TP’s announcements (June 5th 2014)

Well, I ended up finishing a loli volume. Will be back to working on a loli series, though I’ll be killing them this time. I still have no plans to bring it to Heretic however because I know there will be fearless fools like me who will attempt to work on it back at BT.

Plenty of times, I do want to make commentaries on the stuff I translate (most notably Shippai Kinshi when I had to type with my nose because my hands are on my face).

To be honest, I did not expect Clockwork Planet to be that popular, and because of that, I decided to upload the chapters earlier instead (and also to use it as an opportunity to lease the editors down. If I can’t have vacations, nobody will. Mwahahahahahaha.)

I do know that there is a volume 2 of Shikkin, and I barely managed to keep a straight face when working on it. It somehow felt as if I was doing a cordless bungee jump however. Well, that, and I can’t imagine the girls I know of act like the characters in the story anyway.

For this month, I plan to finish up three volumes before I head off to Taipei on the 21st this month. They are Black Bullet v2, Clockwork Planet v1 and Biblia v2.

For Black Bullet, the updates will be done by a user called Shreddy. Once he is done with the edits, he will upload them onto BT in my stead, so any new Black Bullet content he uploads was actually translated by me. I do look forward to this partnership, though it will probably end up as a master-slave relationship…

For Clockwork, as I said, if I can’t rest, nobody can. Cloudii better come back from Cloud Nine, and Kory, go to the principal’s office.

I really liked Biblia. I really do. That’s why I’m continuing work on it down the road. The series is currently at 5 volumes, and it’s the old school memories of contemporary literature that I really want to express when working on this series.

Magdala is the project I assume to be the series that most represents us. This series is not simply a series about alchemy (ancient experimenting), but also a story of heretics (which perfectly describes us here.) For those who are familiar with the author’s other works in Spice & Wolf and Billionaire Girl, there is going to be a spinoff of this Magdala series, set in the same timeline.

3 Min BMG is a unique concept I think is rarely done by most fan translators, particularly because there are so few anthology series (If you looked through the teasers on Baka-Tsuki, you should find another such series called April, It is…). This is really a case of creative writing that tests the author, how well they are able to adapt their styles into such given concepts. As you can see, there are 19 such stories to be read, each with different plotlines to be written, and is decent as an appetizer.

Finally, our ‘flagship’ project Hikaru. As most of you may know by now, one of the girls has won the Great Koremitsu War. Bodies were drowned, hearts were broken, farewells were made, and Koremitsu runs for student council president. I do assure that I’ll finish up this series ASAP, and not leave it dangling like what I’m doing for Baka Test now. It is never an easy thing to give a heartfelt goodbye, and I really wish I can do more of such stories (and I’m still hoping to do a horror series). If all goes to plan, I should be done with this series come March 2015, depending if I decide to pick up new series again.

Currently, I have plans to pick up a few series. They will be on Heretic (more work for kira, blame kira for everything), but I’m not sure exactly what genre I will like to take. Most of the stuff on heretic are relatively relaxed and slow-paced (with the notable exception of Shikkin of course), so I probably wish to pick up something different as a contrast.

Choices include:

-Hataraku Maou-sama!
-Escape Speed
-(This one will get very long, trust me) I’m a High School Boy and a bestseller light novel author, strangled by my female underclassman who is a seiyuu.
-End of the World Album

Well, that’s all for now. I hope to make this monthly and such. You may leave any question here except for ‘translation statuses’ and ‘will you pick up this series?’


  1. Thanks for your hard work! 🙂 Magdala is a very promising series, definitely read all of the volumes that you’ll translate …Spin-off ? I heard about it, is a manga?
    Long life to Heretic Translation !!

  2. Uhm, if you would still like to translate something, can you please translate “pui pui”?
    I read it when i was still in High school and had fun reading it but it looks like no one is translating it anymore TT^TT

    its only a suggestion, feel free to decline 🙂

  3. Won’t you pick up Mizuki Nomura’s latest series supposedly about a shounen turned vampire participating in high school drama club (at least that’s what I understood from the synopsis)? Just suggesting~

  4. I’m a High School Boy and a bestseller light novel author, strangled by my female underclassman who is a seiyuu. What light novel is this about? I google it but find nothing. Can you tell the japanese or chinese title?

    1. Well, the actual term is ‘leashed’, not ‘strangled’, but I just thought ‘strangled’ would be more amusing.

      The actual title is: 男子高校生で売れっ子ライトノベル作家をしているけれど、年下のクラスメイトで声優の女の子に首を絞められている

      If you are wondering, the author is Keiichi Sigsawa, writer of the series ‘Kino no Tabi’ and the ‘Allison (a Certain Continent)’ Series. The story feels like a loose autobiography, but…

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