Teaser – Gamers by Aoi Sekina

I never was able to connect with a protagonist who loves an ordinary daily life.

Never mind that I’m a high school student who’s so ordinary I feel like crying.

For example.

A natural born winner bastard who gets up by that pretty girl of a childhood friend at the prologue, crashing into a tsundere transfer student at a cross junction leading to school, harshly criticized by an aloof pretty senior in school, and gets a cute, impish junior in his embrace for any ridiculous reasons.


Even if I do try to pass it off with a dull lull of a monologue, all I felt in my heart was,

“I guess!”

I retorted myself with tears and blood shed. I can’t find any common point between us.

On the other hand however, unlike the aforementioned example, there are exceptionally rare cases of protagonists who enjoy an ‘ordinary daily life’ without any pretty girls appearing in his life. As for whether I am a kindred soul, well, nope. If I have to raise another example here…


And even I do try to talk in some strange, hard-boiled manner.

“Di-did you just return from a battlefield or something…?”

There will be definitely a clash of values, one that differed from the last one. Of course, despite this, I don’t hate such protagonists. In fact, I’ll say that I can really get along with them, but as for whether I’m a kindred soul with them, that’s a different case.

To conclude, I can’t imagine any reason why anyone who are just born ordinary…especially ordinary teenagers, and thoroughly accepted their ordinary, boring lives, and liked it.

As for me—the ordinary high school boy, Amano Keita, 16 years old.


I still have fantasies every night, in bed, thinking of myself being summoned as a warrior in a different world.


No, what are you saying now? You’re already in your second year of high school? If you’re that bored, get serious and think of further education or employment; to be honest, I did think of it this way, but I just can’t bring myself to get motivated.

Suddenly, I realized, I realize that one day, I can escape from an ordinary life.

I look forward to going on a journey, getting involved as a character in a detective murder mystery on a lone island, in a mansion, or hope to stroll alone to a convenience store at night, crossing paths with a heroine that hunts mysterious monsters in the shadows. There is always that one moment every month when I would have such thoughts, twirling my mechanical pencil around during this boring class.

Of course, I never believed that anything will actually happen.

But I do hope to live my life with a hope as faint as a lottery ticket.

As for why,


My characteristic is that I’m so ‘ordinary’, it’s despairing for me.


Amano Keita, 16 years old, 2nd year in high school, Blood type A, Cancer, a little small and scrawny.

I do live together with my parents, and my little brother who’s 2 years younger. I grew up in a middle-class family, without any real inconvenience. My paternal and maternal grandparents are still around, and I do get on well somewhat with my relatives.

My brother and I were trained to be like model students, and while we do bicker from time to time, it is because of that that we never had never experiences of arguing at him. My parents are on good times, and we do go on family trips in Japan (Mostly closer regions though) once every year or two.

My experience of club activities back in elementary and middle schools were baseball, but it was more due to me joining in with friends, and not that I joined because of passion. I had no special talent, and my psychomotor skills are horrible. It is only when the outcome is decided during a game that I will go out to play on the last inning as a consolation. To be honest, I didn’t wish to go out there and play so much that it would trouble the team, and of course, I did participate as seriously as I could.

I do have some smarts, and I guess my studies are decent, but I guess I do feel conceited because of this, and I end up playing too many games. My grades slipped slightly back when I was in middle school, and I then chose to enroll in a local public school with a lower cutoff…Otobuki High School.

The good friends I had since elementary school went to different school, and my current social relationships are basically reset.

This immature me was late to break away from the immature thinking of an elementary school kid, ‘I can easily make friends’, and so I stumble around for a year, not really getting along with anyone else.

I’m now in my second year, my class has changed, and I’m tapping at the phone and my game consoles alone every day during the lesson breaks. They say that such people are ‘loners’, and I do get teased by my classmates for this, but I’ve yet to be really bullied. I’m at the bottom of the school caste, but I’m the kind to just let things happen as it is.

Of course, even if I do talk with my classmates at some moments, it’ll be just some shallow topic.

And just to mention, the one I’m closest to in terms of all the conversations I had in my high school life is a boy who’s often buzzing with a clique near me.

“Hey hey, Amano, how do you normally read JU*P?”

“Hm? Ah, well, actually, I do read it from the front…”

“I told you, didn’t I? Amano reads it from the front! You guys are treating me to juice!”

And just to mention, I was in a decent mood on the day that conversation happened.

…I just thought of those ‘these guys are worse than ‘ordinary’…’ people. Can’t you guys just shut up. I’m heartbroken. I have a glass heart because I’m just spending my life without a care in the world. I’m the kind who can feel dejected seeing my favorite games be harshly criticized.

Of course, the chances of me actually getting a girlfriend or anything is bleak. The only chance of me actually encountering a love event flag would be…


That will be that kind of experience…to be honest, I didn’t know what to do in such a situation either.

Ah, as for my own gaming experience, if I’m to include 2-D—well, looks like it doesn’t work either. Yep…alright, I have none.

Ahem. Anyway, this me is someone who’s so ordinary, I can’t be any more ordinary. I don’t have any popular appeal, and I don’t have any outstanding talents, but I don’t have any outstanding weakness either.

To all my classmates, I’m just a ‘mob character’ that’s like a background. This is me, Amano Keita.

If I have to specify any particular character trait I have, it’ll be that my name is exactly the same as the protagonist of certain Youkai Wa*ch game, and….

“I like games.”

That’s just it. Perhaps you may have realized it from my introduction till this point. I like games, and I really like video games from the bottom of my heart. There’s no reason for this one-sided love.

I’m happiest when I’m playing interesting games, and with that, I can overcome anything and everything I hate. This is a replacement for the 8th grader syndrome that continues to burn in my heart, and in a sense, even if I’m not summoned to another world, I guess it’s not a bad thing to stay in this world and play fun games, I thought. That’s how much I like games.

My favorite moments would be to play games once I get home, until dinner time, and there’s nothing more fun than me bickering and joking around with my brother as we battle each other.

However…there are many in this world who like games that much.

In conclusion, I guess it’s not really a characteristic, not really a trait.


Now then, I shall continue with my story.

I might not feel happy about my own story, and even regretful.

But that is already a conclusion.


It started when this ordinary protagonist who likes an ordinary daily life talked to a pretty girl, and that’s not a rarity, but it is amazing how little chemistry we have–


–This is a story about games.

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  1. Thanks for the translation! I have a good feeling about this series for some reason. Hopefully it won’t stay as just be a teaser. 😀

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