Isola immediately made her way down the hill to receive the post mortem treatment from Dust Believer. It was a bit of a laugh to see the commotion, as if dozens of people were carrying a portable shrine.

The flames on the hill rang like a flag in the morning breeze. Ai’s hair, which had somehow come undone, fluttered in the wind as she gazed at the rising sun.

What she told Isora, that this world was heaven, was a lie.

This world was neither heaven nor hell, merely a continuation of reality. The people who lived in this world were neither angels nor demons, but ordinary people.

“Good work.”

Alice sat down next to Ai, patting her sunken head roughly.

“Madame is going to be charged after all.”

Ai came to her senses. It appeared that while she was still feeling sentimental, the world moved on.

Looking over at where Alice was looking, Bendo and Madame were quietly discussing there. There was no further unreasonable violence there.

“Bendo said he got taught a lesson by the kids he raised…he said he decided to arrange for proper procedures, and Coven will be tried by the law.”

From here, Madame appeared to be shaking and sobbing, holding her mouth.

It was the kind of judgment that she, who loved the law more than anyone else and executed so for years, yearned for.

“Thank goodness…”

Ai heaved a sigh of relief and slumped back down. Alice laughed and imitated her, falling on his back as well.

“Feels like this happened before, didn’t it?”


It was at the World Tower. Like back then, they were looking at the sky, exhausted.

At this moment, they were looking at a jet-black surface.

“…The world is saved, isn’t it?”


“What about you, Mr. Alice? Would you like to go to the new world?”

“Hard to tell.”

“Hard to tell?”

“I just feel that I don’t know…I’m interested. She said that new world doesn’t have any Living or Dead, Gravekeeper, or Deformed.”

Alice said, reaching for the black surface.

“I feel that if I go there, I might be able to feel alive again.”

“…Maybe, maybe not.”

“What about you then?”

“… Hmm. I’m not sure either.”

But, Ai  continued on,

“But I’m sure I won’t go. I think I’ll be a part of this world until the very end.”

“I see.”

“And when that time comes, we may be separated.”

“Yeah. When the time comes, we may be at different places.”

They spoke jokingly, as though discussing what they would do if the world would end tomorrow.

Maybe that day was just around the corner.


“Well, let’s go home for now.”

Alice stood up and reached his hand out.

“Yes, Mr. Alice.”

Grabbing his hand, Ai too stood up.

No matter whether the world would be destroyed, or whether they would be separated forever.

Perhaps they should have a nap before pondering again.

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