◆Start of the mystery, breasts were rolled


“Are you the famous detective?”

It was after school, the classroom was covered by the sunset, and I was questioned by someone pulling at my chest.

I couldn’t see the face well as I was still sleepy.

I tried to rack my memories, but I didn’t remember hearing this voice.

It seemed I was being intimidated by a girl I didn’t know of.

But I didn’t get the reason why.

I was prone on the table since the morning bell, so I guessed a disciplinary committee-type girl couldn’t let her classmate rot, and violently woke me up…ehhh probably not.

No wait, if we’re in the same class, I should have some impression of the girl.

I guessed this girl and I were just strangers.

Now then, what’s her deal? Why was I being grabbed by the shirt and lifted?

My sleepy head couldn’t deduce anything.

Well, of course, since I’m not a detective.


Did this girl just say detective?

“Enough with the silence and answer me. You’re the famous detective──Kimihiko Kimizuka, aren’t you?”

Detective──it’s been a year since I heard that word, and I hated it.

“Got the wrong person. Excuse me”



My throat let out a voice that’s really inelegant of a human.

It’s really unbelievable, but at this point, I got a finger inserted into my mouth.

“If you intend to disregard my question, I shall touch your uvula.”

“Th-that’s unreasonable…”

Finally, under the duress of this situation, I saw the girl’s face.

Feisty long eyes, long eyelashes, a tall nose tip, and taut lips.

Her long hair was tied to the side, and she really resembled a typical modern high school girl.

…But did we really have such a person in our school?

I never noticed such a dangerous person before. How careless of me.

“Hey, you’re Kimihiko Kimizuka, aren’t you??”

Her calling me by my full name felt weird, and left with no choice, I could only nod my head in affirmation.

“If you are, voice out.”


The girl’s finger touched the palate of my mouth, and the acid in my stomach refluxed.

“Wow, you’re horrible. You have saliva all over the finger of a girl you just met. Are you a pervert?”

“Whose fault do you think it is, oi?” I was about to refute, but the girl continued to insert her finger in my mouth while grabbing my white shirt with her other hand. It’s like a brand new torture device.


“Eh, what? Are you crying? You’re a big 18 year old guy, and not only are you putting your droll all over a girl’s finger, you’re going to cry and ask for all kinds of play?”

My dignity as a human collapsed at the moment. I couldn’t stop my tears and saliva anymore. What? What kind of punishment is this…

“Ahh yes. I get it. You definitely want a hug, right?”


My face was pressed onto her chest.

I felt a marshmallow-like softness, along with the sweet scent of perfume that melted my head.

And for a moment, I could hear a heartbeat──it sounded nostalgic for some reason. Did I experience some motherliness from a girl in the same year as me?

…No, how could I let that happen?.

Stuck between joy and suffering, I yelled out loud, frantically breaking free from her grasp.

“Too bad. I could have played with you for a little longer.”

“……Haa……haa, if you’re just playing around, don’t flaunt your body, and don’t lend your breasts to a guy you don’t know.”

So I said, and the girl showed a faint smile for the first time.

“Nagisa Natsunagi”

She gave her name that was really befitting of the season, and reached her right hand out.

“…First of all, go wash your hand.”


◆The assistant and the Requestor──the detective isn’t here.

◆Hey, whose heart is this?

◆Of course this isn’t a date

◆Be careful I’ll punch your head out

◆No, it’s not an euphemism, it’s a riddle

◆The heart, the bat—the android

◆Dear customer, is there a detective present?

◆Hijacker vs Famous Detective

◆Mystery coexists with SF

◆Even today, the memory remains

◆La detective está muerta

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