—I found it!!!
A little bit more, and I would be yelling involuntarily.
There was only a customer present in this old café. The Jazz background music rang emptily in the emptiness, and the only other sound present in the shop was an old man—whose appearance was such that people would call him Master—holding the utensils at the counter. In other words, if I were to yell, the peaceful ambiance would be thoroughly ruined.
This too represented the shock I felt, enough for me to immediately forget that I was in such a place. A person will rub his eyes when he sees something unbelievable, so should I rub my tongue once I encounter an unbelievable taste? I looked
down at the tabletop as I harbored such a feeling.
A thin veil of hot air floats from the porcelain saucer cup. Until now, I have to reaffirm the taste I felt from the black liquid lying in the cup, whether it was a hallucination created from the unique ambiance of this room. And so, I raise the cup tentatively, closed my eyes, and brought it to my lips.
The second sip turned my shock into belief.
The moment the liquid was poured into my lips, an aroma gently filled my nostrils completely. What followed as a sweetness, ostensibly stroking my tongue. This is an exquisite refreshing feel that can only be produced from the finely roasted coffee beans, and causes the sharp aftertaste to fade away delicately.
No doubt about it. This is the one, the taste I dreamt of.
The taste of coffee I yearned for so long, the one that can be said to be my ideal.
I finally found it.
I let out a delayed sigh of amazement as I slowly lifted my chin and opened my eyes. The sight of the female attendant, who just served me the cup, putting the silver platter on her chest entered my eyes. My eyes met hers the moment I opened mine, and she showed a gentle smile—
Ah, I suppose I was a prisoner at that point of time.
In one day, because of fate, I experienced separation, and had a moving encounter touching enough to forget it.

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