Ai died on Saturday morning.





In the end, the Witch was right.

The silver bullet did not stop until it destroyed the world (Ai).




It was said that when a person dies, the body would be lighter by the weight of a candy ball.

It was said it’s the weight of the person’s soul, or the weight of the lost willpower.

Would this happen to me? Would I be lighter by a candy ball?

I thought it’s be a bother. Some might be angry to hear this, but I don’t want to lose weight, and I would rather put on some more weight.

To be more specific, I need to put on another ten kilos. And I’m tall enough. I want to grow another thirty centimeters.


I should say I hoped to, in the past tense, to be correct.

I won’t grow taller, I won’t gain any more weight. My soul is a candy ball lighter, and there’s a large hole in me. But my body’s cold and heavy, my bones creak and my flesh scrapes. It’s neither hot nor cold. It’s neither painful nor sad.

But even so,

I feel strangely, strangely sorry.

I feel like apologizing to others.





I’m sorry.


You definitely won’t want such an ending, but I can’t stop now.


Mr Julie.

Miss Scar.


I’m sorry.


Miss Dee.

Mr Alice.


I’m sorry.


But I don’t regret it.

And I’m most sorry about that.


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