And so, this is the fifth volume of ‘Sunday Without God’.

I hope the readers enjoyed it.

This time, I wrote the story thinking that ‘I hope the readers will like Alice’. I was the only one who knew about ‘this incident’ since the third volume, and I was in agony, because I couldn’t reveal the details! Alice isn’t just a silly guy! There’s layers to him! That was my thought when writing, but I could only get everyone to understand while writing this core part of the story.

I’ve finally written it.

Oops, any more and it’ll be a spoiler! My apologies. I’m in the faction of ‘reading the afterword after everything else’, so it’s easy for me to forget. I have to be careful here. I suppose these few words should be fine, right? To those who have yet to read, please start at the beginning!

Now, I did mention that I hoped to deliver the fifth volume before ‘Summer arrives’, and the official release was ‘June’, so I barely managed to keep the promise. At the same time, the manga version of ‘Sunday Without God’ by Abaraheiki-san is also on sale! Please read this version of the ‘Sunday Without God’ world that’s different from Shino-san’s illustrations and the drama CD!

And also! Between volumes 4 and 5, we had a PV and feature produced by Madbox-san! Amazing! To be honest, it’s a little scary!

I think this series has been really blessed to have the love of all kinds of people.. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the editor-in-charge, Shino-san, Abaraheiki-san, as well as the salespeople, printers, proofreaders, editors I have not known directly, distributors, and bookstore staff.

And of course, to you.

Thank you very much.

I’ll see you in the next volume, Volume 6.

Kimihito Irie


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