One day, the editor-in-charge and I chatted on the phone.

Irie: “I think the title ‘Sunday Without God’ is too long.”

Editor-in-charge: “Haa.”

Irie: “I think it’s long”

Editor-in-charge: “Erm, in other words?”

Irie: “Well, you see. Doesn’t Fujimi Fantasia mostly have an abbreviation of such titles? Like ‘Seitokai no Ichizon’ is shortened to Seizon, or ‘Scrapped Princess’ becomes ScrPri”

Editor-in-charge: “An abbreviation?”

Irie: “Yes, an abbreviation.”

Editor-in-charge: “Do you want one, Miri-san?”

Irie: “Of course. Since we’re in Fujimi Fantasia, there has to be one, right?”

Editor-in-charge: “Well, I don’t think there’s a pressing need for that…but don’t worry, I got it.”

Irie: “I hope you understand.”

Editor-in-charge: “Hm, so what shall we call this?”

Irie: “Just to ask, what do the editorial department call this?”

Editor-in-charge: “Just ‘God’.”

Irie: “…I don’t think we can dismiss it as ‘just’ though. And besides, the idea of the editorial department calling it God here God there…”

Editor-in-charge: “What other choice do we have? It’s either ‘God’ or ‘Sunday’.”

Irie: “Well, I guess so.”

Editor-in-charge: “We should at least give it a more realistic abbreviation then.”

Irie: “Hm?”

Editor-in-charge: “Now then, how shall we call it…do you have any suggestions, Irie-san?”

Irie: “There’s once when I chatted with my friends, and when I boasted ‘so how’s Kamiyoubi’, I was met with a dry laugh. I’d like to remain silent on this matter.”

Editor-in-charge: “Sensible choice, I suppose.”

Irie: “Thanks for the compliments.”

Editor-in-charge: “…”

Irie: “…”

Editor-in-charge: “Can’t think of anything, huh?”

Irie: “I-It’s hard to shorten it, isn’t it?”

Editor-in-charge: “…”

Irie: “…Erm, editor-in-charge, I’m glad that you can remain silent for me to increase the page count…but we should be thinking of something, right?”

Editor-in-charge: “Please think of a name yourself, Irie-san.”

Irie: “So, Kamiyou…”

Editor-in-charge: “Irie-san.”

Irie: “I’m sorry. I’ll think about this seriously.”

Editor-in-charge: “Please do.”

Irie: “………Maybe something like ‘Kamiinai’…or something…”

Editor-in-charge: “Oh, now that’s more like itt. How about ‘Kamiina’ or something like that?”

Irie: “Personally, I prefer ‘Kamiinai’. It sounds better to me.”

Editor-in-charge: “Is that so?”

Irie: “Maybe ‘Kamiyoubi’…”

Editor-in-charge: “Let’s abbreviate it to ‘Kamiinai’ then.”

And that was how ‘Sunday Without God’ was abbreviated to ‘Kamiinai’.


I didn’t know if it’s to be expected, but both of us completely forgot about it (or maybe we never had the opportunity to use this term officially, so that’s to be expected). Like, at the start of every meeting, we would go ‘How’s this series doing~’ or ‘How’s God?’

I just need to add a note here to insist that the formal abbreviation of this series is ‘Kamiyoubi’!

Editor-in-charge: “No can do.”

I guess so.

So the sixth volume of ‘Kamiyoubi’, no wait, ‘Kamiina’, no wait, ‘kamiinai’ is finally published (I guess the official abbreviation is now in every reader’s heart.)

Alright. I do remember saying in the last volume that ‘the next volume is the last volume—’ or something to that effect, but when I kept writing, I just discovered ‘eh? The plot is still moving…’ Yes. The fifth volume was contained in itself, but I didn’t manage to conclude the story. I want to use this chance to offer my sincerest apologies—

…………………………Obviously, I wanted to say that.

But as the readers can see, this volume is not the conclusion either! To be continued! It’s one set! Up! Middle! Bottom!

I’m really sorry~~!!

Seriously, even I didn’t know how it ended up this way…I guess I should blame myself for saying that I wanted to write a last volume without thinking it through. Why did I fall into my own landmine…that’s ridiculous.

But anyway, that’s how it is. Nobody knows the future, but I think (or wish) that the next volume should be soon next year. This isn’t a landmine.

Editor-in-charge: “Don’t let it become a landmine.”

Irie: “…Yes.”

(*I get the feeling that the editor-in-charge has been living in my head recently. I should add here that the editor-in-charge in my head isn’t the same as the editor-in-charge in reality. The previous conversations actually happened, but when I actually wrote the conversation, the editor-in-charge in my head is a little cooler than the editor-in-charge. Well, the editor-in-charge might seem a little easier to get along with.)

The second year has passed.

We’re now in the third year of the real watershed is coming.

Like before, the second year ended with the help of many people, and I would like to thank you all. Thank you, Shino-san and Abara-san! Editor-in-charge too, ‘Please take care of your health’, I’ll pray for you too, since I’m the reason for the illness. To the businesses, bookstores and printers, you may think, ‘Why am I printing (selling, shipping) these paragraphs thanking you?’, but I still want to express my gratitude! It really feels like a forced sales pitch though.

And of course, I’d like to thank all the readers who read this.

I will continue to work hard and hope to thank you all the same way in the third year.

Let us meet again next year.

Bye bye.

Kimihito Irie


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