful days.

The only other things left were sand and rock.

A car was parked there.

The car was a pretty sky blue, resembling a dragonfly’s face, remaining forlorn as its drooping headlights faced the west.

There were two humans standing at where it looked.

“It’s a car.”

The young Ai said while pointing at a car.

“It is.”

The taller, older Julie nodded.

Ai wiped the windscreen with her outstretched finger, marvelling and sighing,

“I only know of pretty rocks or fruits you can pick on the mountain sometimes, but I never thought you can pick up a car like this.”

“No, it’s not that easy to pick up a car…”

Julie opened the bonnet, answering as he checked through. Like a kid who loved to get in the way of an adult’s work, Ai leaned in. She smelled metal, oil, and sourness, but naturally, she did not understand what she saw.

“Will it move?”

“It’s been modified in many ways, but a neat job—looks like even the keys are here.”

Ai exhaled, and knelt down before the headlight.

“Are you abandoned?”

The car remained silent, seemingly unhappy.

“…Where did its owner go?”

Since the car refused to answer, Ai could only get up and ask, and a female voice answered,

“These two here, it seems?”

Ai went around the car, and found Scar standing there, her shovel stabbed into the ground. There was a damp area on the ground, seemingly dug hours ago, along with rocks placed like headstones.

They exchanged looks, and quietly prayed.

“How mysterious.”


Ai raised her finger, saying,

“Who buried these two?”

“A gravekeeper, of course.”

Scar replied.

Ai raised another finger,

“But why here? Why leave the car here?”

“Who knows? i am not in charge of human thoughts”

Scar’s words in evading the topic at hand was truly befitting a gravekeeper, and Ai sighed before turning to the hulking man next to her.

“Probably had some purpose.”

Julie said, and got into the driver seat without hesitation. Ai too tentative got into the passenger seat.

It was her first time riding on a car.

“They probably have a motive coming here, but never could, and that’s why they lie in rest here.”

The engine roared.

“So the reason why they left the car as it is…”

The engine finally started with an earth-shattering rumble, startling Ai greatly as she clung onto the seat.

“Because they don’t need it now, I think”

The while car started vrooming in rhythm.

After some thought, Julie grabbed the wheel, and went silent.

“……Are you thinking of stealing this car?”

Ai frowned unhappily.

“And I thought you would have some common sense…”

“I usually don’t do this, just that I have a different thought…my car should have been parked here.”

Vroom, vroom.

“I drove that car for a long time, kept it in nice condition. I was about to get up the mountain from here, so I left the car without removing my keys. You know why?”

Ai knew the reason, but did not say so because she did not want to.

“I wanted to die. So, when I thought this, I thought about what would happen after my death. It’s a strange thought. That car’s my only belonging left, but I couldn’t send it along to the afterlife. I hoped that at the very least, someone else could use it.”

That’s why I left the car here. So the hulking man with blue eyes quipped.

“Tire pressure checked. Ready to depart anytime.”

Scar took the back seat. There were rugs, teapots, bottles and the like, a bunch of random items stuffed in a chaotically orderly manner.

“…Who knows what those two wished for when they’re alive.”

Ai looked back, but could not see the graves due to the angle.

“Who knows…maybe they want to save the world”

The adult sarcastically retorted.

“I guess so—then I’ll.”

The child nodded solemnly.

“I’ll continue on from there.”

She said, grabbing the shovel firmly.


“Yes. So, well, I guess we can be considered inheritors of this car.”

“Never thought you’ll be this adaptable.”

Julie slowly stepped on the pedal to check on the car, moving it forward. The tires caused the pebbles to flicker aside, and the car moved along the road that could barely be determined to be once a road.

They were headed West.

From the passenger seat window, Ai stared out towards the North.

There was a mountain to the North, which once had a village. It had her house, her parents, and the villagers she loved. Everything in her past were located towards the north.

Two graves were lined side by side at the new place she first arrived.

“I’m leaving.”

Ai bowed deeply in that direction.

“Shall we go?”

Scar said, beaming.

Julie said nothing, and stepped on the pedal.

A human man, a human child, and a female gravekeeper.

The trio began her journey.






“Oh yes. What do we do about the boy here?”

” “Huh?””

An emergency brake.



There were four.

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