Thank you for your time. How did you like the latest volume of ‘Sunday Without God’?

Actually no, I’m not talking about this volume alone. As this is the last volume, it’s not just a thank you for finishing this final volume, but also a ‘thank you’ for finishing the entire series, and a question of ‘how is this series’.

Phew~, it’s over. Really, it’s over. I feel like I can’t believe it. My soul is completely gone. What shall I say?.

I don’t know, even though it’s the last time, but I can’t think of anything to say. In the past, I had so many topics I wanted to write, but I just couldn’t because the story hadn’t ended. Most of them were just apologies or just some excuses, so I don’t think it’s very appropriate for this volume, to all the readers who’ve read this volume until the end.

So, I won’t apologize this time! Oh, that’s a lie. I’m sorry it took me so long to publish this. (I’m really sorry!) Ugh, that’s too casual of me. Well, it should be fine now. It’s backstage, and if I’m really bag, the editor will probably grade give me an NG (← a useless technique I learned during my four years as a writer).

Anyway, we’ve come a long way, Ai, me, and you.

Let me explain as to how I got to this final volume. It happened after I won the award, and the editor-in-charge immediately asked me discreetly “Can you keep writing?” (Fujimi’s a good place!). I quickly came up with it back then, and it went pretty much as expected. (Of course, I hadn’t thought about the contents of each book, and volumes three and four were completely improvised.)

But well, the actual writing didn’t necessarily go according to my initial plan. Ai, Alice, or the others, none of them were the type to be obedient, and I ended up panicking all the time.

But because of this, this work could go further than I expected.

I had to thank them. I couldn’t have made it this far on my own.

And to you, the same thanks.

Thank you very much. Thanks to you, this story has come this far. In recent years, many works have come to an end due to reasons other than content (such as sales), but it is definitely thanks to you that I was able to reach this point. Thank you very much.

Also, I know this is personal for me, but thank you, Shino-san. I’m really glad that you were my first illustrator. Thank you too, Abaraheiki-san, the manga version is a treasure of mine. To the previous editor-in-charge, thank you for the trouble you caused me as a newcomer who didn’t know how to go about doing things. To the current editor-in-charge, thank you for your thorough care, and please continue to take care of me.. Thank you also to the designers, animation staff, Kadokawa Bunko edition editor-in-charge, and the distribution staff.

Thank you very much, everyone. I consider myself blessed.

Now, even though this series has ended, just as Ai and her friends’ lives continue even after the series ends, the world of Kimihito Irie doesn’t end here. I’m currently working on a story called ‘Magical Child’. This is a modern fantasy. I hope you will enjoy reading it.

I thought this was unfair to my female fans, so I decided to publish a new story.

A-and well, ‘Magical Child’ is more directed towards the male demographic, and I thought it would be unfair to the female readers, so I decided to release a new work.

It’s called ‘Princess Kokran and the Wish Demon’. The story is about a lamp genie who can make any wish come true (who’s damn handsome), and a girl who happened to be the princess of the largest empire in the world (all my wishes have come true, so what?). This is, to put it mildly, my best work to date, so regardless of gender, please pick it up.

So, I’ll see you again, somewhere, sometime soon.

Bye bye.


Kimihito Irie



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