Looking at the slowdown of translation and my upcoming assignment, I think I’ll be lucky if I can get Hikaru V4 done this month.

Well, Clockwork Planet 1 is done. This is to be kept as a Heretic exclusive series, so I don’t plan to upload it onto BT or anything (though I do apologize for the awkward formatting issues, haven’t had time to sort them out.)

After Hikaru V4, there should be a slowdown of updates. I’ll be focusing on Biblia V2, and there won’t be updates until the parts are edited this time (then again, everyone else on Heretic is MIA, so I’m running the show for now).

Yes, I do plan to do Clockwork Planet 2 within the next six months or so. (and to shut up the lolicons who have been bugging me over AnchoR). I do admit that Clockwork Planet’s making me use more swear words than any project I ever had, zzz.

And to take revenge on the lolicons, it’s back to Black Bullet 2 for me. Same plans to finish up Hikaru V4 and Black Bullet 2 this month, but my plans never ever end up going the way I want it…

Oh, and since it’s always summer in Singapore, I’ll add this for good measure.

11 thoughts on “TP’s Monthly report August 2014

  1. Maybe you should rename this site to Teh_Ping Translation, if everyone is MIA ;D
    i am looking forward for volume 4 of Hikaru

    1. oh, thanks. is there by any chance that she will join in the koremitsu war?
      sorry for the english haha

  2. Haha!! I know the ones on the picture are Shiiko, Honoka, and… Class Rep?? Koremitsu never calls her by name. I wish they get cloder or something… you know, as friends?

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