Well actually, it is more of a training camp.

In another 6 hours, I will be flying off to Taipei. Haven’t managed to translate much this holidays, thanks to my Touma level luck, Riajuu life and the World Cup. (And the BT servers overloading for some reasons.)

Once I return however (in a month), I will take a break from loli hunting and do some Baka hunting instead. I know there hasn’t been any updates from me for quite a while, especially since I’m practically the one doing most of the projects here (and then some). Will return back to do the low-key stuff like Biblia, BMG and Magdala after Baka Test 12 is done.

In the meantime, us heretics need typesetters for the Magdala series. Please approach Kira for more information (details under the ‘Contact Us’ tab).

PS: And what’s with the adbot on our chatango?

4 thoughts on “TP here. Going for a Sabbatical.

  1. Good luck with your training camp. Thank you for all your hard work, hope to see you back with even more bakaness in a month.

  2. Oh no so we have to Hikaru update for month, I don’t if I can do that, but anyway good luck for your camp. Hope next there is no obstacle again like computer broken or sick.

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