Author: Fujimaru (藤まる)

Illustrator: H2SO4

Translators: Kira, Starduster, Teh_Ping, BAFT

Editor: Teh_ping

Editor: Snowy223

Editor: Dame baka


Akitsuki Sakamoto was often ostracized at school due to his inherent scary face. 

On a certain day, he came across an accident, and a girl unfortunately passed away. 

Coerced by a certain mysterious person, he was to make a choice…

“Are you willing to use half your life to save that girl?”

And using his own life as the price, he saved the girl ‘Hikari Yumesaki’, 

which should be the case…

but for some reason, there occurred a strange development, 

that Akitsuki’s body would be replaced by Hikari’s personality every alternate day!

Both of them began the lives of sharing the same body and exchanging diaries. 

The troublemaker Hikari’s continued to trigger one event after another, 

attracting one friend after another. 

And so, Akitsuki’s low-profile life is changed drastically!

This is a teenage personality switch story of a ‘lonely boy’ 

and a ‘deplorable girl’ who can only met through diary exchange.

TP’s warning:

This series is infamous amongst Japanese and Taiwanese readers for smashed computers. Viewer discretion is advised.

17 thoughts on “Tomorrow I will die, you will revive

  1. Could you maybe change the colour of the text here? It’s kinda hard to read black text (and it’s grey on the Biblia site) on that background.

    1. I just use High Contrast mode when reading light novels or manga personally – Alt+Shift+Print Screen is the Windows shortcut for it…

  2. lol 10/10 would read something similar again. Thank ping for the translation :), got to enjoy something new and refreshing.

  3. hi! i just finished reading volume 1 of bokushinu. i enjoyed it! such a good read.
    thanks for translating!

  4. Hey dude what do you mean smashed computers? Maybe too much cliche and protagonist stupidity, readers got frustrated anf smash their computers? Or something else?

    1. I don’t think it’s a cliche if you bothered to read the twist in chapter 6. That would be the biggest reason anyway. (There’s no way you can say the climax is a cliche)

      It’s more of a ‘fujoshi’ remix of the ‘Hikaru’ series actually…with much more mood swings. I do like this series because it knows what kind of a plot it is, and focuses on the story. If it had been any longer, the effect would most probably be grating on the readers instead.

      Besides, each series I chose (with the exception of Shikkin, which I never did choose), is a deconstruction of certain genres. Perhaps the plot may seem generic (which I see more as Yugi getting to know Yami and vice versa), but I’m not sure what sort of series you are looking for anyway. Volumes 1 and 2 are the ‘comedic’ variants, while ‘volume 3’ just gets very depressing, so I would suggest that instead of criticizing a story just because of a first volume (which isn’t a wise choice unless the story starts off really well), you should be looking at the series as a whole.

      …And the main reason for picking this series was to get reactions.

      If you don’t like what you deem as ‘cliche’ stories, ie. harem, OP protagonists, fantasy, reincarnation, little sisters, blockhead protagonists, self-inserts feel goods, I suppose you should be reading Biblia instead.

      1. “harem, OP protagonists, fantasy, reincarnation, little sisters, blockhead protagonists, self-inserts feel goods”

        Oh god, these kind of stories are the worst and yet they are extremely popular.
        I hate the world sometimes. Thank god you didn’t like them as well

        1. Harem is a guilty pleasure for me.

          OP Protagonists I cringe at but accept if they’re done well.

          Reincarnation new territory for me (always wanted but never seen), so I haven’t started hating it yet.

          Everything else is just cliched and I’m indifferent towards.

  5. Hi guys!! I thank you for the translation you have done about Boku shinu. But I have one question: Will you return to resume the project? Because this is a great story.

  6. I really like this novel.
    Will you translate the third volume or have you dropped it ?
    I would love to read the end

  7. Damn it. I thought this would be a happy and dumb story, with a bit of romance in it.

    Guess what? I was right about it being dumb (the silly type) and romantic. But it’s anything but happy. 

    It’s heartbreaking. I’ve never gotten into a serious relationship before, but I still feel the pain of the ending… Please, someone heal this broken heart!

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