“Master Ulla. Miss Ai Astin has sent a letter to you.”


Ulla’s face lit up when she saw the letter that the maid had brought her. She looked up at Kiriko with a pleading look, and every single time that happened, Kiriko felt it was unfair.

“Hey, Kiriko, I want to look now…”

“No, you can’t. It won’t be long until Lord Orsola arrives…”

At that moment, a message from his homeland arrived in his mind. Coincidentally, it was a message that Lord Orsola would be late.

Kirko wanted to pretend that nothing happened for the sake of discipline, but Ulla had already sniffed out trouble from the color of his face.

“…You have fifteen minutes.”


“Please do not go all yahoo and such.”

There was a house in the old streets of Lower Ortus, owned by the wealthy merchant Brittly Tenmaus, and Ulla and the others were hidden in here. The day Ai and the others left, their blitz ended in failure, and they were forced into hiding. Ulla had been lobbying around, hoping for a turnaround.

It was on this day that they had a meeting with the eldest son of the Lee family that was renown throughout Ortus. Thus, Ulla had been decorated lavishly by her maids.

Her hair was tied up, her shoulders were exposed, she was powdered, her nails were scraped, and she had perfume sprayed on her.

Ulla herself was feeling a little weary when Ai’s letter arrived. It was just as well, because Kiriko wanted her to read it from the beginning.

Kiriko had the maids step back, and read the letter from behind Ulla.

“What does it say?”


Kiriko and Ulla were engrossed with the letter, which started off from the day they left Ortus. It spoke of Ai’s unintended enrollment in school, the backstory of the Gora Academy, new acquaintances. Tanya, Gigi, Volrath, Hardy, Rune, and the three sisters, Mimi, Meme, and Momo.

The letter was really interesting, the writing was lively, and they had a feeling that the people mentioned in the letter were new friends to them.

“So what happened to everyone?”

“Well then—”

Ai’s letter was really enjoyable, but it was a little difficult to read because of the jumpy timelines and abrupt explanations.

Ulla summarized the situation and informed Kiriko.

Tanya eventually returned to her family, and it was mentioned in the letter that a few members of the group also stayed with the Swedgewood.

“Hardy and Volrath are on their way to look for the Dead King’s caravan. Gigi is still with them, and they’re gearing up to go over the winter mountains—woah, she said gearing up to hike up the winter mountains means getting fat. What’s with that? Rune says that she’s going to an underwater city after all. She’s saving up money with Gigi.”

“I see. So, what about Ai? ”

“Nothing yet. ”

But from that point on, it became a daily report, and nothing about themselves. Finally, they arrived at the last page, and they felt a little uneasy. Knowing Ai, it was possible that she would just close the page without mentioning herself.

Their fears proved unfounded.

“…Who are these “world-saving friends” Alice and Dee…?”

“Miss Scar has abandoned her child…”

The important information was written at the end as if it were an excuse. Basically, this part was written with three lines, “We are now on our way to the ‘World Tower’ to pursue after Miss Scar who abandoned her baby! It’s okay! We’re with Alice and Dee, our friends (though they insist they’re not) who are going to save the world! Don’t worry!”

Even Ulla seemed bewildered. ”

“Are you okay?”

“…I guess this is bad after all.”

Hmm, Ulla groaned, and then,

“But still, sister does seem happy.”

Ulla closed her eyes and mumbled. These two sisters, Living and Dead, had an inexplicable connection, however slight it was.

“I guess it should be fine after all.”

“Yes, it’s pointless to worry about them after all.”

They nodded at each other and stood up. At this moment, there was a strong attack from Kiriko’s mind.

“Now then, the young lord is arriving. Let’s do our best too.”

Un, so she tried to buck herself up a little, and stood up


She held the golden scepter.

She put on the silver crown.




“I’ll become king.”

Kiriko nodded firmly, and answered,

“I’m going to make you king.”

Ulla smiled at him.


“Shall we go, Kiriko?”

“Yes, Ulla. I’ll accompany you as far as you like.


It would be some time before Ulla Eulesse Hecmatika would bear the name Ortus, the Eternal Goddess of the Underworld, and be involved again in the story of Ai Astin.

But that story would be quite a while later.


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