Well, more like comments addressing to me regarding statuses of this and that. I’ll put down the dango for now.
Since I failed to make a monthly report the previous month, this will have to be a 2-for-1, and I’ll try to make this a little more amusing (though people hardly care about this section more than the translations themselves.) I do blame myself for having a dry wit, maybe because it’s either sunny or rainy out there and I’m too lazy to get out of bed either way. But if the joke attempts are getting too lame, I can only be grateful that you’re most probably reading this while seated in front of a computer (unless you’re reading this while standing on the train or bus, which means you probably need to go get some crutches, ha ha ha)
One of the new things you notice about this site is a translation project called ‘Tomorrow I’ll die, You’ll revive’. This is a project I kinda wanted to do not for the sake of presenting the story to the readers, but to be bemused by the readers’ reactions. Another reason is because I’m kinda interested in presenting a different form of ‘reincarnation story’ after the increasing trend in Web Novels and such. Then again, living with someone of a completely different personality can cause some change here and there, if you have been following the Hikaru series up till now. Look at Koremitsu and Hikaru. Thanks to the latter guy, the former’s turning from one member of the FFF to one of the FFF heretics (hey, isn’t that our website? They fit here.)  Of this, this series, Bokushinu, is one of the series where the author ought to be sued by anyone reading the story, or even within the company itself. Look at Yukiko for example. She’s basically a walking silver-haired copy of Kousaka Kirino out there. If not for the lolicon author of RKB Aoyama Sagu giving a glowing personal recommendation of this series, this series probably would get sued by the siscon author Fushimi Tsukasa to high heavens, and that’s not even including the Shonen Jump and Japanese internet lingo references, but I guess this is what happens when you have a heroine (who’s definitely not very heroic) who the author Fujimaru notes to be a girl born out of futaba channel.
On a side note, both Kira and I debated about the portmanteau part of the title since we need to add it to the title. But no matter how we shorten it, the story just looks so bleak when it’s so cheery (well, most of the time anyway. Don’t let the detractors decide for you whether a story is good or bad anyway. The most important thing as a reader is that you yourself make that decision yourself.) ‘You’ll revive’ make it sound like it’s some sort of a random reincarnation story out there, and I’ll die just looks depressing no matter what. This makes it look like the story of a suicidal guy who’ll fit in a story by Ayasato Keiji or such. Man, even I’m depressed thinking about it. ‘Tomorrow’ makes it sound a little cliche to me, but unfortunately, we’re not exactly the most creative guys on the internet (that’ll be the ones making the memes everywhere), so we’ll just have to stick to it. It’s really depressing writing a comedy of at least 60 pages, and then adding the title at the top ‘Bokushinu’. Can you imagine the trauma it has for the translator here?
Regarding the issue of Clockwork Planet, I do expect chapter 13 to be out by now, and if you do see the transmission meant for Marie, us translators can suggest that yes, the lines are actually that foul. I don’t know if we’re going to get banned by Russia for insinuating lolicon content at this point, but we’ll definitely get sued by the PTA. This series already caused me to increase my profanity vocabulary by 5 times at this point (which I still don’t like), but unfortunately, the essence of the story isn’t going to be conveyed just like that. If the cyborg’s the only normal guy in the bunch, I really want to cry in a corner. I can relate when he said ‘Princess, you just made yourself the enemy of all the students in the world’. Let’s face it. I have 3 assignments coming up, and that girl’s worried about where to set off land mines and blow up the world in scandals. Just give me a girl and let me have my normal life…preferably one not so clingy that she’ll get jealous of ceiling stains.
On a side note, given how No Game No Life was pretty popular at my local bookstore, I have a feeling that Clockwork Planet may get licensed in the near future if they’re going to go with the Kawahara Reki format of licensing all the works of the series. Well, the GGO expansion story has yet to be announced yet, but I guess we kinda killed off all enthusiasm by deleting series here and there (Yes, yes, I’m sorry.) If that actually happens, I’ll just pack up my stuff and ragequit, dropping all my projects to work on Kamiinai (if you notice the irony).
One reason why I’m putting Hikaru on hiatus for half a year is because I want to catch up to some of the other series. I do feel apologetic that I have yet to touch Biblia, 3 min and Magdala for more than a year. Heck, I’ve broken more promises than an elephant in a China shop (even if that myth is debunked). Cloud04-san, ChinatownKM scans-tachi, I do apologize for not having contributed anything over the past year…
Another reason is because I’m kinda lost after finishing what I think is the best part of the story. It’s kind of like what I felt after finishing volumes 8 and 9 of Baka Test. The emotion just doesn’t seem to be there after that. After seeing the Ice Princess Yukino, ah sorry, Asa-chan actually cry, I’ll tell you simply that a dere Asa-chan is a miracle of the universe. Once I have witnessed that part already, there’s already no motivation to continue on. I don’t intend to drop the series however since I am the one starting on it. And unfortunately, I’m too stubborn to stop what I start. It’s kinda conflicting out there. On one hand, there is a ‘sense of duty’ I have to oblige. On the other hand, I just don’t have the drive to continue on. Maybe I’ll just slack under the kotatsu and slack off for a while…
……………………………….Okay, maybe not.
Next question, why has Ping-san’s translating speed dropped so dramatically since SAO?
Because his current ID is Sleep_ping.
