A writer is a chair denizen who pretty much spends the entire life on a chair not just when writing, but also when composing, deriving themes, and even drinking tea. It is said that some do eat on the chair. That is amazing.

Now, about myself; as a writer, I am very particular about my chair. It is not about whether the chair is multifunctional, or whether it is an ergonomic chair, or if it is too expensive. On the contrary, I prefer chairs that are not as flexible. I like solid chairs.

No wheels, no chair piston, no backrest movement, no cushions.

Basically, I prefer chairs that look like a collection of plywood and steel pipes that are used in school. A thicker version of that would be ideal.

The reason is that I do a lot of things other than sitting on a chair.

When I sit upright, cross my legs, or when I get a writer’s block, I start balancing on two chair legs, or doing various balancing exercises or it, or even doze off on it while posturing like melted ice, and sometimes fall over. I act like a restless child. It is understandable why I have athletic demands for my chair.

Thus, the multifunctional chair was instead rather inconvenient for me.


My back…and my shoulders…

I made the same old mistake again…yes, actually, it was not as bad as a frozen back or a frozen shoulder. I merely had stiff shoulders, but I had never experienced such stiffness before, so it shocked me.

I pulled out the high quality chair my grandfather had and sat on it. It fitted me really well, and distributed my weight very well. I felt like I was sitting on a marshmallow. Thanks to this, my stiff shoulders were cured in one shot. I knew I should not be in weird positions. That causes my buttocks to stiffen.

And so the athletic chair was sealed up, and the peace in my shoulders and back was preserved forever.


…………However, (newcomer) Kimihito Irie did not know this would be the first step to another kind of stiff shoulders…

—To be continued.


Yes, and (indicating the end of the off-topic talk) so this is the third volume of ‘Sunday Without God’ .

Amazing. It felt like a lie. This is not a dream, right?

But to be honest, I did not feel there was much change whenever I wrote such a thing, so I think I shall stop here. After all, I think it will get boring to the readers too, so I shall aim to write cool looking afterwords. I am going to stop myself from writing stuff like “You’re kidding, right”, “how’s it possible…”, or “this isn’t a dream, right…” I am certain that such afterwords will not be cool, and furthermore…

Editor: “Irie-san”.

Oops, it’s the editor-in-charge. What is it?

Editor: It’s decided that “Sunday without God” will be made into a drama CD.

…. …. ….

You’re kidding, right?

Editor: “It’s true”.

How’s it possible…

Editor: “Also, a manga adaptation has been decided.”

This isn’t a dream, right…

Editor: “It is reality”.

Is it reality?

Carrier: “Also, this story will be on the cover of the ‘Dragon Magazine November’ issue.”

………Hahaa, I see that is what they call fake reality, right? It is really commonplace nowadays.

“Hello? Irie-san?”

It was actually reality.

And so it is. “Sunday without God” is developing in many ways.

The drama CD is scheduled to be released by Marine Entertainment on December 29th. I could not actually help much with this. I am honored to write a short story as a bonus for the first edition, and it talks of the incident that happened between Ai and Hampnie on that full moon night.

The manga version will be published in the November issue of ‘Dragon Age’ magazine, on sale October 9.

Actually, it has already started. I have not read it at this time, but I did see the author’s name “Oh, ohhh…!” Now this is amazing! Please check it out in the magazine! And a thank you to those readers who checked it out!

As for the cover…I cannot…say enough about the cover.


Well, it is tough for me to act cool here. It is great, it feels like a raging storm.

What can I do as a person in the eye of the typhoon? Well, that is how it goes.

I suppose I cannot do anything at all. The eye of the typhoon has nothing to do with the strength of the storm, just as the hole in the donut has nothing to do with the taste of the donut.

All I can do is write the rest of the story and say “thank you” to those who made the donuts and to those who ate them.

So to all of you, “Thank you very much”.

I shall see you all again in volume four.

Bye bye.


Kimihito Irie

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