My stiff shoulders are cured.

Eh, well, I guess you readers are probably wondering what kind of metaphor that is, but it’s actually literal. I’m cured of stiff shoulders. That’s it.

In fact, after the last time I changed to a fancy chair, the stiff shoulders seemed to calm down, but when I got busy, I would have problems again. It’s quite troubling..

Now I’m cured.

Well, yes. Well, I feel that the postscript is more trivial than before, but I was just so surprised.

It’s shocking to the extent that it shocked me.

That’s why I’m taking up so much space to let you readers know how to cure it(*that’s not true).

The method is very simple!

1) First, clasp your hands behind your back.

2) Raise your fists forcefully in the same direction.

…Everyone should be fine till this point, right? should be all right up to here, right? I can attach an illustration if you need it (*there won’t be).

The rest is easy.

3) Hold & repeat the same movement.


See, it’s easy, right? Wait, don’t stone me! I didn’t believe it at first (since I heard it from mom), but I realized it actually works after trying it out!!

If you are worried about stiff shoulders, please try it out!

By the way, this is the easiest of the ‘shoulder treatment’ methods (you can do it even while sitting). In addition, I’ll like to introduce another ‘waist treatment’, which requires a little space (actually, you only need to be able to stand up).

1) Stretch

—D-Don’t stone me bro! (Speaking of which, when I typed this part out and chose the words, the computer autocorrected it to ‘will me’. I was a little amazed by them—stoning others means exerting my will as well—well, I guess everyone understands, right? Ahem).

Strictly speaking, It’s not about getting the legs to bend and straighten repeatedly, but to focus on ‘stretching’ the femoral joints. Imagine what a frog looks like, and with that in mind, it will look very different. Please try croaking.

But I didn’t notice it until now that all I have to do is move my shoulders and femur joints…we-well, let’s pretend that I didn’t notice it.

Now it’s done (Looking like someone who had finished a project).

And so, this is the fourth volume of “Sunday Without God’. (The order is weird).

Let’s continue with the announcements. The drama CD of “Sunday Without God “, which I briefly mentioned in volume 3, is now on sale from Marine Entertainment. (

To summarize, oh man.

I only heard the audio in the sound booth at the time (and that alone gave me goosebumps), has been further enhanced with sound effects and music! In particular, the interplay of the music was wonderful, so I urge everyone to give it a listen.

Of course, the live performance at the booth was great, but the work as a finished product in a package like this was also wonderful….’why don’t I try my hand at sound effects?’ I was I was almost tempted to think about it.

And there’s more! The comic version of ‘Sunday Without God’ is currently being serialized in ‘Dragon Age’ magazine. Please enjoy another version of ‘Sunday Without God’ by Abaraheiki-sensei. I think we can get another announcement about the next manga volume in the next afterword? Let’s wait until then.

With the support of many people, ‘Sunday Without God’ made it to quite an amazing place (a long distance’. Thank you all very much.

What a tumultuous year 2010 has been (It is a mild first anniversary for the series, and for me too).

One year has passed, and I think it should be a comprehensive story  (*It’s not the final volume at all). The story moves on to the next place…

The next volume will be ‘Sunday Without God’ Volume 5. I hope to deliver it to you before the summer.


Let us meet again in the next volume.

Kimihito Irie


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