Okay, whatever.
Ever since another one of my series got licensed (which makes it 4 so far), I’m kinda at a loss of what to do. I’ve actually been slacking around, but my cough’s been getting worse recently (It’s been 3 weeks so far). That series in particular is my favorite series to work on, though I would say that it killed any prospect of me having a normal social life when I tell everyone cheerfully that my favorite series to work on is a series where little girls get butchered left and right. As you might have guessed, this makes me the perfect fit for Heretic Translations here, where most of the series are actually about Heretics. For Clockwork: social rejects and riajuus, for I’ll die and Hikaru: Delinquents (I’M NOT A DELINQUENT Koremitsu), for Biblia, the trade of selling 2nd hand books that is a dying art (almost heretical), for Magdala, heretics everywhere, for Shikkin, the heretical issue about satisfying sanitary issues for our sanity sake, and everything else, just blame Kira.
To Pudding-san, don’t worry, I’ll try to upload your Book Girl stuff over here.
Anyway, back to what I’m currently doing at the moment. This is currently my last semester of my university (or you may say college), and I’m currently looking for work out there. Unfortunately, though I live a pretty active life of playing sports out there, my cough hasn’t seem to abate much recently. I’ve actually taken the drastic measure of increasing my sleep from 4 to 8 hours recently, but it hasn’t seem to be much recently, and I just feel lethargic working nowadays, even when I have projects that’s to be submitted tomorrow and I need to type 4000 words in 28 hours. (then again, a LN has around 100k words, so if I can get a dollar for that many words I type, I won’t have to worry about finding a job now and go back to slacking off).
Also, I’ve been slacking away playing the PS3, Gundam Breaker 2. I actually found the Dengeki Fighting Climax game in the shop, but I don’t really think it’s fun playing by myself. That’ll make me even worse than Kanye West eating a curry bun for lunch while hiding in a toilet cubicle. It’s kinda funny. On one hand, it’s supposed to get me to relax and build gunpla without having to pay thousands of dollars on plastic models (and not knowing where in the world do I put them), on the other hand, it’s like the Gunpla eyes are glaring at me, telling me ‘Finish up Unicorn, Finish up Unicorn’. Well, I don’t know whether I should watch Build Fighters Try for entertainment or for guilt trip at this point of time, but I have created a gunpla based on the Wing Zero Custom called 黒雪姫. It’s supposed to be a joke based on Accel World and Snow White Gundam and the 7 Dwarves, but after reading some of the later volumes of Frozen Teardrop, I’m not exactly sure whether I’m reading a Gundam series, or a reincarnation everywhere series. 
Unfortunately, I have decided to taken on the editing of the Mushoku Tensei project. It’s not looking like it’s to my liking at this point, so I’ll just have to try and refine them and such here and there. When I’m done with volume 1, I probably will make an announcement on the BT facebook fanpage to tell you guys to do the edits here and there. Unfortunately, the series doesn’t look like it’s going to end anytime soon, and with the recent trend of web novels appearing on Baka-Tsuki, I would have to say that there is nothing in the rules that prohibit nor welcome the insurgents, especially when the power is supposedly giving to the supervisors, and the 2 most important members of BT have been AWOL. 
However, regarding the case of those who call to high heavens, saying that BT is dead and such, I’ll just say that we’ve been through this part twice already. The first being when BT received the Cease and Desist letter from Hachette regarding Haruhi, Book Girl and Spice and Wolf. It’s kind of nostalgic talking about it now. Back then, the LN translation universe revolved around oHaruhi-sama, and we kind of wondered if we should continue on, or shut the site down. (the only popular project after Haruhi was Zero no Tsukaima, and only because it had 10 volumes done at that point. Gosh, I feel so old.)
Not to boast, but while I wouldn’t say that I was the catalyst that helped spur the continual translation drive to help BT, I do remember there was a period of 6 months (from Feb 2010 to July 2010) where I was pretty much the only update on BT (yeah, it was that bad), and looking back, though I may frown upon the quality of the work, I’ll say it was my training ground that I have yet to trudge back upon (and will never get to).
Right now, we do have some people going around saying, BT is dying, BT is dying, death to machine translations and such. Sure, quitting BT to prevent being ‘infected’ by the bad stuff is a right thing to do. The option I chose to do, by actually going to work on it, is probably a foolhardy thing to do. I’m not going to try and paint myself in a noble picture, because I’ve been making many of the dirty decisions on BT recently (only because Big Boss, thelastguardian, never intended for BT to be a website to be managed, but a free-to-access wiki for translation projects), but if I don’t go out there and do the work, who will? I do appreciate the work of the editors and the others who contributed to the project, but I just feel that since I am the supervisor of the project, I have to be involved in it. (Which is why I plan to go back to Kamimemo some time in the future). The only barrier-to-entry at this point is just the project supervisor who is supposed to be active…
When you see me begin to translate the series below, you’ll probably know that I won’t be translating anything for much longer, a final series I want to finish. As much as I like to do a Sopranos’ joke down here, there are moments where I know I have to call it a day, even if I don’t want to admit it, even when I continue to trod on so stubbornly. My health’s failing, my schedule’s getting more hectic, and I’m beginning to lose interest in this stuff. Before the flame of passion fizzles out, I’ll hope to at least put in some effort in working on what I hope to be my swan song below (after I tried quitting 4 times already)

