This one may be a little serious, but first, onto the actual stuff.

My computer’s dead, so I probably can’t do anything except to hijack a school computer. The winner of the coin toss is Bokushinu, which means I’m supposed to do it this month. The End.

Now, to the serious matter:

After May, I may or may not be able to continue sustaining the progression rate of the translation projects we have here. Currently, I’m looking for a job, with 3 job offers already, but I’ve yet to pick up on one.

At this point, I’m wondering what sort of job I should go get out there. As much as I hate to admit it, none of the jobs out there will pay as much as what I may get if we implement Adsense here. (and that’s not even considering the donations gotten out there. I’m looking at you, WX), and I’m sorely tempted to actually think of doing something like that down the line. (if anyone’s wondering, it’s at least 150k view count per month)

Ultimately though, I still can’t bring myself to betray my philosophy over the past 6 years I’ve been doing this of not charging money for translations. It’s either that I continue translation for money (which to me, isn’t something I really want, probably out of naivete, or probably because it goes against what I’ve been writing all this time, and even our disclaimers), or I end up quitting the translating scene down the road. Many times, my friends, and even my family ask me why am I doing this for free when I can get money (especially given that they watch a lot of Korean and Chinese shows, subbed). I’m already irritated by a lot of things at this point, least of them being the MTL issues (on both sides), but at this point, I really need to think of my future as to what  I want to do. Even if I do somehow betray my ideals and implement ads on this blog (or God forbids, a new blog. If that happens, Saenai Kanojo will be my project there), there’s also the ongoing doubt about licensing to worry about. Many of us probably know about what happened to Solitary (and how there’s a lot of backdoor work going on), and it’s an unstable, risky business to do. It’s  still very tempting, and I’m kind of torn on what to do. 

The question now for me is: Is it the right thing to do?

9 thoughts on “TP’s Monthly report March 2015 Part 2 (Confessions of the Creator)

  1. I don’t know what I should say… but whatever choices you chose, I would still continue to check this website daily

  2. It’s all up to you. However you’ve done more than enough for us leechers so do whatever u things is best for u

  3. Do what you think is the best for you, as the others have said, you’ve contributed more than enough for the readers, so I think it’s time to contribute yourself for your own future 🙂

  4. Hear me!! It is I the THE GREAT LEECH KING I’m happy for past Years you contribute to OUR (fellow leeches) lives for that we shall honor your choice. And your deeds shall be remember as an epic tale of the great heretics. A song will be written and be sung by the heavenly bards. Your tale will surpass every heroes both occidental and oriental/ west or east and in heaven or hell.. ALL HAIL HERETIC!!!!

    p.s please continue to translate hikaru for free in here thank you very much

  5. Really it is best for you to do what you need, we leechers will continue to support your choice.

  6. I don’t think there is anything wrong with you implementing ads. You’re being quite up front about your reasons for it here. If you can earn money to keep doing what you enjoy, I think that’s for the best.

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