Okay, I have another 3 papers over my next two weeks, and I’m done with my exams.

Now, as for what I plan to do this month?


Am I allowed to slack?

Guess not.

There have been quite a few comments I have not been able to reply for a while. I promise that I will get back to you once I am done with my exams (stuff like pdfs, localization issues and such.)

My plans this month for Heretic are to push out Hikaru V5 at the very minimum. I don’t know whether the person who requested to do Clockwork Planet 2 will send me a mail, but I do hope for respite at the very least. (and I made my preorder for Clockwork Planet 3)

Meanwhile, I still owe Black Bullet 2 and a volume of Mushoku Tensei (I plan to revise the translations of V1 with some edits).

The other series will have to be put on hold unfortunately. And yes, I do plan to push on with Asagao for December as well. I just need to find a good calligrapher (jk)

When I am free, I’ll be uploading some translated text by Pudding321. (Since Kira has forgotten about it for at least 8 months, sorry there…)

And now…back to my exams.

7 thoughts on “TP’s Monthly report November 2014

  1. As much as I enjoy reading these translations, you should focus more on your academics. I’m sure we can wait until you are finished. Thanks for your hard work. 😉

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