This is the series I picked as my last project to be, for I know that is what you will be saying.

To quote Hikari Yumesaki in the story however (in the side story after the events of volume 3):

“If everyone is here, so am I.”

And I would say, the first 2 volumes after comedic, the last one just depressing.

10 thoughts on “TP’s Monthly report January/February 2015

  1. Been w8ing for you monthly report/rant! Last month I was like, “Where is my favorite translators monthly rant!? F5F5F5F5F5, ragequit.” Lol jk for the last part. Anyway, Gud luk with the job market, congratz for almost finishing uni!

    p.s. tho not lol funny, your jokes make me smile 🙂 Off to battle midterms.
    p.s.s you watch build try? Lol *salutes* it makes me cringe when i try so i stopped with the torture. ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

  2. Thanks for all the hard work you’re giving for these past years… After the many projects you did, I think you deserve to have a rest and slow down.

    I really love your translations ever since the Index era, as of now the one I liked the most is clopla, and I hope you’ll still continue that series even if it takes some time to finish.

    1. Well only novel as of late that I know he worked on that was licensed was Black bullet, but not sure if thats the one he refered to

  3. naa that’s life, i think you’re getting old. translator-sama, hehe i guess it’s time for you to leave it to the young ones. aka the new generation translator-sama( MT).
    and i hope you can finished atleast the clockwork planet.
    have a good day and enjoy your time elder. XD

  4. thanks for all the work you have done. it’s thanks to people like you that i got the opportunity to be able to read light novels. i will definitely try to support the industry by purchasing them but opportunity like those are hard to come by (money), (location) and etc. So thank you for the hard work and good luck in your career.

  5. Thanks for all of your hard work. I wish you would get better soon and hope that you will find a good job. Hikaru will be on a break for 6 months….this news is quite heart breaking. Cause among all the romance light novel Hikaru is my most favorite and I came to learn about your group and this site through hikaru. I am most interested in vol 9 and 10 but I think I have to wait for that for a long time :(. Whatever as long as you are not dropping hikaru I will be satisfied at least knowing that in the future I will be able to read it again. Even though it will be painful I will be waiting patiently. Thank you again bro for your hard work. I wish your best luck.

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