Teaser 2

That night.

In a house that was a 20 minutes bus ride from Itsuki’s house–the Hashimas’ bathroom.

Hashima Chihiro was in a bath, recalling everything that happened in the TRPG she played on this time.

–Today was really fun…

Chihiro never thought she would have a chance to play a game with brother and his friends. Everyone was interesting–though being a ‘future stepbrother’ really left Chihiro a little troubled.

And then–

“I’ll protect my imouto!”


The brother’s words appeared again in Chihiro’s mind, and the lips loosened for some reason; at the same time, Chihiro felt a gripping pain.

–Imouto, huh…

Chihiro looked down at her bare chest.

They were a little smaller than average compared to those of the same gender…no, a lot smaller. However, Chihiro’s chest certainly had lumps unique to girls.









Hashima Chihiro is a girl.

The older brother Itsuki has yet to know about this secret.


If only I have a little sister (Imouto sae ireba ii). I don’t have one though.

Once Hashima Itsuki’s world is toppled over, how will the story develop.

At this point, nobody knows.


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  2. I was writing generally. Not specifically to the subject matter of this post. Indeed, it was Hikaru that first brought your effort to my attention.

    I saw no mailing address otherwise I would have gone that route.

    I’m aware you do this with the goodness in your heart. Please allow some of us with opportunity to also afford the goodness of our heart by making it easier for you to continue. Set up a patreon page or some other method that we may express our appreciation.

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