And as if this mad scientist has not enough work, he decides to take on 200+ chapters of a certain other series…

Anyway, I don’t really expect my translation rate to be slow than how it is right now.

Currently, Kira and I are looking for new victims ahem, I mean, editors. This are sacrifices to be offered to us as we’re both busy with the biggest yangires in our lives, school.

Anyway, one of the things I have to get done within the next two months is Biblia 2. Again, I haven’t had the drive as I used to, and I got more school issues to settle (hey, exams coming up in 3 weeks).

Hikaru 4 will be done within 2 weeks (I know I always say this, but my plans never go to plan…)

ETD for Clockwork is end of the year (I’ll still be ahead of the manga).

(Btw, I underlined them because I know everyone is looking for it.)

I have to slow down Magdala to 1 volume a year due to some arrangements. It is a pain in the neko to do this when it doesn’t get as much coverage as the rest…and this is the story that best represents us (we’re all heretics).

Now that we have another translator for Black Bullet, that’s 3 less volumes I have to do. Let’s throw a parade Montreal style.

I’ve been reminding myself to do 3 min BMG for 8 months…and I still haven’t gotten started with it again…

My plan is to retranslate 3 chapters of Mushoku Tensei a week, but again, plans get undone.

One more thing, if you wish to host your LN translations on our site, do contact either Kira or me, or leave a message on this page. We’ll be more than happy to vet through.

~And cheerios to our new project, ‘Tomorrow I will die, You will revive’~

If you’re wondering what ‘bokushinu’ means, it means ‘I’ll die’. Both Kira and I were thinking about how to shorten the name, and this came out. It does truly reflect our situations in life though…

If I have to say, this might be the most comedic series on this site, and a roller-coaster of emotions. I know I do like the series a lot. (Come on, a series illustrated by sulfuric acid means that the story has to be on crack or something, right?)

10 thoughts on “TP’s Monthly report October 2014

  1. “Hikaru 4 will be done within 2 weeks (I know I always say this, but my plans never go to plan…)”

    omg can’t wait! Thanks!

  2. I have all the time in the world for editing, can you enlighten me what needs to be done?
    If i help editing will it make the release more faster?

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